6 Best Heavy-Duty Snow Blowers to Combat Winter Weather

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It’s important to buy the best heavy-duty snow blower, as it will make your life in the cold, winter months much easier than if you were trying to shovel 3 feet of snow or if you were using a weak snow blower that wasn’t as efficient. When it’s 15 degrees out, you don’t want to worry about if your snow blower is going to work. You want to have a reliable heavy-duty snow blower.

Read on below for direct insight into six product reviews that will cover all types of snow blowers from the best heavy-duty commercial snow blower to the best snow blower with 25 or more horse power. After time spent in the cold winter, testing a variety of heavy duty snow blowers, the Editor’s Choice is the Poulan Pro PR241. It has an electric start, and offers great value for the price. It’s heavy duty and has a strong capacity to clear a lot of snow.

There are few very important features that factor into how high a heavy-duty snow blower is rated. We considered commercial vs electric, how much horse power a machine has, corded vs cordless, throw distance, clearing width, plowing capacity, and how much snow blowers weight. There is a table below that contains in-detail reviews of each product, as well as a buying guide so you can select the best heavy-duty snow blower to meet your needs.

Top 6 Heavy-Duty Snow Blowers Review 2021


Poulan Pro PR241 Editor's Choice

  • Power type: 208 cc engine
  • Corded/cordless: cordless
  • Clearing width: 24 inches
  • Throw distance: not specified
  • Plowing Capacity: not specified
  • Weight: 240 lbs.

More features: remote chute deflector; 2-year limited warranty; powerful ribbon augers

This heavy-duty snow blower has a lot of power and is capable of plowing through very thick snow. It is a two-stage snow blower meaning it uses a two-step process to clear snow. First it breaks through the snow and ice and then it throws the snow out of the chute. Its best feature arguably is the remote chute control.

The 2-year limited warranty ensures your snow blower is protected for the first 2 years of its life. This snow blower is designed to last through the coldest and harshest of winters. This model is designed specifically with a reduced-tipping feature, so it can blow snow efficiently without the worry of tipping over. The comfort grip on this snow blower ensures it can be used for long periods of time without causing strain to your hands or body while you are using it.

You also can use this machine in deep snow, as it’s equipped to operate in up to at least 18 inches of snow without stalling. The electric start feature makes it easy to get started even on cold days. The throwing capacity is well-liked, as it can throw snow clear across a three-car driveway.

What we liked:

  • Cordless
  • Big tires
  • 2-year warranty
  • Powerful ribbon augers

What could be better:

  • Throwing distance might be short
  • Plowing capacity is limited

Husqvarna ST224PPremium Pick

  • Power type: 3 hp engine
  • Corded/cordless: corded
  • Clearing width: 24 inches
  • Throw distance: 25 feet
  • Plowing Capacity: not specified
  • Weight: 206 lbs.

More features: LED headlight; heated handle grips; loop handle; 3-year limited warranty; remote chute deflector

This snow blower has power steering, making it easy to maneuver through high snow drifts. The adjustable skid shoes on this machine mean it can blow snow no matter the terrain, and no matter how much snow or ice are underneath. This is the best heavy-duty electric snow blower on the list.

The 3-year limited warranty is longer than most of its competitors, and ensures you are protected from any failed parts for up to 3 years. The manufacturer will replace any parts that break within that time-frame. The electric start makes this machine easy to start on a cold day. It can blow through up to a foot of snow with ease.

If you don’t have access to an electric start, you can start it via a pull cord. In deep snowfalls, the power steering is very helpful, as the machine takes over the steering and makes your job easier. When you’re blowing through a lot of snow, the power steering enables you to make tight turns easily and blow snow much more effectively. As a two-stage machine, it is powerful and can throw snow quite far. This blower works well in all types of snow from dry to wet and icy.

What we liked:

  • Power steering
  • Heated handle
  • LED Headlight
  • 3-year warranty
  • Remote chute deflector

What could be better:

  • Corded

TACKLIFE Snow BlowerBest Value

  • Power type: 15 Amp motor
  • Corded/cordless: corded
  • Clearing width: 20 inches
  • Throw distance: 30 feet
  • Plowing Capacity: 800 lbs. of snow per minute
  • Weight: 38.3 lbs.

More features: 4-blade steel auger; 180° adjustable directional chute; maintenance-free; double safety switch; overload protector

This is a highly efficient heavy-duty snow blower and can blow snow up to 25 feet. It’s not as powerful as some others on the market, but what it sacrifices in power it makes up for in price. The adjustable chute allows you to blow snow in different directions and create different piles of snow. This is one of the few snow blowers that allows you to throw snow in a variety of directions.

