5 Best Retractable Awnings to Save You from Both Sun and Rain

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What are the best shade solutions available today? Trees by far remain to be the best shade solution. They give a leafy canopy that offers a comfortable natural place that you can relax and have privacy at your home and a serene environment to take a breather. All you need is to set out a hammock or lounge chair. Unfortunately, not every homeowner has ample trees in their compound.

So, what is the next best solution? The best retractable awnings will let you enjoy the outdoors, whether it is raining or sunny. Investing in it will offer you enough cool and covered space, which would be a better option than retreating indoors when the weather outside isn’t bearable. The review takes into account important features, including overall size, front flap size, recommended height, and material to help you get the best from the market.

Top 5 Retractable Awnings Review 2021


AECOJOY Patio AwningEditor’s Choice

  • Overall size: 13 x 8 inches
  • Front flap size: 6 inches
  • Recommended height: 8-12 inches
  • Material: aluminum, polyester

More features: UV resistant; water-resistant; rust-resistant; easy to operate

If you are looking for a patio for your business or home, Aecojoy patio awning will serve the purpose. It is suitable for balcony, windows, restraints, cafes, and back porches in giving, which helps protect you from UV rays while giving the place an elegant look.

The retractable awning is water and UV resistant. It comprises 280g polyester and a coating resistant to sun fading and protects ultraviolet rays since it is equipped with 300UV+ solar protection.

Besides, it is made up of solid material that is resistant to rust, light in weight, and the solid scale is suitably designed to resist wind. The retractable mounting has mounting brackets with a double strand steel rope, which makes it more durable.

It boasts a retractable design that is easy to operate. You can simply open or close the operation manually using a hand crank to either raise or low the front part off the pitch bar. You can install it on a concrete, solid brick wall, or on a wooden wall using a fee manual and hardware.

What we liked: It is designed to withstand strong winds. The cantilevered design allows it to float upward and gently on the wind, and it takes gravity to load off briefly, and there is no problem.

What could be better: If more clear instructions could be availed, it could be better for easy installation.

  • Overall size: 12 x 10 inches
  • Front flap size: not specified
  • Recommended height: not specified
  • Material: 100% acrylic, stainless steel

More features: fully assembled; ready for installation; easy pitch system; 3-loop system; durable; UV protection

Yet another great awning since it comes assembled already, and you only do the installation. It is equipped with an easy system that includes two easy loops, and the loop can be adjusted to suit your needs when you want to block sunlight at given times of the day. You can use the crank loop for manual opening or closing.

It is made up of premium fabric that offers protection against the sun. Besides, it doesn’t fade and mildew resistant, which makes it highly breathable. Importantly, it doesn’t trap moisture or hot air, which makes it more advantageous over the polyester or the vinyl fabric ones.

It is made of durable design construction from an aluminum roller tube, making it stronger and safer to use. Besides, the steel hardware is resistant to corrosion and boasts much strength. Notably, the awning comes with a lifetime warranty and support from the manufacturer. The simple design makes it easy to operate in opening and closing, which can be done using a hand crank.

What we liked: The awning comes pre-assembled ready to install.

What could be better: It is expensive. It could be better if the manufacturer could offer partial financing.


Best Choice Products AwningBest Value

  • Overall size: 98.5 x 80 x 6.5 inches
  • Front flap size: not specified
  • Recommended height: 6 inches minimum
  • Material: polyester and a rust-resistant, powder-coated aluminum

More features: UV-resistant; water-resistant; hardware included; easy crank handle

The awning is water and UV resistant, which makes it ideal for your outdoor patio. Besides, it is strong and durable, and rust-resistant since it is made up of aluminum. It is big enough to offer ample outdoor shading, which makes it suitable for placement over windows, patio, courtyard, balconies, and it provides protection against UV rays.

The device is equipped with a comfortable crank handle that uses a build-in reel and the crank handle, making it easy to extend and retract the cover.

It is an innovative, popular, yet timeless item that has been crafted to thrive in your home. The high-quality standards employed in building guarantees you an item that passes the quality tests and bears the stamp of approval, which counts for all the products from the best choice products. Quality is never compromised. It is equipped with a comfortable crank handle retractable design that uses an in-built reel and crank handle that easily extends and retracts the cover.

What we liked: It is big to offer ample shading for your patio, courtyards, and balconies to provide a conducive environment.

What could be better: If it could be equipped with more mounting brackets, it could better for a firm installation.


