How Long Does a Lawn Mower Last?

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If you are contemplating buying a lawnmower Trusted Source Lawn mower - Wikipedia lawn mower (also known as mowergrass cutter or lawnmower) is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. , you should know that this stool is not a cheap product to purchase. Indeed, it is a significant investment to make, and its purchase is serious. When making your decision, you can opt for a cheap model. By doing so, you put yourself at risk. If your tool is low-priced, it won’t last long, plus you will have to buy another piece of equipment in the nearer future. That is why we recommend you choose a premium-quality tool.

But how long does a lawnmower last? Since this tool is an investment, you want to make sure that you get the best out of your money. The longer it lasts, the more you benefit from your purchase. Also, its longevity depends on many factors: how you use it, the materials used in its manufacturing, and the steps you take to increase its durability.

How do lawnmowers work?

How Long Does a Lawn Mower Last?Before we go right into the main subject, we have to understand how lawnmowers work. Using this tool is quite simple. It is just a rotating slide or blade powered by the battery or engine of your model. By rotating, it is capable of cutting anything that comes directly in contact with it.

Lawn mowers’ engines or electric motors are powerful. They are created to provide you with much power and clean your gardens. The unit has a deck that contains and keeps the blade. It helps keep the edges under control and prevents them from causing an accident. Moreover, these models come in various two types: rotary and ride-on.

Rotary mowers

Rotary mowers come with a handlebar. This piece of equipment is adapted to your model and is designed to help you push your mower forward. Self-propelled lawn mowers move forward automatically.

Besides, rotary mowers require adequate power to help their blades working at full speed. According to the power you are looking for, you can purchase a model with a two-cycle or four-cycle engines.

Riding mowers

How Long Does a Lawn Mower Last?Ride-on or riding mowers are designed for larger areas and hills. They come in various sizes and shapes, as well as blade sizes and motors. Their particularity lies in the fact that they move automatically. You don’t need to put much input to make it work.

Things to consider when purchasing your lawnmower

When it comes to purchasing lawnmowers, buying an adequate product affects how durable it is. Having said this, there are some variables that you must consider when making your purchase.


Depending on your preferences, you can purchase an electric or gas model. Each type has its specifications: the first one is available in wireless and wired models, while the second functions with fuel. Also, you can get manual models that are much cheaper

Cutting width

The cutting width is an important criterion to consider when purchasing your lawnmower. The larger it is, the more grass you will cut in one session.


How Long Does a Lawn Mower Last?It is also important to purchase a lawnmower that is equipped with wheels. They facilitate your work and make it easy for you to maneuver your unit in your yard.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment is another important factor to consider when you want to purchase the right lawnmower. We recommend you purchase a model that provides this feature, as it helps you set your device to the right size.

Presence of a handle

When purchasing your lawnmower, you want to make sure that it comes with a handle. This part of equipment is very practical as it helps you hold your unit and maneuver it around your yard. You can use it to turn your device around and cut grass in different areas of your yard.

Average lawn mower life expectancy

How long do push mowers last? Like we previously mentioned, lawnmowers are an investment. When you purchase one, you want to make sure that it lasts longer.

The life expectancy of reel mowers is the same as other models. Besides, they require maintenance, especially their blades that require sharpening. The in-between resharpening period is three years.

If you are looking to purchase a smaller reel model, the American Lawn Mower Company 1204-14 Push Reel Lawn Mower might be ideal for you. It is compact and does not take up enough space in the house. Besides, it is affordable and easily maneuverable.

Having said that, the average lifespan of a gas-powered model is somewhere between eight to ten years if it is properly cared for and regularly maintained.

Life expectancy is affected by how long and how often you use your unit. Besides, if it is a second-hand product, its lifespan will be shorter than that of a new lawnmower. In this case, when the need for repair arises, you have to decide whether it is worth buying a new one or fixing the old one.

What can affect a lawn mower’s lifespan?

Purchasing the right lawnmower increases its lifespan. However, there is no guarantee that your unit will last for a lifetime. There are some variables that you must consider and that affect how long your tool can last. Depending on some models, the durability is determined by the usage of the products. On others, the durability depends on how long you use the tool a day. For example, a lawnmower that you use every day a week will not last long as one that is used only once a week.

