6 Best Cantilever Umbrellas for Superior Comfort and an Unobstructed View

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Are you sick of being scorched by the sun the entire summer? A cantilever umbrella is the ultimate solution. Unlike the traditional umbrella that sits or stands in the middle of your patio table, the cantilever, also known as the offset umbrella, is suspended over the entire area in which you need shade. The best cantilever umbrella will undoubtedly enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors by fully protecting you from harmful UV rays and light showers of rain. So, which is the best cantilever umbrella out there?

With so many options on the market, choosing the best cantilever umbrella to bring home can be an awfully confusing experience. To save you the hassle, we came up with a list of the best brands and models that money can buy. We also included some of the crucial features you must consider to make the best buy, including construction materials, size, pole diameter, number of ribs, and available colors. These features largely determine the umbrellas’ efficiency and durability.

Top 6 Cantilever Umbrellas Review 2021


Bluu 10ft Patio Offset UmbrellaEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 10’
  • Materials: polyester, iron pole
  • Ribs: 8
  • Pole diameter: 1.89”
  • Available colors: 5

Other features:  50-62 sq. ft. of shade, innovative tilt mechanism, fade-resistant cover

This is just the perfect place to begin this review. The Bluu patio offset umbrella is the ultimate option for enhancing your outdoor oasis. The large and luxurious cantilever umbrella has so much to offer with its brilliant features and sturdy build.

The umbrella is large and luxurious with a spacious canopy that can create a whopping 50 to 62sq ft overlay of shade. It also has a 10ft diameter offset design that offers a larger functional area of cover that you can use over tables, pools, or hot tubs.

The expansive umbrella is made to last with 5 layers of polyester, which guarantees you a waterproof cover that won’t fade any soon. Its solid iron pole is also a sure bet when it comes to longevity. It is coated in anti-oxidant paint that gives it a shiny look and protects it from rust.

Assembling the cantilever is easy breezy thanks to its robust framework and innovative crank technology. All you need to do is unlock, adjust, relock then crank the umbrella open to your most desired position. Plus, you can simply push a button to tilt the canopy for a wide coverage shade on your patio, deck, yard, or lawn.

What we liked: The umbrella’s innovative tilt mechanism is like no other in offering premium convenience. Its luxurious design and large size are both perfect for enhancing your outdoor oasis aesthetically and shade-wise.

What could be better: The umbrella is off-centered so, you have to strap, screw or weight down its feet to secure it.

  • Size: 11′ x 11′
  • Materials: 40/gsm polyester fabric, UV resistant, water-repellent
  • Ribs: 8
  • Pole diameter: n/a
  • Available colors: 4

Other features: double-top canopy design, 360-degree rotation, 6 height, 3-year warranty

When it comes to premium quality build and top-tier functionality, it is hard to beat the purple leaf deluxe patio umbrella. It is large enough to offer sufficient coverage to shade around on your patio, pool area, backyard, or even restaurant.

The umbrella comes in an attractive double-top canopy design. You have 4 color options to pick from, and you will never regret a single dime you spend on the umbrella owing to its super-durable construction. It is made with high-grade polyester fabric that is both UV resistant and waterproof. Cleaning the fabric is also a breeze.

Come rain or sunshine; you will be able to get a seamless enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Moreover, the umbrella is extremely easy to use thanks to its hand-crank system. As if that’s enough, the umbrella features a 360 degrees rotation that allows you easier shading control.

What we liked: With a 3-year warranty, nothing comes close to this Purple Leaf cantilever in terms of offering premium quality both in its build and performance. With all-aluminum bones and heavy-duty bones, is durability is a solid bet. Its ease of use also sets it apart as one of the best offset umbrellas out there.

What could be better: The base that comes with the umbrella is not very firm, especially in strong winds.

  • Size: 10’ x 10’
  • Materials: polyester, aluminum, steel
  • Ribs: 8
  • Pole diameter: 3” x 2”
  • Available colors: 3

Other features: fade & UV resistant, slide and lock operation system

This is downright the best outdoor cantilever umbrella for wind. It is designed to resist the wind and other weather elements like the sun’s hot UV rays and showers of rain.

The offset hanging umbrella features a vent, which is basically just a small umbrella at its top to help prevent it from toppling over in windy weather. It can withstand harsh weather, but when it gets too nasty, you better save it by folding it.

The umbrella’s tough build is part of the reason why it can hold up to harsh weather. It is made with high-quality polyester that is both water and fade-resistant. It is also made of rugged steel and aluminum. Its 8 ribs are coated with powder for rust resistance.

With the 11ft cantilever, you will always be in the shade. Plus, adjusting it is easy-pizzy with the slide and lock operation.

