5 Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmers – Take Care of Your Garden With Ease

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Taking care of your lovely plants in your garden should not be a daunting task, especially with awesome tools like hedge trimmers that are designed to make your trimming experience a breeze. Lightweight hedge trimmers are great for trimming hedges, shrubs, and bushes in your garden. They aid you in getting much work done faster and with less fatigue. This is why several people target lightweight models that don’t strain shoulders and arms. Most of them are compact and can be fit into tiny spaces in your home.

Our team reviewed 17 different lightweight hedge trimmers before narrowing down to 5 that we highly recommend for domestic gardening. Our editor’s choice is the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S that is eco-friendly and comes with a powerful 3.2-amp motor. It suits working on shrubs and small vines. The other awesome models we reviewed include WORX WG261, BLACK+DECKER BEHT200, Snow Joe – Sun Joe HJ604C, and the WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer.

We spent several weeks comparing and contrasting customer reviews of hedge trimmers on top sites like Amazon. We based our selection on the type of power source, the blade length, weight of the machines, battery life, and others. Corded electric hedge trimmers require less maintenance compared to gas-powered ones. The models with long blades are great for anyone planning to reach on tall hedges while the kinds with short blades suit cutting undergrowth. In this guide, you will get a table, in-depth reviews of the five best lightweight hedges we selected, and a buying guide to aid you in choosing a great model.

Top 5 Lightweight Hedge Trimmers Review 2021


Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020SEditor's Choice

  • Power source: electric, corded
  • Blade length: 20”
  • Cut capacity: 5/8”
  • Voltage/amps: 2-amp
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years

Other features: 3400 strokes per minute, molded handle with wrap-around grip and auxiliary support, built-in cord retention

The Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S lightweight long reach hedge trimmer comes with a powerful 3.2 Amp motor that offers the power for handling overgrown branches and trimming hedges around your house. The seller mentions its 20” dual-action hardened steel blade guarantees a 5/8 clean cut.

This machine also comes with a protective blade cover for safe storage when not in use. Experts mentioned its molded handle is comfy and offers a tight grip and auxiliary support. Several users appreciated that it’s eco-friendly as it one of the lightweight corded hedge trimmers.

The sellers also state that it does not come with a lock-off button, and you will have to engage its trigger for operation. The clipper does not require any lubrication for operation though pour some oil on it after use to safeguard the blades from elements.

One user mentioned it’s perfect for home use compared to gas-powered models. Another one loved how this device works great for small shrubs and vines, and she cautioned others against using it on cutting heavy branches and fences.

The Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S blade is also long enough to reach tall shrubs without having to step on stools. Few users protested that the plug keeps coming out of the trimmer even with the cord retention hook.

One user claimed that the hand knob for the left hand is too big, and he encountered challenges getting a comfortable grip. Experts also stated that the manufacturers need to work on ensuring that this tool has a lock-on switch and its plug connection is tighter.

What we liked:

  • Powerful motor
  • dual-action hardened steel blade
  • protective blade cover
  • Eco-friendly

What could be better:

  • Plug keeps coming out
  • Not recommended for working on heavy branches
  • Huge left hand knob

WORX WG261Premium Pick

  • Power source: battery-powered
  • Blade length: 22”
  • Cut capacity: ¾”
  • Voltage/amps: 20V
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 years

Other features: D grip front handle, dual action blade, includes 20V rechargeable battery and charger

The WORX WG261 is a lightweight yet powerful hedge trimmer that is long enough to give you an easy time while trimming your hedge. Its D-grip handle allows users to hold it from several angles they find comfortable.

It also offers you the leverage to hold it down low to cut undergrowth or hoist it high to trim the tops of tall hedges. The sellers stated that it trims twice as fast. Its construction is tailored towards absorbing vibration; the over-mold construction on its grip absorbs it so that you hardly feel anything while working with it.

Experts state it’s an excellent lightweight cordless hedge trimmer, and you won’t have to worry about doubling back and catching the cord again.

The best part is, you can use its 20V rechargeable battery in any of the lawn, garden power tools in the WORX power share platform. Several users claim the dual-action hardened steel blades trim hedges smoothly and with less strain.

The sellers confirmed that this tool comes with everything you need to get started, and its battery charger can plug into any extension cord or standard outlet. You will only have to assemble the handle and the front guard that go behind it and secure them with a screw.

One user claimed it’s great for lazy people who don’t like dealing with heavy equipment or the kinds relying on gasoline. Other customers complained that the cutting power of this equipment is relatively weak even at maximum strength, and its motor overheats and stops.

What we liked:

  • Great length
  • D-grip handle
  • Absorbs vibrations effectively
  • Cuts twice as fast

What could be better:

  • Motor prone to overheating

WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge TrimmerBest for Thin Vegetation

  • Power source: battery-powered
  • Blade length: 9-7/8”
  • Cut capacity: not specified
  • Voltage/amps: 2V
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years

Other features: child safety lock, security key, 2-in-1 design, 1100rpm no-load speed, charged LED indicator, ergonomic grip, cab be operated for 40 minutes with full charge

With a double lock design and compact nature, the WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer is easy to use and offers high-performance capabilities. Its compact nature ensures you can fit it into several small spaces in your home.

