7 Best Umbrella Lights to Brighten Up Your Patio or Backyard

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Sitting around the patio table with your loved ones is one of the best quality times you can ever relish in life. However, when the sun goes down, it can be hard to keep the pleasant moment going on as sitting outside in the dark isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. With the best umbrella lights, you can brighten up your patio or backyard and keep the good times rolling till late into the night. There is a whole bunch of brands and models of umbrella lights to choose from and if you think you know what’s best for you, you might be mistaken. Not all umbrella lights are as good as they are advertised.

We rounded up a list of the best-rated umbrella lights on the market to help you make the right choice. We also included a few crucial aspects that you must consider when choosing umbrella lights to make the best buy like; brightness, usage time, power source, number of LEDs and charging time. These features are the main determinants of an umbrella light’s overall performance. For instance, before choosing the brightness and number of LED lights you have to consider the size of your patio or backyard. The power source and charging time affect the light’s convenience.

Top 7 Umbrella Lights Review 2021


Totobay Rechargeable Umbrella LightsEditor’s Choice

  • Number of LEDs: 28
  • Brightness: 400 lumens
  • Usage time: 18-54 hours
  • Charging time: 8 hours
  • Battery: 3.7V, 4400Mah

Other features: matched USB cable, 2-level brightness, built-in 2pcs rechargeable batteries, black ABS shell, 50,000 hours lifetime, 0.78in to 2.04in clamp diameter

This is just about the right place to kick off this review. It is the ultimate option for anyone looking for power and superior functionality at an affordable price. It’s pretty much similar to high-end umbrella lights out there in terms of performance and features yet you don’t have to decimate your bank balance for it.

The Totobay lights feature a total of 28 LED lights that can generate a maximum brightness of 400 lumens. You can adjust its brightness to your preference as it has 2 levels of brightness.

The light will be on for a whopping 18 to 54 hours depending on the brightness level as long you charge it fully for 8 hours. The bright level uses all the 28 LEDs while the dim level uses only 8 LEDs thus able to save on power.

Specs aside, this umbrella light offers superb build quality. It is also extremely easy to use thanks to its straightforward controls. Setting it up is also a breeze as attaching or detaching it to your umbrella’s pole is hassle-free. The light also plugs in easily to any outlet.

What we liked: The umbrella lights are mid-level but offer top-notch performance. It is made to fit most patio umbrellas with an adjustable clamp that fits any pole of about 0.78 inches to 2.04 inches. To top it all, all the superb features are backed by a 1-year warranty.  

What could be better: The lights come without a hanging hook


Xiuxin Solar String LightsPremium Pick

  • Number of LEDs: 25
  • Brightness: n/a
  • Usage time: 6-8 hours
  • Charging time: 48 hours
  • Battery: 18650 lithium battery, 3.7V

Other features: solar-powered, 3w/5v solar panel, 25ft long, a USB charging port, IP44 waterproof string lights, 4 light modes, 2700K

These are the cream of the crop among renowned premium umbrella lights. Other than illuminating your backyard or patio, they will elevate the beauty of your outdoor space as they are decorative.

The string lights have 25 LEDs that produce a warm white light. They are powered by solar thus highly reliable and energy-efficient. It only takes about 4 to 8 hours depending on the weather for the light to charge fully and you can use them for a straight 6 to 8 hours depending on the light mode you choose.

You wouldn’t have to worry about the light getting damaged by the weather of short circuit thanks to its durable IP44 build that makes it completely water-resistant. It is also heat-resistant but just in case you are keen on bringing them back inside after use, you can repack them in the sturdy box they come in and store them till your next use.

What we liked: You can use the string lights to spruce up your outdoor space. They are durably built to be safe in the outdoors with a water and heat-resistance capability. You can also conveniently use them seasonally thanks to the sturdy storage box it comes with.

What could be better: Some customers complained that the lights are smaller than they are advertised.


