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If you have ever experienced the rash that can be caused by Poison Ivy then you will know exactly why it is vital to get rid of the weed. This weed can spread quickly and also cause issues in your yard, so finding the best Poison Ivy killer spray can be a good way to reduce your chances of getting a nasty rash that seems to last forever.

We’ve reviewed over 20 different types of Poison Ivy killer and come up with a list of the top 5 killers for your home use that are simple and easy to apply within your yard. The Roundup Poison Ivy Killer is the top of our list, it comes with two tough brush killing ingredients that make it extremely effective on even stubborn weeds such as Poison Ivy, or to give it its scientific name, Toxicodendron radicans. It can be bought with a wand or a sprayer, and you can start to see the effects within 24 hours of applying your weed killer. It kills weeds to the root, and even has a guarantee in case you aren’t satisfied.

There are four other models on the list, too, and we’ve reviewed lots of the popular models of Poison Ivy killer. We’ve explored the rainproof capabilities, active ingredients (what is actually killing the Poison Ivy) and capacity of the weed killer. Our team spent weeks doing this research, and it is presented as a table, reviews of each of the top 5 products and a buying guide to help you to make the final decision on the suitable killer for your yard.

Top 5 Poison Ivy Killers Review 2021


Roundup Poison Ivy KillerEditor's Choice

  • Rainproof: 30 min
  • Active ingredient: Glyphosate
  • Capacity: 1 gal

 More features: treats up to 400 square feet, gives results in about 24 hours

The Roundup Ready-To-Use Poison Ivy Plus Tough Brush Killer is the very best out of all the Poison Ivy killers we reviewed. The active ingredient is Glyphosate and the clever brush design gives thorough coverage. 1 gallon capacity can treat up to 400 square feet of your yard. You may only need to apply once.

It can kill all the way down to the root, and even stop the weeds from growing back in the future. In just 30 minutes it can give rainproof protection so you don’t need to apply again even after a downpour.

It can also kill other types of ivies and weeds like poison oak, and poison sumac as well as wild blackberries.

What we liked:

  • Results after 24 hours.
  • Waterproof after 30 minutes.
  • Prevents regrowth of poison ivy and other weeds.

What could be better:

  • Works better on leaves than roots.
  • More expensive than other brands.

BioAdvanced 704655ABest Value

  • Rainproof: not specified
  • Active ingredient: Triclopyr
  • Capacity: 1 gal

 More features: kills 70+ other types of weeds and brush, easy to refill with concentrate

BioAdvanced 704655A is another large brush killer design to stop tough plants and weeds taking over your yard. The active ingredient is Triclopyr.

The manufacturers describe it as being so effective it can even kill roots and stumps, so you can get rid of large quantities of Poison Ivy and not have to worry about them quickly coming back.

It can work just as effectively on Poison Oak, Blackberry, Bramble and more, with 70+ species of weed being killed by this BioAdvanced brush killer.

There is 1 gallon of killer included in this package, and it can be bought with a sprayer that makes it easy to paint the weeds, and they can die away almost instantly. This is an effective killer in dry conditions.

What we liked:

  • Very fast and effective.
  • Works on more than 70 different types of weeds.

What could be better:

  • Not specifically waterproof, so may not be as effective if it rains.

Bonide (BND506)Budget Pick

  • Rainproof: 6 hours
  • Active ingredient: Glyphosate
  • Capacity: 32 oz

 More features: spray, suitable for poison oak

Next up is our budget pick. The Bonide (BND506) spray killer. This is a lot cheaper than some of the other options on the market and still offers a good level of coverage.

It is a spray bottle, with a 32 oz capacity. Though this is not anywhere near as much as some of the other options, it can be plenty for a small yard. Glyphosate is the active ingredient that kills off the weeds and plants. It is very easy to apply and starts working overnight, though it can be up to a month until all the effects are felt.

The spray is also convenient and you don’t have to dilute it, it’s ready to go as soon as it arrives in your home.

What we liked:

  • Avoids killing grasses.
  • Easy to spray and no dilution or mixing needed.