It requires no gas and no oil, which make maintenance a breeze. While it doesn’t have heated handle grips, it does have grips that are protected in plastic, meaning they do not get as cold as some other models. There is a hook on the machine making it easy to hang the electric cord and keep track of it.

It works efficiently in all types of snow from dry to wet. You can use this machine in up to 3 feet of snow, and it throws snow for up to 25 feet. You will have no batteries to maintain this unit, as it is all run by electricity. It’s throwing capacity and multi-directional capabilities make this one of the top snow blowers on the market.

What we liked:

  • 30-foot throwing distance
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Plowing capacity up to 800 pounds of snow per minute
  • 180° adjustable directional chute

What could be better:

  • Corded
  • Limited power
  • Clearing width of only 20 inches

Ariens 921046 DeluxeBest Plowing Capacity

  • Power type: 254 cc engine
  • Corded/cordless: cordless
  • Clearing width: 28 inches
  • Throw distance: 30-50 feet
  • Plowing Capacity: 65 tons of snow per hour
  • Weight: not specified

More features: auto-turn triggerless stirring; interlocking handles; halogen headlight; remote deflector

This machine has a very strong engine, which helps it blow snow far and fast. With a tall chute discharge height, this heavy-duty snowplow is able to blow snow very far and makes it a great option for those with large areas of land to take care of. This machine works efficiently, and you can use it for long periods of time without failure.

There aren’t many snow blowers suitable to function on all types of terrain, but the adjustable feet on this machine makes it a good candidate for all types of conditions, and it can successfully blow snow on a gravel driveway. The headlamp on this unit is very bright and makes blowing snow in nighttime conditions very easy. It’s very powerful and has no problems working in any condition or on any surface.

The gasoline engine means you will not have to deal with keeping track of a power cord. This is a two-stage machine, so it has a good bit of power. The electric start feature means you will be able to start it in any type of weather conditions, and do not have to worry about any false starts in cold weather.

What we liked:

  • Throwing capacity up to 50 feet
  • Auto-turn steering
  • Plowing capacity 65 tons of snow per hour
  • Halogen headlight

What could be better:

  • Noisy engine
  • Doesn’t work well in wet snow

GreenWorks 2600402Best for Moving Around Easily

  • Power type: 80 V Li-ion system; 2.0 Ah battery
  • Corded/cordless: cordless
  • Clearing width: 20 inches
  • Throw distance: 20 feet
  • Plowing Capacity: not specified
  • Weight: 33 lbs.

More features: quiet; up to 45 minutes of battery runtime; LED light; brushless motor; chute control

Battery powered and fairly lightweight, this snow blower is easy to maneuver. The LED lights allow it to be run any time of day, so you can clear snow even during nighttime. This is a very efficient machine, and it’s great if you have small areas to snow blow like sidewalks, patios, and small driveways. The battery power means you do not have to worry about tripping over an electrical cord.

It works well on up to 10 inches at a time, making it efficient in deep snow. The rotating chute means you can displace the snow to anywhere you want it to go. The battery charges quickly, in only thirty minutes, meaning you’ll almost never run out of power. Weighing less than five pounds, this machine is incredibly easy to maneuver.

It’s a very quiet machine, and you don’t have to worry about waking the neighbors if you are using it in early morning hours. There is a 4 years manufacturer’s warranty, so if anything fails within 4 years, you can get it replaced free of charge. This snow blower can successfully blow through some light tree branches and leaves if any are left in its path.

What we liked:

  • Battery power
  • Inexpensive
  • LED light
  • Chute control
  • Quiet

What could be better:

  • Lacks power
  • Limited plowing capacity
  • Clearing width is limited to 20 inches

Toro 38381Best for Small Areas

  • Power type: 15 Amp electric engine
  • Corded/cordless: corded
  • Clearing width: 18 inches
  • Throw distance: 30 feet
  • Plowing Capacity: 700 lbs. of snow per minute
  • Weight: 25 lbs.

More features: can direct snow discharge in many directions; ergonomically-designed handle; 2-year full warranty; 180˚ rotation; Power Curve technology

This is a smaller snow blower, and it’s designed to be used in smaller areas like walkways, patios, and small driveways. It can blow snow in a variety of directions, making it ideal if you need to pile snow in more than one spot. The 2-year full warranty is better than the 2-year limited warranty offered by some of its competitors. Anything that breaks on your snow blower in 2 years is guaranteed to be replaced by the manufacturer.

