5 Best Sprinklers for a Small Lawn – Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you want to enjoy a lush lawn, a sprinkler system is crucial, but when you have a small lawn, you need to choose the right model for your needs. Small area sprinklers are specifically designed for small lawns to avoid overwatering issues.

Our researchers have reviewed 22 small lawn sprinklers to assess the benefits they can offer. We’ve compiled a list of picks and our editor’s choice, the Green Mount offers fantastic versatility with different sprinkler speeds and types with a full 360º rotation. We’ve also ranked other sprinkler systems at different price points to ensure that there is a top pick for everyone.

Top 5 Sprinklers for a Small Lawn Review 2020

Our researchers deliberated for hours to research the best sprinkler for small lawn products. We’ve evaluated the different types of sprinklers, so you can assess which one is best for your preferences. However, we’ve also explored the coverage areas and spray distances, which can help you to calculate whether a particular sprinkler model can provide adequate irrigation for your lawn area, but we’ve also looked at materials, adjustability and warranties offered. We’ve presented our findings as a simple overview table and a list of detailed reviews. Finally, we’ve included a buying guide to help you to make your final purchase decision.

Editor's Choice

An impressive impulse and two-arm lawn sprinkler with an auto-rotate feature, two wheel base and an adjustable spraying distance.

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YardScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.
Premium Pick

A metal oscillating sprinkler with 20 spray nozzles, “Twin Touch” control and adjustable width and pattern range.

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YardScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.
Best Value

A compact plastic oscillating sprinkler with 4-way adjustment, zoom control and a flow-through base.

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YardScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.
Great Adjustability

A versatile impact sprinkler with adjustable height and spray coverage, 360° watering and anti-backsplash arm.

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YardScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.
Best Manufacturer’s Support

A simple and effective spray sprinkler with a coverage area of 1,000 sq. ft. and adjustable spray diameter and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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YardScore is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10. The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback.

GREEN MOUNT Lawn SprinklerEditor's Choice

  • Type: impulse sprinkler & two-arm sprinkler
  • Coverage area: n/a
  • Spray distance: 40’ (impulse), 24’ (two-arm)
  • Material: ABS plastic, metal
  • Warranty: 2 years

Other features: two wheel base, adjustable spraying distance

The GREEN MOUNT Lawn Sprinkler is our editor’s choice because it has an impressive range of features for a relatively modest price point. This may be the best sprinkler for small square lawn watering on our list because it has an auto-rotate feature with a full 360º rotation. This ensures that every area of the lawn within the effective radius will receive an adequate volume of water.

The base is extremely stable, this adds a little weight to the device, but it sits on handy wheels making it easy to maneuver into position. This sprinkler has both a heavy-duty impulse and a two-arm metal sprinkler. Both of these sprinklers can deliver water out to 20 ft. and 40 ft., respectively making this a very flexible option.

The overall quality of the GREEN MOUNT Lawn Sprinkler is very impressive for the modest price. The flexibility of the two different sprinkler types is very useful and it gives the user options that are not available on many other sprinklers.

  • Users love the even delivery of water at different speeds.
  • It is backed with a limited 2 year quality promise.
  • This is not the best option for a freshly seeded lawn.

Melnor XT4200M Premium Pick

  • Type: oscillating sprinkler
  • Coverage area: 4,200 sq.ft.
  • Spray distance: n/a
  • Material: metal
  • Warranty: lifetime

Other features: twin touch controls, adjustable width and pattern range

The Melnor XT4200M is our premium pick and we believe it’s the best oscillating sprinkler for small lawn watering. This sprinkler can water 4,200 sq. ft. and this is an excellent level of coverage for a sprinkler at this price point. The user can control the width, flow and range of watering to ensure that every part of the lawn gets the watering that it needs.

The controls are simple to use. Melnor have installed their “Twin Touch” control system on this sprinkler so it’s easy to get the exact settings that you need. This sprinkler is supplied with 20 spray nozzles that deliver consistent watering performance is the water pressure is good. The incoming water pressure can also be adjusted using the yellow clips that are located at the center of the sprinkler unit.

This is also an excellent sprinkler for newly seeded lawns thanks to the “Zoom Control” feature. This offers a gentler watering experience that will not disturb or damage the seeds as they develop. If you need an oscillating sprinkler for your small lawn the Melnor XT4200M is an ideal choice.

  • Users report this sprinkler is versatile and easy to use.
  • The level of coverage is unusual in a sprinkler at this size and price point.
  • Some users have reported this sprinkler can become damaged if it’s left outside in the sun for prolonged periods.
  • Type: oscillating sprinkler
  • Coverage area: 4,000 sq.ft.
  • Spray distance: n/a
  • Material: plastic
  • Warranty: lifetime

Other features: 4-way adjustment, zoom control,  flow-through base

The Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo is the best value sprinkler choice on our list. The compact design is deceptive; this sprinkler can water an area of up to 4.000 sq. ft. making it an ideal choice for smaller and medium sized lawns. The width and range of the water flow can be easily adjusted and the “Zoom” feature allows the user to helps to focus the watering to avoid wasting water on paths and driveways.