Luxsway 20 LEDs Patio Umbrella LightBest Multi-color lights

  • Number of LEDs: 20
  • Brightness: 250 lumens
  • Usage time: 50 hours
  • Charging time: n/a
  • Battery: 6 AA

Other features: 4 brightness modes, 16 colors, 3000K warm white light, remote control, 1.1-1.78 inch pole diameter, 30,000 Hours lifespan

This is another premium quality umbrella light worth considering. Its quality build, long lifespan and great battery life are some of the aspects that set it apart from the rest.

The Luxsway umbrella light features 20 LED lights that produce the 3000k warm white light and other 16 colors at a maximum brightness of 250 lumens. It is extremely easy to use and set up. You can mount it on several umbrella poles thanks to its adjustable clamp of 1.1 to 1.78 inches.

The light has 4 light modes to choose from which should be super easy owing to the remote control provided. Plus, it will last you 30,000 hours before needing a replacement. When fully charged, you can enjoy this light’s illumination for 50 hours.

What we liked: The lights offer great versatility with its multi-color functionality. Other than under an umbrella you can use it in a camping tent, at a pool or for party decoration. Its ease of use and long battery life also make it one of the best umbrella lights out there.

What could be better: Nothing could be better with these umbrella lights


Oyoco Patio Umbrella LightBest Patio Umbrella Lights

  • Number of LEDs: 36
  • Brightness: 220 lumens
  • Usage time: 10 hours
  • Charging time: n/a
  • Battery: 3 AA

Other features: 1.37-1.88 inch pole diameter, built-in auto adjustable strong clamp, cool white light

Oyoco is a world-famous brand known for high-quality outdoor lights and this particular model is one of the best patio umbrella lights that money can buy.

The light has 36 highly powerful LEDs. They generate a cool white light that shines at a maximum brightness level of 220 lumens. When fully charged, the light will brighten up your space for as long as 10 hours.

These Oyoco lights are powered by 3AA batteries that are easily available in case you would need a replacement in the future.

With the strong built-in auto adjustable clamp, you can easily install the light onto any umbrella with a pole diameter ranging between 1.37 and 1.88 inches.

What we liked: The lights have decently bright LEDs that can illuminate your large or small patio efficiently and are very straightforward to install.

What could be better: Compared to others within their range, these Oyoco lights have short battery life.


iYeHo Patio Umbrella LightBest Decorative Lights

  • Number of LEDs: 104
  • Brightness: n/a
  • Usage time: n/a
  • Charging time: n/a
  • Battery: 3 AA

Other features: 8 steel ribs, 13 LED lights on each rib, 4.2ft long per string, warm white color, 8 brightness modes

Here is another fantastic set of string lights that beats the pants off of other decorative patio umbrella lights. The lights are incredibly easy to install and use and are built to offer superior long-lasting performance.

The iYeHo umbrella lights build-up to iYeHo’s reputation by offering a super-bright illumination to your patio or backyard with 104 powerful LEDs. The LEDs give off a warm white light and with the 8 brightness modes, you can choose one that works for your mood or occasion.

The light consists of 8 steel ribs. Each rib has 13 LEDs that are all made of IP67 waterproof copper wire. The copper wire makes them a great decorative option for the outdoors. With the weather protection build, the light can withstand all sorts of weather elements including heavy rains.

Moreover, installing the lights is a piece of cake. All you have to do is use a cable tie to tie up all the strings then place the battery box on top of the umbrella. Plus, you wouldn’t have to reach the switch all the time to make any adjustments thanks to the remote control the lights come with.

What we liked: The lights are decorative, easy to install and operate. The remote control is an added bonus and the fact that you can leave the lights outside in any kind of weather is also a win for the days.

What could be better: It is hard to imagine there is any room for improvement with these strings.


Poocci Patio Umbrella LightsBest with High LED Count

  • Number of LEDs: 100
  • Brightness: n/a
  • Usage time: 8 hours
  • Charging time: n/a
  • Battery: 3 AA

Other features: 8 brightness modes, copper wire, 4.5 V, IP67 cable protection, automatic cycle

Poocci is a smaller brand that is making a name for itself with top-quality umbrella lights and this model is one of their rare gems. It is a perfect option for anyone looking for a high LED count.