What we liked: With its easy adjustability, it is hard to come across such a cantilever with superb stamina and great resistance to various weather elements, including winds.

What could be better: The umbrella doesn’t come with a base. Its weights are sold separately, and that can be a big deal for some users.


Le Conte 10ft Patio Offset UmbrellaMost Easy to Install

  • Size: 10’
  • Materials: polyester, iron pole,
  • Ribs: 8
  • Pole diameter: 1.88”
  • Available colors: 5

Other features:  light and wear-resistant, easy-to-turn handle, hassle-free installation, air vent

Le Conte has outdone itself with this high-end offset umbrella packed with top-notch features at a very competitive price point. It comes in 5 colors and is built to offer you the ultimate outdoor experience in all kinds of weather.

The 10-inch umbrella is made to stand the test of time with 5 layers of polyester. You can trust it to be the best wear and water-resistant cantilever out there. Thanks to its high-grade of color-fastness, the umbrella will look bright and new for a long time. Plus, it has an arching design that effectively redirects rain away to its sides, providing you with ample shelter and shade when the sun is scorching hot.

The umbrella will effortlessly go well with any outdoor décor because of its modern design, from restaurants and office buildings to your patio or backyard.

What we liked: the 5-layer construction of the cantilever not only gives you the perfect shade but also ensures you remain cool on a hot sunny day. It is also very robust in its build owing to its extra-thick iron pole. It also allows you to control the shade easily by tilting it.

What could be better: The umbrella needs to be weighted as the cross base is not sturdy enough to withstand nasty weather.


Wikiwiki 10ft Offset UmbrellaBest Technology

  • Size: 10’
  • Materials: SGS Certified polyester, iron
  • Ribs: 8
  • Pole diameter: 1.88”
  • Available colors: 5

Other features: wear-resistant and waterproof, anti-fade technology, crank and tilt control

If you care for the environment and value ease of use for all of your purchases, this Wikiwiki cantilever should be your prime pick. The all-purpose umbrella is made with environmentally friendly polyester fabric that is SGS certified.

The 5-layer polyester construction of the umbrella creates a durable barrier that will effectively protect you from harmful UV rays of the sun. Its outer layer is no only water and wear-resistant but also has an anti-fade technology that will keep it looking brilliant for a long time.

When it comes to longevity, it is hard to beat the 10-inch Wikiwiki cantilever umbrella. It has a high-end metal framework that consists of a robust iron pole that attaches to the 8 agile ribs. The ribs allow the umbrella to open and close effortlessly.

Further, all the hardware on the umbrella is sealed with a thick anti-oxidation paint coat to prevent rusting or corrosion.

With the easy crank and tilt controls, you can easily open and close the umbrella as well as control the shade.

What we liked: With the straightforward crank and tilt controls, this is one of the best outdoor cantilever umbrellas out there. It is inexpensive and elegant, thus a perfect choice for parties and outdoor events. Its environmentally friendly construction is also a huge bonus.

What could be better: Nothing could be better with this umbrella.


Greesum 10ft Offset UmbrellaBest Value

  • Size: 10’
  • Materials: polyester, iron
  • Ribs: 6
  • Pole diameter: n/a
  • Available colors: 10

Other features: free-angle adjustments, easy-operation crank lift system, waterproof, sun-proof, sturdy base

This is a fantastic option for everyone who values a good pennyworth. The umbrella has all the features you would find in a high-end model at a nominal price point.

The umbrella comes in a friendly design that is pretty straightforward to operate. To open and close the canopy, you will simply need to use the crank handle, and to control the shade according to the sun’s direction, the flexible arm tilt will come in handy.

The umbrella can hold up well to bad weather, thanks to its robust iron and polyester build. Besides being waterproof and wear-proof, the polyester features an anti-fade technology that ensures it remains new-looking for a long while.

Unlike most cantilevers, this 10ft umbrella comes with a sturdy base that contributes to its solid sturdiness against different kinds of weather.

What we liked: The umbrella has an elegant design and offers you 10 color options from which you can choose what suits your outdoor space aesthetic perfectly. Its high-quality and friendly design comes as a surprise, given it has a relatively low price tag.

What could be better: the umbrella doesn’t hold up very well to strong winds.

Things to Consider

A lot goes into buying the best cantilever umbrellas, and if you are not well informed, you will have the hardest time going through all the options available. This segment is filled with all the knowledge you would ever need to choose the best cantilever umbrella confidently. You will get to the benefits of cantilever umbrellas and the features that a good one must possess.

