10 Best Impact Sprinklers – Proper Care for Your Garden and Lawn!

Last updated: Apr 10, 2020
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If you have a lawn and garden, chances are, you’ve thought long and hard about finding ways of the best care for it. When it comes to irrigation, you can use different methods to water your plants and lawn. You can do it manually, which takes up precious time, or you can leave it to impact sprinklers, also known as pulsating sprinklers. In this review of the best impact sprinklers, we’ll take you through some of the most amazing products to give you peace of mind knowing your garden is well taken care of.

In our guide of the best impact sprinklers, we’ve reviewed 39 different units and have narrowed it down to the top ten of them. In our review, we found that the Rain Bird 35ADJTNTB was by far the best choice thanks to its incredibly durable design and flexibility of the spray radius and rotation. We also have found nine other fantastic impact sprinklers to choose from. With our list, we hope that you find something that suits your irrigation needs.

Top 10 Impact Sprinklers Review 2020

To help us make our determination of the best impact sprinklers, we took a look at a few important features. We especially checked out the spray radius, rotation, material, base, and connection. In our research, we found that all these characteristics could tell you a lot about the overall quality of the products. After our detailed reviews of each product, we’ll then turn to our buying guide, where we’ll provide you with more in-depth information about the individual components of an impact sprinkler and cap things off with our verdict, which will include our top three choices. Let’s get started!

Editor's Choice

An outstanding impact sprinkler with 23-50 feet spray radius and up to 360° degree adjustable rotation. It prevents side splashes and has grip proof bearing.

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Best Value

This affordable model comes with an 8-inch metal spike and double brass-weighted arm for slower rotation to provide the proper coverage. It also offers an excellent spray radius.

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Best Impact Sprinkler with Tripod

With this fantastic option, your plants will get natural rain-like spray thanks to the extendable tripod. A Quick Connect system makes the installation process easier.

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Best for High Water Pressure Impact Sprinkler

For larger areas and even sporting fields, you can go for this impact sprinkler made of zinc alloy. It can withstand up to 87 PSI of water pressure.

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Best Portable Impact Sprinkler

This unit has a wheeled base that provides excellent portability. It is made of brass and metal for more durability and boasts 20-45 feet spraying range.

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Best Impact Sprinkler with Sled Base

To achieve more stability, you can pick this impact sprinkler with a sled base. The product has a rust-resistant metal construction, and it can be connected with multiple sprinklers.

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Most Durable Impact Sprinkler

If you are planning to use your sprinkler in severe weather conditions, this one might be ideal for you. It has a sturdy, rust-resistant design and comes with a tripod.

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Best Brass Impact Sprinkler

This brass impact sprinkler has a sturdy construction and provides 13 gpm flow rate. It offers a fantastic coverage radius and can be a good choice for larger gardens.

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Best Bronze Impact Sprinkler

An amazing impact sprinkler with a bronze body that is resistant to rust. It has a minimum spray radius of 62 feet and a working pressure range of 35-70 PSI.

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Most Balanced Sprinkler

An impressive heavy-duty set of two impact sprinklers that come with brass tripods and have a well-balanced design. They can handle high water pressure easily and offer fully adjustable rotation.

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Rain Bird 35ADJTNTBEditor's Choice

  • Spray radius: 23′ – 50′
  • Rotation: 20° to 340°; 360°
  • Material: brass, bronze, stainless steel
  • Base: no base
  • Connection: ¾” male

 More features: grit proof bearing, prevents side splashes, straight water flow, 25-50 PSI recommended water pressure


The most fantastic impact sprinkler here is our Editor’s Choice, the Rain Bird 35ADJTNTB. Known for its durable quality due to its fantastic brass, bronze, and stainless steel build, this impact sprinkler will ensure your lawn will be watered neatly while you sit back and relax. It has a marvelous spray radius of 23-50 feet. It has no base, and it is easy to install.

In terms of rotation, you can either opt for the full 360-degrees spray or settle on focusing on a key area with a 20-degrees rotation (the lowest it can go). As for water flow, this Rain Bird impact sprinkler can accommodate 25-50 PSI, which is the recommended water pressure. This is more than enough to give you a high-pressure water spray but not high enough to damage it or cause splashes.