Diensweek Patio AwningBest Solar Protection

  • Overall size: 9.68 x 6.56 inches
  • Front flap size: not specified
  • Recommended height: 8 inches
  • Material: 280g/m² polyester, PU coating fabric

More features: fully-assembled; 1-year warranty; durable mechanism; waterproof; 80UV+ solar protection

It is high-quality standards 10feet long and 8 feet wide awning that comes backed up with a one-year warranty. It is also certified by the regulatory bodies and found to meet residential and commercial requirements for use.

It also boasts a durable mechanism noting that it is built of corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and an arm that keeps the mechanism safe, easy to use, and a robust structure that is wind resistant.

The high-quality fabric is made of waterproof resistant sun fading, which protects against solar and is also proven to be wind resistant. It comes equipped with a crank handle, instructions manual, additional mounting, and mounting bracket, making the installation easy.

The easy operation and simple design which allows easy opening and closing make it easy to use it. The double cables are made of steel, which makes them durable. The arms are inlaid with a double stainless-steel cable, which is superior to the powder-coated steel. The dual springs keep the awning taut. Besides, the spun polyester fabric is breathable and provides protection against UV rays, and it is excellent in trapping heat and moisture. The chrome steel garden architectural paneling screws are including for application on the masonry or wood.

What we liked: It works smoothly and requires only a minimal adjustment. It comes fully assembled with wood studs and screws so that it can up under the weight.

What could be better: The arms’ final adjustment can be frustrating when you crank it open for the first time if it comes while not fully assembled. It could be better if the company would ensure all the awnings come fully built.

  • Overall size: 13 x 11.5 inches
  • Front flap size: not specified
  • Recommended height: not specified
  • Material: aluminum frame

More features: waterproof; UV-resistant; scalable design; lightweight; easy to operate

What we liked:

  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to operate
  • Great quality
  • Cost-effective

What could be better:

  • It is expensive

Things to Consider

An outdoor living space, including a patio or deck, is becoming popular and to many homeowners. Whenever you want to take a breath outside or want to enjoy the scenery outdoors, the area outside can also serve as an extension of your house, which provides excellent entertainment and relaxation. Unfortunately, the adverse other conditions, including the sun and ribs, could be a hindrance. However, there is a solution to it. Do you love enjoying your time outdoor, whether it’s sunny or rainy? Investing in an awning can be a great way to protect yourself while enjoying the comfort of the outdoor living space. It is a better way option that makes recreating outside irrespective of the weather.

Why do you need retractable awnings?

5 Best Retractable Awnings to Save You from Both Sun and Rain

A retractable awning is highly versatile to cater to your needs. They are retractable, which makes it easy to adjust their extension so that they can offer you the comfort you deserve. They offer a shade roof easily and with much more convenience than the normal windows. If you fancy having your dinner at the patio, you will not have to worry about rains drizzles. Also, if you want to enjoy the beautiful summer days without having to put up with the scorching sun, a retractable awning is what you need. A retractable awning will offer you and your family and guests to enjoy your patio safely and comfortably without the need to put up an expensive permanent structure.

When used outside, awnings will offer shade from the harmful radiation of the direct sunlight. While inside, it prevents any unwanted heat that enters the home through the windows of the house.

They also improve the outdoor space and give more comfort. The retractable awnings will let you adjust the amount of sun exposure you want to enjoy every time. You have the option to enjoy the warm morning sunshine on the cold mornings through the retracting unit. Also, during the hotter midday hours, you can get an extended canopy, which will help to keep the patio shaded. It is a feature that gives you complete control by allowing you to remain comfortable in your outdoor space irrespective of the time of the day.

It also increases efficiency since you can extend the canopy on the hot days, and also, the bright days help to shade the home windows and the doors. By using retractable awnings, you can naturally keep off too much sun from getting into your room hence keeping it more relaxed and more comfortable. It also helps to reduce the amount of heat that gets into your home to a great extent. Hence, it reduces the load of air condition in your room, which helps you save energy.

It helps to keep the indoor and outdoor furnishings secure. The prolonged sunlight can cause fading on your items inside the house, including your furniture. Therefore, investing in a retractable awning will clear the worries about a premature fading of your items.

It enhances the outdoor space’s overall look since they are highly visible elements with a variety of colors to choose from and suitable designs to suit your house.

Features to consider before you buy retractable awnings

During the summertime, nothing is more enjoyable than relaxing outside in the shady patio while sipping your cold drink to quench your thirst. What if you don’t have a spot outdoors where you can enjoy your drink? A retractable awning is an excellent way to liven up your patio away from the oppressive sun and create a shady haven. With the available materials, sizes, and colors to choose from, a retractable awning bears features that will make you enjoy your time outdoors. Keep reading to get the details of the features that would be essential when making your next purchase.

