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Starting from 2016, this portal has been helping our readers create more functional gardens and farms as well as to keep their lawns and backyards in a top-notch condition. Our experts share their knowledge on planting, composting, and poultry care, to name a few. We also help equip your garden and backyard with the most functional, reliable, and trustworthy products the market has to offer. We’ve already tested and reviewed them all to offer you the best of the best.
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How to
How to
Learn all the nuances on how to make your garden flourish
DIY guides
DIY guides
Learn how to make a fire pit screen or your own rock garden with our step-by-step guides
Video reviews
Video reviews
In-detail product reviews made by our experts
Landscape design ideas
Landscape design ideas
Create the perfect backyard for the whole family and friends to enoy
Ratings & research
Ratings & research
Analysis of the greatest tools, equipment, and accessories for your farm or garden
Help and feedback
Help and feedback
Advice from our experts and answers to FAQs from our readers
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We are real gardeners, farmers, landscape designers, editors, IT, and SEO specialists who make the whole thing possible. Rest assured our articles are not written by ghostwriters. Check out our “About Us” page to learn more about our team.

Bruce Williams
Bruce owns a small farm and loves to grill since his early childhood. He’s a professional cook, but hiking and enjoying the great outdoors is his no less favorite part of life.
Anna Rosenkranz
Our Chief Editor has vast experience in working for local newspapers, magazines, and review websites. However, she claims BackyardStyle is her favorite, thanks to the constant product testing she loves to be part of.
Donna Bear
Donna runs a shop which sells everything for planting, watering, and composting. No wonder our expert knows for sure how to turn a piece of ground into a fertile site able to give birth to practically any plant you have in mind.
Nora Held
Apart from being our main writer, Nora also works for a number of gardening-related sites and magazines, sharing her experience as an owner of a small farm in North Carolina.

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