6 Best Fly Masks for Horses to Keep Their Eyes Safe

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Have you ever been bitten by a fly? Of course, you have who hasn’t! They can be one of the most annoying insects to not only humans but also to horses, yes horses! Actually, the very best fly masks for horses not only protect them from being bitten multiple times by these pesky insects – they are, in fact, good for their health!

The best fly masks for horses can include multiple benefits such as UV protection, lightweight, and or ear protection as well. We can’t even begin to imagine what it would feel like to have flies biting your face and ears all day long – and we never want to find out! The most important thing you can do for your horse right now is to provide a stress-free environment to keep your horse healthy, and that should always include the best fly mask for your horse!

Top 6 Fly Masks for Horses Review 2021


TGW RIDING Horse MaskEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 12.59 x 5.9 x 0.98 inches
  • Material: nylon
  • UV protection: prevents direct sunlight
  • Ears protection: soft mesh protection

More features: can be worn over a halter; secure fit; available in different colors and sizes

All horse owners know how important it is to protect their horse from enduring pesky flies while in their natural habitat, and TGW Riding knew exactly how to that. This incredible horse mask with a comfortable, secure fit is impressive in every aspect needed to provide a stress-free environment for your horse. From comfort to protection, this fly mask does it all!

What we liked: This exceptional horse mask from TGW Riding is the most simple and easiest to install on your horse’s head. The construction of materials used makes it very comfortable for the horse to move around freely. Plus, it’s fashionable and comes in a variety of colors to choose from!

What could be better: Other than offering more options for colors with prints, it’s actually perfect and exactly why it’s the Editor’s Choice!

  • Size: Medium 700 – 900 lbs., Large 900 – 1200 lbs., and XL 1200 – 1500 lbs.
  • Material: not specified
  • UV protection: blocks up to 90% of harmful UV rays
  • Ears protection: none

More features: doubles as a halter; ergonomic design; designed in the USA

The Kensington UViator Protective Fly Mask doesn’t leave any stone unturned! It has an incredible UV Solar screen protection that is out of this world and proudly holds a 90% UV rating – now that’s impressive! Not to mention the eyes, face, and throat are all well-protected from those annoying insects. Don’t worry about the size of your horse – this fly mask fits all different sizes of horses and comes in really cool fashionable styles.

What we liked: The super cool looking plaid patterns are vibrant and make a powerful statement of the quality. The UV rating of 90% is one of the best in the market and probably the best we’ve ever seen ourselves!

What could be better: There could have been an option to cover the ears as well; however there are a lot of horse owners who prefer not to cover their horse’s ears.

  • Size: 7 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Material: Lycra and mesh
  • UV protection: not specified
  • Ears protection: mesh

More features: different sizes and colors available; designed for professionals

Professional’s Choice Comfort-Fit Fly Mask is made with a very comfortable mesh surrounding the ears and eyes that provides your horse with a stress-free fit. This is also giving a clear vision view without being bothered by the flies and other pesky bugs.

What we liked: This is the best lightweight horse fly mask that contours to the perfect fit of your horse’s face. The heat shield is soft and stretchy while keeping your horse dry and cool. The variety of colors are bright and vibrant, and it fits almost all shapes and sizes of horses. Easy to install and remove from your horse’s head without any fuss.

What could be better: The material is very lightweight, and some might prefer a thicker material. However, it should probably be based on the temperature of your horse’s location and used accordingly.


SuperMask II Horse Fly MaskSmart Design

  • Size: 7 x 2.75 x 7.5 inches
  • Material: soft mesh
  • UV protection: yes
  • Ears protection: no

More features: different sizes available; latch closure under the jaw; helps the healing; flyproof; see-through mesh

The SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask by Farnam is made with your horse’s basic needs in mind. It is a lightweight, breathable fly mask that is intended to keep flies and bugs away from your horse’s face and eyes. It also prevents dirt and debris from entering your horse’s eyes while wearing the horse fly mask. This is the perfect fly mask for protecting your horse’s eyes after injury and assisting in the healing process.

What we liked: Helps prevent flies, insects, bugs, dust, debris, and dirt from entering your horse’s eyes and face area. The double latch closure is located under the jaw, which helps to prevent other horses from hitting it. Easy to install and remove the fly mask from your horse’s face.

