10 Best Lawn Sweepers – Get Rid of the Debris with a Single Pass!

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Is there anything better than seeing a beautiful and well-maintained lawn? If you ask us, the answer is having one and being proud of the best yard in the neighborhood! That will require using the best lawn sweepers. These devices can be of essential assistance in maintaining a clean lawn.

We searched the market up and down and checked out the top 42 products available. From there, we picked the Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper as our favorite. That is because of the excellent performance and generous hopper capacity. We also like that it features a universal hitch to make it suitable for various tractor brands. Our team also gathered nine other great lawn sweepers. We hope our reviews will help you pick the right product for your yard.

While reviewing sweepers, we focused on their crucial features. That included making a difference between tow-behind and push models. Next, we analyzed the width of the sweeper, the size of its wheels, and the hopper capacity. Along with the overall weight, it can affect the performance and ease of operation when handling the product. Our team spent more than 50 hours on this project. We focused on every single detail to ensure you can pick the most suitable sweeper for your lawn. Professional opinions, official websites, user reviews, and other relevant sources were used when writing the reviews. Before you start writing the detailed analysis of every product, check out our comparison table. Once you are done, take a look at our comprehensive buying guide. It will reveal everything you ever wanted to know about yard sweepers!

Top 10 Lawn Sweepers Review 2021


Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn SweeperEditor's Choice

  • Type: tow-behind sweeper
  • Sweep width: 44-in.
  • Capacity: 25 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: 12 x 3 in. semi-pneumatic
  • Weight: 92 lbs.

More features: adjustable brush height, universal hitch, steel lever for quick dumping, collapsible hopper bag, 5.1 to 1 brush to wheel ratio, 1-year warranty

Agri-Fab is a famous brand in yard maintenance, and their 45-0492 unit features an excellent value for money. It is not easy to design a sweeper that doesn’t require much time to assemble, but the company did just that. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to put it together, even if you are a beginner.

The wheels are 12 x 3 in., semi-pneumatic, and ensure optimal control. Thanks to the universal hitch, it will be easy to attach this tow-behind lawn sweeper to any tractor.

The product is efficient and reliable at picking up various types of debris. The process of adjusting the brushes is not the easiest, but the hopper fills out evenly. Add a pretty generous capacity, and you get a hopper that minimizes the frequency of emptying. The sweeper is not small, and you will need plenty of room to store it. However, it can handle heavier tasks, which makes it suitable for big yards.

What we liked:

  • The universal hitch
  • Semi-pneumatic and reliable wheels
  • A generous hopper capacity that fills out evenly
  • Simple assembly that doesn’t take long

What could be better:

  • Adjusting the brushes could be simpler
  • Can take more storage space than expected
  • Type: push sweeper
  • Sweep width: 21-in.
  • Capacity: 7 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: 7.5 in. plastic
  • Weight: 13 lbs.

More features: ideal for small clean-up jobs, made of lightweight materials, scratch-resistant and powder-coated handle, adjustable height

Earthwise has a tempting deal for everyone looking for push lawn sweepers. While this model might not be suitable for large areas, it is perfect for small lawns and yard.

The sweeper is light, which means you can’t expect it to perform heavy-duty tasks. However, it is easy to move around, and operating it is far simpler than using a rake. It is less physically demanding and more enjoyable.

The reasonable brush width of 21 inches and a decent collection bag capacity will ensure you don’t have to empty the bin too often. Once you do, it shouldn’t be a hassle.

The entire operation is pleasant, and you can adjust the sweeper to your needs. You can lower brushes for better collection or raise then for simple control. The only thing to consider is that wet and muddy areas could be an obstacle for plastic wheels.

What we liked:

  • A better option than using a rake
  • It is lightweight and easy to move around
  • Simple to empty the collector bin
  • Adjusting the desired height is a breeze

What could be better:

  • Not a heavy-duty product
  • The wheels might get stuck in muddy or wet areas

Ohio Steel 42SWP22 SweeperBest with Pulling Rope for Dumping

  • Type: tow-behind sweeper
  • Sweep width: 42-in.
  • Capacity: 22 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: 11 in. semi-pneumatic
  • Weight: 95 lbs.

