7 Best Gazebos for High Winds – Bad Weather Is Not An Obsticle

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There are a number of things to consider when you are going to buy a gazebo for your home. Today I am going to go over the things you need to look out for when buying a gazebo and why it is important to get one that is best suited for high wind areas.

Gazebos come in a vast array of different sizes and materials, which all play a role in the overall effectiveness and durability of the gazebo that you decide on for your home. Choosing the right product can save you money, time, and headaches in the future, so keep reading for our breakdown, ranking, and detailed reviews that follow, so you can make the most informed decision you can on the Best Gazebos for High Wind areas.

Top 7 Gazebos for High Winds Review 2021

  • Size: 9.75 x 13 x 8.75 inches
  • Weight: 77.66 lbs.
  • Material: steel frame; 180 gsm polyester
  • Protection: UV-resistant; waterproof

More features: built to last; spacious; smart design; stable; sturdy; modern

In this kit Outsunny has provided its customers with everything that they are going to need to get setup with a beautiful spacious gazebo, eliminating the need to gather individual parts to put it together. This is a well-designed product sporting a double tiered roof to allow air to pass through it without taking flight; while at the same time keeping the wind and the rain away from that underneath.

What we liked: Having everything you need in one kit is a major plus, as is the ventilated top, making this a suitable fit for high wind areas. The powder coated steel frame ensures that you will have a beautiful gazebo for many years to come without having to worry about the frame rusting. The top and curtains come in two colors, (khaki, and cream white) to suit whatever look it is that you are going for.

What could be better: The curtains on the outside are secured only by small pieces of Velcro, so you may find that adding more of your own can strengthen the bond when closing the outside.

  • Size: 12 x 16 feet
  • Weight: 433 lbs.
  • Material: aluminum frame
  • Protection: UV-resistant; waterproof

More features: sturdy; removable privacy curtains and netting; vented roof; 2500 lbs. snow load capacity

The Purple Leaf double roof permanent gazebo is the only one on the list with a hard top. This particular gazebo covers a wide surface area so there’s always plenty of room for family and friends to join in on the fun. The top is made from galvanized steel that withstands all the seasons; it blocks the rays in the summer, and can hold the weight of the snow through the winter. The sturdy steel top is supported by a powder coated aluminum frame that resists rusting when exposed to the elements. This gazebo comes equipped with privacy curtains and netting that can be removed quick and easily for ideal comfort.

What we liked: It’s hard to overlook the durable stylish hard top on this gazebo, it is well ventilated so there won’t be any issues if you find yourself in a high wind area, and it’s made from steel so you can expect it to last for years to come. We especially like the built-in gutter system that directs the water away from the frame to prolong its durability even through the harsh elements.

What could be better: The only thing that could have made this product any better would be if it came in more than one color. This is a very minor issue considering the product still looks amazing.


ABCCANOPY GazeboWeatherproofed

  • Size: 10 x 13 feet
  • Weight: 119.7 lbs.
  • Material: steel legs; 500D polyester
  • Protection: 99% UV protection; fade-resistant

More features: mosquito netting; soft top; durable construction; drain hole at the top

This double vented arched gazebo provides extra ventilation in the top to further protect it from stronger gusts of wind. This stylish and modern gazebo comes in two colors, one being the dark grey pictured above, and the other one a light tan color. The arched frame is made of powder coated steel in order to protect it from rust. The canopy is made with a waterproof material that blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays so you can enjoy this product on rainy and hot days alike. The top is equipped with drain holes to prevent the buildup of water and the sides come with removable netting for optimal comfort.

What we liked: The arched frame design on this product makes it one of the more appealing gazebos on the market. The dual ventilation on the roof makes this a product that can withstand stronger than average wind gusts, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it every time there’s a thunderstorm. The arched top paired with the drain holes in the canvas offer a dual line of defense against the elements.

What could be better: There are some tiny holes along the stitch line that do allow a very small amount of water to drip around the perimeter of the gazebo, this is a minor problem though considering the water is directed to run off in this direction anyway.


Z-Shade Foot Instant GazeboMost Durable

  • Size: 13 x 13 feet
  • Weight: 24.2 kg
  • Material: polyester; alloy steel
  • Protection: UV-protection

More features: rust-resistant; fully-assembled; 3 leg height adjustments

This instant gazebo is of the popup variety making it easy to set up and move with no more than one person. Light, sleek, and stylish this product features a rust resistant frame with three adjustable legs so it can be leveled on any surface. Whether you are looking for a permanent structure or one that can be single handedly moved and assembled this product is for you. It is ideal to offer shade whether it be for a picnic, cookout, tailgate, or family get together. This gazebo comes in a two-tone grey or brown color with a ventilated top and privacy curtains.

