7 Best Fire Pit Covers to Save Your Equipment from Rain

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It’s the season for roasting chestnuts on an open fire. Before you run out and grab marshmallows, you’ll want to make sure you have a sound fire system for your yard. Your fire pit will only be as good as the fire pit cover it is accompanied by. You may think something designed to be set on fire doesn’t need care, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The best fire pit covers on the market will keep your fire station in perfect health and make set-up and takedown more straightforward than getting the fire going.

The pit covers on this list received high marks in all essential features of our reviews. Each industry-leading option was crafted with the best materials that bring out the best in your fire pit. We considered size and weight to ensure that your fire pit cover will confidently protect your fire pit without being a hassle to deal with. Those elements combined with long-lasting materials crafted the best fire pit covers on the market.

Top 7 Fire Pit Covers Review 2021


Porch Shield Fire Pit CoverEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 32 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 1.9 lbs.
  • Material: 600D durable polyester
  • Protection: waterproof

More features: different sizes available; for round fire pits; air vents on two sides; breathable; elastic hem cord; bottom strap; 3-year warranty

This industry-leading fire pit cover sets a high standard for any competition. Fully customizable with round and square options, the Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover is prepped to stay durable in all sorts of conditions covering all kinds of fire pit options.

It adds a bonus of being used as a table when you don’t need fire lit. As the editor’s choice for fire pit covers, this product will always be a safe choice to guarantee your fire pit is ready to light.

What we liked: The devil is in the details of this fire pit cover. High-quality materials and minute details like a built-in vent flap make this cover stand apart. Mixed with many customizable options, we felt that this fire pit could fit into many scenarios.

What could be better: The amount of customization brings with it many moving pieces, and it could be challenging to set up for the first time.

  • Size: 60 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs.
  • Material: durable reinforced vinyl
  • Protection: waterproof; weather-resistant

More features: for a round fire pit; different sizes; sturdy; secure drawstring closure; one-year warranty

The Sunnydaze decor store makes an offering for the winter months, too, with their flexible fire pit cover. This design morphs into the shape of your pit, functioning as a one size fits all option. Our selection for premium pit cover will accommodate any style of outdoor fire you’ve got equipped with heavy-duty vinyl and polyester.

This cover wraps around the bowl, leaving the legs free and allowing gentle airflow to prevent mold build-up. Its sleek coloring will enable it to achieve maximum protection from sun or foul weather, all without breaking the bank.

What we liked: This cover’s beauty is in its simplicity. There’s no need for fancy bells and whistles when crafting a high-quality weather resistant fire pit. Keep the flash for the pit; this cover just wants to protect your investment.

What could be better: Its one-size-fits-all mentality creates an effortless operation but doesn’t allow it to fit snugly onto any specific fire pits. If you fancy yourself a showman, this fire pit cover may wrinkle your plans.


Gas Fire Pit Cover SquareBest Value

  • Size: 32 x 32 x 24 inches
  • Weight: 2.33 lbs.
  • Material: 600D density fabric and PVC coating
  • Protection: waterproof; weatherproof

More features: adjustable drawstring; durable; one-year warranty

The Gas Fire Pit Cover Square is exactly what it sounds like, a no-frills budget option that won’t disappoint. Designed for square fire pits, the cover is made of high-quality materials fitted for the industry-leading fire pits. They take their water protection seriously, adding to their warranty a 100% waterproof guarantee.

The cover round isn’t as catchy as the name, but the product does exist. If you’ve got a round fire pit, this option still works for you.

Heavy-duty weaving locks in the design and keeps everything durable. This is one extended-lasting fire pit cover! Designed for all the elements and featuring anti-crack technology, you won’t find a situation that can’t benefit from this cover.

What we liked: It isn’t trying to do anything it can’t do. This simple square sits right on top of your fire pit and keeps it protected without promising anything else. The variety of sizes and guarantees by the manufacturer help with peace of mind when purchasing.

What could be better: The square itself won’t match up with any of your existing patio furniture.

