How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning and Falling Over

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A patio umbrella Trusted Source Umbrella - Wikipedia An umbrella or parasol is a folding canopy supported by wooden or metal ribs that is usually mounted on a wooden, metal, or plastic pole. It is designed to protect a person against rain or sunlight. is an excellent way of making your patio look better. It adds shade to the area, and it offers protection against the elements. With a patio umbrella, you can spend time on the patio during the hot summer days. You don’t even have to worry about the sun beating down on you. There are many types of patio umbrellas, and we will consider them in this article. Furthermore, we will see how you can maintain the umbrella. You will also see how to keep patio umbrella from spinning.

Fixing an umbrella on the patio is pretty simple, but the umbrella might start spinning after some time. This can distract you when you are just looking to have a fun time outside. Furthermore, it poses a danger because it can spin out at any time and fall over someone.

To avoid this danger and annoyance, read this article and use the tips that we will provide.

What kind of umbrella do you have, and why does it spin?

As promised, we will consider the different types of patio umbrellas on the market. You need to know the specific type of umbrella that you have so that you can know what to do when issues like spinning arise.

Table patio umbrella

How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning and Falling Over

The first type of umbrella we will discuss is the most common type. As the name implies, this type of umbrella is designed with the ability to stand in a patio table’s hole. It looks just like a regular umbrella, with the distinguishing factor being the size.

It is a large type of umbrella that you can use at home, on the balcony, and in other places where people are gathered. This umbrella often has its base so it can stand on its own without adding any pressure on the table.

Tilting umbrella

How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning and Falling Over

This is similar to the table patio umbrella. However, one major difference is that it comes with a pivot. Due to the design, this umbrella is flexible and can rotate around the pole. Because of the flexibility, you can change its position whenever you like and enjoy the shade from the elements. It is easy to set up and use. One similarity with the table patio umbrella is that it can stand on the ground alone too.

Cantilever umbrella

How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning and Falling Over

This type of umbrella features a big support base with enough solidity that allows it to stand on the side. Unlike the previous umbrellas discussed, this type has a pole that lies on the side of the canopy and not in the middle.

With this type of umbrella, it does not require a table. One downside of this type of umbrella is that it is heavier and more difficult to move than the others.

Palap Tiki-style

How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning and Falling Over

This is a stylish type of umbrella that is made of faux grass cover. It looks like something from the Caribbean and has an exotic appearance. While it is good for home use, it is best for the beach or pool.

Sail umbrella

How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning and Falling Over

If you have kids, this is likely a good choice for you. It doesn’t need any poles for installation. You simply need to tie it above where you want to sit. One of the main reasons we like this is that it is portable and easy to move around.

Commercial patio umbrella

How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning and Falling Over

These are popular fixtures in commercial locations like shops, restaurants, and hotels. It is decorative and functional. They might not have a wide application, but they are the most durable type of patio umbrella.

Ways to keep your umbrella from spinning

One of the problems that you might face as the owner of a patio umbrella is spinning. When this happens, what can you do? In this section, we will consider the tips that will assist you in reducing this from happening.

Get the correct base

One reason for a spinning patio umbrella is using the wrong type of base. If the base that the umbrella is attached to isn’t the same shape or size as the diameter of the attached pole, then you will suffer spinning.

Therefore, get another compatible pole.

Tighten the knob

The umbrella usually has a knob, and this knob helps to keep the umbrella’s pole in place. If this knob is loose, your umbrella might start spinning.

If you want to tighten it yourself, you should get the right tools. You could tighten it by hand as well, but that will not give the same level of tightness as with using a tool.

Insert a through-bolt

Another thing that you could use is the through-bolt. This is particularly great if tightening the knob proves ineffective. This method is easy and affordable.

To use the bolt, you need to know the dimensions of the pole and buy a screw that comes with the compatible size. After you get this, then you should drill a hole on the base and ensure that these are correctly aligned.

Use an umbrella ring

How to Keep Your Patio Umbrella from Spinning and Falling Over

Another simple thing that you can do is to use an umbrella ring. This ring is usually placed in the table’s hole. It is made of silicone, which will not damage your table or umbrella.

Maitys has an excellent clear silicone umbrella hole ring and cap set that many reviewers have praised for its design, functionality, and non-intrusiveness.

Use a cone wedge

This is a popular fix for spinning patio umbrellas. As the name implies, it is wedged between the gap in the table and umbrella pole. This will help to stabilize the umbrella and prevent it from spinning.

Ways to keep your umbrella from falling over

We have considered how you can stop your umbrella from spinning. So how do you prevent it from falling over? That is what we will see in this section.

Choose the right base

When choosing a patio umbrella, the base is one of the most important things to consider. The base is vital because that is what supports the entire umbrella. If you don’t have the right base, then you are setting the umbrella up for a fall.

The right base should be heavy and secure so that the umbrella could withstand the elements.

There are several umbrellas on the market, but the best models come with bases that complement the umbrella. The reviews that we considered have listed the EliteShade Base as one of the best bases on the market due to its stability and versatility.

Drill base in the patio

Some umbrella bases already come with holes and screws in the package. The holes that are on the floor of the base help to hold the base. And you can make it even more secure by mounting it on the deck. Another thing that you can do is drill it into the patio with screws that already come in the package.

Apart from being more secure, it also makes the yard look better.

Using this method to hold the umbrella comes with some downsides. One of the main downsides is that you will have to dismantle the base before you can move the umbrella. However, that is a small price to pay for safety.

Add weights

Weights come in pretty useful because they work to ensure your whole structure stays intact. Like the base, the manufacturer might recommend the right weights to be used with the umbrella. If you are unsure about the weight you need, add more weights than you were planning to.

Close the umbrella

A look at the instructions on umbrella products shows that they recommend that you close it when it is windy. So close the umbrella whenever you are not using it. Close it at night and follow the instructions from the manufacturer.

When closed, use the strap that is included in the package to ensure it remains closed.

Get a sturdy frame

A strong frame is better for several reasons. With a stronger frame, there is less leaning and movement. Therefore, opt for frames made from steel. Also, look at the ribs of the umbrella frame. Another thing to consider is the coating on the frame. A good coat will ensure that there is no rusting and will make it easier to clean the frame.

Don’t use plastic joints

When choosing a patio umbrella, choose options that come with steel or aluminum joints. If the joints are made from plastic, you can bet that they will not last for a long time. Apart from impacts, these might suffer failure due to high temperatures, rain, and winds. And when the joints are weakened, it’s only a matter of time before the entire structure collapses.

Use the table

Using a table with an umbrella is a good idea. Choose tables with holes in the middle to place the umbrella. This improves functionality and safety. If your chosen table is heavy and durable, your umbrella will enjoy even more support.

Choose umbrellas with air vents

The air vents in an umbrella will let air circulate through it. If your area is windy, then look for umbrellas with more vents as that will improve stability in windy weather conditions.

Final thoughts

Spinning and falling umbrellas are hazards that need to be taken care of. Your patio should be somewhere you can relax without worrying about dangers. Inconveniences from spinning and falling umbrellas can mar your experience. We have provided you with several tips that will certainly assist you in eliminating these problems. We hope that post about how to keep patio umbrella from spinning will help you have a safe, enjoyable time.


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An umbrella or parasol is a folding canopy supported by wooden or metal ribs that is usually mounted on a wooden, metal, or plastic pole. It is designed to protect a person against rain or sunlight.
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