8 Best Front Tine Tillers – Perfect for Any Garden!

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A front tine tiller is a necessary piece of equipment that a gardener or landscaping enthusiast should own. This tiller will till even the roughest of soils and help you convert it into a lush garden. This tiller is also used to cultivate and aerate the soil on your farm. There are numerous options that you will be presented with when you want to shop for your best front tine tiller today.

We have rigorously tested many front tine garden tillers, and it is with confidence that we have picked eight tillers to be the best. Based on versatility, practicality, durability, and ease of use of a machine, the YARDMAX front tine tiller is our pick. This tine tiller has a 79.77cc engine capacity and gives the tines a whooping 180RPMs. Any front tine tiller should allow for easy use, transportation, and storage. This sturdy 103.6 lbs. tiller offers adjustable tine width and reaches a depth of 11 inches. However, we have reviewed seven other tillers to help you make the right pick.

For you to buy the best front tine garden tiller, we believe you must consider checking the weight and the dimensions of the unit for easier handling, transportation, and storage. You must also consider the source of power for the unit, its rotational speed, tilling width, and depth too. These features have been expounded on in the product description section. By understanding the importance of these features, you will be better placed at making the right choice tiller for your garden. The comparison table and in-depth reviews will help you identify the highest-scoring tine tiller, while the buying guide has expounded more on the different features that each tiller should have.

Top 8 Front Tine Tillers Review 2021

  • Weight: 103.6 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 29 x 28.3 x 18.1 inches
  • Power source: 77cc YARDMAX engine
  • Rotational speed: 180 RPM
  • Tilling width: 11, 16, or 21 inches
  • Tilling depth: 7-11 inches

More features: removable outer tines; easy to use; height-adjustable handlebar; depth control with drag stake; rust-resilient

For that stubborn soil in your backyard, invest in the YARDMAX Compact Front Tine Tiller. This is a tough tiller that goes as deep as 11 inches hence qualifying it as a serious machine to have for a domestic or commercial farmer. The tilling depth can be adjusted to be anywhere between 7 and 11 inches. For a garden with rows of plants, it is easy to till using the unit since its width is adjustable. The machine can till a maximum width of 21 inches and can be adjusted to cover tilling widths of 16 and 11 inches. It is the perfect gardening companion as it makes digging and mixing of the soil so much easier.

YARDMAX has equipped this self-propelled front tine tiller with all the right features that guarantee quality farming. The gross weight of 103.6 lbs. ensures that the tines are stable and deep. The functionality of the unit is further enhanced by the fact that the outer tines are removable hence making it possible to till around tight corners. With an engine capacity of 79.77cc and a rotational speed of 180 RPM, you can rest assured of the high capability of the machine. The 8inches tires, four depth adjustments, and a 2-year residential warranty serve to endear this unit to the everyday gardening enthusiast.

What we liked:

  • Large tires – 8 inches
  • Can be used for home use or commercially
  • 4-depth adjustments
  • Low vibration

What could be better:

  • The oil sensor seems to fail when the unit tilts to the left
  • The shift is clanky
  • Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 50.7 x 22 x 34.9 inches
  • Power source: 149cc 4-Cycle Kohler Engine
  • Rotational speed: not specified
  • Tilling width: 11, 16, or 21 inches
  • Tilling depth: not specified

More features: incredible stability; durable; easy to turn on; effortless to transport; tilling width can be adjusted

The Earthquake Badger Heavy Duty Tiller is definitely a premium tiller that beats the competition in almost all areas. This front tine rototiller’s functionality is guaranteed by the cast iron hinged tail mount, and drag stick assembly, which ensures the unit’s stability and versatility remain primal. The tiller’s large wheels fold forward under the engine when you want to transport it. The wheels pull back, and the drag stick lower when you want to till. This helps at lowering the center gravity level and also makes the operation of the 115 lbs. machine easier. The tilling depth of the Badger is 11 inches, and the width can be adjusted from anywhere to 11, 16, or 21 inches.