  • Size: 36 inches
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs.
  • Material: unspecified fabric
  • Protection: waterproof

More features: two-year limited warranty; durable; webbed accent; air vets; handles for easy installation; double-stitched seams

The best of the rest, Duck Covers Fire Pit covers is the most ventilated option on this list. Its unique materials create a more breathable cover, best suited for protection from sun or other warm-weather areas. Duck covers produce various patio protection, and their introduction to the fire pit industry continues to push their pedigree.

This fire pit cover works as part of a collection of all Duck Cover’s products. This means you can add this fire pit seamlessly to the rest of your kit and have a uniform looking yard.

What we liked: Duck Covers doubled up on the seams, taping up critical seams for extra protection, and double-stitching all seams on the product to make a product that should last through all seasons. Customizable handles will allow you to get a grip on any situation.

What could be better: The product doesn’t fit uber tightly across your firepit, allowing some water to find its way through.

  • Size: 50 x 50 24 inches
  • Weight: 4.19 pounds
  • Material: 600D polyester canvas
  • Protection: waterproof; weatherproof; sun protection

More features: different colors and forms available; 100% coverage design; three-year warranty

This high-end Fire Pit cover looks to put the ultimate name into a fire pit that has it all. Also blending in as a table, the UltCover looks to be a waterproof and breathable fire pit cover. This puts the product in a unique position to be prepared for all four seasons.

Top-quality materials and detail-oriented design round out the features of this patio cover. With round and square possibilities, it can fit in every patio. The cover adds protection from top to bottom to keep everything together, giving a total seal to your fire pit.

What we liked: A plethora of color options let this piece not only fit into your patio design but stand out. Extra taped seams and treatments justify the higher price point.

What could be better: They have proven vulnerable to constant direct sunlight, not holding up as well as some other models to summer conditions.


Saking Gas Fire Pit Table CoverBest Accessories

  • Size: 28 x 28 x 25 inches
  • Weight: 14.9 lbs.
  • Material: high-density heavy-duty oxford fabric with silver-plated undercoating
  • Protection: waterproof; UV-resistant; windproof

More features: two air vents; two strong handles; comes with protective accessories

The heavy-duty Saking Gas Table Cover incorporates anti-UV technology into its box of tricks, allowing users to keep the same cover on their fire pit year-round. The table cover takes things a step further by offering plated undercoating and has many design features built around keeping the sun off your pit.

It also comes packed with accessories, helping you round out the corner of the product and build your fire pit in a way that works with the rest of your patio. These protective accessories also offer an increased life-span for your product, doubly reinforcing the corners.

What we liked: We liked to find a product focused on long-lasting solar protection. Most fire pits out there try to do it all. The Saking Gas Table cover saw a need and filled it.

What could be better: While we love the product, the company offers no warranty. We could all use a bit more peace of mind.

  • Size: 58 x 40 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Material: polyester
  • Protection: water-resistant; UV-resistant

More features: limited lifetime warranty; patented design

This fire pit cover seems like a behemoth at first glance, as its rectangular design has covering every fire pit on the market in mind. Surprisingly, all that coverage has been combined with lightweight materials, creating both the largest and the lightest fire pit cover on this list.

Classic accessories secured patents for the windlock protection system this kit comes equipped with. Its protection is adjustable and customizable, designed to combat whatever life throws at it.

What we liked: We loved the product for its size and weight combination. This allowed us to install and remove the cover easily. it sits easily over most any sized fire pits and fits in with most patio decor.

What could be better: The rectangular design fits many different fire pits, but the lack of customization for length and width means you can’t find the exact size for you.

Things to Consider

The fire pit cover you need will be a personal choice. Each option was built with a different goal in mind, which allows you to find the perfect fire pit for your specific scenario. The materials used in construction will have massive impacts on weight and protection. Create an idea of what you want your fire pit cover to accomplish and choose from there.
The pit covers on this list took weather, durability, and design in mind at every step of the process, so you won’t have to. Find the pit that fits for you and let it do the talking.

Why do you need a fire pit cover?

7 Best Fire Pit Covers to Save Your Equipment from Rain

The fact is, your fire pit will last longer with an addition of a fire pit cover. A dilapidated, rusty fire pit is not only an eyesore, but it can also be dangerous. There’s no need to play around with fire. A fire pit cover keeps your cover clean in between roastings, boosting the materials’ lifespan and keeping your yard uniform. A rogue fire pit may look nice inflamed, but it’s best to keep it lowkey when not in use.

