6 Best Grill Gazebos – Nothing Can Interrupt Your Plans

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If you enjoy grilling — be it for yourself, family, or friends — you have likely seen those grill-covering canopies at the homes of your friends and at larger stores. Though it’s always a good idea to keep your wallet in mind, like all products, not all of these coverings are created equal. Descriptions can mislead, online reviews may be dishonest, and prices don’t always reflect the actual quality of the pieces or the options you need for your situation. That’s where this quick guide to the best grill gazebos can help you make the best purchase for your grilling future.

Though it may seem obvious, there are several reasons to consider a gazebo, canopy, or awning for your grill — and a number of things to consider when weighing the varieties, options, and prices available. Compact and convenient or spacious and durable? Affordable light on features or pricier, but with years of enjoyment and style? Dig in and find the best option for you.

Top 6 Grill Gazebos Review 2021


MASTERCANOPY Grill GazeboEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 96.1 x 59.8 x 96.5 inches
  • Weight: 48.1 lbs.
  • Material: rustproof steel frame; rip-lock fabric
  • Protection: windproof; 50+UV; waterproof

More features: stable; powder-coated frame; two shelves; smart design; two complimentary battery-powered LED lights

The MASTERCANOPY Grill Gazebo is loaded with features: it’s available in 4 colorways (burgundy, solid khaki, brown, and khaki with brown trim); it sports a double-tiered design for wind and smoke; has shelves for condiments and food; hooks to keep your tools at hand while out of the way, and even comes with a built-in bottle opener.

What we liked: This tops the list for best grill tent as it’s the best option for your hard-earned dollar, so long as it fits your individual needs. The covering is waterproof, it’s fairly easy to assemble, and there’s little that MASTERCANOPY didn’t include.

What could be better: As noted above, this is a lightweight tent and, as such, strong enough winds may (despite the wind vent) turn your covering into a kite. Well-placed sandbags, however, can keep this sturdy. Look for the bags with clips, which can attach to the legs. The one notable trade-off for this excellent bargain is that, if you have a large grill or expect to have helpers in your outdoor kitchen, space may not be quite enough. This available space, however, is more of a thing to note as opposed to a flaw, just be aware that this only has room for one person to tend to a grill. For smaller setups and yards, you can’t do better for the price.


Abba Patio Gazebo CanopyPremium Pick

  • Size: 80.31 x 14.17 x 8.27 inches
  • Weight: 109.8 lbs.
  • Material: polyester; steel
  • Protection: UV-resistant

More features: modern design; elegant; easy to install; easy to assemble; sturdy

Abba Patio’s Gazebo Canopy features highly-durable, elegant construction, and an open-space design.

What we liked: This Premium Pick is the best gas grill heat tent if you are willing to spend a little extra for the upgrade. Though it may lack a lot of the extras found in the more affordable Editor’s Choice pick, it makes up for it in overall design and versatility. Easy to install, this canopy weighs over a little over twice that of the Editor’s Choice and has convenient holes in the feet to firmly attach to your lawn, which, together the heavy-duty bungee cords, makes this a very sturdy pick. The open space not only makes this a great choice for larger grilling setups, but also for other uses, such as yard sales and lemonade stand. Its non-standard shape brings an artistic, upscale flair, for only a little more money than many of its peers and the fabric being UV-resistant means this should look fantastic for years to come.

What could be better: Though this canopy is best for you if you already have (or intend to purchase) flat surfaces and hooks for your cooking tools, if money is more of a concern than space, you might want to go with the Editor’s Choice with its multi-tool approach.


Tangkula Grill GazeboMost Sturdy

  • Size: 85 x 53 x 83 inches
  • Weight: 31 lbs.
  • Material: steel; polyester
  • Protection: waterproof

More features: storage hooks and shelf; curved grill shelter; durable; stable; stylish

The Tangkula Grill Gazebo is a simple yet stylish gazebo with steel construction, rugged polyester, an anchor kit, convenient hooks for tools, and a shelf for condiments.