What could be better:

  • Much smaller capacity than some others.
  • Doesn’t kill as many species of weeds

Ortho MAX Poison IvyBest Spray Compatibility

  • Rainproof: 2 hours
  • Active ingredient: Triclopyr
  • Capacity: 32 oz

 More features: kills 60+ other types of weeds and brush

If you are looking for one of the easiest options to use then it might be a good idea to opt for the Ortho MAX Poison Ivy. The concentrate can be diluted and put into a sprayer and used easily on a variety of different weeds and brush. 60+ varieties can be killed by the Triclopyr active ingredient.

This is effective on difficult weeds such as kudzu and wild blackberry and also kills off stumps and vines.

After 2 hours of application it is also rainproof, so apply when it is dry and ensure that it doesn’t stop working as soon as it rains. Ortho is a very simple and easy weed killer that is very versatile.

What we liked:

  • Easy to apply, just dilute the concentrate.
  • Rainproof after 2 hours.
  • Kills over 60 types of weeds all the way down to the root.

What could be better:

  • May kill some grasses if not applied properly.

Ortho 0475705 GroundClearBest Capacity

  • Rainproof: 2 hours
  • Active ingredient: Triclopyr
  • Capacity: 1.33 gal

 More features: results in 24 hours

Do you need a lot of weed killer? Ortho 0475705 GroundClear comes in a huge container, meaning that if you are looking for the best weed killer for poison ivy that is sizable and can cover large areas then this could be the ideal choice for you. A lot of landscapers and gardeners will opt for a bigger option like this to make sure they have enough to cope with big spaces.

The GroundClear option kills with Triclopyr, and you can see results in as little as 24 hours. After 2 hours, the killer becomes waterproof so won’t be washed away. It comes with a wand, meaning that you can apply it really simply even in large amounts.

What we liked:

  • Comes with applying wand to easily spread.
  • Waterproof after 2 hours.
  • Huge capacity.
  • Results after about 24 hours (minimum).

What could be better:

  • Poison Ivy takes longer to kill than some other weeds.

Things to Consider

If you’ve never had to deal with Poison Ivy before then you might not know exactly what you should look for. Most people who have yards will have had to deal with some sort of weed killer at some stage, but Poison Ivy isn’t common everywhere. Our buying guide is designed to help even if you are looking to buy a killer for the very first time.
We talk you through the considerations when it comes to buying Poison Ivy Killer, knowing what is safe, which features you should consider and the application of weed killers. What are the best ways to effectively kill this very hazardous and annoying weed?

Picking the best Poison Ivy killer

The following features are those we have considered when it comes to picking the best weed killer for Poison Ivy, it is about prioritizing one type of feature over another. Some people might need a waterproof option if they live somewhere there is a lot of rain. Other people will be worried about what the active ingredient is and whether it might harm their pets, for instance. It is down to each individual to work out the most suitable Poison Ivy Killer to buy for their own yard, and they can even use these on some other annoying weeds.

5 Best Poison Ivy Killers - Make It Safe WayType

What type of weed killer is it, and how is it applied? Some have sprays, others have wands and other forms of applicator to allow you to get your weed killer onto the weeds, and only the weeds you want to kill. Spraying everywhere can be a recipe for disaster, some of these weed killers are really good at their job, but they aren’t always able to differentiate between different types of weeds. Don’t risk using near your flowers, make sure you have the right method of applying only to the weeds you don’t want.


If you live in an area where it feels like it rains all the time, then a rainproof poison Ivy killer can be essential. Rain washing away weed killers can be a big issue, and the best weed killers for Poison Ivy are rainproof, this means that after a certain amount of time (sometimes as little as 30 minutes like the Roundup Poison Ivy Killer) the killer will be safe from the rain. Even if there is a downpour, it won’t wash the weed killer away or move it so it damages plants you don’t want to kill.

Active ingredient

In each of our Poison Ivy killer reviews we have mentioned what the active ingredient is. This is the chemical or compound that actually kills the Ivy. It may well also kill other things, including over 70 different weed types that can commonly be killed by the weed killers on this list. The BioAdvanced 704655A model advertises that it can kill over 70 different types of weeds.

Triclopyr is an example of one of the active ingredients that can be found in Poison Ivy Killers. This is, according to Wikipedia, “an organic compound in the pyridine group”. It can be dangerous to birds, for instance, so it could be worth checking that whatever the active ingredient is, is not likely to cause a huge issue for the wildlife. Some compounds will also kill plants and things you certainly don’t want to lose from your yard.