This oscillating sprinkler is smooth and quiet and it provides even watering coverage without puddling. Melnor refer to this as their “Infinity Turbo Drive” and it’s designed to extend the life of this sprinkler unit for many years to come. Many Melnor products including this sprinkler have a quick connect system that makes changing tools simple. The Quick Connect product adapter allows the user to attach the sprinkler to a hose end whenever they want to use it.

  • Users like the four-way adjustment settings for precision watering tasks.
  • Many users have reported that this sprinkler is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • This sprinkler is backed with the Melnor Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • This is a premium sprinkler with a matching price tag.
  • The Quick Connect End Connector is sold separately.

Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact SprinklerGreat Adjustability

  • Type: impact sprinkler
  • Coverage area: 5,670 sq.ft.
  • Spray distance: 20’ – 85’
  • Material: zinc
  • Warranty: n/a

Other features: adjustable spray coverage, 360° watering, anti-backsplash arm, tripod base

The Orbit 56667N Zinc Impact Sprinkler is an unusual entry on our list because it sits on a tripod base. The sprinkler head can be adjusted from 16” up to 37” in height making it an ideal choice for watering plants and flowers that high off the ground. For the best results the sprinkler head should be set to the height of the plants being watered. When it comes to watering a lawn, the tripod legs are expandable so you can set the sprinkler to water larger areas easily.

This Orbit sprinkler has a spray area of 80 ft. and the sprinkler head has a full rotation of 360º for even water distribution. The sprinkler can also be adjusted to work in smaller areas without wasting water with a screw located on the sprinkler head. The user can adjust the sprinkler down to an area of 10ft. but it takes a little trial and error to find the exact setting that you need by turning the screw.

  • Many users have reported that this tripod design is very effective.
  • The legs can be set independently allowing the user to distribute water in arcs for deeper beds of plants.
  • Some users have reported that the plastic parts are vulnerable to damage.
  • Users have found the sprinkler adjustments to be helpful but it can be tricky to get a precise setting using the screw.

Gardena 1951Best Manufacturer’s Support

  • Type: spray sprinkler
  • Coverage area: 1,000 sq.ft.
  • Spray distance: 36’
  • Material: plastic
  • Warranty: 1 year

Other features: adjustable spray diameter

The Gardena 1951 is a simple and effective low cost sprinkler solution for smaller gardens. It can cover a maximum surface area of 1,000 sq. ft. with a 36 ft. diameter spray. This is a great option for users that need to deliver water to smaller front gardens, flower beds and raised vegetable beds. This sprinkler is mounted on a stake, simply push the unit into the ground where you need water, connect it to a water supply and turn it on. There are no complicated moving parts and when you’re done simply pull it up and move it somewhere else.

One of the best things about purchasing a Gardena sprinkler is the 12-month part and labor warranty supplied with their products. If the unit fails it will be repaired or replaced free of charge during the initial year of ownership. If the sprinkler fails later there is a national repair service that offers a free estimate on parts and labor to get the product fixed. That being said, the Gardena 1951 is very inexpensive and it would be cheaper to simply buy another unit. It’s easy to imagine dedicated gardeners using a few of these sprinklers if they have multiple small areas that need water.

  • Users like the simple design which has no moving parts.
  • The support from Gardena is excellent.
  • The plastic spike can be damaged if the unit is forced into hard ground.

Buying Guide

If you want a lush, healthy lawn, a sprinkler system is crucial, However, when you have a small lawn, it can be challenging to choose the right unit. So, here we’ve compiled a buying guide with the things to consider, features to look out for and the answers to common questions to aid you making your final purchase decision.

Benefits of small area sprinklers

5 Best Sprinklers for a Small Lawn - Reviews and Buying Guide

There are three main reasons why you may want to install a sprinkler system for a smaller garden.

  1. Convenience: When you use a sprinkler system you can water your lawn or plants automatically allowing you to focus on other garden related tasks.
  2. Optimal Watering Times: The best time to water your garden is early in the morning and that is a time when most of us are busy getting ready for work or school. A sprinkler allows the user to set their watering off and then prepare for the day ahead.
  3. Even Watering: It may seem strange to use a sprinkler in a smaller area and many people use a watering can or garden hose instead. However, a sprinkler can deliver water more evenly and efficiently to help the user avoid oversaturation and prevent wasting water.

Features to consider when choosing a sprinkler for a small lawn

With so many sprinkler systems on the market, it can be tricky to choose the right one for your property. Here we’ll explore features to consider to help you to narrow your choices and find the best one for your specific needs.