It’s very efficient and can blow large amounts of snow in a short time period. The fully ergonomic design of this snow blower means it’s very easy to maneuver. All the handles are very easy to use, and it’s lightweight so it’s not difficult to push. You can throw snow to different levels with this machine, as its thrower is adjustable from high to medium to low. The handle folds, meaning you can store this in a very small space if you need to. You can also store this outside in cold weather with just a cover on it. Having a sloped driveway is not an issue with this machine, as it can blow snow at different angles.

What we liked:

  • Inexpensive
  • Throwing capacity of 30 feet
  • Multi-directional snow tossing
  • Plowing capacity 700 lbs. of snow per minute
  • 2-year full warranty

What could be better:

  • Small engine with limited power
  • Corded
  • Not ideal for large areas

Things to Consider

What exactly do you want to look for in a snow blower when you’re deciding what kind of heavy-duty snow blower to buy?
In any area of life, whether you are a heart surgeon, a carpenter, or an office worker who sits at a desk all day, one of the most important decisions you make is selecting the right tool for your trade. Like a heart surgeon wouldn’t cut you open with a machete, you don’t want to tackle a three-foot snow storm with a broom. You’ll want to select the best heavy-duty snow blower that will meet your specific needs.
Read on about all of the advantages of selecting the right heavy-duty snow blower, and how much easier your life will be now that you’ve got the right tool!

Advantages of a heavy-duty snow blower

Selecting the right heavy-duty snow blower is going to make your snow removal chore so much easier. Do you want to be outside in a Wisconsin winter for longer than you have to? Would you rather be outside with a snow shovel taking three times as long as if you were using the right equipment?

The right heavy-duty snow blower is going to allow you to get the task of snow removal done in the most efficient manner. It is going to save you time, and it’s also going to save you energy. You don’t have to worry about throwing your back out or having a heart attack by exerting yourself too much by shoveling.

Having the right heavy-duty snow blower also is a great way to make friends with your neighbors and be a good citizen. You can offer to help out the elderly couple across the street who doesn’t have an easy time removing snow.

Buy the right snow blower, ensure it has enough power, and your only hardship will be just walking around your driveway. You won’t exhaust yourself, and it won’t even feel like you’re pushing the machine. Let the snow blower do all the work for you!

Features to consider before you buy a heavy-duty snow blower

6 Best Heavy-Duty Snow Blowers to Combat Winter WeatherWhat type of power does the snow blower have? Will you be tripping over an electrical cord or is the snow blower cordless? How much snow can it clear at a time and how far can it throw it?

What is its plowing capacity? How much does it weigh, and will you be able to push it yourself without exerting yourself? These are all factures you should consider when going shopping for the perfect heavy-duty snow blower.

Power type

Do you want electric or gas? Or, would you consider a battery powered option?

Like the cord vs cordless debate below, look into what will make your life easiest when you are snow blowing.
Do you want to worry about maintaining power and ensuring the machine is plugged in for the duration of your task? Or, would you rather run it on gas and ensure it has enough power to last you through the whole snow blowing task without worrying about its power source? With electric equipment, you need to worry about stumbling over the cord and ensuring the cord has a power source. With gas, you need to make sure your tank is filled, or you have enough gas on hand to fill it up. You don’t want to have to drive to the gas station in a snowstorm. If you have a small area, you might even consider a battery powered option, as that probably is the easiest of all three.


This one is pretty simple. Do you want to deal with a cord? There are so many great cordless snow blowers out there that most likely that’s what you will want to consider. Snow blowing can be a chore, so make it as easy on yourself as possible and don’t worry about tripping over a cord or staying connected to power that might be quite far away from where you are trying to snow blow. While most corded options are safe nowadays, since they design the cords to be usable in cold weather, that doesn’t mean they are the best option. Cords are still a tripping hazard, and also an inconvenience to worry about staying plugged into a wall while you are snow blowing.

Clearing width

6 Best Heavy-Duty Snow Blowers to Combat Winter WeatherHow many trips up and down your driveway will you need to make with your new heavy-duty snow blower? Clearing width is going to tell you how many inches wide your snow blower will clear in one trip. The wider it is, the less trips up and back you’ll need to make. So, this matter when you are thinking of how efficient your snow blower is. One thing to consider – a smaller machine that does not clear much width might be easier to maneuver than a big, heavy duty snow blower with a lot of power that clears more snow. Consider your own personal needs when weighing these options.