This is one of the more self-explanatory features. How much is in the container? It is worth looking at this if you have a smaller or a larger area that you need to cover. There’s no point in buying a huge amount of weed killer for a small yard with the first sign of weeds. However, if you are a landscaper or gardener, it might make sense to always have a large amount of Poison Ivy killer in the truck.

The largest capacity model on our list is the Ortho 0475705 GroundClear, which can help with huge areas. You won’t run out over the first use.


How quickly does the Poison Ivy killer start to kick in? Does it take ages to get to the root of the Ivy or does it start to work the next day? Some weed killers, such as the Ortho options on the list, can start to have an impact within 24 hours. It will take longer than this to completely kill off your Poison Ivy, but it is helpful if you can see that it is working. You don’t have to worry about your weed killer and whether you have chosen a model that doesn’t do the job.

Safety features

5 Best Poison Ivy Killers - Make It Safe WayAre there any safety features? A lot of the magic wands and sprays included can help you to ensure you don’t get the weed killer on you, or that it doesn’t get sprayed where you don’t want it so it could be a hazard to your pets.

Other safety features may come in terms of the ingredients. Safe weed killers have minimal impact upon the wildlife, and use ingredients, including active ingredients, that won’t hurt your pets, even if they are curious about the Poison Ivy. You may need to take your own precautions such as wearing goggles if you are worried.

Best time to kill poison ivy

Obviously, the earlier you catch and kill Poison Ivy, the better. If it has the chance to grow and its roots set themselves in your yard then it can be very tough to get rid of the Poison Ivy.

Like a lot of other weeds, the Poison Ivy and Poison Oak are most sensitive when they’re growing at their quickest, which is often when the weather starts to improve, this can be either in the early summer or right in the heart of spring.

Usage tips

There are some tips for using Poison Ivy killer and getting the most out of your killer and ensure that you get rid of the Poison Ivy.

  • If you are worried about plants that are near your Poison Ivy, try not to get a multi-purpose weed killer that will just kill all organic matter, as you might do damage to your plants.
  • Pay attention to environmental guidelines. Some of the weed killers made 10-20 years ago could be very bad for the environment.
  • Remember that you might have to apply more than once. If you have weeds that are deeply rooted into your yard then you might have to apply weed killer in multiple spells to ensure that it dies away.
  • Keep an eye on the weather. A dry day is best even if you are using a waterproof weed killer.
  • If you can do a ‘sweep’ of the yard before the winter, you will avoid having to deal with the winter-hardened weeds that have survived through the difficult winter.
  • Always be careful to ensure that the weed killer doesn’t get on you, and that it is not easy for your pets to get access to.
  • Always read the instructions from the manufacturers, these tend to be different depending upon which model you go for. Each manufacturer has its own way of helping you to apply the weed killer, so you should read how to use the sprayer, whether it needs dilution and more.

It can be intimidating using a weed killer for the first time, but you shouldn’t be able to do any permanent damage.


Poison Ivy killer might kill off some insects as a side effect. They are often dangerous if ingested by any sort of animals, including some insects, and birds. We don’t recommend it as an alternative treatment, though, and it is nowhere near as effective as a specific product made for killing off awkward insects that may be causing an issue in your yard.

Most of the safety features relate to keeping the Poison Ivy killer where you want it to go, and not getting it on you. It can cause irritation if you end up with certain types of killer on your skin and you certainly do not want to get it in your eyes. Most weed killers won’t do you permanent damage, but they are still worth being careful when using. A way of spraying the weed killer accurately is one of the most useful features, as this allows you to avoid getting it on you. Also, some will include gloves and goggles if you want to ensure that it doesn’t get anywhere near you.

Our Verdict

The Roundup Poison Ivy Killer has been named as the editor’s choice, and the best model overall. We’ve rated it 9.9/10, and this does a brilliant job of killing Poison Ivy and loads of other weeds that you do not want in your yard.

The BioAdvanced 704655A is closely behind at 9.8/10. It has a lot to like, including the ease of applying to your weeds. The spray makes it very easy to apply this weed killer, and there is plenty of capacity for even large yards.

On our list of the best Poison Ivy Killer options, Bonide (BND506) is our budget option. This is a smaller model, great for a small yard, but it is great for those on a budget. It’s ready to spray, with no dilution needed. We’ve rated it 9.6/10.

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