5 Fantastic Cabinet Incubators – Optimal Conditions for High Hatching Rate!

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Are you planning on entering the world of egg hatching? If that is the case, you will need the best cabinet egg incubator you can find. It is the only way to create a perfect egg environment, whether you plan on hatching poultry or reptile eggs.

Our team reviewed 17 top-rated products on the market. We browsed the offers up and down and picked the Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502 as our favorite. Its power and admirable capacity make it the finest egg incubator and hatching combo. The product features automatic turning, a separate hatching tray, and accurate measurement of temperature and humidity. We also gathered four other products our team considered valuable. That way, it will be easy to find one that fits your expectations.

We took the task seriously and assessed all the important features of these devices. Users’ needs might require a different capacity and number of trays and covers. Cabinet incubators can fit hundreds of eggs, but the exact number also determines suitability for a particular user. Additional features like an automatic turning, and dimension and weight are also worth considering during the selection process. We spent more than 50 hours reviewing different products and consulting relevant sources. That includes reading user reviews and item descriptions and consulting industry professionals about their opinions. Below, you can check out a brief overview of products in the comparison table. From there, move on to detailed reviews, and don’t forget to check out our buying guide. It will reveal everything you should know before purchasing a cabinet incubator!

Top 5 Cabinet Incubators Review 2021

  • Total capacity: 270 chicken eggs or 1368 quail eggs
  • Power: 325 watts
  • Trays and covers: 3 turning racks & 1 plastic hatching tray
  • Automatic turning: yes
  • Dimensions: 30.2 x 15.8 x 31.8 inches
  • Weight: 145 pounds

 More features: moisture pan with 2 wick pads, can be used for larger eggs, LCD display for temperature and humidity adjustments, audio/visual indicators

The 1502 Sportsman Cabinet Incubator is one of the best units on the market. You realize that the first time you use the product. It has a high hatching rate, and it is fairly easy to operate.

The product features three trays with an automatic turning feature. It is an extremely convenient addition that simplifies the entire process. You can stop this function whenever you want for the eggs to stop turning. The bottom is reserved for a hatching tray, which makes this an incubator/hatcher combo product.

The GQF 1502 Cabinet Incubator is versatile and suitable for small and large eggs. It can fit 1368 quail eggs, 270 chicken eggs, and you can also fit up to 45 emu or geese eggs.

The product is strong and sturdy, but its design might not be appealing to everyone. Still, even when the incubator is closed, you can have a look inside through the glass on the front. It can maintain temperature well, and the readings on the LED display are accurate. You can see temperature and humidity levels with it. While you need to maintain humidity manually, you get wick pads and a bucket to simplify the process.

The booklet provided with the product is useful and filled with valuable information. The company designed a cabinet incubator that exceeds expectations, and its high success rate will impress all users.

What we liked:

  • A very high hatching rate
  • The admirable capacity of the product
  • Automatic turning makes your job easier
  • Versatile and suitable for small and large eggs

What could be better:

  • You need to maintain the humidity manually
  • The appearance might not be attractive to everyone
  • Total capacity: 23 L
  • Power: 40 watts for heating, 50 watts for cooling
  • Trays and covers: water tray
  • Automatic turning: no
  • Dimensions: 16.4 x 13.4 x 18.8 inches
  • Weight: not specified

 More features: two shelves, LED display, multipurpose device, built-in handle, easy to move around

If you say a cabinet incubator, you think about growing and hatching poultry eggs. However, reptiles also lay eggs, and this product aims at simulating that incubation environment.

The product is fairly light and portable. It is easy to move around if necessary since it has an integrated handle. That implies you can also use the device to transport amphibians and reptiles from one location to another.

However, its standard function is to act as an egg incubator. It can maintain temperatures from 40 to 140F (5C to 60C). That means it has both heating and cooling modes, and you pick based on the eggs you place inside.

The quality of construction is fine, but it is not the most durable unit out there. It has a moderate capacity of 23L and two shelves. That gives you room to organize everything to your taste.

It is a pleasure to watch what goes on inside through the glass. The entire design is attractive, and the LED display on the front is convenient. Although it only shows temperature in Celsius, it will provide accurate information on the inner heat level. Overall, the egg incubator is great if you have reptile pets or eggs. It provides excellent value for the price and is a true bargain deal.