This tiller is indeed, a prime machine to own considering that it boasts of all-steel construction, forged tines, and a bronze gear drive transmission. It carries a 4-cycle engine type of 6.75 torque at 2,800 RPM. With an engine capacity of 149 cc, this tiller is guaranteed to convert your untilled filled into an attractive garden. The nylon fuel tank further helps at making this machine one of the best front tine gas tillers in the market. With 3-multiple height adjustment options and the option of operating it using one or both of your hands, this is a user-friendly machine that you should invest in.

What we liked:

  • Durable
  • User-friendly
  • Versatile and practical
  • Multiple tilling widths

What could be better:

  • Pricey
  • Weight: 27.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 55 x 43 x 17 inches
  • Power source: 12-amp motor
  • Rotational speed: 340 RPM
  • Tilling width: up to 16 inches
  • Tilling depth: up to 8 inches

More features: 6 steel angled tines; handle folds for storage; 3-position wheel adjustment; instant start

The Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller is perfectly equipped to till coarse and tough ground that is covered with all manner of weeds. It’s six tough steel tines are moved by a 12-amp electric motor that uses 120V. The tiller is so designed that it can till virgin ground with easy. Because it uses electricity, it has to be connected to the mains when in use. This makes the tiller one of the few in the market that uses environmentally friendly energy. While the steel tines guarantee durability, their number helps at making the tiller versatile and practical. The unit covers a width of 16 inches and a depth of 8 inches.

The powerful motor allows the tines to reach 380 RPM, and this, in turn, allows soil aeration and cutting of weed. The unit has large wheels located at the rear end. They can be adjusted into three different positions hence allowing more stability of the unit and convenience for the user. It becomes very easy for you to transport, store and use the machine while tilling or landscaping. Unlike the gas tillers which use gas and oil, the Sun Joe tiller demands very little maintenance. It weighs only 27.1 lbs. and is the best small front tine tiller.

What we liked:

  • Instant start
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheap

What could be better:

  • The power cord might get in the way
  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 40 x 16 x 40 inches
  • Power source: 5-Amp motor
  • Rotational speed: not specified
  • Tilling width: 11-16 inches
  • Tilling depth: 8 inches

More features: flip-down rear wheels; adjustable tempered alloy steel tines; bail wire start button; safe design

This is an electric tiller that is powered using a 13.5-amp motor. It uses 120 volts. The machine is equipped with six adjustable tampered alloy tines. The tough tines can cultivate a width of between 11 and 16 inches, and they can reach a depth of 8 inches hence making it the perfect tool to till tough ground. The adjustable tines also allow you to cultivated in tricky and tight corners in your garden. For easy operation of the machine, this Scotts tiller comes with an adjustable ergonomic handle.

For better control of the tiller, the manufacturer has installed a bail wire start button. The safe design of the tiller and the gross light weight of 30 lbs makes it practical for everybody. The flip-down wheels of the unit make it easy for transportation and storage. Furthermore, when you flip the wheels back, the center of gravity of the machine lowers, and this makes it more stable. Unlike the gas-powered engine tillers, this Scotts tiller is cheap and easy to maintain. The powerful motor and the strong tines make it possible and easy to use the tiller while facing any direction (pulling or pushing).

What we liked:

  • Cheap
  • Uses electricity
  • Powerful motor
  • Ergonomic handle

What could be better:

  • Power cable might come in the way
  • Weight: 84 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 51.2 x 24 x 35.5 inches
  • Power source: Viper engine
  • Rotational speed: not specified
  • Tilling width: 11, 16, or 21 inches
  • Tilling depth: 11 inches

More features: low gravity center for stability; easy start; quiet; easy to maneuver

The Earthquake Versa is a premium tiller that helps a gardener achieve the best results. The machine is a superb tiller as its tines are made of welded forged steel. This enables them to dig as deep as 11″ even in a rocky field. The unit is also used as a cultivator and can weed, mulch, as well as aerate your garden soil. It is the perfect gardening companion as its tines are adjustable and can till a width of 11, 16, or 21 inches. With a 4-cycle/L-Head engine, this tiller has an engine capacity of 99cc and torque of 3.32ft/lbs. at 2500 RPM. For best soil aeration, the tines can reach 163 RPMs.

