8 Best Dressage Boots – Proper Equipment to Enjoy Horseriding!

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We all remember our first pair of riding boots with those hideous garter straps because we could not find stylish dressage boots in children’s sizes. If you enjoy riding and want to look your best, we have something in store for you. Our list of the best dressage boots will help you choose the most comfortable yet chic pair for horse riding.

We considered some important features, keeping in mind the requirements of buyers. The factors we analyzed include the different types of dressage boots specially designed for different activities to solve your tall boot dilemma. We also considered gender and size to make it easier for men and women to pick more suitable pairs. Material is another important factor we kept in mind so that you know what activities and weather your boots are good for. Are you ready to learn more about these fantastic boots for your favorite activity? Read on!

Top 8 Dressage Boots Review 2021


TuffRider Men's Baroque Dress BootsEditor's Choice

  • Type: dress
  • Gender: M
  • Size: 8-13 (regular and wide)
  • Material: leather
  • Color: black

More features: Spanish cut toe, full back zipper with snap closure, elastic gussets

This pair by TuffRider is a classic dress type model with no laces. It was created exclusively for men, as the name Men’s Baroque Dress Boots suggests. This classic tall boot design features sleek leather material that reaches mid-calf right under the knee.

This pair of dressage boots from our list of best tall boots wins our Editor’s Choice award because it is suitable for a multitude of activities, like horseback riding and even adventures in the wilderness. You can find it in men sizes 8 to 13, covering regular and wide shapes to choose to offer optimal comfort.

Next, it features a Spanish cut toe, with a full back zipper and a snap closure. This allows ease of wearing and taking off. The elastic gussets on the sides of the boots also allow easy adjustment and provide added comfort. The sleek black leather material resists wear and tear and works great in harsh weather conditions. Therefore, you enjoy comfort with style. The only downside is that this product comes with no warranty.

What we liked:

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Range of sizes available
  • Suitable for all kind of adventures

What could be better:

  • No warranty
  • Type: winter
  • Gender: W
  • Size: 6-9 (regular and wide)
  • Material: Thermolite(R) lining, soft foam, Duralon upper
  • Color: black

More features: YKK zipper, excellent heat insulation, waterproof construction, shock-absorbing IPS system, built-in steel shank

This pair of women’s winter boots by Mountain Horse has a simplistic tall boot design. The Mountain Horse Ladies Rimfrost Rider III Tall Boots are a wonderful pick for your winter wardrobe because they offer a range of different features for that season. You can also pair them with various winter clothes to complete your winter look with a touch of simple style. These black women’s winter tall boots are available in sizes 6 to 9, with regular and wide shape options.

The main material is a Duralon for the body with Thermolite (R) lining and soft foam inside. They offer strength and comfort, which makes this pair a durable and reliable pick. Also, the built-in steel shank resists wear and tear and offers strength to the bottom of the shoe. The excellent heat insulation in this pair offers warmth in harsh winters, and the waterproof construction keeps the boots dry from the inside, making them suitable for rainy weather. The shock-absorbing IPS system makes them a great choice for long walks, especially on hilly and steep terrains. Our favorite part is a YKK zipper that saves you time and hassle when putting them on.

The only con is that these pairs are not ideal for long-distance walking.

What we liked:

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Excellent heat insulation
  • Strong materials
  • Convenient zipper

What could be better:

  • Not suitable for long distance walking
  • Type: field
  • Gender: W
  • Size: 6-11 (slim, tall, wide, regular)
  • Material: full-grain leather

More features: full-length YKK Vislon zipper, high density outsole with grip responsive ripple zones, integrated tempered steel shank

The Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots are an excellent women’s wear model. This pair of women’s field boots are among our favorites, with its beautiful combination of brown, dark brown, and black leather colors.

The product receives our premium pick award because beautiful slim and tall construction makes the boots appealing to the eye, so this pick is quite popular among many buyers. The stylish cowgirl design, with full-grain leather and hues of brown and black patent leather work detailing, could land this pair in a fashion magazine. Next, it is available in women’s sizes 6 to 11. Its full-length YKK Vislon zipper is strong and durable, and the high-density outsole with grip responsive ripple zones allows increased performance. The flexcloth technology allows greater ankle flex movement, making it particularly good for riding. Also, the integrated tempered steel shank increases stability, making riding and walking better and more comfortable.

As for the drawbacks, a few people noticed some issues with snaps.