Throw distance

How far can the snow blower throw the snow? Will you be able to plow the middle of your driveway and throw the snow far enough that it clears the rest of the driveway so you’re not doubling your efforts?

If you are only clearing sidewalks, patios, and a small driveway, you might need to invest in a machine that is capable of throwing snow far.
But, if you have a large area to blow off, or if you just thinking throwing snow far is fun, maybe consider upgrading to a machine with a further throw distance.

Plowing capacity

How big of a snow blower do you need? Do you want the best heavy-duty commercial snow blower in the market? Plowing capacity tells you how much snow your blower can move and how quickly it can move it. For small areas, you might be fine with a lower capacity, but for bigger areas, you might want the best heavy duty snow plow with 25 or more horse power. If you’re looking to be done snow blowing in the shortest amount of time possible, then you would want a snow blower with the highest plowing capacity.


This matters when you’re thinking of whether or not you can safely push it without exerting yourself. Depending on how much snow your region gets, and how often you’ll be using your snow blower, you might not want one that is super heavy and would require a lot of physical exertion on your part. Do you want a smaller, lighter snow blower that is easier to maneuver, or is weight not an issue and you’re ok with a snow blower with a bit more heft to it? Another reason to consider weight – will you ever be transporting this snow blower? Maybe you live a couple miles from your family, and you want to snow blow their driveway when you do yours. If you are bringing your snow blower in a trailer, how much weight can your trailer tow?


Absolutely. In fact, using a heavy-duty snow blower can be safer than any other type of snow removal. Shoveling can lead to over exertion, which could cause back and joint problems, or even a heart attack if you’re out of shape and not used to a lot of exercise. A powerful heavy-duty snow blower will do most of the work for you. All you need to do is stand behind it and push while you are walking. No bending over, no lifting, just basically a gentle walk while pushing your snow blower forward. If you get a fancy snow blower, it might even do all the work for you!

There are some good compact snow blowers available that are viable options in cold weather. While they can be expensive, sometimes those models have a good blend of all the key factors we rated, while also being known to be good for wet snow and cold weather. For really cold weather, you’re looking for an option that is most likely gas powered, and fairly powerful. In reality though, all snow blowers are meant to be used in the snow. So, by definition they are going to all be usable in cold weather.

That depends. A really heavy powerful snow blower might be a little difficult for someone who is not in great physical condition. Part of using a snow blower is the benefit that you don’t have to physically exert yourself like you would with shoveling snow. Be careful with selecting an option that might be too big and powerful for you. In some cases, a small machine with some functions dedicated to make it easy to use (like the auto-turn feature, for example), might be a better option for you. Take into consideration your physical health, and how much snow you’ll need to blow. For the most part, anyone can use a heavy-duty snow blower without too much difficulty. Just take caution in making sure you select the right one that is suited for your personal needs.

Our Verdict

There are 6 great products for you to select from, as outlined above. The Editor’s Choice, the Poulan Pro PR241, is the most complete package, as it has a lot of power and can snow blow some real thick snow. If you’re not the type to want to do a lot of research, we feel confident that you can go out and buy one of these, and be completely satisfied with your purchase! The Premium Pick, the Husqvarna ST224P Two-Stage Gas Snow Blower, has a great blend of all your snow blowing needs, and those heated grips will make you thankful!

The Best Value, the TACKLIFE Snow Blower, is going to get you the most bang for your buck. When you bring price in as factor in addition to the rest of the categories, this is a great option. The Ariens 921046 Deluxe has an auto-turn feature that makes it perhaps the easiest of the bunch to use. If you’re after a snow blower that is easy to use, this is the one for you.

The Toro 38381 Snow Blower is the product that is the best for you if you only have small areas to snow blow. If you’re just regularly cleaning sidewalks, patios, and a small driveway, this less powerful option is the way to go.

With just a little bit of research, you’ll be able to select the best heavy-duty snow blower for you in no time at all!

  1. Avatar Daniel Waters Nov 23, 2020

    Are cordless models reliable? I’m really tired of dealing with the cord, but I wouldn’t like to have my snowblower stopped in the middle of work.

  2. I have a little yard but there’s always a lot of wet heavy snow. I used to remove it all with a shovel, but I’m done with it. Any advice on a snow blower model to choose?

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