What we liked:

  • A multifunctional device for both heating and cooling
  • LED display shows the current temperature settings
  • Easy to move around the incubator if necessary
  • You can also use it for transporting animals

What could be better:

  • The display only shows the temperature in Celsius
  • Not the most durable unit out there
  • Total capacity: 384 chicken eggs
  • Power: 100 watts (200 watts max)
  • Trays and covers: 3 turning trays, hatching tray
  • Automatic turning: yes
  • Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 22 inches
  • Weight: 180 pounds

 More features: free 2-year guarantee, humidity readout with automatic control, temperature alarms, improved airflow to prevent cold spots, energy-efficient

The best cabinet incubator should also act as a hatcher, and the Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 offers that feature. The brand is famous for making high-quality products, and this incubator is not an exception. The manufacturer offers a free two-year warranty. The impressive durability and premium construction justify the price tag, which is higher than in other units.

The cabinet incubator is not the easiest to move around. However, it is extremely sturdy and ensures consistent results. The product utilizes a laminar airflow feature to maintain even temperature throughout the incubator. That guarantees there are no cold spots.

The LED display shows the current temperature and humidity, and the product also offers temperature alarms. The large version offers enough space to accommodate 384 chicken eggs. At the bottom section, there is a removable hatching tray, which fits 96 eggs (25% of the total capacity). You can also pick a variation of the product that fits 192 eggs.

The doors are strong and clear. The double-glaze addition ensures they are strong and not easily breakable. It is simple to monitor the process of egg hatching through the glass.

The digital control system and excellent cabinet insulation ensure energy efficiency. Although the unit is large, it won’t spend any more energy than necessary.

What we liked:

  • Premium construction and impressive durability
  • Observation doors are strong and clear
  • Laminar airflow ensures even temperature and no cold spots
  • A generous warranty on the product

What could be better:

  • The price tag is somewhat high
  • The unit is heavy to move around

Digital Hatcher Incubator 1550Best Incubator/Hatcher Combo

  • Total capacity: 360 chicken eggs or 1250 quail eggs
  • Power: 325 watts
  • Trays and covers: 4 hatching trays with covers
  • Automatic turning: no
  • Dimensions: 30.2 x 15.8 x 31.8 inches
  • Weight: 99 pounds

 More features: designed for effective hatching, LCD display for temperature and humidity adjustments, audio/visual indicators, moisture pan with 2 wick pads

Are you worried about installing your cabinet incubator? If you are looking for the simplest solution, the Digital Hatcher 1550 can be the right unit for you. The product requires virtually no hassle regarding the installation.

As for the commands, they are intuitive and located at the front of the unit. You have a display that informs you about the current temperature and humidity. The buttons allow you to change the temperature manually or let the machine set everything automatically.

The incubator does a good job of maintaining the desired temperature level. You get a moisture pan and wick pads in case you need to promote humidity. The instruction booklet is helpful and informs you of when to adjust the settings. Visual and audio indicators are there to help with the controls.

The generous capacity of the incubator ensures you can fit 360 chicken or 1250 quail eggs. The package includes five hatching trays and four covers. Placing the trays in the incubator is not the simplest since the screws that secure the unit could be better placed. Still, the cleaning process is reasonably simple, although removing dirt from corners requires some effort. The product is sturdy and well-constructed to ensure optimal strength and longevity.

What we liked:

  • Easy to program and use the product
  • Excellent at maintaining the desired temperature levels
  • Generous capacity for both chicken and quail eggs
  • The instruction booklet is very helpful

What could be better:

  • Cleaning the corners can be a bit troublesome
  • Not the most convenient process of placing the trays inside the unit

ZFF 320 Eggs IncubatorBest with Automatic Turning

  • Total capacity: 320 chicken eggs
  • Power: 80-120 watts
  • Trays and covers: 5 roller trays
  • Automatic turning: yes
  • Dimensions: 20.8 x 20.8 x 29.5 inches
  • Weight: 38.6 pounds

 More features: LED display for temperature control, built-in fan, transparent walls, can be used for various types of eggs, good heat preservation, and energy-saving performance

The ZFF 320 is another reliable cabinet egg incubator that is versatile and suitable for eggs from multiple birds. The unit can fit up to 320 chicken eggs, which is quite generous. The five roller trays ensure there is enough space for each piece. Also, the number of trays allows you to divide the eggs as you see fit.

The manufacturer went with blue color as the dominant one in the design. Although it looks pleasant, some users might not like it. On the other hand, the incubator is lighter than most other units, but once you scratch under the surface, it exceeds performance expectations.

Transparent walls are a must-have feature since they enable easy monitoring of the eggs inside the product. Once you arrange them, you can set the desired temperature and other settings. The storing temperature can vary from 20C to 40C. Thanks to that, you can fit chicken, geese, quail, and even parrot and peacock eggs.

The incubator comes with an automatic turning option. It will turn the eggs every 120 minutes to ensure optimal heating. Moreover, the integrated fan maintains adequate air circulation and humidity. It is easy to add water due to the water injection system implemented. All these features secure a high hatching rate, which is the primary reason why you need an incubator.