What could be better: Sizing is a bit tricky, be sure to check all the options.

  • Size: 13.74 x 5.98 x 1.65 inches
  • Material: nylon
  • UV protection: 98%+ UV Block
  • Ears protection: soft mesh

More features: raised eye mesh inserts for unobstructed vision; lightweight; perfect for warm seasons

The Weatherbeeta Stretch Bug Eye Saver with Ears Horse Fly Mask is one of a kind in the market of protection. With sun protection coming in at 98%+ of UV blocking protection, you can’t possibly go wrong if protecting your horse from the sun’s rays is your top priority! It even comes with raised eye mesh inserts to give an awesome unobstructed vision. Flexible, extremely lightweight, and breathable – plus it’s available in sizes and colors.

What we liked: It’s a form-fitting, high-quality horse fly mask with ears with an extremely high UV rating of 98%+ to protect your horse from the damaging sun rays. It doesn’t rub up against your horse’s face and stays on really good. Plus, it took into consideration making sure you can check your horse’s eyes and ears without removing the mask – and that’s a win, win!

What could be better: Sizing can be confusing, be sure to double-check for the perfect fit!


Cashel Crusader Fly MaskProfessional

  • Size: not specified
  • Material: nylon micro-mesh
  • UV protection: blocks 70% of damaging UV rays
  • Ears protection: no

More features: different sizes available; professional choice; split-top opening; forelock hole for additional comfort

The Cashel Crusader Fly Mask has a comfortable fit while blocking 70% of the sun’s UV rays. It does a superior job of preventing flies, dust, dirt, debris, and other insects out of the eye area. It has a comfortable split-top opening and a Velcro strap underneath to keep the horse fly mask in its place throughout the day. There is a nice structure to the design that prevents the fly mask from touching your horse’s eyes.

What we liked: Provides a natural feel around the eyes and face while blocking 70% UV rays. It has a really nice fit that is comfortable for the horse and helps protect it from flies and other bugs. Machine washable.

What could be better: More color or pattern options, currently only comes in one color.

Things to Consider

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when looking to buy the best fly mask for your horse. Everything from comfort to design should be considered, and always consider the size of your horse and what would work best for your breed. In today’s modern world, there are a lot of choices in colors, patterns, materials, etc. and it’s important to know upfront what your desires and needs are prior to purchasing your horse fly mask!
You should consider whether your climate where you live needs UV protection from the damaging sun rays. You also need to decide if you want to just protect your horse’s eyes or if protecting their entire face, jaw, eyes, and ears is more important.
You need to take into consideration how sensitive your horse is to noises, and if they need help in muffling out sounds that could be causing them unnecessary stress.

Why do you need a fly mask for horses?

6 Best Fly Masks for Horses to Keep Their Eyes SafeYou need a fly mask for your horse to protect their eyes and ears from flies or other insects biting from dust and debris blowing in the air. Sun protection should also be a concern – a horse fly mask with a good UV rating helps protects your horse from harmful, damaging rays from the sun.

Most importantly you need a horse fly mask to give your horse a stress-free environment where they can roam freely without worrying about flies biting or particles getting in their eyes.

Some horses have very sensitive ears, and a horse fly mask offering ear protection helps muffle out noises that often lead to stress or anxiousness in your horse. To go one step further, some horses even require cotton in their ears to help muzzle the outside noises even more, and the horse fly mask with ear protection helps keep the cotton in place and gives your horse a more comforting experience.

Features to consider before you buy a fly mask for horses

Below you will find detailed information about the many features that should be considered when buying the best fly masks for horses. You will find all the information needed to help you make the best choice to fit you and your horse’s needs! From the material used to UV protection – we’ve covered it all!


Most top-rated best horse fly mask that stays on is made from a soft mesh, Lycra, or nylon material to give your horse the best fit and experience.

The soft fleece is sometimes used for extra comfort in colder regions.
For example, the soft mesh protection from the Editor’s Pick: TGW RIDING Horse Mask or Farnam’s Supermask II Horse Fly Mask is of the highest quality.