Features to consider before you buy a fire pit cover

Once you have taken into account what you need your fire pit cover to accomplish, try to quantify those needs by breaking down the pit. Categories like size, material, and warranty combine with weights, protections, and accessories to create a total unit. The best fire pit covers balance the need to protect the pit from the elements by reducing the product’s overall weight, so it’s not a hassle to take up and down. Each one of these features is a clue to what your fire pit cover can do.


An obvious necessity, your fire pit cover size should match up with what you are covering. Ask yourself what needs the most coverage. Domed fire pits should ensure they get a size larger than their measurements to fit appropriately.

Size is also the most straightforward choice on this list. There are no secrets to it; just grab the cover that will fit slightly larger than the size of your fire pit.


Higher weighted fire pit covers are more adept for long term storage. More weight may offer more protection but will make it more of a hassle every time you want to use the fire pit. The whole point of buying the thing is to use it, so make sure you find something with lightweight materials that are easy to sling around. Weighing in at nearly 15 pounds, the Saking Gas Pit Cover is not for everybody. Its heaviness is packed with features, so knowing what you want out of your pit cover will help you decide which route to take.


Most customers want to maximize protection while minimizing weight. The way to achieve this goal is through the materials the cover is made out of. The Classic Accessories cover is the largest on this list and features the lowest weight, thanks to its lightweight polyester material.

Polyester may not hold up in the harshest conditions, but if all you have to protect your pit from is sunlight and rain, there’s no need to get any heavier.


If your greatest fear is the rain, make sure you select a more weatherproof option like the Gas Fire Pit Cover Square. Some fire pit covers go further than others when focusing on environmental protection. The most apparent protection difference will come from how the cover wraps around your pit. A simple coverage may leave the legs and underbelly exposed, while others will have built-in clips to reach maximum range.


Your fire pit can become multifunctional. Some manufacturers include extra storage abilities for kits and gadgets, while others on this list offer customizable handles. The Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover converts to a table when not in use, allowing it always to help out. You may not always need an extra table in the yard, but it’s nice to have one already as a centerpiece when you do.


7 Best Fire Pit Covers to Save Your Equipment from Rain

This option boils down to personal preference, but use the warranty as a guideline when trying to narrow down patio covers. You can look at your warranty as a bet placed by the manufacturer. If every purchaser had a problem significant enough that the warranty applied, the manufacturer would be done for. The warranty set is a statement of a product’s quality and ability to last. Most high-quality fire pit covers will offer at least a one-year warranty. Some, like the UltCover Patio Pit Cover, provide up to three years of protection.


Your cover can withstand much duress without support but giving it a good cleaning every few months is recommended. The process is smooth and straightforward and will be done in one sunny afternoon. Make sure you grab a cleaning product that jives well with your specific cover material. Any product designed for outdoor furniture should do the job. Shake it off to get any loose dirt, wet the entire cover, and scrub away with your spray. After that, give it one more rinse and leave it in the sun to dry. You may only have to clean your fire pit once at the beginning of the season, but it can’t hurt to wash it down before any special occasions.

Rainy areas require extra attention for fire pit covers. If you don’t experience many other adverse weather conditions besides rain and intense sunlight, a Polyester material is the best choice for you. Polyester blocks rain, wind, and sun without being too heavy. If your primary concern is rain, polyester will get the job done. Another vital factor for rainy areas is the coverage of the fire pit cover. If your cover is polyester but stops before the legs, they won’t feel any benefits.

Our Verdict

As long as you cover your fire pit with something, you are on your way to getting the most out of your fire pit. Any cover will keep out some rain, but the best fire pit covers on this list will get the job done season after season. Our Editor’s Choice, the Porch Shield Fire Pit Cover, scored highly in every category to take the crown. This cover will handle any job while blending into your patio vision. Our Premium Pick, Sunnydaze Round Outdoor Fire Pit Cover, has been uniquely built to be around the backyard for life. The Best Value Gas Fire Pit Cover Square offers the best weather protection on the market for those with strict backyard budgets. Once you find your need, fill it with one of these hand-selected best in class fire pit covers.

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