What we liked:

  • Five roller trays with excellent capacity
  • Easy control with LED display
  • Automatic turning feature available
  • It does a great job at preserving the heat

What could be better:

  • Not the strongest unit out there
  • Some users might not like the blue color

Things to Consider

It is not easy to pick a cabinet egg incubator. You might be having second thoughts about whether you need this device at all. That is why we are starting our buying guide with the advantages of these units. This section will tell you everything about the cabinet incubator’s special features. You will discover details about physical characteristics and other specifics of these devices. We will end up with a FAQ section that answers the most common questions about egg cabinet incubators. Once you finish with our shopping advisor, you should have all the information to pick a product that suits your requirements.

Advantages of cabinet egg incubators

A cabinet egg incubator comes with a wide range of advantages. Here is an overview of the benefits these products can offer:

  • A high level of control – it is easy to control both the temperature and humidity inside the incubator. Most units are equipped with LED displays that show information about both. That makes it easy to maintain optimal conditions for the eggs.
  • Automatic turning – this feature ensures optimal heating and makes the job easier for the user. You don’t have to turn eggs manually while the turning secures all egg sections are equally heated.
  • A higher capacity – a cabinet incubator can hold a large number of eggs at once. The exact number depends on the egg type, but some incubators can fit hundreds of eggs.
  • A professional approach – since you have optimal conditions and full control available, you can easily secure a professional hatching environment for eggs.

Things to consider before choosing the cabinet incubator

5 Fantastic Cabinet Incubators – Optimal Conditions for High Hatching Rate!You should never rush when purchasing a product, especially if it is a long-term investment. An egg cabinet incubator can last for years, which means you need to pick wisely. It is possible to divide the characteristics of the product into physical and performance features. Physical features involve weight, dimensions, number of trays, covers, and other details. As for performance features, they include characteristics like power and automatic turning. Both categories are equally important, which is why we covered them in this section. Keep reading to take a closer look at the factors to consider when picking an egg cabinet incubator.

Total capacity

The total capacity of an incubator depends on the type of eggs you would like to place inside. The most common eggs users insert in these devices are chicken and quail eggs. The capacity for chicken eggs usually varies from 250 to 400 per unit or more. The incubators for quail eggs can fit 800-1,200 of them simultaneously.

You can also fit large eggs, such as peafowl or goose, in the cabinet incubators. However, that will decrease the number significantly as it is difficult to put more than approximately 50 eggs from these birds into that.

Apart from birds, you can also use these products for reptile eggs. A small cabinet incubator, such as the OrangeA Reptile Egg Incubator, can do the job of accommodating these types.


The power of an egg cabinet incubator shows how quickly a product can reach the desired temperature and the maximum heat feasible with the device.

Compact-sized cabinet incubators use only up to 100W for heating purposes. However, the strongest units on the market, such as the Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502, offer up to 325W.

While additional power could mean a higher price, it is an important performance factor in these products. If you use a larger incubator, you can accommodate egg types that require higher temperatures. Additionally, you secure that the device reaches the desired temperature levels quickly. It is worth noting that some units also offer cooling options.

Shelves, trays, and covers

5 Fantastic Cabinet Incubators – Optimal Conditions for High Hatching Rate!Apart from the sheer capacity of your cabinet incubator, you should also consider the number of shelves, trays, and covers. Most incubators come with multiple shelves, and their number can vary from two to five or more. These shelves allow you to position the eggs optimally, and they increase the overall capacity of the product.

The exact capacity per shelf varies, but a single shelf usually fits dozens of chicken or quail eggs.

Most models, such as the Digital Hatcher Incubator 1550, offer an incubator/hatcher combo. That means they have a hatching tray at the bottom. You use this tray to move the eggs ready for hatching.

Automatic turning

Automatic turning is a convenient feature for users looking to minimize personal effort invested in egg hatching. As the name suggests, this function rolls the eggs on the shelves automatically. The feature offers a 360-degree turning, which is important to secure optimal conditions for every egg.

Thanks to the turning, the egg will get equally heated on all sides. That will secure optimal development and increase the hatching rate. At the same time, it will prevent abnormal chicks and other problems. The Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Cabinet Incubator is a premium product equipped with the automatic turning feature. Some units allow you to adjust the time when the incubator will rotate the eggs, as well as how many days the rotation will last.

Dimensions, weight, and design

Dimensions and weight are the two most important physical characteristics of an egg incubator. When it comes to the dimensions, these products come in small and large sizes. A small cabinet incubator can’t fit as many eggs, but it is highly portable. Many of these units come with an integrated handle, and you can even use it for egg transport.