6 Best Fly Masks for Horses to Keep Their Eyes SafeMost horse fly masks come in many different sizes, colors, and patterns. There are some that will simply give you the weight and or inches to best fit your horse – and others will provide sizing based on breeds as well. When looking at Kensington UViator Protective Fly Mask, you will see that there are a lot of details given in order for you to find the perfect size for your horse.

UV protection

When considering UV protection, different horse fly masks can vary drastically! Depending on where you live and how much your horse is exposed to the UV rays of the sun will help you determine what will work best for your horse. The Weatherbeeta Stretch Bug Eye Saver with Ears Horse Fly Mask comes in at a whopping 98%+ UV Blocking Power! That is extremely impressive, and if that’s your main concern, this is the way to go!

Ears protection

There is nothing more annoying than hearing flies buzzing all around your head and ears, let alone biting your ears! We can’t imagine being a horse where flies are an issue and not having our ears protected. Don’t be fooled by thinking ear coverings are just a fashion statement or for preventing flies and other bugs from biting your horses hears – they actually help keep your horses calm and less stressed by muffling sounds.

In fact, horses with really sensitive ears sometimes need cotton balls inserted to muffle out even more of the stressing noises, and the ear protection on the horse fly masks helps keep them in place and provide extra comfort.

Check out the Best Value Pick Professional’s Choice Comfort Fit Fly Mask for a great selection of colors and protection for the horse’s ears!


Making sure your horse is comfortable should be your top priority! There are enough other stressors in their environment that comfort should not be one of them. How do you do this? You make sure that whatever horse fly mask you choose fits your horse comfortably, and they are not bothered in any way by wearing this. You will be able to recognize strange behaviors in your horse if they are not comfortable with the horse fly mask you have chosen for them to wear. Also, make sure it is installed correctly, and there are no loose edges or scratchy material touching their skin at any moment. The first couple of uses be sure to check on your horse after putting their horse fly mask on to make sure it didn’t come loose or is not bothering them.


First, make sure your horse fly mask is clean! Regular washing is necessary to prevent any bacteria from being transmitted to your horse’s face. Be sure not to approach your horse from the front, especially if this is their first time wearing one and or your first time installing it on your horse. Start at the shoulder of your horse and if there is a Velcro strap, be sure to undo it before putting it on your horse while standing next to their shoulder. Your horse will probably turn its head toward you to see what that noise is and maybe even take a sniff, and that’s perfectly fine! Before trying to put the fly mask on, rub it along your horse’s shoulder and side until they see okay with the feeling of that material on their skin – this is just to make your horse more comfortable while you install the fly mask. Startup by the ears and then work your way down until it is completely fitted and feels correctly installed. You can now walk around the front of your horse to make sure it is snug and fitted correctly on your horse’s head. You want to make sure that it is properly adjusted, Velcro (if any) is securely in place, and the ear coverings (if included) are correctly placed on your horse’s ears.

Note: The Velcro should be snug, but not too tight that it will impact his or her movement or make him or her uncomfortable.

You can always clean your horse fly mask by hand if you choose, however; many horse fly masks nowadays can be put in a washing machine. You will need to check the label of whichever one you choose to purchase and follow the care instructions included with your horse fly mask. During warmer months, you can also hand wash and air dry your horse fly mask. Be sure to use mild detergents and be mindful of your horse’s allergies if any are known. If you notice your horse has an irritation after the washing of the horse fly mask, remove it immediately and try washing it in a different, milder soap. There are soaps designed especially for washing horse fly masks, just check your local horse supply store for their recommendations.

Our Verdict

In conclusion, whether you’re looking to protect your horse from the UV sun rays or all the flies and pesky insects biting your horse – we’ve got you covered! Editor’s Choice TGW RIDING Horse Mask is easy to install, secure, and comfortable one-piece best horse fly mask with ears. Full visibility with soft mesh – comfortable through and through.

Premium Pick Kensington UViator Protective Fly Mask is One of the best UV protection horse fly masks available today with a 90% rating! Best Value Professional’s Choice Comfort Fit Fly Mask is stretchy breathable Lycra with multiple colors and sizes to choose from.

You can see why we chose these six products as the best fly masks for horses, for us, it’s all about protection, comfort, and quality. Finding the perfect fit might take some trial and error, but it will all be worth it in the end. With all the choices available today, there is definitely no need to worry about whether or not you’ll find the perfect fly mask for your horse!

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