The Versa tiller is designed with the needs of a gardening enthusiast in mind. The large 8-inch wheels can be adjusted to allow easy transportation and lowering of the gravity when you are using it. This also allows easy maneuverability of the machine. The smooth pull recoil starter allows for the convenient and quiet operation of the tiller. The versatility of the machine can be witnessed even more when you remove the outer tines hence allowing you to cultivate in narrow rows. Though a bit pricey than many gasoline tillers, the manufacturer has backed it with a 5-year warranty.

What we liked:

  • Hardy and durable
  • Easy to start and operate
  • Quiet

What could be better:

  • Quite pricey
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 29.2 x 26.4 x 26 inches
  • Power source: 140cc gas engine
  • Rotational speed: not specified
  • Tilling width: 13, 22, or 24 inches
  • Tilling depth: not specified

More features: easy to maneuver; durable wheels; precise cutting; loop handle; 2-year limited warranty

This 140cc OHV engine is certainly the machine you need to prepare your seedbeds professionally. The heavy-duty chain drive transmission of the machine is designed in such a way that you will not have any trouble tilling even the toughest of grounds. CRAFTSMAN has equipped the machine with 12-inch tines. These four forward rotating tines are made of tough metal and will dig a maximum depth of 7 inches. If you are breaking ground to convert a bare piece of land into a garden, these machine offers a maximum tilling width of 24 inches. For cultivating around your crops, you can adjust the tills to achieve a width of either 13 or 22 inches.

This front tine tiller is equipped with 8-inch pneumatic wheels, and this makes it easy to maneuver. The manufacturer has further designed the wheels to be adjustable to help achieve maximum benefits from the tiller. The fuel capacity of the fuel tank is slightly above 74 gallons, and this means you will not waste time refilling the tank. The tiller has already been pre-assembled, and all you have to do is add gasoline and oil before you can use the recoil starter to start it. CRAFTSMAN has backed the unit with a 2-year warranty.

What we liked:

  • Superior quality
  • 2-year warranty
  • Easy to operate

What could be better:

  • A bit pricey

Champion Dual Rotating Front Tine TillerBest for Heavy Soil

  • Weight: 119.1 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 47.2 x 23.6 x 37.8 inches
  • Power source: 212cc engine
  • Rotational speed: not specified
  • Tilling width: 16-22 inches
  • Tilling depth: 8 inches

More features: 8-inch storable transport wheels; 2-year limited warranty; 13.8-inch heavy-duty hardened steel tines

Weighing 119.1 lbs. and with an engine capacity of 212 cc, there is little doubt as to what the Champion Dual rotating front tine tiller can do. This tiller combines power and versatility to deliver the best results a farmer could wish for. The tines measuring 13.8 inches can reach a depth of 8 inches. These heavy-duty hardened steel tines offer dual rotation feature that makes the machine till narrow and wide rows with ease. Whether you are tilling a virgin garden or cultivating an existing vegetable garden, the adjustable tiller width of between 16 and 22 inches offers perfect options.

This Champion tiller is compact and highly efficient because the manufacturer has included an ergonomic handle that is equipped with easy-to-use controls. The easy to adjust depth gauge running behind the tiller lets you work at a consistent depth. The large 8-inch wheels make it easy for you when you are tilling as well as when you are transporting the machine. Maintaining the unit is easy and convenient as the manufacturer has included Low-oil shut off feature. It is EPA certified and CARB compliant hence qualifying it as one of the best tillers out there.