More features: 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel ratio, heavy-duty collector bag, 9 in. chute, no-slip positive lock height adjustment, pulling rope for dumping, 3-position hitch adjustment

Ohio Steel is another reputable US brand for yard sweepers that you can find in our article. Here is an interesting and average-sized model with a 42-inch sweep width. The brush for wheel ratio is 4.5:1, which is quite decent.

The entire product is well-built and durable, and you can expect it to last for years. However, the bottom of the hopper takes the beating from the ground while on the move. That’s why you should be careful if you bump into rocks or asphalt.

It isn’t a surprise that a yard sweeper has problems on uneven surfaces. While it is tricky to tackle hills, the unit will perform efficiently on flat ground. It will show a high level of success when picking up leaves and other debris from your lawn. The collector bag is strong, and it is easy to dump what you picked up while operating with a pulling rope. Locking the position of the sweeper is easy, and even beginners will enjoy operating this tool.

What we liked:

  • Long-lasting and durable
  • A strong collector bag
  • Reliable adjustment for locking height
  • It isn’t a hassle to dump what you collected

What could be better:

  • The bottom of the hopper takes the beating from the ground
  • It has difficulties on uneven surfaces

Brinly STS-427LXH Lawn SweeperBest for Upright Storage

  • Type: tow-behind sweeper
  • Sweep width: 42-in
  • Capacity: 20 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: 12” x 3” pneumatic rubber tires
  • Weight: 80 lbs.

More features: 5:1 brush to wheel ratio, height adjustment with twist-lock, upright storage

Things do not start off well with this Brinley tool. The assembly directions are tricky to follow, even if you have mechanics-related knowledge. Once you figure out how to set everything up, you realize this could be one of the best yard sweepers on the market.

The unit features a 42-inch sweep width and six brushes. The product comes with a height adjustment, and the twist-lock mechanism enables simple locking into place. Next, the decent size and hamper capacity ensure that the product is effective.

The quality of construction delivers consistent results when picking up leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, etc. All this should improve the appearance of your yard effortlessly. The sticks are capable of jamming the brushes, but that rarely happens.

The unique storage design patented by Brinley ensures that you can store this sweeper upright. That makes it great, especially during the winter, when the product is not in use.

What we liked:

  • Excellent for grass clippings, pine needles, and sweeping up leaves
  • Consistent results and efficient performance
  • Convenient storage due to the patented design
  • Durable and long-lasting

What could be better:

  • The assembly directions are difficult to follow
  • Sticks are capable of jamming the brushes

Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro SweeperExcellent for Large Yards

  • Type: tow-behind sweeper
  • Sweep width: 50-in.
  • Capacity: 26 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: plastic
  • Weight: 102 lbs.

More features: 3-position hitch adjustment, 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel turning ratio, 9 in. chute prevents clogging, collapsible hopper, sealed ball bearings on brush axle

The Ohio Steel 50SWP26 is one of the tow-behind yard sweepers you can rely on when racking a large area. It is a big unit with a 50-inch sweep width, which is enough for excellent efficiency. The product seems durable and well-built since the manufacturer only used high-quality parts. Despite that, you might not want to go too fast, or you will lose the things you picked up until that point.

The assembly is a bit tricky, especially if you don’t have any previous experience with these tools. The hitch adjustment is convenient to ensure impressive versatility. It will help you in fitting the sweeper to various tractor brands.

Once connected, you notice that this Pro Sweeper is efficient and suitable for picking up leaves, pine cones, and small twigs. With a large width and generous capacity, this product is suitable for even the most demanding jobs.

What we liked:

  • Excellent for large area racking
  • Suitable for picking up leaves, pine cones, and small twigs
  • Hitch adjustment is convenient for fitting to various tractor brands
  • Sturdy and well-built

What could be better:

  • The assembly is a bit tricky
  • Going too fast might cause what you’ve picked up to go flying

CRAFTSMAN CMXGZBF7124546 Lawn SweeperWidest Sweeper Out There

  • Type: tow-behind sweeper
  • Sweep width: 52-in.
  • Capacity: 26 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: 12 x 2.5 in
  • Weight: 98 lbs.