Benefits of cantilever umbrellas

6 Best Cantilever Umbrellas for Superior Comfort and an Unobstructed View

A cantilever umbrella is made to serve the same purpose as other traditional patio umbrellas of providing great relaxing shade and protection from harsh UV rays as well as rain. However, they do differ from other patio umbrellas in their design, and they come with a lot more benefits, including:

Efficient use of space

A cantilever umbrella has a stable offset base that allows you to shade a larger area with an unobstructed view because the pole is kept away. You can mount it on your balcony, patio, or backyard, and it won’t take too much of your floor space. You can also conveniently place it at the edge of a pool or garden area, then simply adjust it for superior comfort.

Visual appeal

Cantilever umbrellas come in different styles, shapes, and colors that you can choose from to enhance your outdoor space.

Features to consider when choosing the best cantilever umbrella

Here are some of the most crucial features that any good cantilever umbrella must have:

Canopy diameter

Cantilever umbrellas come in different sizes, and you should pick one that suits your needs.

If you have a large family or host people who often like to chill in the outdoors, you should consider umbrellas with a large canopy diameter of about 10ft and above like Bluu 10ft Patio Offset Umbrella or Le Conte 10ft Patio Offset Umbrella. A 10ft umbrella can comfortably accommodate 8 people and above.

You can get a cantilever umbrella that covers a table for 5 or less, usually 7ft wide or less.

Construction materials

This is quite critical as it determines the longevity of your cantilever umbrella. For the canopy, canvas and polyester are the most common materials. Canvas tends to wear out quickly, and it is hard to clean and maintain, while polyester is super-durable, easy to clean, and waterproof. It also offers great UV protection, especially if it has a vinyl coating.

As for the frame, aluminum and steel are the most common materials. Most umbrellas have a steel pole and aluminum ribs. An all-steel frame can be hard to move around because steel is quite heavy. Ensure the steel is coated or painted to prevent rusting or corrosion.

You can as well get a wooden frame, especially if you are after an aesthetic value, but they are not as strong as the other materials.


There are different mechanisms for lifting a cantilever umbrella: crank and tilt, pulley, rotation, and push-up. The push-up system requires you to push the hub underneath the closed canopy, which in turn lifts the ribs and stretches the canopy open.

The pulley mechanism requires you to pull a rope down to lift the hub so that the ribs are lifted to stretch out the canopy.

The crank system is the most preferred mechanism, and it simply requires you to use the handle on the umbrella’s pole to open it. Tilting can be achieved through different systems, and pressing a button is the most common one.

The rotation system is another simple method. You only need to press a pedal, and the umbrella will start rotating upwards until you release the pedal.

Pole diameter and base

6 Best Cantilever Umbrellas for Superior Comfort and an Unobstructed View

You have to take into account the diameter and base of the cantilever’s pole, especially if you live in a windy area. Go for an umbrella with a heavy base and a wider diameter to prevent it from being lifted in the air in case of nasty weather. A cross-base is a perfect solution for windy areas as it offers better stability with 2 legs that intersect.


If you don’t like how an umbrella operates or find it difficult to move around and set up, then it’s highly unlikely that you will use it often. Ensure you get an umbrella with a straightforward mechanism, and you can easily manipulate it to achieve premium comfort.


A cantilever umbrella is an outdoor umbrella made with a stable offset base and a wide canopy to offer relaxing shade over a wide area. Its design keeps the pole out of the way so you can efficiently use your space as well as have an unobstructed view.

Cantilever umbrellas are designed to protect you from harsh weather elements like the sun’s harmful UV rays and rainfall. However, when the weather is very nasty, you cannot trust them to provide you with safe shelter.

Our Verdict

Just like it is with buying other products, you will want to approach your investment in the best cantilever umbrella with considerations about its quality and efficiency. With all the brands and models lying around, this can be a daunting process. Luckily, you can skip all the hassle with keen adherence to this guide’s hints and tips. You can also easily opt for any of the top-rated products we have reviewed in detail.

Our top recommendation is the Bluu 10ft Patio Offset Umbrella. It can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people, offers a relaxing shade over a vast area, and is incredibly durable.

Our premium pick is the Purple Leaf 11 Feet Deluxe Patio Umbrella. Its double-top canopy design sets it apart the most, and its 360 degrees rotation mechanism is a huge plus for anyone who loves convenience. Unlike many other brands, it offers a 3-year warranty.

Our third best option is the Sunnyglade 10x13ft Patio Offset Hanging Umbrella. Its superior durability and maximum protection against UV rays went unmatched. It is also fade-resistant and will remain shining on your yard for a long while. Its easy slide and lock operation system sets it apart as one of the best cantilever umbrellas on the market.

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