While just about most owners of this sprinkler were satisfied with it, a few did note that the rotating feature was a bit wonky for them and didn’t rotate the full 360 degrees.

  • Durable, rust-resistant materials
  • Large spray radius range
  • Good water pressure levels (PSI)
  • Prevents side splashes
  • Rotation can be off

Rain Bird P5RLSPBest Value

  • Spray radius: 25′ – 41′
  • Rotation: 20° to 340°; 360°
  • Material: plastic, brass, stainless steel
  • Base: 8-inch metal spike
  • Connection: ¾” female

 More features: removable bayonet nozzle, water-saving design, prevents side splashes, double-weighted arm


If you’re on the hunt for a fantastic bargain and value when it comes to the best impact sprinklers, look no further than our Best Value pick, the Rain Bird P5RLSP. Impact sprinklers are generally inexpensive, but this Rain Bird model is almost as low as it can get. Despite this, there are still some great features with this model.

Let’s start with 8-inch metal spike base, which allows it to be propped up a bit higher than those with no bases. When it sprays water, you can expect a very good spray radius of 25-41 feet with a 20 to 360-degrees rotation. It also has a double brass-weighted arm for a slower rotation that allows for much better water coverage.

Despite these great features, it does have plastic in its build, which, as some customers have pointed out, is not the sturdiest material.

  • Double-brass weighted arm
  • Excellent spray radius
  • Good rotation options
  • Cost-effective
  • Could be sturdier

Melnor 65066-AMZ Metal Pulsating SprinklerBest Impact Sprinkler with Tripod

  • Spray radius: up to 42.5′
  • Rotation: fully adjustable up to 360°
  • Material: metal
  • Base: tripod
  • Connection: Quick Connect

 More features: tripod extends to 48″, adapter included


You can water your lawn from up high with our pick for Best Impact Sprinkler with Tripod, the Melnor 65066-AMZ Metal Pulsating Sprinkler. As our name suggests, this impact sprinkler uses the added height from a tripod to cover an area up to 85 feet in diameter (or 42.5-feet in radius), making this an excellent choice if you have a particularly large lawn.

The tripod and sprinkler are both very sturdy and are made of metal material. The tripod can extend as high as 4-feet high to water from above, giving your grass a more natural rain-like spray that is fully adjustable up to 360-degrees. It’s also very easy to connect as Melnor provides a Quick Connect system that makes both installing and removing the sprinkler easier.

Most owners of this impact sprinkler are big fans of it, but among the less favorable reviews, there are a few from people who say the sprinkler can get stuck in the middle of the rotation.

  • Gives a more natural, rain-like spray
  • Covers a wide diameter
  • Can rotate up to 360-degrees
  • Easy to connect/disconnect the sprinkler to the tripod
  • There are some reports that the sprinkler can get stuck

NAVADEAL DN25 Impact SprinklerBest for High Water Pressure Impact Sprinkler

  • Spray radius: 49.2′ – 65.6′
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Base: no base
  • Connection: NPT 1″ female thread

 More features: 58-87 PSI working pressure, 15.3-32.8 gpm flow rate


If you’re looking for an impact sprinkler that is a bit more forceful and powerful, you need to take a look at our choice for Best High Water Pressure Impact Sprinkler, the NAVADEAL DN25 Impact Sprinkler. While some of you might want to use this for plants, this impact sprinkler is also great for sporting fields like baseball, football, and soccer. That’s because it has a particularly high spray radius, ranging from 50 to 66 feet!

In terms of water pressure, it can handle 58-87 PSI, which is generally much higher than most impact sprinklers can offer. It fully rotates at a 360-degree angle and is made of zinc alloy. However, you might want to consider taking off the heads during wintertime because the zinc alloy material may not hold up very well during the wintertime due to corrosion.