What we liked:

  • Backed with a 2-year warranty
  • Dual direction tine rotation
  • Powerful
  • Performs brilliantly in heavy clay soil

What could be better:

  • Pricey
  • Weight: 100 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 27.2 x 20.9 x 26 inches
  • Power source: 150cc engine
  • Rotational speed: not specified
  • Tilling width: 11, 16, or 21 inches
  • Tilling depth: 11 inches

More features: swing tail with drag stake; easy to start fuel delivery system; EPA-certified

The Southland Outdoor Power Equipment Tiller does a fine job of elevating the Southland brand even higher. This front tine tiller boasts of red and black colors. Whether you are looking to till narrow rows in your garden, this tiller allows you to achieve excellent results by making the tines’ width to be adjustable. The shortest width is 11 inches, while the widest it can till is 21 inches. The machine will easily reach a depth of 11 inches hence making it ideal for that intense and compact tilling of a virgin piece of land. Though the tiller doesn’t offer depth adjustability features, you will enjoy the exceptional aeration and mixing of soil by the tines.

Southland has invested in quality materials when making this tiller. The four super-sharp and sharp tines have been designed to remain so throughout the life of the machine. The engine of this rototiller features a single-speed 4-cycle gasoline system that has an outlay of 150 cc. The gear drive system of the tiller, together with the Poly-V belt system, helps at making the machine sturdy and durable. It meets the EPA and CARB certification. The 100 lbs. machine is placed on 6.5 inches strong wheels that make its portability and maneuverability extremely easy.

What we liked:

  • Backed by a 2-year warranty
  • The handles fold hence making it easy to store
  • Easy ignition
  • Compact and powerful

What could be better:

  • Might not perform exceptionally well on dry, hard and compact soil

Things to Consider

A front tine tiller comes with a plethora of benefits for the everyday gardener. Whether you farm commercially or as a hobby, you should consider purchasing a front tine tiller. This tiller is practical in that it allows you to till your garden and achieve the same exact results as those enjoyed by the person who has used a tractor plow. The best front tine tiller breaking ground companion should combine power and performance. Transforming your barren ground into a productive green garden or landscaped exterior should never be a hard thing. To identify the best front tine tiller that meets your needs, we have explored critical features that should use to gauge the best one to pick.

Why do you need a front tine tiller?

8 Best Front Tine Tillers - Perfect for Any Garden!

The answer to this question can best be explained by mentioning what a front tine tiller is and how it works. A tine tiller is a machine that allows you to till your land using a handheld piece of equipment. A front tine tiller has its tines positioned in the front of the wheels. The engine is located directly above the tines. When the tines rotate forward, they pull the machine. This then means that you must have a firm grip on the handle to prevent the machine from accelerating ahead. Because of their design and versatility, the front tine tillers allow for closer and thorough tilling around obstacles, smalls paces, and plants.

Features to consider before you buy a front tine tiller

Different front tine tillers boast of unique features that make them stand out from the rest. As such, it is essential for you as a buyer to know the traits you want from a tiller beforehand. Any front tine tiller worth mentioning should have quality tines that go deep into the soil without making the machine stall. It should also be easy to operate and maneuver as well as store. The extra features that you might want to consider how big is the fuel tank. The Craftsman Gas Powered Front Tine Tiller, for example, maybe your ideal companion if you are tilling a large area because its tank can hold 74.4 gallons. Here are some crucial features that you must consider before picking your tiller.


The weight of your garden tiller matters because it can hold the answer to whether your front tine tiller maneuvers easily or not. Heavy tillers such as the YARDMAX Compact Front Tine Tiller, which weighs 103 pounds, is preferred by many gardeners because it allows for better tilling, especially where the soil is hard, dry, and rocky.

The heavier tillers also have a lower center of gravity hence making them easier to control.
On the other hand, light tillers such as the Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Tiller, which is 30 pounds, is easy to transport and maneuver around objects and corners.


The measurements of your tiller should be important because the larger the tiller, the wider the path it will need when tilling. Though a majority of front tine tillers come with adjustable outer tines, hence making them easy to use, some tillers are not suitable for very narrow rows of plants. The height of the YARDMAX Compact Front Tine Tiller is 29 inches while that of Earthquake Badger Heavy Duty Tiller is 50 inches. If you have a tiny storage area, you might have a hard time storing the more massive Earthquake badger.