There are four main types of sprinklers and the one you choose will depend on the size of your garden and how much water your garden needs. Let’s take a closer look at these different types of sprinklers in a little more detail.

  1. Oscillating: An oscillating sprinkler such as the Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo is designed to spray the water from side to side to cover a larger area.
  2. Pulsating: This sprinkler type rotates slowly to distribute water evenly in every direction.
  3. Stationary: This is designed to stay in a single location, it’s a great fit for smaller lawns and plant beds.
  4. Traveling: A traveling sprinkler is designed to follow the same direction as your garden hose and it waters the lawn in a number of different patterns.

Coverage area

Every sprinkler is designed for a certain level of coverage and this should match or exceed the size of your lawn. For a smaller lawn a sprinkler with a coverage area of 4,200 sq. ft. such as the Melnor XT4200M is ideal. Some smaller models such as the Gardena 1951 have a far lower coverage area under 1,600 sq. ft. If you have a smaller garden you have a couple of choices, you can get a single sprinkler to ensure you have adequate coverage. Alternatively, you could get more than one sprinkler to cover the entire area and have more flexibility.


Many modern sprinklers such as the GREEN MOUNT Lawn Sprinkler have a number of settings for watering timing and water pressure. It’s a great idea to purchase a sprinkler with a wide variety of settings because it will be a more flexible sprinkler that’s well suited to more watering tasks.

Choosing the optimal watering settings, it extremely important to avoid overwatering and water waste.
Some sprinkler systems feature an auto shut-off setting that’s very useful if you forget to turn the device off. This allows the user to go about their day without worrying about their lawn and plants receiving too much water.

Spray distance

5 Best Sprinklers for a Small Lawn - Reviews and Buying Guide

This could also be considered as the flow rate; it’s the volume of water that you will receive when using that sprinkler. The volume of water use is expressed as Liters per Minute or L/m and this should be efficient. Generally speaking, you will need a water pressure of 30-35 Pounds per Square Inch or PSI and a water flow of 10-13 Gallons per Minute or GPM to support a modest sprinkler. A water sprinkler that sprays water further will need more and vice versa. So, if you purchase a sprinkler with a longer spray distance and you have low water pressure the unit will not spray to the full distance. This is an important consideration because you need full coverage to water the entire area. This is less of an issue with sprinklers for smaller gardens but it’s worth checking before making a commitment to buy. If the water pressure is too low contact a local plumber and they can help you to adjust it to make it more usable in the garden and elsewhere in the home.


The manufacturing material use in a sprinkler will affect how well it stands up to daily use and how long it will last before it fails. Generally speaking, a sprinkler that’s made from plastic will be less sturdy compared to a sprinkler made with metal. Most modern sprinklers have some plastic parts, but better products may have sturdy metal bases or connectors to improve the overall durability. Another key consideration is corrosion prevention to ensure that your sprinkler doesn’t succumb to rust that will shorten its useful lifespan. Another problem with plastic sprinkler models is that they can fade and become weakened when exposed to hot sunlight. Some people avoid this problem by storing their sprinklers under cover when they are not in use.


Like any modern tool or appliance there may be a manufacturer’s warranty available for your sprinkler. A great warranty proves that the manufacturer has confidence in their product and it provides a certain level of cover if anything goes wrong. A sprinkler has a relatively harsh life, dealing with water pressure can wear out parts quickly and this can be a problem. More expensive sprinklers can usually be repaired and if you have an inexpensive model it’s more cost effective to simply replace a failing product.


The price of your new sprinkler has to be within your budget but you may be surprised at how much you can get for your money. However, you do get what you pay for and a more expensive sprinkler is likely to have more features and durability when compared to a cheaper product. Finding the right balance of features for the best price is a great idea but this will vary a great deal depending on the factors mentioned earlier. In our opinion the Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo is the best value sprinkler on this list.


Yes, it is possible to overwater lawns, which can damage the grass. In most cases, watering for 20 to 30 minutes 3 times a week is sufficient, but you may need to tailor your sprinkler timings to find the optimum for your lawn.

A typical sprinkler can use up to 1,000 gallons of water per hour, but the actual water usage depends on the size of the unit and flow rate.

In most cases, yes, but you should check the specific instructions for each product.

Our Verdict

As you can see there are some great options for small lawn sprinklers on the market today. From the Melnor 65003-AMZ MiniMax Turbo, which offers an intuitive and easy to use system to the premium Melnor XT4200M, which provides an impressive coverage. However, the stand out as the best sprinkler for small lawn has to be our editor’s choice, the Green Mount.

This fantastic sprinkler system includes an auto rotate feature and full 360º rotation with different spray speeds and types to ensure proper coverage of any small lawn. The Green Mount sprinkler is made from heavy duty materials ensuring impressive quality despite the modest price tag. It is also backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, making it a fantastic option.

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