  • Can accommodate higher PSI
  • Great for different types of terrain, including sporting fields
  • Can fully rotate at 360-degree angle
  • Highly effective
  • Can corrode easily during the winter

Orbit 56186N Brass Impact Sprinkler on Wheeled BaseBest Portable Impact Sprinkler

  • Spray radius: 20′ – 45′
  • Rotation: fully adjustable up to 360°
  • Material: brass, metal
  • Base: wheeled base
  • Connection: ¾” female

 More features: withstands high water pressure, rust-resistant


If you’re looking for an impact sprinkler that you can maneuver around easily, look no further than the Best Portable Impact Sprinkler, the Orbit 56186N Brass Impact Sprinkler on Wheeled Base. As you can probably guess, this impact sprinkler comes with a wheeled base, which is fantastic because it lets you easily transport it around your lawn and garden by simply dragging the base.

The sprinkler has a metal base and a swivel connection to the hose itself. As for the performance, it can spray a good and steady range of 20-45 feet with a fully adjustable rotation of up to 360 degrees. The base’s metal frame and the sprinkler’s brass design are both great materials because they are fairly rust-resistant, and the sprinkler itself can withstand high water pressure.

Despite it being easily portable thanks to the wheels, a few people did remark that the base is very lightweight and, thus, not stable enough when the sprinkler is watering your lawn. A few people recommended putting something heavy, like a stone, on the base to help stabilize it.

  • Very portable
  • Solid, durable materials
  • Perfect spray range
  • Fully adjustable rotation angle
  • Base is too lightweight and unstable

Raigro 360 Degree Pulsating SprinklerBest Impact Sprinkler with Sled Base

  • Spray radius: 22.5′ – 42.5′
  • Rotation: fully adjustable up to 360°
  • Material: metal
  • Base: sled
  • Connection: 3/4″ female

 More features: rust-proof, water-saving, supports connectivity with multiple sprinklers


The only impact sprinkler with the sled base that made it to our list is the Raigro 360 Degree Pulsating Sprinkler. As you can see by design, it has a steady base that stabilizes the impact sprinkler to provide you with a nice and even spray. With this impact sprinkler, you also have the added benefit of connecting it with multiple sprinklers as well, giving you more watering capabilities.

The spray diameter ranges from 45-85 feet, and the head is adjustable up to 360-degrees. It’s made of a sturdy metal that is also rust-proof and great for all seasons.

Generally, most customers are very happy with this product and its performance. However, a few people noted that the head could become quite loose and, in some instances, broke completely off. It’s essential to check that you have all the right pieces and ensure the connections are tight.

  • Sled-base design stabilizes the sprinkler
  • Great spraying range
  • Can spray in a full circle
  • Metal materials are rust-proof
  • Sprinkler head can break off after some usage

Orbit 58308N Telescoping Tripod SprinklerMost Durable Impact Sprinkler

  • Spray radius: up to 45′
  • Rotation: fully adjustable up to 360°
  • Material: brass, metal
  • Base: tripod
  • Connection: 3/4″ female

 More features: tripod extends up to 48″, anti-backsplash arm, resistant to clogs, gooseneck connection


Another fantastic option with a tripod is also one of the most durable ones. The Orbit 58308N Telescoping Tripod Sprinkler has a very clean and sturdy design with its brass and metal materials.

The heavy-duty brass parts are great for withstanding high water pressures and the rigors of more severe weather conditions as well. The tripod is also another nice accessory to have with this impact sprinkler, and it can extend as high up as 48-inches to give your lawn a more natural, rain-like spray. Like most impact sprinklers, this Orbit sprinkler is resistant to clogs thanks to its uninterrupted water flow no matter what the water source is.

A few owners of this sprinkler made note that when they were setting it to rotate, it got stuck in a certain position, and therefore, didn’t allow it to rotate any further.

  • Very sturdy, rust-resistant, brass design
  • Natural rain-like spray
  • Full 360-degree rotating spray
  • Clog-resistant and compatible with secondary water
  • Can come with some defective parts

Underhill SI075FBest Brass Impact Sprinkler

  • Spray radius: 57′
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Material: brass, stainless steel
  • Base: no base
  • Connection: ¾” male

 More features: 13 gpm flow rate, chemical-resistant bearing seals


For one of the most simple-looking yet most reliable models, you need to consider the Best Brass Impact Sprinkler, the Underhill SI075F. This impact sprinkler is made of ultra-durable brass materials for its body and stainless steel materials to construct its springs. Together, these materials ensure excellent performance.