Overall size

Retractable awnings come in different sizes ranging from 8 feet wide all the way to 25 feet. Best Choice Products Awning has an overall size of 98.5 x 80 x 6.5 inches, which makes it ideal for a huge coverage of your preferred outdoor space. The size you chose depends on the shade you need.

It would be good to plan and think of the activities you will need to be doing on your patio, which will serve you comfortably without causing interruptions from time to time.

Front flap size

It would be essential to determine the awning you want to buy, depending on the size of the window or door where you want to fix the awning. AECOJOY Patio Awning has a front flap size of 6 inches, which makes it ideal for protecting your patio from sunshine or trains. Once you take the measurement, it would be important to add 5 inches on either side. Noting that awnings are immobile and used on a more permanent installation on the front side, it would be important to consider an awning with flaps since it helps protect from rain or sun.

Recommended height

It would be advisable to take measurements up the wall where you would like to have the awning. At least 7 feet and 6 inches would do. Diensweek Patio Awning has a recommended height of 8 inches, making it ideal for covering your door or windows. In case you are planning to mount a cover above the door wall or the window, it would be essential to add 10 inches.

Awnings enclosures need a minimum of 10 inches if the mounting is happening above the entrance or exit.


There are several varieties of retractable awnings, with each of them having its unique features. If you want to have a large awning, polyester would be a great option to prevent it from sagging vinyl-coated polyester to resist ultraviolet rays, mildew, and water. You can also opt to buy canvas, which is also among the popular options among home buyers since it holds the color for long, which allows the color to remain vibrant all through even when you use it often. Best Choice Products Awning is made up of polyester, which is rust-resistant and powder-coated aluminum, making it durable. Some other awnings use acrylic fabrics for durability and performance. They are made with a dye solution that is designed to prevent them from fading.

Also, the water-repelling feature helps them to withstand the exposure they get from the light rain showers.


Waterproof feature for awnings is a crucial feature to ensure no water can penetrate through the awning. A great awning would be one with laminated fabrics. The Black Aluminum Alloy Frame Sunshade Patio Awning is waterproof to ensure no water leakages during rainy seasons. They are also available in the form of woven fabrics, including acrylic fabric. With the woven fabric, the waterproofing happens through the weaves between the fabric.

UV protection

Noting that UV rays can damage your skin, it is essential to consider awnings that can be useful in protecting you from sunlight. The UV rays also lead to accelerated aging by gradually altering the club of the surfaces. Black Aluminum Alloy Frame Sunshade Patio Awning is UV resistant to protect you from harmful UV rays. Therefore, it would be essential to protect yourself and the sun through sunscreen.

Normally, a good awning will block up to 90 to 99% of the UV rays.


It is essential to check the warranty you will get for a retractable awning. When buying the awning, it is important to know you are protected in case something goes wrong. Diensweek Patio Awning comes with a one-year warranty to protect the customer against any damages that may arise unexpectedly. A quality awning will always come with a warranty. Choosing to acquire an awning for your home is a great decision, and therefore it is important to avoid disappointments that may arise. By looking at the warranty, you can be sure you have chosen the right awning for your home.


Maybe you want to install your retractable awning over the window for your patio or deck, but you wonder how you can get it done. Most of the manufacturers of retractable awnings have more than half of their customers install the awnings for themselves. To start with, evaluate where you want to install it. You will need a clear part with no interruptions from lights, vents, or other fixtures. Noting that the retractable awnings weigh about 10 pounds per foot, it would be essential to install the mounting bracket to support the weight securely. Ensure you install the mounting brackets into studs. Install and fasten the awning using the special angled brackets that are provided by the manufacturer. You are done.

Cleaning the awnings is not troublesome if you have the skills it takes. You will need a good brush, which can remove dirt easily; once the dirt removal is complete, you can let the awning to dry. Then clean it using warm water and soap to remove any challenging sports. Even when the wintertime comes, you will not need to store away your awnings. The awning can be used all through the year. Even when heavy snowfalls happen, you will only need to close retract your awnings until the weather passes.

Our Verdict

Awnings offer protection from the sunlight or rain when you want to stay outdoors and enjoy the outside environment. That makes them ideal for you any time you want to be outdoor without getting regulated by the weather. Having a thorough review of the best retractable awnings, the editor’s choice is AECOJOY Patio Awning since it is UV resistant, water-resistant, and easy to operate, the best value is best choice products awning since it is UV resistant, water-resistant, easy crank handle and has hardware include and the premium pick is ADVANING Manual Patio Retractable Awning since it comes fully assembled ready for installation, easy to pitch system, has three loop system, durable and is offers UV protection.

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