5 Best Rear Tine Tillers – Reviews and Buying Guide

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Getting gardens ready for planting season often means lifting and breaking apart clumps of soil. Doing this by hand may be quite challenging, especially for large tracts of land. However, this is an exercise that can be made so much easier by purchasing a rear tine tiller hence why you should think about buying one.

Our team diligently reviewed 27 great products in the market. However, more than ¾ of them never made it to our shortlist. As such, you can be sure that the five mentioned below are some of the best rear tine tillers you can own. One product that stands out a little more than the others listed is the YARDMAX YT4565. It comes with self-sharpening tines, which are quite rare. Also, the seven depth adjustments provided for by the device are impressive as well. As to the other four products, you would do yourself a great disservice by not considering them. After all, the features and quality are all top-notch.

Our research involved carefully checking various manufacturer websites for a few key attributes in each device. These are the power source of the tools, tilling width, and tilling depth. Since these features give an accurate description of the performance of the tillers, they were among our first considerations. They were then followed by looking into the warranty, weight, and additional features provided by the manufacturers since they may as well add benefits to using the machine. Next came the compilation exercise where we ranked products in a table, as shown below. In your search for best rear tine tillers, you are likely to appreciate the in-depth product reviews and buying guide in the middle and last section of our write-up.  

Top 5 Rear Tine Tillers Review 2021


YARDMAX YT4565Editor’s Choice

  • Engine: 208cc Briggs & Stratton,50 ft-lbs.
  • Tilling width: 18”
  • Tilling depth: 6.5”
  • Tines: 13”, dual rotation
  • Wheels: 13” x 5”
  • Warranty: 2-year residential; 90-day commercial

Other features: 190 rpm, seven depth adjustments, self-sharpening tines, adjustable side shield and serrated rear shield, chain gear transmission, two speeds

It’s hard to come by this product and not put it on your wish list as a person passionate about gardening. There are quite a few positives that would make the purchase worth it.

One reason to buy the tool is the tines that are included. They feature a dual rotation feature, which is unique as well as impressive. Also, the fact that they are self-sharpening means you’ll have to do a lot less maintenance on the tool.

You can also not fail to mention the 6.5” maximum tilling depth. This is not the most impressive tilling depth as compared to other machines on offer. Nevertheless, the manufacturer does make up for that in some way by incorporating depth adjustments.

Consequently, users should have a field day choosing the depth on a particular patch of land, depending on what they want to plant there. Also, you find that the tool has an adjustable side shield as well as a serrated rear shield. These protect the user’s legs from anything that might be launched by the tines.

The engine as well is not the most powerful one in the market. Nevertheless, you cannot discount its ability to get the job done efficiently. Chain gear transmission further aids this.

Also, the user has a choice of two speeds. You can select a higher speed for more torque. Of course, this is the go-to option when the soil is harder than usual.

Buyers as well get a warranty with their purchase. For the residential user, you get two-years coverage. On the other hand, the commercial user gets much less impressive coverage at only 90 days.

With all the above positives, this product should be among the best dual rotating rear tine tillers in the market.

Why did it make our list?

  • 2-year residential warranty
  • Adjustable side shield
  • Serrated back shield
  • Self-sharpening tines
  • Seven depth adjustments

What is not ideal about it?

  • The tires are low quality
  • The device struggles when the ground is moist
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Troy-Bilt HorsePremium Pick

  • Engine: 306cc Briggs & Stratton OHV 1450 Series
  • Tilling width: 20”
  • Tilling depth: up to 7”
  • Tines: 12” Bolo, forward-rotating
  • Wheels: 16″ x 4″
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

Other features: seven speeds, full-sided tine shields, recoil starter, cast iron transmission with bronze gear-drive

A customizable tool that you may as well want to get is the Troy-Bilt Horse tine tiller. This is because it accepts a wide range of optional attachments that you can then use for a variety of purposes. However, it still performs optimally in its primary functions.

Of course, you have the engine to thank for that. At 306 cc, you should have plenty of power to take on your garden any day of the week. It additionally features a recoil starter requiring you to give it a little tug so the machine can start.