On the other hand, large units offer a more significant capacity. They are usually heavier, which is both a pro and a con. While that makes it hard to move around, the additional weight ensures the product is sturdy. That minimizes the chance of someone knocking it over accidentally.

While we are talking about physical characteristics, let’s mention that cabinet incubators have a see-through glass. You use it to see what’s happening on the inside and watch the beautiful hatching process. The glass should be double-glazed and durable to prevent any mishaps.

Temperature and humidity controls

5 Fantastic Cabinet Incubators – Optimal Conditions for High Hatching Rate!Most units on the market, such as the ZFF 320 Eggs Incubator, come with a LED display at the front of the unit. The display shows information about temperature and humidity. The data is constantly updated to provide accurate info on the conditions inside the incubator.

You can use this information to control temperature and humidity levels. The control buttons will allow you to increase the heat if necessary. Many units also have automatic options for adjusting the temperature.

The situation is a bit different for humidity. You will receive information on the display, but you will have to raise it manually. Most manufacturers provide a bucket and wick pads that allow an easy way to do this. All it takes is inserting the wick pads or water inside the unit, and the humidity will increase quickly.

Ease of cleaning

The cleaning process for a cabinet incubator requires some effort on the owner’s part. You will need to clean the device regularly to ensure its optimal performance. It could help to put only clean eggs inside.

The ease of cleaning depends on multiple factors. For starters, take a look at how easy it is to reach various parts of the device. Corners could be difficult to clean, and screws and other components might get in the way. Next, you can consider if there are components that are removable. For example, trays and shelves might be removable for easier cleaning.

It is crucial to follow the specific cleaning instructions for your product. The manufacturer will inform you on the best course of action for cleaning the device.


Cabinet incubators are not cheap products, but the good news is they will last for a long time. A compact egg incubator, such as the OrangeA Reptile Egg Incubator, could be found for under $200. However, the usual price of these products goes between $700 and $2,000.

You can get reliable and long-lasting egg cabinet incubators for around $900 to $1,000. The Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502 is an excellent example of a high-quality model in this category.

If you are looking for premium incubators, the Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Cabinet Incubator can be your choice. It is in the highest price range, but the product offers a large capacity and consistent performance. Ultimately, it is vital that the product offers excellent value for the money and meets your requirements.


It depends on the eggs you are growing inside the incubator. The most common type grown inside these units is chickens eggs. The optimal temperature for these eggs is between 98-102F (37 to 39C). The crucial thing to note is that you are looking to maintain these conditions throughout the hatching period. It is best if the temperature remains within the specified range. Monitor the temperature regularly and adjust it whenever necessary to ensure each egg has optimal development conditions. As for humidity, it should be from 40-50% during the first 18 days of hatching. From there, you can increase humidity to 65-75%.

The experts estimate standard hatching time for chicken eggs at three weeks. From the time you place them in the cabinet incubator, you can start counting 21 days. Once the time for hatching comes, consider moving the eggs to the bottom hatching tray if your unit is equipped with one. Not all eggs will hatch after exactly 21 days. Some will take a day or two more, and that is okay. However, if the eggs take more than 23 days to develop, it might result in unhealthy or weak chickens. That is why professionals recommend stopping incubating several days after the three-week period.

If you are planning on cleaning your incubator, the first step is removing all the eggs and unplugging the product. Next, allow it to cool down to normal temperature. Once the inner part is at room temperature, start by removing dry matter. Use gloves if necessary. The next part is using a mixture of warm water and soap or a cleaning solution. Grab a cloth or paper towel and get it damp with the washing mixture. Use it to wipe the entire surface of the incubator. A damp cloth is a preferred way because you don’t want to get electronic parts wet since it could compromise their performance.

Our Verdict

Now that we’ve concluded our buying guide let us remind you that the Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502 remains our favorite. Generous 325 watts of power combined with sturdiness and impressive durability grant consistent results. The incubator is suitable for both small and large eggs, and it can fit up to 270 chicken eggs.

If you are looking for a small model, consider the OrangeA Reptile Egg Incubator. The product offers heating and cooling options, with temperatures ranging from 5C to 60C. You can even use the product for transporting your amphibian or reptile pet. It is easy to carry around since it is equipped with an integrated handle.

Finally, the Brinsea Ova-Easy 380 Cabinet Incubator is a true premium pick. It can be the best cabinet egg incubator for those looking for ultimate durability and sturdiness. There is no danger of cold spots, and the unit is large but energy-efficient. Ultimately, make sure to pick based on your requirements and budget. It is a guarantee that you will find a product that meets your needs!

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