What we liked: Its construction is such that lights can easily be strung or attached and its lightweight and small footprint make this a good choice for smaller spaces and ease of moving within the yard or elsewhere. Even without disassembly, it can be stored easily without taking up much space in a storage unit or shed. Its curved, angled ceiling keeps smoke out of your way.

What could be better: Though this is great for portability and smaller spaces, you should keep in mind that it has little room for larger grills — especially if the cook expects to be beneath the covering as well. The 7-foot width and under 4-foot depth could be an upside or a downside, depending on your needs, but don’t expect the included shelf to be good for much more than condiments and drinks, at 6 inches wide. If space and portability aren’t factors in your decision, the price is outshone by the Editor’s Choice by MASTERCANOPY.

  • Size: 40 x 80 inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs.
  • Material: polycarbonate panel; ABS bracket; aluminum stripe
  • Protection: rainproof; UV-resistant

More features: durable; modern look; easy to put together; 2-person installation

The best hardtop gazebo on this list is actually an awning! This awning, with its rainproof, polycarbonate panel, is a little over 6-and-a-half feet wide and 3-feet deep, and yet still comes in at only 12 pounds.

What we liked: This affordable window awning can make a good covering for the cook at work at the grill. Its rainproof panel can protect people, plants, and barbecue from being pelted with rain. The lightweight will make it an easier install and will be safer for building houses. Looks nicer than the price reflects.

What could be better: Once installed, this can serve you well, but it can be a little more difficult to set up than it might appear. As this is meant to be a long-term piece attached to a house or building, you should expect it to last. That said, the polycarbonate panel, unlike heavy-duty cloth, is likely to scar and possibly crack if hit with hail, tree limbs, and the like. Unlike the cloth offerings, patching it up (so long as it isn’t broken too severely) is not as simple a task. Though the awning is UV-resistant, it isn’t UV-proof, so you might have to accept that the color will fade over time, especially in sunnier states and without the protection of trees.


FDW Gazebo Canopy TentMost Spacious

  • Size: 81 x 14 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 83 lbs.
  • Material: steel; oxford fabric
  • Protection: UV-protection; water-resistant

More features: 4 sidewalls; large space; stable; durable; double vented roof

FDW’s Gazebo Canopy Tent is a solid, fabric and steel-covered gazebo with optional sidewalls that offers a lot for the asking price.

What we liked: It offers a good amount of coverage with the added benefit of being able to close any or all of the walls to better protect from sun, rain, mosquitoes, and more. It also offers privacy and could be used as an outdoor changing area for a swimming pool. The vented roof will help with grill smoke in this surprisingly light-for-the-coverage gazebo. This tent can be used in many scenarios and could serve any entertainer as a party tent, with ample space for guests, food, and drink alike. Though it’s a simple, straightforward design, it’s still a charming gazebo and the price per cubic foot is impressive.

What could be better: The spaces between the optional walls and the canopy itself are narrow and rain coming in at an angle could potentially let in a decent amount of water, depending on the angle and wind. If your furniture, cushions, etc. aren’t waterproof, the price might effectively go up, as you might need to invest in more than you bargained for.


Ecolinear Grill GazeboBest Value

  • Size: 78 x 63 x 99 inches
  • Weight: 46.3 lbs.
  • Material: polyester fabric; iron
  • Protection: UV-proof; fire and waterproof

More features: 2 LED lights; double-tier; sturdy

The Ecolinear Grill Gazebo is a medium-sized option that retains portability without sacrificing too much on space. The manufacturer hits a number of the right buttons as the polyester fabric is UV-proof, fireproof, and waterproof, while the iron frame itself is rustproof.

What we liked: This gazebo sits easily in the middle of price, form, and function. The shelves are a decent size, making them effective for condiments and drinks as well as plates for hungry guests. The light weight makes this easily movable within a yard and the inclusion of the LED lights at the price — which is quite a deal, all things considered — is a nice perk. The tiered vent helps to keep smoke from building up and the design of the frame allows for utensil hooks to be hung from above, making good use of space.

