Who We Are and What We Do

What is BackyardStyle.com?

If you’re one of those people who spend tons of time in their backyard, trying to make it a perfection, you know that finding the best tools to keep your lawn and garden neat may be a challenge. We have created this site to do all the heavy lifting for you and lead you in the world of lawnmowers, snowblowers, and all the necessities that will make your garden a work of art.

Our Team

Bruce Williams
Expert Consultant
Bruce owns a small farm and loves to grill since his early childhood. He’s a professional cook, but hiking and enjoying the great outdoors is his no less favorite part of life. Read More
Anna Rosenkranz
Our Chief Editor has vast experience in working for local newspapers, magazines, and review websites. However, she claims BackyardStyle is her favorite, thanks to the constant product testing she loves to be Read More
Donna Bear
Expert Consultant
Donna runs a shop which sells everything for planting, watering, and composting. No wonder our expert knows for sure how to turn a piece of ground into a fertile site able to Read More
Magen Nordstrom
Magen knows how to turn any object (be it a water hose or a compost bin) into something aesthetically-appealing. Thanks to her, our articles are not just interesting to read, but also Read More
Nora Held
Research Writer
Apart from being our main writer, Nora also works for a number of gardening-related sites and magazines, sharing her experience as an owner of a small farm in North Carolina.
Peter Calhoun
Content Manager
Peter is our freelance worker, but we prefer calling him a «magic wand» since he’s the one who turns all the texts, photos, and videos into a ready well-organized article.

Why should you trust us?

Our aim is to find the highest quality products and review them so you can pick what is suitable most for your situation. To reduce the possible choices, we look at the most popular products with the best selling positions, which indicates that many people have bought them and would probably buy again. Then, we research into the features and actual overall quality extensively to find out if this particular product is worth buying, and if it is, include it on a list of the best in a specific category.

How exactly do we do our research?

There are several principles that we stick to in any case while we’re working on our guides.

We hope that these key principles we apply in our work ensure that the products we review are actually the best on the market.

Who We Are and What We Do

Consumer feedback

Much time is dedicated to reading through hundreds of customer reviews. At this point, it’s essential to keep in mind that one can easily get misguided, especially if you’re not an expert. Very often, reviews are sponsored, and it’s not always stated that it is. Additionally, the manufacturers themselves might have created some of these. What is more, the competitors can play dirty and add some negative reviews in order to decrease the initial rating. We make sure the feedback is natural and unbiased thanks to some online tools we use for that (Fakespot for Amazon, for instance).

Independent testing

Who We Are and What We Do

It goes without saying that we can’t rely on consumer feedback alone. We need to make sure each model is capable of what is stated in its description, so all the selected items are handed over to our testing group. Experienced gardeners and farmers create Product Test Reports based on their findings. Often it turns out that the manufacturer description is nothing short of a marketspeak. In that case, we simply eliminate this product from our list.

Expert advice

Our testers and independent experts are also our main consultants not only when we’re choosing and testing the products, but also when the article is being created. After an author has finished their writing, it’s obligatory for any of the experts to look the final variant of the article through, and, in case there’re any inaccuracies, correct it or ask the author to rewrite it.

Who We Are and What We Do

Are we sponsored by manufacturers?

Working on this site takes time and effort, so it’s perfectly normal that our team gets paid for the job. However, we never take money from any manufacturers because it can make our reviews deceptive. We are the participant in the Amazon Services Associates Program, meaning that we earn some advertising fees, but this never affects the products we choose to be the best because we make earnings anyway.

Need some help or haven’t found anything?

We are doing our best to give you comprehensive info on lawn and gardening topics. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so there may be some gaps. If you haven’t found a particular product you’re interested in, or even a category, please get in touch! Our team will always be happy to help.

Who We Are and What We Do