Another impressive aspect of the machine is the bronze gear drive. What this does is offer you a bit more control over the device in your hands.

If you look at the wheels in comparison to other devices on this list, you notice they are quite large. As such, rough terrain should be like a walk in the pack.

The tines are as well another critical area to look into. They are only 12,” which may seem a bit underwhelming. However, the mechanisms that support the variable tilling depth make up for that deficiency. As a result, the tool is capable of even reaching a depth of 7”.

Speed is something else you need to get excited about. If the project at hand requires slow speeds, you can choose that setting. On the other hand, if the soil is hard and requires faster tilling, you can select that as well. Reverse speeds are as well incorporated into the setup.

Also, shields are incorporated on the device. This is to make sure you are protected from anything that could be launched from the ground by the machine. As such it is hard to find a better Troy-Bilt rear tine tiller than this one.

Why did it make our list?

  • Powerful engine
  • Side shields incorporated into the design
  • Seven different tilling speeds
  • Cast iron transmission
  • 2-year warranty
  • Wide tilling capacity
  • Large, durable wheels
  • Variable tilling depth

What is not ideal about it?

  • The tool is expensive
  • It also takes up a lot of storage space

Champion 100380Best Value

  • Engine: 212cc, 4-stroke,
  • Tilling width: 19”
  • Tilling depth: 8”
  • Tines: 13.8”, counter-rotating
  • Wheels: 13”, self-propelled
  • Warranty: 2-year limited

Other features: recoil start, EPA certified and CARB compliant; a cast iron, gear-driven transmission

The fact that this uses self-propelled wheels means that you only need to walk behind it and occasionally give it direction. Most users will find it a breeze to use as a result.

Also, the 212cc, 4-stroke engine is impressive with regard to power. This is complemented by a recoil start and a cast iron, gear-driven system. Both of these should be quite reliable when you need them.

As to the tilling width, this device has one of the more extensive options available. You will thus find that you have to make fewer runs in your garden to complete the exercise.

A bonus of purchasing this device is that it is one of very few that are both CARB compliant and EPA certified. You should thus be quite confident in your buying decision if you decide that the Champion 100380 is the way to go. The 2-year limited warranty is another benefit that you get with this device.

Why are we impressed?

  • Self-propelled
  • Extended tilling width
  • 8-inch tilling depth
  • High-quality transmission
  • CARB and EPA certified
  • Heavy-duty construction

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Some users mentioned that tires tend to come off the rim
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Troy-Bilt Pony ESBest Small Rear Tine Tiller

  • Engine: 250cc, Briggs & Stratton Powerbuilt engine, 11.0 ft-lbs
  • Tilling width: 16”
  • Tilling depth: up to 7”
  • Tines: 12” Bolo, forward rotating
  • Wheels: 13″ x 5″
  • Warranty: 2-year limited, lifetime (transmission)

Other features: 1 forward speed, standard electric start, protective front bumper, electric start

Another Troy-Bilt machine makes it onto our list. If the predecessor is anything to go by, then this tool should as well be amazing. However, since the two are different machines, you can expect variances in features as well.

The first notable difference is in the engine. While the Horse features a 306cc engine, this one only features 250cc. This should result in a noteworthy difference in power between the two choices.

You also see that the manufacturer has cut down on wheel size for this model by about 3 inches. Nevertheless, some of the other products by different manufacturers have shown that this wheel size should be more than sufficient.

With the purchase, you get 12” bolo and forward rotating tines. These are what make it possible for you to reach a 7” tilling depth. They as well max out at a width of 16”.

You also get one forward speed option with a choice to use power reverse as well. The engine is coupled with an electric start, which should prove less strenuous than a recoil option.

Also, a protective bumper is included in the design of this small garden tiller. Users who have previously been hit by projectiles from other power devices know how painful it can be. They will thus appreciate the bumper more.

What makes it stand out?

