How to Get Rid of Moss on Patio: Three Most Common Ways

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When you have a patio, one of the things that can prove problematic is having moss and algae growing on and around it. Moss moves in on patios, decks, walkways, and your favorite places to relax and have a good time around the home. The effect is that these places lose their appeal. Apart from that, moss can also turn these spots into slick hazards.

If you face this problem, you are certainly looking for how to get rid of moss on patio. In this post, we have provided tips on how to eliminate this problem from your patio. You will learn about the growth of moss and algae, and you will see the things that you can do to prevent moss from growing around your patio.

Moss on hard surfaces

How to Get Rid of Moss on Patio: Three Most Common WaysMoss comes in different forms and is versatile enough to exist on different surfaces. While some thrive in lawns, others love hard surfaces like your patio and walkways. Others prefer areas that enjoy the shade and have poor air circulation. Some of the best places for moss to grow and spread are covered patios.

Having moss underfoot can make surfaces slippery and dangerous. However, there are other dangers that they pose. Once the moss is established on the patio, it traps the moisture, which works to weaken the surface of the patio. If you have moss on your patio, it will shorten the lifespan and will prevent you from fully enjoying the spot.

How to remove moss and algae from patio

If your patio houses moss and algae, do not despair. There are things that you can do to get rid of it. In this section, we consider some of the best tips that can assist you.

Special-purpose moss killers

How to Get Rid of Moss on Patio: Three Most Common WaysThere are special-purpose moss killers or herbicides on the market that can help you to kill moss. However, when using these, you need to be careful. Introducing chemicals to nature should be a last resort. You should only use these chemicals if they are not harmful to the environment and if you cannot remove the moss with other methods.

Also, mosses have a unique structure different from that of other plants and weeds. Therefore, regular herbicides cannot kill them. Also, products used to kill lawn moss should not be used on a hard surface like the patio around the home. Many of these contain a high concentration of iron-based substances, which can cause rusting.

Reviews indicate that the Scotts MossEx is one of the best special-purpose moss killers you can buy right now. It works quickly and will not stain the surfaces it is applied on.

Power washing

How to Get Rid of Moss on Patio: Three Most Common WaysIf you don’t want to use the herbicide or moss killer, you could use a power washer to remove the moss. This method is especially useful when removing a large concentration of algae and moss. If you don’t have this type of equipment, you can always find affordable options on the market.

Apart from helping you to remove the moss, it is also useful for other things. However, if you are using power washing, you need to set it to the correct power level. If it is not set correctly, it might damage the patio.

Also, while this might prove very effective, it will likely require a lot of water. And after using it, you’ll likely need to replace the joint sand between pavers. During operation, ensure that you move the jet of water quickly over different spots.

Reviews praise the Sun Joe SPX3000 as an excellent pressure washer that offers a lot of versatility.

Natural means

There are cheap, natural ways of getting rid of moss on your patio.


One of these ways is natural sunlight.

If your patio is in the shade of trees, then prune the branches to allow sunlight to shine on the patio. If there is anything blocking sunlight, you should also remove them.

Why is sunlight so effective? Well, that is because moss will not grow in dry places that have a lot of sunlight.

Within few days of exposing the affected area to sunlight, you will notice that the moss and algae will dry off and disappear.

What if you live somewhere without plenty of sunlight? How can you cheaply and naturally eliminate moss and algae?

Boiling Water

Well, one thing that you can do to tame algae is to use boiling water. Boil water and pour it on the affected area. You should be careful not to pour hot water on plants or grass that you like. After pouring hot water on the moss, scrub off the moss with a brush.


How to Get Rid of Moss on Patio: Three Most Common WaysIf you don’t want to use hot water, then you could also use something found in most homes – vinegar. Vinegar is a good alternative that will help you get rid of moss and any other unwanted plants on your patio. Furthermore, vinegar is safe to use around people and animals.

To use vinegar, pour some into a spray bottle and directly apply it to the moss. You should not mix the vinegar with water because that would reduce the efficacy of the method and might take longer before you see results.

After spraying the vinegar, wait for around 15 minutes before scrubbing the moss away with a broom or your deck brush.

Tips on preventing the further growth of moss

After removing moss from your patio, what can you do to prevent it from resurfacing?

You can prevent further growth by cleaning and drying the surface. You should remove any standing water, repair leakages, and expose the surface to sunlight.

Regular removal of debris will starve out any moss and algae.

Final thoughts

Moss and algae can be a sore sight on a patio and can even be dangerous. These organisms reproduce rapidly and need to be dealt with comprehensively and quickly. In this article, we have considered some of the most effective ways to get rid of moss and algae. Use the tips on how to get rid of moss on patio to ensure your patio remains a spot for relaxation and fun all year long.

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