The product has a perfect spray radius of 57 feet and can accommodate a high water pressure, as evidenced by its 13 gpm flow rate. The result is a very powerful impact sprinkler that can easily cover large surfaces like your sporting fields. All owners of this model are very happy with the coverage this impact sprinkler provides, but a small number noted that this unit is not that great for small areas. So, if you have a smaller garden or lawn area, this might not be the best option for you.

  • Ultra-durable brass body and stainless steel springs
  • Fantastic coverage radius
  • Can accommodate high water pressure
  • Doesn’t work well with smaller gardens/lawns

IrrigationKing RK-40FBest Bronze Impact Sprinkler

  • Spray radius: 62.3′ – 75.4′
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Material: bronze, brass
  • Base: no base
  • Connection: NPT 1″ female thread

 More features: bottom dust cap, 32°F lowest temperature rating, 35-70 PSI working pressure


Not many impact sprinklers are made with an all-bronze body design, and that is why the IrrigationKing RK-40F is our top choice for Best Bronze Impact Sprinkler. Bronze is one of the most rust-resistant materials out there, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this strong and well-made sprinkler.

It holds up very well to high water pressure, and this sprinkler can accommodate a working pressure range of 35-70 PSI. This impact sprinkler does not have a base, but that’s no issue for this sprinkler that can reach a spray radius of up to 75 feet. Like just about every impact sprinkler, this one also allows for full, 360-degree rotation and is just a great overall option for those who have a good water supply and pressure. This impact sprinkler does tend to work much better and more efficiently if you have higher water pressure and won’t work as well on smaller lawns and gardens because the minimum spray radius is roughly 62 feet.

  • Rust-resistant, bronze body
  • Can withstand high water pressure
  • Marvelous spray radius
  • Highly efficient
  • Won’t work well on smaller lawns and gardens

SOMMERLAND A5013DMost Balanced Sprinkler

  • Spray radius: not specified
  • Rotation: fully adjustable up to 360°
  • Material: brass, metal
  • Base: tripod
  • Connection: ¾” female

 More features: 2 pieces in the package, tripod extends from 25″ to 48″


For one of the heavy-duty impact sprinklers with a tripod, you should consider the SOMMERLAND A5013D. Both the impact sprinkler and the tripod are made of brass with some metal parts. Moreover, there are two sprinklers with tripods in the package.

Since it is quite the beast of an impact sprinkler at close to 12 pounds, it is significantly heavier than most impact sprinklers that generally range from 1-3 pounds. This well-balanced impact sprinkler is great because the construction feels durable and does the job well. The tripod’s height is adjustable and can go as high as 48-inches and as low as 25. If you have higher water pressure, this impact sprinkler will handle it with ease because it can withstand almost anything.

As for the most typical complaints, some people noticed that it could leak at the connection if it wasn’t aligned correctly.

  • Heavy-duty, well-balanced design
  • Can handle high water pressure easily
  • Fully adjustable rotation
  • Set of two sprinklers
  • Heavy
  • Can leak at the connection

Buying Guide

Now that you have a better understanding of the impact sprinklers available on the market, we’ll turn our attention to the buying guide portion of this review. In this section, we’ll expand on some of the features of the best pulsating sprinklers. This should help you learn what you should check when looking for an effective impact sprinkler for your garden or lawn. After that, we’ll then answer a few of the most commonly asked questions and finish things off with our final verdict – our top three impact sprinkler choices.

Main advantages of impact sprinklers

There are many reasons why you should get an impact sprinkler for your garden. The first reason to do so is that it obviously does the work of spraying the water well on your lawn and garden. On top of this, the best impact sprinklers come with different spray options as well, enabling you to either have a fuller spray or one where you can turn down the pressure and have a much less intense spray.

10 Best Impact Sprinklers - Proper Care for Your Garden and Lawn!

Another advantage is that the impact sprinklers offer a very uniform or consistent way of spraying. Thus, you won’t have patches of your lawn that have more water than others as it sprays all areas of your lawn evenly. With impact sprinklers, you can also adjust the spray radius, which allows you to spray exactly what you want it to spray and not have it hit your fence or pavement, for instance.