Another variable that affects a lawn mower’s lifespan is the type of grass that is cut. For example, cutting long grass with your unit affects the motor and the blade of the lawnmower and reduces its lifespan. On the contrary, if you use your tool to cut short grass, it will last longer.

You must also know that the size of your lawnmower affects the durability of your model. If you are using a small-sized tool to cut a large area, it will not last long. On the contrary, a big lawnmower will last longer if you are using it in a small area.

If you are looking to purchase a reliable model under $400, consider the Greenworks G-MAX 25322 that our experts highly recommend. It offers a high cutting height range, and it is easy to maneuver throughout your yard.

Do I need to find a replacement if it is too old?

What is the average life of a riding lawn mower? Do you need to find a replacement if it is too old? Just because your model is old or has reached its expected lifespan does not mean that you have to change it. Although we said that there is no guarantee that it can last a lifetime, you can use your lawnmower for years, past its life expectancy. How is that possible? When using your device, make sure that you adequately care for it and provide it with the necessary maintenance it needs.

Additionally, instead of changing or purchasing a new lawnmower, you can change inexpensive parts that are damaged. For example, the battery may be bad, but it does not mean that your lawnmower is done.

Replacing the battery may give you more time or years of service from your device, as long as you properly maintain it.

Can I make my lawnmower last longer?

How long does a lawnmower last? There are various things that you can do to maintain your lawnmower Trusted Source How to Maintain a Lawn Mower: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow Regular routine maintenance is an important part of caring for your lawnmower. By regularly inspecting for (and repairing) wear and damage, you will improve your lawn mower’s performance and extend its life. However, there’s no need for… and improve its life expectancy. Here are some of the tips that you can put in place to ensure the durability of your device.

Purchasing a quality device

We previously mentioned, purchasing the right quality device makes it last longer. When talking about quality, we simply mean that you must buy a premium-quality and durable lawnmower. You should not only focus on the price or on how cheap the unit is. Make sure that you consider the overall tool, its materials, the energy or power it uses, as well as other features you deem important. They may be a bit costly, but they represent a significant investment that you don’t want to take lightly.

A cheaper lawnmower will not last long, and you will have to buy a new one in the nearer future. Plus, you can expose yourself to short-circuit if the device’s quality is questionable.

Changing the oil

Another maintenance tip is to change your device’s oil as the need arises. You need fuel and oil in your lawnmower for effective functioning. When it comes to oil, you must ensure that it is high-quality and clean. This helps start your device quickly and easily.

Besides, having high-quality oil is not sufficient. You must also change it regularly. To know when it is the right time to change, consult your device’s user manual to check on the maintenance schedule.

Taking care of your blades

On a lawnmower, blades do the cutting work; that is why they must be sharp. To keep them in that perfect state, you must sharp them regularly. Sharpened blades reduce the motor’s pressure and ease your work.

Sharpening your lawnmower blade is not arduous. Plus, it does not require you to spend much money. Besides, you should protect your blades to prevent them from getting dull quickly.

Changing filters

You can also replace your lawnmower’s filters (oil and fuel) when you are changing the fuel or oil. This way, you get ahead of the maintenance. Besides, they are not expensive, plus you help keep your unit for a long time.

Final thoughts

So, how long does a lawnmower last? It solely depends on you. Now, you know how this tool functions. You can take the appropriate steps to make it last longer and increase its durability. Make sure that you maintain it properly, and it can last past its life expectancy. Most manufacturers of lawnmowers provide you with precise maintenance instructions. By following them, you also increase the life and durability of your tool.


Lawn mower - Wikipedia
lawn mower (also known as mowergrass cutter or lawnmower) is a machine utilizing one or more revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height.
How to Maintain a Lawn Mower: 7 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow
Regular routine maintenance is an important part of caring for your lawnmower. By regularly inspecting for (and repairing) wear and damage, you will improve your lawn mower’s performance and extend its life. However, there’s no need for…

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