Power source

The power source of your best front tine tiller matters because you cannot afford to buy one that is powered by electricity, yet you don’t have access to the main grid. A majority of our reviewed tillers use gasoline. This is for some seemingly obvious reasons; many farmers want to use their tiller all over their farm and not just next to the house. While an electric tiller such as the Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller requires minimal maintenance, you will have to be contented with the power cable and its lightweight.

Rotational speed

8 Best Front Tine Tillers - Perfect for Any Garden!

The rotational speed of the tines determines how effective your tiller is at not only tilling the land but also aerating the soil. The higher the RPM (revolution/ rotation per minute), the better and more effective your machine is. The higher rotational speed such that of YARDMAX Compact Front Tine Tiller reaches 180. Tillers with higher speeds are also capable of effectively working on rocky, dry, and clay soil.

Tilling width

The tilling width of almost every other front tine tiller is adjustable and falls between 11 and 24 inches. The Craftsman Gas Powered Front Tine Tiller is one of the machines that have the largest width with a capacity if taking up an area as wide as 24 inches. However, the width can be adjusted to till an area of 13 inches wide. You can remove the outer tines to allow the machine till around objects and plants.

If you are a farmer of plants that require narrow rows, then it might be advisable to pick a tiller that can be adjusted to 11 inches.

Tilling depth

The maximum depth that the best front tine tiller generally goes is 11 inches. A majority of our reviewed tillers offer a maximum of 11 inches. Other tillers such as YARDMAX Compact Front Tine Tiller reaches a maximum depth of 7 inches while Champion Dual Rotating Front Tine Tiller reaches 8 inches. The more powerful a tiller is, the better its ability to till deep. If you are looking to cultivate or till already soft soil, you might not need the whole 11 inches deep. You can go for the 7 inches.


We will assume that you have checked the oil level, and the fuel tank is full. Once you have established the tiller is ready for use, turn the on lever from OFF to ON. After this, you will need to engage the choke. You should then start the engine by pulling on to the recoil cord. The engine should start instantaneously. Once the engine starts running, push the choke handle in to disengage the choke. The sound of the engine will change to a more harmonious tune. Using the lower handles, engage the tines, and start tilling. For the tillers with adjustable legs, you will not have a hard time turning a corner or a bend.

A front tine tiller is ideal if your garden or field is compact and rocky. A mid-sized front tine tiller whose engine is of at least four horsepower will be easy to handle and maneuver even at the tightest of corners. For a very small yard, you don’t need a tiller that has a lot of horsepowers. You also don’t need to buy a tiller with a lot of tines or one with a wide width. For easier maneuverability convenience and functionality, you should consider investing in a tiller such as Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller or Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Corded Tiller.

Every front tine tiller from an established and reliable manufacturer should come with a user manual. Such a manual can be physical, or you can access it online. According to all the manufacturers of all the tillers that we reviewed above, none require installation by the end-user. The only small tasks that you will be required to perform include putting oil to the oil container and filling the fuel tank. You will also be required to understand some technical aspects of the machine, such as engaging the choke, setting the depth of the tines as well as their width.

Our Verdict

From the wide range of front tine tillers that we have explored above, you can rest easy knowing that we have your back covered. Even though these tillers are of high quality and their functionality is unquestionable, we do not doubt the suitability of YARDMAX Compact Front Tine Tiller being our favorite pick. The tiller’s maneuverability, functionality, quality, and user-friendliness endear it to the everyday gardener.

The Earthquake Badger Heavy Duty Tiller is a premium pick that will suit your needs. It is sturdy, comes with ergonomic handles, and its design is the most appealing. Bearing one of the highest price tags, it is the one tiller that you should check out if you are in search of a premier front tine tiller.

Of course, the best front tine tiller when it comes to the best value for your money is the Sun Joe TJ603E Electric Tiller. This electric tiller offers 340 rotational speed hence making it ideal for anyone who wishes to have a workhorse at a very reasonable price.

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