What could be better: Affordable though this gazebo is, a built-in means to easily anchor this lightweight piece down would make this an even easier recommendation. Even if sandbags are purchased separately to weight it down, it’s still a good deal. Not the most spectacular gazebo, looks-wise, but it’s definitely far from being an eyesore.

Things to Consider

Buying and owning a grill gazebo goes beyond the surface, with price and function being only two of the puzzle pieces that should be considered. Like a good grill, a gazebo can be seen as an investment that (should it continue to meet your needs) will bring you years of enjoyment. Will it be large enough, weather the elements, and stay in good, usable condition for the long haul? Taking a little bit of time now to look at the different options and to consider how they’ll affect your experience can help you to stay happy with your purchase in the future.

Why do you need a grill gazebo?

6 Best Grill Gazebos - Nothing Can Interrupt Your Plans

Grill gazebos can protect the people, food, and the grill itself from rain, snow, and heat (it can be hot enough cooking outside next to the grill). All of the options offer overhead protection, which can not only help to keep things cooler beneath, but can help shield people from glaring sun, which will make it easier to prepare foods (or read, or work on any other outdoor project). Gazebos like the FDW Gazebo Canopy Tent can also protect food from dust in the air, people from mosquitoes, and an evening with your friends or family from nosey neighbors. In short, grill gazebos can give you more and better options for cooking, playing, working, and more and can be an upgrade to the grilling and backyard experience for yourself, friends, and family.

Features to consider before you buy a grill gazebo

There are a lot of things beyond price to consider when looking for a grill gazebo — keeping in mind that an inexpensive purchase now could ultimately cost you more if what you’ve bought has to be replaced or repaired. For example, if the VIVOHOME Polycarbonate Window Door Awning cracked, eventually changed color from sun bleaching, or if non-weather resistant chair cushions were damaged by rain in the FDW Gazebo Canopy Tent (with its potential for rain leakage), then more money could be spent than originally bargained for. Even the less expensive gazebos are still an investment.

There’s also the matter of future-proofing your purchase, as upgrading just several months down the road costs more than buying the right one now. Listed below are some of the most important topics to consider before making your purchase.


From awnings to party tents, sizes vary wildly, and different things come into play when considering the size of your gazebo. Small and portable ones, like the Tangkula Grill Gazebo, can be incredibly convenient — especially for smaller spaces or for when portability is desired. You should consider, however, not only whether it is presently large enough, but if it will remain so should a larger grill or yard space be in your near future. The FDW Gazebo Canopy Tent, on the other hand, is large and accommodating, though it would require more time and effort to move to and from another location.


Like size, weight is something to be considered; not only is portability affected, but so is its effect on how secure the gazebo is. Abba Patio’s Gazebo Canopy weighs in at just under 110, which (together with its size) may make it more difficult to move — but that also means that it is less likely to be tossed around during strong winds. Weather, though, isn’t the only thing affected by a gazebo’s weight.

With a fiery grill going, and a yard full of excited guests and pets, a smaller, more lightweight gazebo might be more likely to collapse, in part, if a hungry guest backs into a supporting pole, and that could lead to anything from a messy disruption to something worse.


Options for materials range beyond more than flexible or hard surfaces. What the materials are made of, as well as how they’re treated (chemically and otherwise) before they find their way to you, will affect your experience with your new canopy. VIVOHOME’s awning, for example, won’t tear, but, under the right circumstances, could crack under the weight of a falling branch or it could discolor, over the years, in under the sun. Ecolinear’s Grill Gazebo, in contrast, offers a lot of protection from the elements with its waterproof, fireproof, UV-proof fabric and rustproof steel frame. Longer lasting materials can save you money in the long run, even if they cause the gazebo to be a little more expensive up front.