More features: flow-thru hopper bag, adjustable brush height, universal fit hitch, 12-in. brush diameter, pulling rope for dumping, durable stamped steel housing

This is not only one of the best Craftsman lawn sweepers, but one of the widest units on the market. With 52 inches of clearing width, this sweeper is extremely efficient. That makes it an excellent choice for maintaining large lawns and yards. At the same time, it is not the smartest investment for small lawns.

The product features six large brushes with a diameter of 12 inches. You can adjust them easily with a lever. The wheels are durable, reliable, and equipped with ball bearings.

As for the debris bag, it features an expected 26 cu.ft. capacity. That is large enough to fit this oversized product. Although it reduces the frequency of emptying the container, the bag won’t be easy to empty despite the pulling rope provided. Regardless, the tool is far more convenient than a rake for maintaining spacious yards.

What we liked:

  • An extremely wide sweeper
  • A generous hopper capacity
  • The wheels are equipped with ball bearings
  • The adjustment of the brushes is a piece of cake

What could be better:

  • Not an excellent choice for small areas
  • The hopper bag is not that easy to empty

Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn SweeperBest Compact-Sized Sweeper

  • Type: push sweeper
  • Sweep width: 26-in.
  • Capacity: 7 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: 9.75 x 2.25 in. plastic
  • Weight: 25 lbs.

More features: 4.5 to 1 brush to wheel ratio, brush height adjustment, collapsible lift hopper bag, 3-year warranty

Unlike the previous unit from Agri-Fab that we mentioned, this is a walk-behind lawn sweeper. The push technique is well combined with the light weight of the product. It ensures that it is easy to operate without having to apply a lot of strength.

You can adjust the brushes to the desired height. The versatile product is usable from spring to fall to collect debris. It is great for small lawns, but too compact for large yards.

The hopper bag has a decent capacity for a small lawn sweeper. You will need to empty the bag frequently, but the process is simple. Once you finish using, the hopper is collapsible to ensure you store the product quickly. The tool is durable and made in the United States with high-quality components.

What we liked:

  • It doesn’t require a lot of effort to operate
  • The collapsible hopper saves storage space
  • Versatile product usable from spring to fall
  • Made in the United States

What could be better:

  • Not a smart choice for large yards
  • You will need to empty the bag frequently

Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn SweeperExtremely Lightweight

  • Type: push sweeper
  • Sweep width: 26-in.
  • Capacity: ft.
  • Wheels: 10 in.
  • Weight:9 lbs.

More features: steel handle with scratch-resistant coating and cushioned grip, ABS plastic body, simple height adjustment, removable collection bag

The Scotts LSW70026S is one of the lightest push lawn sweepers out there. It weighs less than 20 pounds, and it is easy to move around. The plastic housing is reasonably durable, although the product won’t be as long-lasting as a premium model.

No doubt that this is an affordable sweeper that can do a fine job for small lawns. The manufacturer admits that 80% of the debris will be picked up on the first pass. However, the easy operation makes it simple to endure multiple passes. The grip is cushioned so that you don’t need to deal with blisters and hand strains. You can adjust the height to your requirements for optimal movement.

The collection bag is removable, which ensures emptying it effortlessly. That is also convenient for storage. Overall, if you are looking for bargain deals, this is one of the yard sweepers that can meet your expectations.

What we liked:

  • An extremely light lawn sweeper
  • It is easy to adjust the height to your requirements
  • The grip is cushioned for optimal operation
  • The collection bag is removable for easy storage

What could be better:

  • It requires multiple passes for picking up leaves efficiently
  • Not the most durable product out there

Yard Tuff YTF-42STQA Quick Assembly Lawn SweeperSuitable for ATVs and Tractors

  • Type: tow-behind sweeper
  • Sweep width: 42-in.
  • Capacity: 13 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: 10.5″ poly tires
  • Weight: 77 lbs.

More features: 4:1 brush to wheel ratio, 10″ brush diameter, anti-slip brush adjustment, 1-year warranty, easy to assemble, pulling rope for dumping, universal pin-style hitch

Here is an affordable pull-behind lawn sweeper designed by Yard Tuff. You will get an excellent value for money, but keep in mind this is not a premium-quality sweeper. The manufacturer ensured to offer a bargain deal, and the steel construction is fairly reliable. Poly tires add to the overall stability, although the efficiency could be better. You can be creative and consider ways to add more weight to take productivity to the next level.