The sellers recommend this lightweight battery hedge trimmer for hedge grooming, small gardens, and the areas that mowers can rarely reach. Its blades work great on branches that are 10mm thick or less. Experts say you can operate it for 40 minutes after fully charging it, which isn’t bad considering that lawnmowers last for approximately 50 minutes.

Few users, however, claimed that the battery life of this tool battery life weakens with time. One user stated that its performance is great, and it can cut through new and thinner older growth swiftly. The sellers confirmed to one user that it’s impossible to remove the battery pack since they are built-in.

Unlike lawn mowers, the WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer operates silently but sounds like a massive pair of scissors. You will only have to hold the buttons on its side and the lever together for it to run.

The sellers also offer a replacement on the blades if you get a model with deformities. The safety buttons ensure it can’t be turned on by pressing one button only. Some users stated that they used it in their small yard or bushes with one hand, and it operated like a knife cutting through butter.

Other users were frustrated that this machine compels them to press on the power button that gets hot while it’s operating. Overall, it cuts well but struggles with everything thick.

What we liked:

  • Compact
  • Operates silently
  • Operates for long

What could be better:

  • Battery life weakens with time
  • Power button gets hot
  • Not great for thick vegetation


  • Power source: electric, corded
  • Blade length: 18”
  • Cut capacity: 5/8”
  • Voltage/amps: 5-amps
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years

Other features: dual action blade, full wrap-around front handle, cord retention

With a 13-amp motor for trimming branches up to 5/8 inch and an 18-inch dual-action hardened steel for absorbing vibrations, experts recommend the BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 due to its exemplary performance.

It’s lightweight, and you can use it for long hours with less fatigue. The sellers stated its handle offers comfort and control while trimming and the cord retention is designed to prevent accidental unplugging while working.

The manufacturers claim it has a polarized plug (one of its blades is wider than the other) to reduce the risk of electric shocks. The sellers advise users to invest in a heavy-duty polarized extension.

You can unplug your machine and confirm whether a piece is stuck between its blades if they stop moving but seem like they’re trying to move. This tool does not come with a power lock for continuous cutting, but it will continue running as long as you hold the trigger down.

One user mentioned that it takes time to learn how to use this machine, especially if you’re used to heavy trimmers. It comes with a wire holder on it so you that your cord does not get cut accidentally. One customer claimed it’s fast, and it took him 40 minutes to trim two bushes unlike before when he took 2 to 3 hours trimming them using hedge clippers.

One user stated that its guard is positioned too close to the handle. He further claimed that he frequently reached for its guard instead of the handle. Overall, this equipment is sturdy, reliable, and works for several hours.

What we liked:

  • Comfy handle
  • Polarized plug
  • Wire holder

What could be better:

  • No power lock
  • Guard is positioned too close to the handle

Snow Joe HJ604CBest for Backyard Hedging

  • Power source: battery-powered
  • Blade length: 4 (Shear), 6 (Hedger)
  • Cut capacity: 3”
  • Voltage/amps: 2V
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 2 years

Other features: 2-in-1, lithium-ion battery and charger included, ETL approved

The Snow Joe – Sun Joe HJ604C is great for hedge grooming, trimming small sections of gardens, and key areas lawnmowers can’t reach. The sellers state it has two tools in one- you can convert it from hedger to grass shear easily.

This machine is durable and has a lightweight design. Its ergonomic handle also offers easy control. By pushing one button, you can power it up instantly and start trimming with cord-free convenience. Its rechargeable battery makes it maintenance-free, and you will get your job done fast without worrying about oil, gas, toxic hydrocarbon emissions, or seasonal tune-ups.

Several users loved how it’s extremely lightweight and makes backyard hedging easy and stain-free. It comes with 4-inch and 6-inch interchangeable blades for handling multiple grooming tasks, and the directions for changing them are simple.

Like the WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer, Snow Joe – Sun Joe HJ604C has a safety switch for preventing accidental starting. One customer mentioned that it’s noisy and advised users with light sleepers in their homes not to use it in the morning.

Charge it for at least 8 hours or check the condition of your battery if it starts running for a few seconds then stops. Experts mentioned it’s a small clipper that will effortlessly fit in any piece of luggage.

It’s best to contact the manufacturers to help you out with battery replacement since its batteries are built-in. Some users stated it’s a good machine that charges up fast, and the instructions in its manual are well-written. However, one user was frustrated that the cutting bar of this tool kept jumping out of position, and attaching the hedge clippers requires a lot of patience.

What we liked:

  • Two tools in one
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Interchangeable blades

What could be better:

  • Cutting bars jump out of position
  • Attaching hedge clippers can be daunting

Things to Consider

Lightweight hedge trimmers come with several benefits, especially if you need to trim your hedges frequently. They save you the hassle of splurging on professional workers to trim your hedges. In this guide, we will look into the benefits of lightweight hedge trimmers, features to consider when purchasing one, and the frequently asked questions.