When compared with rotor sprinklers, impact sprinklers are generally much cheaper and much easier to adjust. Impact sprinklers also tend to work much better with smaller-to-medium sized gardens than rotor sprinklers, which are more suited for larger and spacious gardens. If we compare them to oscillating sprinklers, impact sprinklers are much adept at covering a wider surface area since it sprays in a circle whereas with an oscillating sprinkler, it only covers a more square or rectangle-like area of your lawn.

How to choose the best impact sprinkler

Choosing the best impact sprinkler for you can sometimes be a difficult task. There are lots to compare in terms of features and functionality, and it can even be hard to determine the reliability of the product itself. With those thoughts aside, we figure it would be best to inform you about some of the most important features of the impact sprinklers. Understanding how the individual components of an impact sprinkler work can help you find the right product for your needs. Some of the features we’ll explain here include the spray radius, patterns, material, base, connection, recommended water pressure, durability, and of course, prices.

Spray radius

When we talk about the spray radius, we’re referring to how far out an impact sprinkler can spray water in a circular motion. The spray radius can depend on a number of factors, including what that particular spray radius is for that given impact sprinkler itself. All impact sprinklers have a different spray range, and this also depends on the water pressure.

For those with lower water pressures and PSI ranging from 25-50, you can probably expect to use an impact sprinkler that has a more modest spray radius (30-50 feet). Whereas, if your water pressure is higher (50+), you can expect to have an impact sprinkler that has a higher spray radius because the water shoots out at a much more rapid rate.

Just be mindful that a higher water pressure and spray radius are not necessarily a better thing to have as your garden might be relatively small, and you most likely won’t want a stronger spray that shoots far away.


The best impact sprinklers can be adjusted to spray water at the desired part of your garden. If the sprinkler operated in a constant position, they would only water one patch of your lawn, which would become overwatered while the remaining parts of your lawn would remain dry. That’s why all of the pulsating sprinklers have some sort of pattern to them when they spray water. Most of them now can rotate up to a full 360 degrees, which means that it can water in a continuous, circular motion. Other impact sprinklers, like the Rain Bird 35ADJTNTB, can be adjusted to spray water in particular sections. The pattern can be as little as 20 degrees all the way up to 340 degrees. Having this feature is great because it can allow you to water parts of your lawn that need that extra bit of water and attention!


10 Best Impact Sprinklers - Proper Care for Your Garden and Lawn!

In our list of the ten best impact sprinklers, we see a common trend in the materials with which they are made. For most of these impact sprinklers, we see that they are made of brass, bronze, stainless steel, and metal, or some combination of these materials. These materials are the most durable and can handle the wear and tear of heavy usage. If you are looking for a durable model with a tripod, check the Orbit 58308N Telescoping Tripod Sprinkler.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid impact sprinklers that are not made of these materials, such as plastic or some combination of synthetic materials, because they are not as durable and are not resistant to rust.


When it comes to the base of the impact sprinkler, everything depends on your needs and preferences. Some come with no base at all – you simply attach it to your pipe, and you’re ready to go. For others, there are some with wheels, like the Orbit 56186N Brass Impact Sprinkler on Wheeled Base. It has a wheeled base, which allows it to be easily transported around your lawn. Lastly, there are also those that come with tripod bases, which look exactly like a camera tripod. With a tripod base, you’re simply elevating your sprinkler, and you can get a much wider diameter and spray radius.


The connection refers to where you connect your hose to your impact sprinkler head. This is an important piece of the impact sprinkler because each impact sprinkler has a different connection. As we see with most models, they use a 3/4” female connector, which basically means that it is the easiest way to connect your hose to your sprinkler head. The connector will usually have female threads that can screw directly into the other end of a hose. With some models, such as the Melnor 65066-AMZ Metal Pulsating Sprinkler, you will find a Quick Connect system that will make it extremely convenient to set up your sprinkler.