The product is suitable for both lawn tractors and ATVs. You can use it for various types of debris, such as grass clippings, pine needles, leaves, and litter. The instructions could be better as the unit is tricky to put together, especially if you are not mechanically inclined.

The sweeper is 42-inch wide, and it comes with a 13 cubic feet hopper. You can use the pulling rope to empty it while you are still in the tractor.

What we liked:

  • A steel construction represents decent value for money
  • Poly tires add to the reliability of the product
  • Suitable for lawn tractors and ATVs
  • The pulling rope makes dumping easier

What could be better:

  • Tough to put together
  • The efficiency could be better

John Deere 24 cu. ft. Lawn SweeperMost Heavy-Duty Sweeper

  • Type: tow-behind sweeper
  • Sweep width: 42-in.
  • Capacity: 24 cu. ft.
  • Wheels: rubber wheels
  • Weight: 120 lbs.

More features: 11 in. brush diameter, 6-brush design, adjustable height, removable collection bag, universal hitch with 4 positions

At John Deere, they understand those who maintain large yards can’t be making multiple passes every time. That is why their lawn sweeper is exceptionally efficient, and it will pick virtually all debris at first pass. the height is adjustable, and it should be easy to tailor it to your requirements.

The six-brush design ensures a width of 42 inches. The hopper capacity is more than generous for that size. All the components seem durable and long-lasting, except for the plastic wheel bearings. They can’t handle plenty of rough use, but the overall durability of the product is impressive.

John Deere also ensured a simple assembly and storage. You can choose to put the sweeper upright or leave it hanging. Although the price tag is high, the tool is a long-term investment. If you are looking for a sweeper to help you minimize raking, this could be the one.

What we liked:

  • A reputable brand
  • A sturdy and heavy-duty sweeper
  • An efficient six-brush design
  • Extremely efficient

What could be better:

  • The price tag is high
  • The plastic wheel bearings could be of better quality

Things to Consider

Have you ever used a lawn sweeper? If the answer is no, you might be unaware of the advantages of these products. We are focusing on these benefits in the next section. After we get that out of the way, we move to factors to consider during the selection process. Our buying guide will teach you how to pick a suitable yard sweeper for your lawn. Finally, we will answer the most common questions about these products. If you are eager to learn more about yard sweepers, make sure to study this guide carefully!

Benefits of using a yard sweeper

Yard sweepers are incredibly convenient tools that could prove an integral asset in any lawn maintenance collection.

Here are the main benefits of these products:

  • Less effort required – why would you go through the trouble of raking the entire yard yourself? A lawn sweeper will require less physical effort.
  • More enjoyable – maintaining a lawn can be an enjoyable process. These sweepers will eliminate physical effort and stress while improving comfort.
  • Take the efficiency to the next level – picking up leaves and grass clippings manually is a lot of work. But if you use a lawn sweeper, you will do this efficiently. Most of the debris will be picked up at the first pass to get your lawn clean quickly.
  • A time-saving activity – it is much faster to use a yard sweeper than to rely on a rake or blower. It will give you more time to focus on other activities related to your lawn, or enjoy sitting in your yard.
  • Healthier for the lawn – removing debris on time will minimize the risk of infections and other issues that your yard might potentially have.

How to pick the best lawn sweeper?

10 Best Lawn Sweepers – Get Rid of the Debris with a Single Pass!

A lawn sweeper can have a wide range of different features. For starters, you will need to decide whether you want a manually-operated unit or one that requires a tractor or a similar machine. From there, you should check out various features. The crucial ones include sweeper width, number of brushes, collection bag capacity, etc.

In the next section, we will focus on the most critical factors to consider during the purchasing process. Here is a detailed explanation of every feature so that you can have a better idea of what you are choosing.


The market offers two basic categories of yard sweepers:

  • Tow-behind sweepers – these are also known as pull-behind units. You will need a tractor, ATV, or another machine to pull it around the lawn. These are convenient for maintaining big yards since they are incredibly efficient. Using a tow-behind sweeper is far easier than cleaning a large lawn manually. These products are durable and can be affordable, especially if you already have a tractor in your shed.
  • Push sweepers – these yard sweepers are manual, which means you walk behind and drive them. They are convenient for small lawns and perfect for those who want to minimize raking. These sweepers are smaller than pull-behind units, which makes them more comfortable for storage.