Some options, like the MASTERCANOPY Grill Gazebo, are large enough to protect a decent-sized grill and a cook, but not a lot of room for much else. The FDW Gazebo Canopy Tent, on the other hand, can protect in 5 directions (with its 4 fabric walls) and can fit a number of grill party foods and fixings on an inside table — on top of the cook and a grill — or a number of camping friends with chairs. Look at what you’re going to use your gazebo for — now and in the future — and consider all that needs to fall under its protection. Will everything (and everyone) fit? Will having more protection prolong the life of things, such as your grill?

6 Best Grill Gazebos - Nothing Can Interrupt Your Plans


Some of the offerings (including the highly-rated Abba Patio Gazebo Canopy) don’t come with bottle openers, cooking utensil hooks, or LED lights. The trade-off, however, includes high build quality. Many of the included accessories could be items you either already own or that you would otherwise buy higher quality versions of. If you don’t have many of the accessories such as lighting, cooking utensil hooks, etc., then the MASTERCANOPY Grill Gazebo has so many of those bases covered right out of the box, making this a great gazebo choice. How you choose to slice it comes down to your preferences and needs.


Every gazebo has its own setup needs and varieties of difficulty when it comes to installation, with many being fairly straight-forward. Though some can be installed easily enough by a single person, others will take more time and effort without help, such as with the VIVOHOME Polycarbonate Awning, which will require planning, measuring, a ladder, and possibly tools, such as a drill. If ease and speed of assembly/disassembly are important, protection like that offered by the Tangkula Grill Gazebo might be the way to go. Some gazebos (such as the Tangkula) with its option to anchor it at the feet, will require more time to set up if you go that route, but will offer more support and security as result. To decrease installation time as well as taking down when using a gazebo with an anchor kit, you can always use sandbags instead. Some manufacturers will offer how-to videos to make the process even easier.

Though size will factor into its potential uses, you’re still likely to find a number of uses for your gazebo when it isn’t being used for grilling. Working on that lawnmower would be a lot easier (and more pleasant) in the shade, and gazebos can be perfect for yard sales or church functions. Some gazebos would be a great addition to a camping setup at a park in the back yard, and some, like the FDW Gazebo Canopy Tent, could (on a clear night) potentially be used as a main tent. You could even use your gazebo as a nice place to read a book outside, day or night, or as a cover for a freestanding seated swing or hammock. Gazebos can also be a photographic part of wedding and graduation parties as well as other events. Your life and lifestyle will help to open you to the many possibilities.

Different materials will require different means to properly clean while protecting the life of the gazebo. Though many can be spot-cleaned, check with the manufacturer to make sure which cleansers are safe to use — especially when fabrics have been pretreated with waterproofing and fireproofing agents. Hardcovers, such as those seen on the VIVOHOME Polycarbonate Window Door Awning, are usually going to be the easiest, as there’s less chance for stains to soak through, as is the case with fabric covers that haven’t been treated with a stain-resistant spray. Though there’s more of a likelihood of getting the FDW Gazebo Canopy Tent‘s fabric dirty — especially with any of its four walls down — it can be cleaned with warm soap and water and left to air dry. The waterproof fabrics may also protect against a number of stains and the ones that aren’t may be able to be treated at home easily enough.

Our Verdict

VIVOHOME’s Polycarbonate Window Door Awning, though ranked the lowest here, still scores a solid rating and has a serves a definite need for many as a cover for outside and a shade for the inside as well. The Tangkula Grill Gazebo is a great option if portability and small size outweigh the need for more protection and sturdiness. Though the FDW Gazebo Canopy Tent offers a great deal of protection for you so long as you’re prepared for the possibility of a little moisture inside should things go in that direction. For those on a budget, Ecolinear’s Grill Gazebo is an excellent option for our Best Value pick.

The MASTERCANOPY Grill Gazebo is our Editor’s Choice, and for good reason. It’s got nearly everything you need in a gazebo and all for a competitive price. Our Premium Pick, Abba Patio Gazebo Canopy is a solid, attractive covering that offers space and atmosphere. You can always get the accessories you want elsewhere, while picking out the accessories that better reflect your needs. We hope you have found the gazebo for you in this guide to the best grill gazebos.

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