What we liked:

  • Eye-catching design
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Fantastic pick for riding and walking
  • Increased durability

What could be better:

  • Possible issues with snaps

Dublin Pinnacle Boots II LadiesMost Comfortable

  • Type: field
  • Gender: W
  • Size: 6-11 (regular only)
  • Material: full-grain leather upper, nylon lining, rubber outsole
  • Color: black, chocolate, dark brown, tan

More features: moisture-wicking RCS footbed system, heel and arch support, double cushioning

The Dublin Pinnacle Boots II are women’s field boots available in black, chocolate, dark brown, and tan. The full-grain leather makes them quite strong. Next, full side laces and touch tape closure allow adjustments to accommodate various calf sizes. The nylon lining and rubber outsoles make it breathable. The RCS footbed system wicks moisture and makes these boots waterproof. Thus, you can wear them during the winters and rain. These boots are available in sizes 6 to 11 in regular shape only. Although they do not have a wide fitting, these boots offer a lot of comfort because of the heel and arch support and double cushioning. You can take long walks and even ride for a long time easily. This pair is one of our most sought-after ones because of its stylish leather exterior and the extra comfortable interior, which makes it a wonderful sportswear item for riding. It is also a good option for regular wear since it goes with several types of outfits, especially jeans and flannels.

What we liked:

  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Built for comfort
  • Perfect for long walks

What could be better:

  • Does not have wide fitting
  • Type: dress
  • Gender: M
  • Size: 7-13 (2 plus calf, plus calf, regular, slim, wide)
  • Material: genuine leather
  • Color: brown

More features: handcrafted, fully leather lined moisture wicking sock liner, one-year material and workmanship warranty

The HisparMens Man Decent Dress Dressage Boots feature a sleek modern design with a masculine touch. The dark brown color adds to the design inspired by lace-less dress boots. You can find this pair in men’s sizes 7 to 13, with 2 plus calf, plus calf, regular, slim, wide shapes. However, the design regular will only fit for skinny and muscular legs due to the shape. Thus, not all sizes are suitable for men with strong calves or those with arched feet. These dressage boots have a full-length back zipper instead of laces. The knee-high style makes them perfectly comfortable for various activities.

The handcrafted, genuine leather is soft, and it makes this pair one of a kind and a valuable pick. The fully leather lined moisture wicking sock liner makes the boots stand out from other options. Additionally, the rubber sole is weather resistant and durable. They come with a one-year material and workmanship warranty.

What we liked:

  • One-year material and workmanship warranty
  • Genuine leather and handcrafted design
  • Comfortable to wear for hours

What could be better:

  • Not all sizes are suitable for men with wider calves
  • Type: dress
  • Gender: W
  • Size: 6-12 (2 plus calf, plus calf, regular, slim, wide)
  • Material: genuine leather
  • Color: black

More features: abrasion-resistant rubber outsole with anti-skid tread design, one-year material and workmanship warranty, full-length back zipper

After looking at the Hispar men’s dressage boots, we felt our ladies are looking for a similar pair of typical dress type tall boots for them. The Hispar Women Ladies Stirling Dress Dressage Boots are here to fulfill those wishes. These typical dressage boots for women are slim fit with available in traditional black color for women as opposed to the brown used for men. This handcrafted pair is made of premium soft leather. You will look like a million bucks in this pair of dressage boots by Hispar. They are available in 6 to 12 sizes with shape options ranging from 2 plus calf and plus calf to regular, slim, and wide. Just like the men’s pair, these boots include a leather-lined sock liner that wicks moisture. The rubber outsole resists abrasion with an anti-skid tread design, making them perfect for long trails. Our favorite part is the one-year material and workmanship warranty that helps you to minimize the buyer’s risk. The only downside of this product is that they can be very tall for some.

What we liked:

  • One-year material and workmanship warranty
  • Genuine handcrafted leather
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber outsole makes them very durable

What could be better:

  • No sizing guide

Ovation Ladies Flex Sport Field BootsBest Field Boots

  • Type: field
  • Gender: W
  • Size: 6-11, kid (wide, slim, regular, tall)
  • Material: leather
  • Color: black

More features: Spanish cut top styling, full back zipper closure, twin side spur rests, classic toe cap styling, elegant ripple sole

The Ovation Ladies Flex Sport Field Boots are ideal for English riding and dressage, with comfort and style. Our favorite thing about this pair is the range of multiple female sizes, from adult 6 to 11, as well as a kid’s size. The shapes available are also impressive, with wide, slim, regular, and tall.

The pair features black leather with a Spanish cut top style and typical field bootlaces in the front. These dressage boots will make your riding adventures exciting, comfortable, and chic with a twist of medieval cavalry field officer look.

Unlike the traditional full lace field boots, these ones have a modern look with a full back zipper closure. The twin side spur rests can be also quite useful. The classic toecaps and ripple sole add to the overall elegance of these boots. You know you are all set for a perfect riding day when you own this pair of field dressage boots by Ovation. The only con is that they do not resist harsh weather too well.