The lights have 100 LEDs that offer a smooth glow. There isn’t any brightness rating but you can’t expect anything less than a bright illumination from 100 LEDs.

The lights are made with copper wire, thus beautiful and decorative. You can also leave outside in whichever weather without worrying about water or heat damage as they have IP67 waterproof protection.

You can easily choose any of the 8 brightness modes with the remote control featured. The remote control also allows you to change the colors of the light. When fully charged, the lights will last you a good 8 hours. They use 3AA batteries which are readily available in case you need to replace them in the future.

What we liked: The waterproof LED bulbs offer a smooth and bright glow that will sufficiently illuminate your garden, backyard or patio. The remote control makes it easy to use and you have a choice when it comes to brightness level or light mode. All these incredible features are backed by a year’s warranty which is pretty decent.

What could be better: The lights don’t have any brightness rating.

  • Number of LEDs: 44
  • Brightness: 450 lumens
  • Usage time: n/a
  • Charging time: n/a
  • Battery: 4 AA

Other features: 3 lighting modes, 21.85-44.5mm pole diameter, cool white light, multiple charging options

Magictec is also a small upcoming brand famous for powerful yet affordable umbrella lights. These umbrella lights come second to none in terms of offering excellent value for money. It has a couple of first-rate features found in pricier high-end models at a very attractive price tag.

The lights have 44 powerful LEDs that produce a cool white light at a maximum brightness of 450lumens. The brightness level is pretty impressive and much higher than many other options out there.

You can choose either of the 3 lighting modes offered by the lights. They are powered by 4AA batteries which are readily available on the market in the event you need a new replacement.

Installation can never be easier with these umbrella lights. They can easily fit on any umbrella pole with a diameter between 21.85mm and 44.5mm.

Another huge plus for these umbrella lights is that they have multiple charging options giving you an easier time.

What we liked: Despite being the cheapest on this list, these are one of the brightest and most powerful lights. Other than the highest brightest rating, they boast of decent build quality, intuitive controls and multiple charging options which set them apart.

What could be better: The lights don’t have a warranty backing.

Things to Consider

Umbrella lights are the way to go if you want to have a good time around your patio with family and friends till late in the night. However, a lot goes into choosing the best lights that suit your needs, tastes and budget. This segment has all the useful points you need to know before choosing one including the benefits of owning one and the essential features it must have.

Why buy umbrella lights?

There are so many reasons why you should’ve owned umbrella lights like yesterday including:


7 Best Umbrella Lights to Brighten Up Your Patio or Backyard

Umbrella lights are a fantastic option of lighting up your patio or backyard especially if you have guests over or love to spend time in the outdoors till late dark hours.


Umbrella lights are much cheaper than standalone lamps or wall sconces yet they do a fairly good job at illuminating your outdoor space.


Some umbrella lights are decorative and can be used for different applications like around pools for a pool party or for decorating a Halloween party. Since they are easy to attach and detach, you can even use them outside your home like when you go camping or for a beach party.

Features to consider when choosing the best umbrella lights

Here are some of the crucial features that any good umbrella light should have:

Lights style

Style is personal. You can choose any that suits your tastes and preference. If you want something decorative, then be sure to go for an eye-catching design like the Poocci Patio Umbrella Lights. You can also choose one with multi-color functionality like the Luxsway 20 LEDs Patio Umbrella Light for a beautiful lighting effect.

Number of LEDs

Most umbrella lights use LED bulbs for illumination. Therefore, the LED count is a crucial consideration. Most standard umbrella light models have about 28 LED lights while others like the Magictec Patio Umbrella Lights have 44. A few like Poocci Patio Umbrella Lights have 100 LEDs which guarantee a soft and bright glow.

Although an umbrella light with a higher LED count is much brighter, it affects the battery life and you might end up with a few hours of usage as it consumes more power to get brighter.


This depends on the size of your umbrella or how bright you want it lit. If your patio umbrella is large or you want it to be super lit then you have no choice but to buy a powerfully bright umbrella light. Just like every other lighting fixture, umbrella lights have a brightness rating given in lumens.