What we liked: The ease in which this gazebo can be assembled just can’t be beat. It is lightweight and offers a pop-up function meaning you won’t need a crew of people to assemble it. It can be staked to the ground offering a semi-permanent structure. The top is ventilated making this somewhat resistant to the wind.

What could be better: The lightweight frame of this gazebo could be a bad thing if it ever comes in contact with a strong gust of wind, but other than that it should not cause any issues. Despite the waterproof material there is no drain holes on the top of the canvas, potentially causing water build up and sagging on the top.


ABCCANOPY Gazebos PatioMost Versatile

  • Size: 8 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Material: 500D polyester; steel
  • Protection: UV-protection; waterproof

More features: mosquito netting; durable; vented top; removable netting walls; Velcro straps

Another arched design from ABC Canopy offering maximum airflow and waterproofing. The frame boasts a lovely colored powdered finish to protect it against rust in the future. This specific product is offered in two different colors, a modern grey and a soft beige color. This gazebo has a smaller sitting space than some but that does mean it is lighter and therefore easier to assemble and move with limited helpers. It comes equipped with a removable mosquito netting that is secured by Velcro straps.

What we liked: The vented top offers sufficient air flow making it a good choice for high wind areas. Both the grey and beige colors offered make for a beautiful stylish finish everyone will love. The arched top directs the flow of water off to prevent sagging in the canvas.

What could be better: Although the top canvas is made from a waterproof material it lacks drain holes which could potentially cause water build up. This is less of a problem on this specific design though because the top is arched which should provide efficient movement of rainwater preventing build up.

  • Size: 10 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 55.34 lbs.
  • Material: aluminum
  • Protection: water-resistant

More features: double square tops; mosquito netting; vented; comfortable; versatile; easy to assemble

This is a good sized yet lightweight gazebo, making it easy to assemble and relocate with minimal assistance. It’s held together by a powder coated lightweight aluminum frame, which is resistant to rust making this product suitable to outdoor conditions all year long. The top is well ventilated making it a good choice for windy areas. Draped around this gazebo is 360-degree coverage with mosquito nets and privacy curtains which can be drawn with ease. The top is made with a waterproof material and is further proofed by drain holes located around the perimeter of the canvas.

What we liked: This product is easily assembled and lightweight making it a good choice for somebody that is limited on help. The ventilated top provides a dry underneath while also allowing adequate air flow to prevent wind damage. Mosquito netting and privacy curtains around the outside can be easily drawn or secure to the frame by Velcro straps.

What could be better: The frame is made out of aluminum which makes for a lightweight, easy to move gazebo, but it could potentially be a source for quicker degradation of the frame. It is powder-coated aluminum, which helps, but it is not as durable as powder coated steel or steel alloy.


PHI VILLA Sun Shade GazeboBest Value

  • Size: 13 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 41.6 lbs.
  • Material: alloy steel
  • Protection: UV-protection; waterproof; windproof

More features: reinforced frame; prevents drooping; rustproof; mosquito net

This is the most affordable option on our list. It is the easiest gazebo to setup and can easily be done with one person. It comes with a carrying case so you can store it when it’s not being used or when you are taking it to set up at an event. It has a ventilated top for added protection against wind gusts. You can adjust the height on this gazebo making it a versatile product that can be set up on many different terrain types. Equipped with a wraparound mosquito net and a waterproof canopy, this product is the perfect choice for any outdoor event.

What we liked: This is a durable product that comes in a convenient carrying case and can easily be assembled and disassembled by a single person. It has a steel alloy frame to prevent the formation of rust and increase the lifespan of the product. It comes with a stylish tan colored canvas top that prevents water from entering while at the same time allowing air to pass through it so it stays put against the wind.

What could be better: There could have been a better anchoring system provided, which would have given the customer a more permanent option when setting up their gazebo. This would have also given it a better defense against strong gusts of wind.

Things to Consider

There are many things to consider when you are trying to figure out which gazebo best fits your needs, so many in fact, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the vast array of options available. Some options are based on looks which boils down to the personal preference of you, the consumer. These include the size and color of the gazebo. The other, more important options have to do with the stability and durability of the product in the environments that it will be exposed to. For example, if you are in an area that has strong winds regularly you are going to want to go for a heavier more permanent structure.