Sweep width

Sweep width is a self-explanatory feature. It explains the surface area the product will cover with each pass. The general rule is that push sweepers have a smaller diameter than pull-behind units. The smallest width is presented in compact units like the Earthwise LSW70021 Lawn Sweeper, which is only 21 inches wide. Push lawn sweepers often come in a 26-inch diameter, too.

As for tow-behind yard sweepers, their average size is 42 inches. Many of them, such as the Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper, come in this size. However, if you are looking for the widest products in the industry, try the CRAFTSMAN CMXGZBF7124546 Lawn Sweeper. It features an impressive width of 52 inches to take efficiency to the maximum level.

Keep in mind that large sweep width might be a bit harder to control with your machine.

Collection bag capacity

The collection bag capacity directly affects how frequently you will have to empty it. A small bag will fill up more quickly. However, that also means they will be lighter when emptying. That is why you should decide based on your preference. Do you prefer a spacious collection bag that you should get rid of occasionally, or a small bag to empty frequently?

The usual capacity can vary from 7 to 25 or more cubic feet. The general rule is that tow-behind units have bigger collection bags than manual sweepers. The Ohio Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper features a large 26 cu. ft. hopper. Their capacity can go anywhere from 20 to 26 cubic feet. As for the manual sweepers, the size is usually between 7 and 13 cubic feet.

10 Best Lawn Sweepers – Get Rid of the Debris with a Single Pass!

Brush-to-wheel ratio

A brush-to-wheel ratio is a measurement that describes the efficiency of the product. The ratio will specify the number of rotations that the brushes can make while the wheels turn once.

You will find that the brush-to-wheel rate goes anywhere from 3:1 to 6:1 or more. However, if you are looking for a high proportion, make sure that the product has at least 4.5:1.

The reason why this is important is the efficiency and success rate in picking up leaves and other debris. A high number of brush rotations will ensure that the sweeper can pick up all trash efficiently.

If you go with a low number, that will decrease the efficiency of the yard sweeper. It will also mean you need to make more passes for a decent result.


Wheels make a lawn sweeper move and turn, which means they are an essential feature of these products. You should consider two things when assessing the wheels – material and size.

The most common wheel materials are rubber and plastic. The general rule is that rubber wheels are more durable. That is why they could be more suitable for bumpy and rough surfaces. Plastic is more prone to damage when hitting a rock, while rubber wheels could last longer. They also perform better in wet conditions.

As for the size, consider the surface you will be maintaining. A flat ground doesn’t require large wheels, but oversized units could be suitable on bumpy surfaces. That being said, the wheels should always be proportionate to the size of the sweeper. However, that is something that manufacturers usually take care of, which means there is no need to worry about that.

Total weight

The total weight of the product is a tricky subject when it comes to lawn sweepers. It is crucial to consider it depending on the model you use. If you use pull-behind lawn sweepers, the additional weight couldn’t hurt. For example, the John Deere 24 cu. ft. Lawn Sweeper is the most heavy-duty unit on the market, weighing 120 pounds. It provides exceptional stability and better contact with the ground. Therefore, it has a high success rate in collecting the debris. However, tow-behind units that weight no less than 70 pounds can also do a decent job.

As for the manual yard sweepers, additional weight does provide extra sturdiness. However, it comes at the price of the sweeper being heavy to control. It might be easier to make multiple passes with a lighter tool. Make sure to consider your upper-body strength, but this ultimately comes down to your preference.


Adjustability is essential since it affects both the comfort and versatility of lawn sweepers. For example, the Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper features a universal hitch. Thanks to this hitch, the product can fit various tractor brands.

Multiple hitch adjustments are useful and convenient. They secure compatibility with most tractors and optimal performance.

In walk-behind lawn sweepers, height adjustment is also critical. A tall person might not enjoy the same position of the handles as an average-height one. That is why multiple corrections are always welcome. They will ensure you don’t experience any back problems or discomfort while using the sweepers. The handle should also have a comfortable grip to ensure you don’t face blisters, especially after prolonged operation.