Benefits of lightweight hedge trimmers

Lightweight hedge trimmers like WORX WG261 are powered using batteries and they offer users the freedom of roaming around their garden without worrying about the mess linked to oil and gas.

Unlike gas hedge trimmers, lightweight electric hedge trimmers are portable, well-balanced, and make trimming experiences to be fast and efficient. The models like WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer operate quietly and eradicate the need to wear ear protectors during operations.

Others like BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 are designed to absorb vibrations, unlike the gasoline models that vibrate intensely.

Features to consider when purchasing a lightweight hedge trimmer

Like several garden tools, a hedge trimmer can make or break your gardening experience. The right one should be easy to use as much as it works fast. When selecting the right model, there are several factors worth looking into before making a purchase. We will look at the key factors you should consider, like power source, weight, blade, rotating head, battery, and battery life, among others.

Power source

While you may prefer powerful hedge trimmers that rely on gas, they come with several drawbacks. First, they lack cables meaning their movement in your garden will be limited. They’re heavier than electric models and require more maintenance.

Lightweight electric hedge trimmers like Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S are light and suit small gardens. You can use circuit breakers to avoid getting electric shocks. However, they also consume a lot of electricity.


5 Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmers - Take Care of Your Garden With Ease

The weight of your hedge trimmer has a great impact on its usage. The gas models are heavier than electric ones. Although, they tend to be more powerful than the lightweight models like WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer that are much easier to carry and use, especially for the elderly.


Hedge trimmers with longer blades like WORX WG261 cut more in one round, and they’re great for dealing with gardens with dense hedges. They are a plus if you’re planning to work and reach higher hedges. The models with shorter blades like Snow Joe – Sun Joe HJ604C are portable and more maneuverable than their counterparts. Ensure you also confirm the quality of the blades first before making your purchase

Rotating head

Several hedge trimmers like the BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 come with rotating heads these days. This makes the process of trimming easy because you only have to hold the trimmer in comfortable positions and adjust its head to the positions you prefer to cut. Users with hedge trimmers without rotating heads often position their trimmers in weird positions while attempting to get a good angle.

Battery and battery life

Lightweight hedge trimmers like Snow Joe – Sun Joe HJ604C have built-in batteries. Their running time can vary between 30 to 75 minutes. Some models like WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer can last up to 40 minutes after being fully charged. They also offer fast charging capabilities to enable you to get back to work after 2 to 3 hours.


Dimensions correlate with weight. A model like the Snow Joe – Sun Joe HJ604C measures 10.5 x 2.5 x 28 inches, the BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 measures 30.3 x 7.7 x 7.5 inches, WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer measures 13 x 5.1 x 4.3 inches, WORX WG261 measures 34.1 x 7.6 x 8 inches and Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S measures 33 x 5.5 x 8 inches.

Noise level

Electric hedge trimmers are the quietest machines that come with huge benefits, unlike gas-powered models.
Good models like Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S are great for users who despise loud noises and prefer working in the morning without worrying about waking up others or disturbing their neighbors.

Gas-powered models are also efficient, but you should invest in earplugs or other forms of hearing protection if you prefer purchasing them.

Safety features

5 Best Lightweight Hedge Trimmers - Take Care of Your Garden With Ease

You should never underrate the risks associated with high-powered blades. Models like WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer have safety features, and it switches off once you release the trigger on any of the switches to avoid accidents.

Some models even have front handle shields to safeguard your hands from the blades while working. Ensure you safeguard yourself against risks by wearing gloves or safety eyewear.


Most lightweight hedge trimmers come with a warranty of two to three years. For instance, the WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer and the BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 have a two-year warranty while the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S and WORX WG261 have a three-year warranty.


You’re bound to see claims that trimmers can cut stems up to 33mm. However, we don’t recommend using it to cut branches of such thickness. You will get a clean finish with loppers if your hedge has branches with thickness greater than 1cm.

Gas-powered hedge trimmers are powerful than both electric models. This makes them capable of cutting through thick branches with ease. They are also easy to maneuver since they lack power outlets.

On the other hand, electric hedge trimmers are eco-friendly and suit light domestic needs. Overall, everything comes down to your nature of work and how you plan to handle it with a hedge trimmer. None of them are perfect all-round.

Our Verdict

Lightweight hedge trimmers are great for complementing other gardening tools that make your garden look aesthetic. The electric kinds trim hedges with ease without putting strain on the arms and forcing you to take consistent breaks hence hindering your productivity.

The model that our editor loved the most is the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools HT10020S with a powerful motor and dual hardened steels that offer clean cuts. It’s easy to operate, and the editors also loved its design. The WORX WG261 is another good-looking model with a D-grip handle for users to maneuver it with ease. Its batteries are compatible with several garden power tools in the WORX power share platform.

The third pick is the WORKPRO 7.2V 2-in-1 Handheld Hedge Trimmer with high-performance capabilities, and it can also operate for long hours before running out of charge. It’s recommended for small yards and bushes.

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