Why do you need a gazebo for high winds?

One of the main issues outdoor gazebos face are gusts of wind getting trapped under their large surface area, which causes unnecessary wear and tear on the top of the product. Strong enough winds have even been known to gift people’s gazebos to their neighbors without even asking. This is why it is important that you take into consideration the kinds of design features that allow the passage of this wind, rather than retaining it.

Features to consider before you buy a gazebo for high winds

7 Best Gazebos for High Winds - Bad Weather Is Not An Obsticle

There are a few important things to consider when looking for a gazebo that is suited for high wind areas, below I break each of these down so you know what to look for, and can find the product that is right for you.


The size of the gazebo doesn’t have a huge effect on whether it is suitable for high wind areas or not. This is one of those things that is specific to the consumer, and should be considered alongside what you plan on using the gazebo for. It’s important to consider how many people you plan on using the gazebo, will it just be you and your household, or do you plan on having family and friends over to enjoy your new outdoor space?

Larger gazebos like the Purple Leaf permanent structure above are going to be more suited for larger gatherings, whereas the ABC Canopy 8×8 model is better suited for smaller groups.


The weight of the gazebo really only affects two factors, the first is obvious and that’s that the heavier the product, the safer it is going to be in high wind areas. This makes the Purple Leaf permanent structure the heaviest on the list which in turn make it the best option for defense against high winds.

The draw back to these heavier options is that they are going to be more difficult to set up and move, so if you aren’t going to have any help around to help you assemble it you may want to opt for a lighter model like our Best Value, the Phi Villa Sunshade model above.


The material used for the construction of the gazebo is not as important as how the material is used. Both metal and canvas tops can be a valid choice for protection against strong gusts of wind, as long as they have adequate ventilation, which is what allows the wind to pass through the gazebo instead of getting caught and potentially moving or damaging it.


Every gazebo that made our list provides top quality protection against not only the wind, but the rain and other elements as well. All of the products listed above are made with a waterproof top and they all offer protection against UV rays to varying degrees. The premium pick Purple Leaf Double Roof gazebo offers the best all-around protection against any of the forces it will be exposed to.

The metal roof protects against 100% of the rain and UV rays that it will come in contact with throughout its life span.
It’s also equipped with a double roof structure that allows wind to pass right through the roof, making it the best pick on the list above when it comes to protection against high wind areas. The ABC Canopy gazebo offers great protection, made with a waterproof top it also puts a stop to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Installation is a big thing to consider when considering a gazebo, the last thing you want to do is get one that you are not going to be able to assemble when it arrives. The two factors to consider here are going to be the overall weight of the gazebo, and its method of installation. The easiest assembly on our list is going to be our Best Value product, the Phi Villa Sunshade. This is a lightweight popup model, meaning that it can be assembled by one person with little to no effort. Products like our Premium Pick Purple Leaf Gazebo are going to take some time and some extra hands to assemble.


This all depends on the overall weight and type of assembly that is required by the specific product. The lighter pop-up models can easily be assembled and taken down by a single individual. There are other models on the list that require actual assembly, these usually weigh in at a significantly higher weight and will require assistance to put together and set-in place.

It is actually one of the safer places you could find yourself at if it’s raining. Every product that we have listed above is sporting a 100% waterproof top. This can prevent the grill from going out in the unexpected drizzle, or keep the team dry until the rain passes. Whatever the situation maybe you can be rest assured that you and your family will be safe if you’re caught outside in an unexpected rainstorm.

With easy to remove tops canvas gazebos can be cleaned with little to no effort. The powder coated metal frame can be easily wiped down or pressure washed as it is rust resistant, and therefore safe for it to come into contact with water. The canvas top can also be cleaned in a similar fashion. If the top is a permanent fixture you will have to safely use a ladder or scaffold to get on the same level as the roof, and then it can safely be washed off with nothing but water. If your gazebo has a canvas top you can remove, pressure wash, and replace the top, or you can leave it intact and use a ladder or scaffold to spray the top of it.

Our Verdict

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge needed to make a wise purchase, what’s the right choice for you? Do you need the maximum durability and protection against high winds provided by our Premium Pick, the Purple Leaf permanent gazebo structure? Or maybe you’re looking for a lightweight alternative that you can assemble by yourself, like our Editor’s Choice (Outsunny Outdoor gazebo) or our Best Value option (Phi Villa Sun Shade). Whatever it is you’re looking for rest assured that there is something on our list that fits your needs.

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