  • Lifetime warranty on transmission
  • Electric start
  • Protective front bumper
  • Powerful engine

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • One forward and one backward speed is a little underwhelming
  • Tilling width is also quite small

Earthquake Victory 29702Best Rear Tine Tiller For Home Garden

  • Engine: 196cc Kohler®, 4-cycle, ten ft.-lb.
  • Tilling width: 16”
  • Tilling depth: 10”
  • Tines: counter-rotating
  • Wheels: 13.5” x 5.4”
  • Warranty: 5-year (product), 2-year (engine) limited

Other features: single-handed control through sod, air-less wheels, two speeds; cast iron, bronze gear drive transmission

If you are looking for a one-hand operation machine, this is it. Admittedly, while it does allow for one-hand operation, two-hand use should give more stability for the task at hand.

In comparison to some of the other devices, it doesn’t have the most significant tilling width. However, it does outperform all other options with regards to tilling depth. Nevertheless, this is not something you can tell by looking at the small body of the device.

Similar to the Troy-Bilt Horse, you will find that this tool also features a bronze gear drive system. However, you shouldn’t expect the same level of engine performance. This is due to the 306cc and the 196cc disparity, among other things.

The airless wheels are as well another positive. You will thus never have to worry about punctures or inflating them. One area that the tool performs dismally is in the speed. There are only two available speed options, and that will likely limit the way you can use the device.

Nevertheless, it has enough power for most small gardens. You will as well be glad to know that this is one of the less expensive models in the market. It is priced at around 660 dollars on Amazon, although you can top up that amount for some extra accessories.

Being so affordable means more people can acquire it without having to break the bank. You can also not forget the 5-year warranty for most of the device. However, the engine features a different cover that extends only up to two years.

What makes it special?

  • 5-year warranty for most device parts
  • 2-year engine warranty
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Durable airless wheels
  • Allows for one-handed use
  • Cast iron, bronze gear

What cons did we find?

  • The engine is not the most powerful in the bunch
  • Some users have mentioned that while the engine is high quality most of the other parts are not

Things to Consider

Buying a rear tine tiller shouldn’t be a blind exercise where you randomly pick machines you think are good. It takes meticulous planning for the budget in addition to having an outline for what you want from the device.
To plan adequately, you need to go through the buying guide below. This is because it provides information on some key areas you might need to look into as you vet different options.

What is a rear tine tiller?

5 Best Rear Tine Tillers - Reviews and Buying Guide

Garden tillers are a standard garden accessory for a lot of people. They work by digging into the soil, lifting it, and breaking it up into much smaller clumps. If the goal is to provide aeration in your soil for the seeds you plan on planting, this is the way to do it.

A rear tine tiller does the same job. However, its design is where the differentiation from other tillers comes in. It includes an engine on the front, wheels somewhere in the middle, and the tines at the back; hence the term rear tine.

Where you find a backward rotating motion to the tines in contrast to the forward movement of the wheels that is called a counter-rotating motion. The Champion 100380 is an example of a device that incorporates that in its design.There are also forward rotating and dual rotating tine options as well.

Features to consider when purchasing a rear tine tiller

Most smart people consider features whenever they want to buy any new tool. This is because it is an almost sure way of determining if the device will work for you without having used it. As a part of our buying guide, we have given a breakdown of features to expect in most devices. Your role is only to read and take notes.


You will likely find a difference in soil hardness in various areas. If the soil is soft, most engines should get through it quite easily. However, if it is hard, some options might struggle a bit. This is where engine power comes in.

If you want a device that makes slight work of soil, whether soft or hard, you will invest the extra money in something more powerful. Also, the engine is quite capable of influencing the spinning speed for the tine. This as well, has the effect of determining how much time you spend tilling your garden.


This is yet another area that will likely be influenced by the engine and gear. Quite simply put, the more powerful the engine, the better. Displacement or cc ratings are one of those ways that you can determine whether the tool has enough torque for the job at hand or not.

Nevertheless, most devices will eventually get the job done. However, the time it takes to complete the job will vary based on power and torque.

Tilling width

5 Best Rear Tine Tillers - Reviews and Buying Guide

Everyone wants to make their work easier. That is one of the reasons why you are purchasing a rear tine tiller instead of a hoe. As such, you should pay attention to the tilling width as it is quite telling on the amount of work you have to do.