What we liked:

  • Suitable for sports and other activities
  • Multiple sizes including kids
  • Elegant style

What could be better:

  • Not weather resistant
  • Type: field
  • Gender: W
  • Size: kid
  • Material: synthetic leather
  • Color: black

More features: V style gussets, twin spur rests, reduced weight and improved flexibility, traditional design

If you wished to own a pair of stylish dressage boots, ones without those hideous garter straps, you can get those for your kids! These Equistar Childs All-Weather Synthetic Field Riding Boots are exactly what many people expect to get. With a tough weather-resistant synthetic leather construction, these boots are your best bet. As for the durability, they can withstand the carelessness and wild adventures that come with being young and curious. On top of that, the soft leather feel of the synthetic material makes for a traditional design and ensures maximum comfort. They are protected against wear and tear with the excellent moisture management provided by DriTrex. These boots are ideal for kids because they are lightweight, with improved flexibility. Extra features include V style gussets and twin spur rests.

The only con is that they have laces, which is difficult to wear.

What we liked:

  • Weather-resistant and lightweight
  • Extra flexibility
  • Superior moisture management

What could be better:

  • Difficult to put on

Things to Consider

You definitely want your riding adventures to not just be fun and exhilarating, but also comfortable. If you get a pair of boots with the incorrect size, type, or material, this can be a major inconvenience. Whether you are an expert or an amateur, getting the right riding boots is important because they guarantee safety, perfect fit, and amazing design. These boots feature a knee-high style that prevents scrapes and keeps your legs in the correct position. We are here to help you pick the correct pair from our list of the best dressage boots.

How to find the best dressage boots?

8 Best Dressage Boots – Proper Equipment to Enjoy Horseriding!

Dressage boots do not come cheap, so you need to draw a price range before you go browsing for a pair and feel overwhelmed. However, sometimes surveying the market can help you determine your budget as well. Next, you can figure out the type of boots you need, the right type of fitting and shape as well as knowing important things, such as fashion boots are not the same as riding boots. Knowing the specifics helps you pick the pair perfectly suited for you. Finally, you decide whether laces or zippers are convenient for you. These factors will help you pick the best dressage boots.


There are three common types of boots, namely field, dress. and winter. Field boots, such as the Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots, are knee-height models, inspired by field officers in the cavalry, and some of these models come with laces. They provide optimal ankle flexibility and lower-level support while riding. They are usually made of soft leather that protects your legs from scraping against the saddle.

Dress types are stiff and tall boots that are great for dressage riding and foxhunting. Usually, they are made of leather or have rubber construction. They have a high cut, which stretches up over the outside of the knee. They are perhaps the most durable option, such as seen with the TuffRider Men’s Baroque Dress Boots.

The third kind is winter boots, which are fashionable and not fit for sports or rough wear. They are more suitable for protection against the cold weather. For that, they are crafted with warm materials and have a good insulation system.


One of the most important factors while riding is a good grip that dressage boots provide.

Getting the right boots allows maximum movement, comfort, and stability.

The entire point of selecting a good pair of dressage boots is to reduce discomfort from the saddle’s friction. Boots of the wrong size can prove to be uncomfortable, and they will not serve your purpose. This is the reason why dressage boots are available in different sizes according to gender as well as different shapes. The men and women varieties have sizes ranging from six (small) to 12 (large). You will also find different shapes, including wide, slim, tall, and regular, such as seen with the Hispar Women Ladies Stirling Dress Dressage Boots. Some pairs on our list are also available in kid’s sizes.


8 Best Dressage Boots – Proper Equipment to Enjoy Horseriding!

The material dressage boots are made of varies based on their type. For example, field boots are made of good quality leather. Dress boots can also be crafted with synthetic leather and even rubber, while some winter models, such as the Mountain Horse Ladies Rimfrost Rider III Tall Boots, feature Thermolite and soft foam for comfort and warmth. Different materials have different prices, and the choice of material affects the durability and comfort. Genuine leather is the most expensive and comfortable choice, which proves a durable and safe option for riding. The best part is that leather boots don’t wear and tear with time, but instead become softer and mold in the shape of your leg. They are waterproof and durable but require good care. Synthetic options, like faux leather or rubber, are cheaper but are easy to maintain with a simple cleaning. These are also waterproof and great for regular wear and everyday riding.


The type of fastening on the boots is another key factor, mainly because it determines how difficult or easy you will find to put on or take off the boots. If you want practicality and ease, the zip-up closure option, such as with the Ovation Ladies Flex Sport Field Boots, is your best choice. The ease of wearing the boots makes them one of the most popular options. The pull-on option, on the other hand, can be a little difficult because you have to bend your leg and ease it into the boot slowly, which might take time, technique, and patience. Most boots on our list come with full-length zippers. However, some pairs might include side zippers and even zippers on the front. Traditional types of dressage boots have a lace-up closure, which is less unpopular nowadays.

