Snow Blower vs Shovel: What to Choose?

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If you live in a snowy place Trusted Source Waking up to a blanket of snow is a thrill I wish every child could experience | Life and style | The Guardian I read that snowy winters may soon be a thing of the past, so I’m putting out an SOS call: Save Our Snowball Fight , then you know just how important it is to either shovel or get the snow out of your driveway or door. The situation gets dire when there is heavy snowfall. If you are not careful, you might get stuck indoors all winter. The best way to go about this is to eliminate any snow that might accumulate in your driveway. There are two ways of doing this; you can use either shovel it or use a snowblower.

Different people will have differing opinions on which equipment will work for you. There is often a snowblower vs. shovel debate whenever winter approaches. Taking the time to look at these two tools will give you a better view of what will work for you and your home. In this article, we dive deep into the intricate details of this type of equipment.

What does a snowblower do?

Snow Blower vs Shovel: What to Choose?Snowblowers can either be electric or use gas. A blower gets rid of the snow along a path you drive it on and throw it to the side. It works just like a lawnmower would when you cut your grass. Since a small engine powers it, there is little effort applied to it by the user. Reading reviews will help you make a well-versed choice regarding the model to buy. The Greenworks 8 Amp 12-inch Electric Snow Shovel is an inexpensive model with a host of desirable features that allow for good performance and a long lifespan.

The one thing you need to do with your blower is to maintain it. Maintenance checks will ensure that the blower serves you for a longer time. Even the best electric snow blowers require attention before, during, and after use. All you have to do is ensure all the parts are oiled and in working condition. You can perform these checks on your own or get a professional to help you do it.


There are many reasons why people might choose to use two-stage snow blowers and the other electric options instead of a shovel. They include:

  • They are easier to operate. There is no physical strength required.
  • They clear large areas at a given time.
  • They are made of more durable material and last longer.


Even with these pros, there are still a couple of cons that come with using a blower:

  • They cost a lot to run. One has to pay for gas or electricity.
  • Some models need huge storage space.
  • A decent number of units are loud, causing noise pollution.
  • They need regular maintenance checks.
  • They cannot work around obstacles like cars or small hedges as they throw snow over things. One might need to figure out the direction the snow is blowing and move the car when using the blower.

What can you do with a shovel?

Snow Blower vs Shovel: What to Choose?Many households lean towards using snow shovels. They are small and made of metal. Some of them have wooden or plastic handles attached with screws. Even though most shovels have the same shape, some are better than others. The only way to ensure you get a good shovel is by doing your research. Before you buy a shovel in a land-based location, hold it in your hand and test out its weight.

A heavy one might hurt you, especially if you are working through a snow buildup. They are made of waterproof material, which cuts out the worry of them rusting after use.


Over the years, many people have resorted to using shovels due to these advantages.

  • They do not need huge storage space.
  • They are cheap to use as one does not need to buy gas.
  • They do not need maintenance.
  • They provide a great workout, especially in winter, where people do not get to exercise often.
  • One does not need to move their car to shovel.


There are a couple of cons that come with using shovels. Here are some of them.

  • They need the energy to work, which might not work for aged or injured people.
  • They clear a small area that might take a while to get an entire area cleared.

Final Thoughts

Getting the right tool to clear your driveway or porch will make the process more manageable. The debate of snowblower vs. shovel has no winner. When choosing a tool remember to look at the area you have to clear and who will be using the tool. The space in your house will also go a long way to determine the tool you settle to avoid storage issues. All these pointers and others you will encounter as you shop will come into play to ensure you get the right one for your driveway. The vital thing to do is always clear your driveway regularly as the snowfall breaks. When dealing with larges spaces, many reviews on the internet indicate that the Toro Power Max two-stage gas snow blower is among those you should have on the top of your list.


Waking up to a blanket of snow is a thrill I wish every child could experience | Life and style | The Guardian
I read that snowy winters may soon be a thing of the past, so I’m putting out an SOS call: Save Our Snowball Fight

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