Larger tilling widths cover more ground in a single run. This means that the number of runs you have to make to cover your whole garden is less as compared to devices with smaller tilling widths. As such, if your financial capacity allows it, always go for the larger option.

Tilling depth

The depth is another area that potential users might want to look into. As such, how deep the tines can dig is quite essential.

What is even more important is the variety it has with regard to depth. This allows you to toggle depth to cater to the different seeds you may want to plant. After all, some of them will do better at a 3-inch depth than they will at 6 inches.

Tine rotation style

As we have already mentioned, the Champion 100380 uses a counter-rotation style. This means that when the device is moving forward, the tines are rotating in the opposite direction.

Contrast this with the forward rotation of the Troy-Bilt Pony ES tines.

A few options as well have the option to switch between counter-rotation and forward rotation. These are the dual-rotation devices.
You as well need to choose which of the above three suits your needs.

Tiller wheels

You cannot forget the tiller wheels as well. The Troy-Bilt Horse offers one of the more impressive wheel options since they are large and provide more traction.

Also, the Earthquake Victory 29702 impresses with airless wheels as well. With some of the above options, you may have to replace the wheels for better performance.


While it is operated by most people using two hands, the Earthquake Victory 29702 allows for one-handed use as well. This makes it quite versatile. Other options can only be used with a firm two-handed grip.

5 Best Rear Tine Tillers - Reviews and Buying Guide

However, other factors also come into play. An example is comfort. If you find options with ergonomic grips, you should consider taking them on. After all, you might end up using the tool for long periods at a time.

Dimensions and weight

These devices tend to be moved from storage to the garden and then back to storage. As such, it might not matter much for the device to be lightweight.

On the other hand, the dimensions do affect the tilling width. Rarely do we recommend that you go for the bigger option, but in this case, we do. This will likely affect the number of runs you have to make to complete the tilling job.

Nevertheless, this can be a double-edged sword since it will mean that you need to set aside more storage space as well.


You want a tool that stays balanced as you are using it, and a counterweight is a perfect feature to help you with that. As a result, you will likely not get any jerking or involuntary movements from the machine while using it.


Most of these tools will come with manufacturer-specific warranties. The YARDMAX YT4565, for instance, comes with a 2-year warranty for residential users. Commercial users are not so lucky with only about 90-day coverage.

Other options offer different terms, and it is essential to read through the conditions. This way, you will know what coverage is available for each of the components of the machine.

Other features

Extra features are also standard in a lot of these devices. Things like safety shield protect the user and thus add value to the device.Other additional features may include easy start mechanisms, self-sharpening tines, and many more. Admittedly these extra features might increase the cost of your machine.


The only things you need to be concerned about regarding the engines are whether they can produce enough power. This is regardless of the type. Also, most options use the same kind of fuel, so there shouldn’t be much difference in emissions.

A few of the options above either use bronze or cast iron gearboxes. This would imply that durability is quite essential. As such, it is a crucial feature to look into as you check on device transmission.

Our Verdict

Picking out at least three devices is a great idea since availability varies for most of them. This way you are assured that at least one of them will be available for sale.

In our case, the editor’s choice has to feature as a top pick. After all, it was named the editor’s choice based on merit. You can clearly see that by looking at the features. One example is in regard to the self-sharpening tines. This is not a feature you are likely to see on most other options.

You can also swap that out for the Troy-Bilt Horse. Just like its name suggests this is a workhorse of a machine. It has a powerful engine and big wheels to boot. This makes it easier for the forward rotating tines to make slight work of the job at hand. The seven speeds provided for are as well quite impressive.

The last option in our favorites list is the Champion 100380. If you are looking for EPA or CARB compliance, this is the product to buy. It also has quite a few functional elements. Examples include an eight-inch tilling depth in addition to self-propelling wheels.

However, with only five options in the shortlist picking out which device to buy is seemingly a lot easier. As such, you should come to a conclusion soon. In that case, log in to amazon and ordering your device should be the next and final step in the process.

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