Outsole texture

The outsole is the outer bottom area of a boot that ensures grip on the ground or the foot strap of the saddle. Shock resistance, maximum stability, and lower heels are some important added features or benefits a good textured outsole offers.

Mostly, rubber soles provide a stable and slip-free grip that allows for added safety and maximum comfort.

The outsole texture is an important consideration for amateurs because they need low support and a strong grip for their hobby. Most field and dress boots have a rough or grated outsole texture for maximum strength. An abrasion-resistant rubber sole, for instance, helps fight the effects of harsh weather and wear and tear.


8 Best Dressage Boots – Proper Equipment to Enjoy Horseriding!

The comfort a tall boot often comes from the material and shape, as well as the construction of the boot. Find a comfortable pair of dressage boots as the comfort level affects your efficiency on horseback and ensures that you have a good ride. Leather is the most comfortable option when it comes to high boots, with its snug fit to accommodate leg shape, coupled with a soft texture. Synthetic materials can also be great if you select them carefully, keeping your size in mind. An extra feature like breathable and durable material can add to the comfort by providing better flexibility or stability.

Water resistance

Water resistance makes these boots wearable on a rainy day. Moreover, this quality allows your boots become more durable with an added level of protection. Some models, such as the Equistar Childs All-Weather Synthetic Field Riding Boots feature DetriTrex cushion lining for moisture management. Others, like the Dublin Pinnacle Boots II Ladies, come with moisture-wicking RCS footbed system.

The water-resistant models made of leather and other materials are designed to keep your feet dry. Even synthetic materials like rubber are waterproof and do not wear or tear from water exposure easily.


The prices of dressage boots vary, depending on the materials they are made of. Generally, you will be able to find a model within your budget because there are plenty of options on the market. With more features, a particular pair of boots will be more expensive.

The most expensive pair on our list is our premium pick, the Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots, with their full-grain leather and exceptional detailing. They cost somewhere between $400 and $550.

Next, handmade models made of soft genuine leather are also quite expensive. Traditional field boots from Hispar, the HisparMens Man Decent Dress Dressage Boots, and the Hispar Women Ladies Stirling Dress Dressage Boots, cost around $250.

Other options range between $100 and $200. However, prices change depending on size, and kids’ options are always the cheapest. Still, these are quite reliable, and they should last you for a few seasons.


We all know our foot size, so this is a typical question when it comes to regular footwear. However, we understand that dressage boots are a little tricky when it comes to sizing. You absolutely have to check the customer reviews before making a purchase. Figure out if a slim or a wide fit is better for your calf and choose the most comfortable option. If you are shopping online, measuring is the way to go. Measure the length and width of your calf, all the way from the heel, up to your knee, and pick a pair with matching measurements for maximum comfort. Measuring the width over socks and pants is better to ensure a comfy fit.

Attaching spurs to your dressage boots is not difficult at all. You just need to fit the wider side of the spur strap to the inside of the boot, which places the buckle outside the boot. Any decorative parts on the spur also go towards the outside, leaving the plain area towards the inside of the boot. The straps have holes for the buttons in the leather for attaching the spur strap on either side. You can adjust the spurs if they are too loose or tight. You can easily find tutorial videos on the internet that guide you step by step on how to attach your spurs to your boots correctly.

Maintaining and caring for your boots is crucial to extend their life. Taking care of your boots is simple if you follow a grease and dirt clean up after every use instead of putting your boots away just like that. You can use a damp cloth to remove all the dirt and let the leather air dry before putting them away. Using a heat source such as a radiator can damage the leather. You also need to polish your boots from time to time. Any shoe shiner suitable for leather should do the job, and it will keep your boots nice and dandy. Lastly, you can preserve the shape of the boots by using shoetrees. Store them in a boot bag to keep them clean and dry.

Our Verdict

We know that finding the right pair of dressage boots is not easy, considering all the tiny details we’ve just discussed. Tall boots can be quite expensive to purchase, and therefore, choosing the right pair is crucial. Our list of the best dressage shoes is extensive and carefully compiled with only the best products on the market.

Firstly, our Editor’s Choice, the TuffRider Men’s Baroque Dress Boots, is our number one product because it checks all boxes such as comfort, durability, sizes at an affordable price.

Our second favorite is the Mountain Horse Ladies Rimfrost Rider III Tall Boots. This product is suitable for rough weather conditions and also doesn’t cost much.

Lastly, we have our premium pick, the Mountain Horse Sovereign Field Boots. This pair is a winner because of its luxurious look as well as some extra features, such as the strong Vislon zipper, high-density outsole and flexcloth technology, which enhance durability, improve performance, and offer greater ankle flex movement.

We hope that this article helped you find the best dressage boots, and now, you can enjoy your favorite activity every single day!

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