Different lights have different ratings including 200 lumens and 400 lumens. The higher the brightness rating the better. Be sure to go for lights that have controls that allow you to adjust the brightness as per your preference.

Power source

Since an umbrella light is supposed to be used in the outdoors plugging it into a power source wouldn’t be convenient. Solar, Batteries and USB are the best power solution for umbrella lights. Different lights are powered with different types of batteries including 2AA, 3AA and 4AA. The higher the battery count the better the rating as the lights can be powered for a longer time.

If the light runs on a few batteries then check it has the USB power option so you can get longer running time. Also, when choosing batteries consider their availability on the market in case you need to make replacement in the future.

As for solar-powered umbrella lights, the solar cell is attached to the top of the umbrella to soak up the rays of the sun the whole day. By night time, the lights are fully charged to glow the entire night. Solar power is reliable and cheaper.

Usage time

This is the total amount of time your lights take to stay on after a full charge. It varies across different models as some have as little as 4 hours while some like the Luxsway 20 LEDs Patio Umbrella Light can go for a whole 50 hours.

Usage time is primarily determined by the power source of your lights. For instance, for lights that use batteries, the more the battery count the longer the usage time as they will power the lights to run longer. Also, to get a longer usage time, you can adjust the brightness level of the lights to save on power. If you don’t charge the lights fully, you will get a shorter usage time.

Charging time

7 Best Umbrella Lights to Brighten Up Your Patio or Backyard

This is the amount of time your lights will take to fully get charged. It also varies across brands and models. Standard models have a charging time between 4 and 8 hours. Most lights that take longer to charge usually have more usage time. Ensure you choose lights with a convenient charging time especially if you need to use them every day.

Ease of installation

This is a crucial consideration because life is already too complicated to be frustrated by umbrella lights. To have an easier time installing your lights, ensure you know the diameter of your umbrella so you can get a perfect fit.

It is highly recommended you choose lights with a highly adjustable clamp like the Luxsway 20 LEDs Patio Umbrella Light. If you are completely green about lighting fixtures then choose a model that comes with a manual that has clear installation instructions.

Waterproof rating

Just so you know not all umbrella lights are waterproof especially the round types with clamps. Check for the waterproof rating before purchasing an umbrella light. You wouldn’t be worried about it getting damaged by the weather elements like rain. The waterproof rating is marked on the packaging of the lights as an IP rating. It could be IP65 or IP67. It there is no such indication then keep your lights safe from wet conditions.


7 Best Umbrella Lights to Brighten Up Your Patio or Backyard

An umbrella light is used in the outdoors and is therefore highly exposed to environmental elements like heat and rain. On top of getting a waterproof model, ensure you choose a model with a good warranty backing. Warranty offers protection against manufacturer’s faults and in case of any trouble in the lights’ operation, you can always reach out for help. Some manufacturers offer up to a full year’s warranty.


Yes. Installing umbrella lights is such a breeze and if you have never done it you can follow the step by step installation instructions on the manual your unit comes with.

The umbrella light you choose depends on the size of your patio umbrella. You can measure your umbrella’s pole diameter then buy lights that are a perfect match with its dimensions.

Our Verdict

With all the brands and models that have saturated the market, choosing the best umbrella lights can be a mixed bag of experience. That shouldn’t be the case with all the hints and pointers given on this guide. If you feel overwhelmed with all the options, you can easily choose any of the top-rated models we have reviewed in details. Our best recommendation is the Totobay Rechargeable Umbrella Lights. It offers unparalleled brightness ratings and a pretty decent usage time. Its impressive 50,000 hours lifetime went unmatched.

Our premium pick, the Xiuxin Solar String Lights stood out as the best solar powered umbrella lights with their versatile functionality. You can use them as decorative lights as well and their IP44 waterproof rating is added bonus.

Our third recommendation, the Luxsway 20 LEDs Patio Umbrella Light is one of the most powerful lights out there with an incredible 50 hour usage time. Its ease of installation and use plus 16 different light colors position it high among the best umbrella lights.

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