Ease of use

10 Best Lawn Sweepers – Get Rid of the Debris with a Single Pass!

Here are some factors that could affect the comfort of using yard sweepers:

  • Assembly process – most sweepers will require at least some assembly. However, the instructions won’t always go into detail. While being mechanically inclined will help, a clear-to-follow product manual is what makes putting it together easier. It might take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours or more to assemble a sweeper.
  • Ease of adjustment – many sweepers offer multiple adjustment options. However, it is not always easy to adjust the height. Some units feature a twist-lock mechanism, while others are more complicated. That could affect the comfort of using the product significantly.
  • How to dump the debris – you should consider the mechanism of removing waste from the bag. Large units usually feature a rope or lever for convenient dumping. As for small collection bags, most of them are removable to make the emptying process more manageable.


If you are buying a product that should serve you for a long time, it is only natural to consider the warranty. Yard sweepers are not an exception. The warranty for these products varies significantly.

The average warranty for lawn sweepers is from one to three years. For example, the Agri-Fab 45-0218 26-Inch Push Lawn Sweeper comes with a three-year guarantee it will work properly. You will find companies that offer a more generous warranty.

Apart from the duration itself, make sure to consider specific terms and conditions of the deal. The warranty might only apply to particular parts. It is also worth noting that sticking to reliable manufacturers is always a wise move. Their reputation is a factor that guarantees they will honor the promised warranty.


The cost of lawn sweepers goes from $50 to over $500. The general rule is that push lawn sweepers are more affordable than pull-behind modes. You can purchase manual units, such as the Scotts LSW70026S Push Lawn Sweeper, for under $100.

The average price of tow-behind units is from $200 to $400. The cost depends on the features and the brand you select. These products can offer a lot of bang for the buck if you maintain large yards. For example, the CRAFTSMAN CMXGZBF712546 Lawn Sweeper is available within this price range, and it comes in the widest sweeper size the industry has to offer.

The priciest sweepers are heavy-duty ones from premium brands. Their price often goes above $500, and a great example is the John Deere 24. cu. ft. Lawn Sweeper.


That will depend on the technique used in your product. If you are using push lawn sweepers, the odds are the collection bag will be removable. All it takes is to detach it and empty it in the designated area. Try to get the sweeper as close to the dumping spot as possible to avoid investing too much effort in carrying the bag. Alternatively, tow-behind lawn sweepers could have a rope for dumping the debris. That means you don’t have to move from your spot in the tractor or the ATV. It is enough to pull the rope and empty the collection bag.

The area that a lawn sweeper takes depends on the unit you choose. The general rule is that manual yard sweepers are more compact than their tow-behind alternatives. Some units will have a collapsible or detachable collection bag. That should help you to save some space when storing the product. If you want to discover how much room it will take, check out the dimensions of the tool you use. Apart from removing the collection bag, another disassembly is not required. You can consider disassembling it for more convenient storage over the winter. However, as long as you have an area where the tool remains protected against environmental elements, it is okay to store it fully-assembled.

The best yard sweepers out there will collect almost all debris from your lawn. Many of those will have an extremely high success rate on the first pass. That means they will pick up more than 90% of the debris. Other units could be less efficient, but even 80% of debris collection will minimize the job to do on your own. Multiple passes always help to improve the rate of debris collection. Additionally, you can try adjusting the brushes. Getting them as close to the ground as possible should enhance their efficiency. However, you might need to raise them to avoid getting stuck.

Our Verdict

We’ve come to the end of the article, but we haven’t changed our opinion. The Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper remains our top pick. A combination of adjustable height, stability, and ease of dumping and storage makes this product an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced users.

If you are not looking for tow-behind sweepers, how about trying a push unit? The Earthwise LSW70021 Lawn Sweeper is an excellent choice and value deal if you have small yards to maintain. It will eliminate the need for a rake, and make the maintenance process more enjoyable.

Finally, the Ohio Steel 42SWP22 Sweeper is another fine choice of tow-behind models. It is one of the best lawn sweepers of average width. The unit features impressive durability and simple options for adjusting the height.

Ultimately, it is vital that the sweeper can do the job required and be enjoyable while operating. As long as you make sure the features meet your requirements, you can’t go wrong if you stick to reliable brands and products!

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