Recommended water pressure

When it comes to water pressure, it varies for every household. The water pressure is identified by the pounds per square inch or PSI. The best impact sprinklers can work with a variety of different PSI levels, and it really just depends on the model you purchase. A good range is anywhere between 30-50. This is about a low-to-medium water pressure for impact sprinklers, and some of them can accommodate much higher PSI, anything around 60-80 range, is the case with the NAVADEAL DN25 Impact Sprinkler.


10 Best Impact Sprinklers - Proper Care for Your Garden and Lawn!

The impacts sprinklers are fairly durable products to help you with your irrigation system. The models we reviewed are made of very strong materials that can stave off the effects of rusting quite well. Generally speaking, the impact sprinklers won’t be used every day since seasons change. You’ll want to help preserve its longevity by also taking good care of it as well by putting it away when the winter season rolls along.

Another big benefit of using impact sprinklers is that the heads of these sprinklers are fantastic for allowing uninterrupted water flow. What this means is that you can feed it just about any kind of water (i.e., from ponds, wells, and canals), and it won’t clog.


When it comes to the prices of the best impact sprinklers, the one thing you should ultimately know is that they are relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment. This is great for you because you won’t have to spend a fortune on something as effective as this.

From the impact sprinklers we just reviewed, we can see that the cheapest one you can buy is the Rain Bird P5RLSP at just $16, while the most expensive one, the SOMMERLAND A5013D, costs $69 and comes as a set of two products.

The rest of the impact sprinklers cost somewhere around $25-45, with the Rain Bird 35ADJTNTB at the higher end of things. This fantastic model features adjustable rotation and 23-50 feet spray radius.

The NAVADEAL DN25 Impact Sprinkler runs at around $25 and can withstand up to 87 PSI of water pressure.

As you can see, all these models are quite affordable, so everything comes down to your personal preferences and needs. Make sure you check all the parameters and product description before making a purchase.


There really is no standard answer for how long impact sprinklers last. Most of them are made of very strong materials, and thus, you should be able to get some good life from them. You can, however, take some steps to ensure it lasts as long as possible by maintaining it well. This means that you will need to check whether the connection is tightened securely to avoid any possible leaks, drying it off and bringing it back inside to store it for winter. This will ensure that your impact sprinkler will last you for years!

Impact sprinklers are actually very easy to connect, so it shouldn’t take a lot of time to do so. You can definitely use more than one impact sprinkler in your garden to ensure every inch of your garden is sprayed. Each product will offer some information as to how far you should space out your impact sprinklers so that it doesn’t overlap. You’ll also want to ensure you’re not using too many impact sprinklers at the same time if your water pressure is already low (below 40 PSI). This is because your sprinklers will then not be very water-efficient if all of them are working from the same weak water supply.

The primary benefit of using an impact sprinkler is that they are very water-efficient devices for irrigation. The best impact sprinklers are designed with water efficiency in mind, and they allow for a steady and uninterrupted flow of water, no matter what water source you use. On top of the efficiency, impact sprinklers can cover quite a lot. This is great for you because you don’t have to water your lawn manually, and it can help you save some money from your water bill.

Our Verdict

Finally, we are ready to present to you our three favorite impact sprinklers.

If you’re a seasoned gardener and know your way around a sprinkler, you’ll enjoy our Editor’s Choice impact sprinkler, the Rain Bird 35ADJTNTB. The company makes a range of great impact sprinklers, and this is by far their best overall sprinkler. It is incredibly sturdy in design, has a solid spray radius, and you can easily adjust the spray pattern to your liking.

Next, we have another product by Rain Bird. But this time, it is our Best Value pick, the Rain Bird P5RLSP. If you’re new to the gardening game and want to dip your toes in learning how to irrigate, this is the perfect sprinkler for you thanks to its ease of setup and incredibly low price. A great way to begin learning more about impact sprinklers!

Lastly, the Melnor 65066-AMZ Metal Pulsating Sprinkler is a great option with a tripod. It is incredibly easy to install anywhere you want, and you can adjust the height of its base to find the perfect position for watering your plants.

We hope that this information was helpful, and you’ve found one of the best impact sprinklers for your garden!

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