5 Best Automatic Chicken Doors to Keep Your Birds Safe

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Did you know that the cage systems of keeping chicken were first in California before other states? Do you find opening the chicken coop door every morning and closing it at night cumbersome? Well, you do not need to look any further; automatic chicken doors are here to make work easier for you and life enjoyable for your brood. The chicken you rear now has more luxuries than you can imagine. Technology has made it possible for you to control the feeding and movement of your chicken without necessarily being there.

In this review, we take a look at five of the best automatic chicken doors. These doors have different features, each affecting functionality. In our assessment, we dive deep into the intricate features that every automatic chicken door must-have. The elements we focus on are; the door size, material, control type, and weight. All these features are vital in helping you pick the suitable automatic chicken door.

Top 5 Automatic Chicken Doors Review 2021


JVR Automatic Timer Chicken DoorEditor’s Choice

  • Door size: 11 13/16-inch-wide, 12 9/16-inch-high
  • Door material: heavy-duty aluminum alloy
  • Control type: timer
  • Weight: 6.14 lbs.

More features: easy to install; simple to program; waterproof box

This unit is available in various sizes, making it easier for you to get one that will serve your brood without any limitations. The JVR Automatic Timer Chicken Door is one of the finest in the market. The materials they use in production and the craft is top-tier. This door is available in the sizes 11 13/16-inch-wide, 12 9/16-inch-high. Robustness and durability are among the top benefits of having an aluminum alloy entryway. The sturdy door will help you keep your chicken in and the predators out. Chickens and even ducks can go through this door with ease.

This unit has automatic controls that make operation a breeze. The assembly of high-end timers ensures that you can manage the opening and closing of the door. It is also a must-have chicken coop accessory to protect your chicken. There are multiple on/off program settings as well as seven-day programmable settings. All these controls give you the liberty to choose programs that will work well with your poultry needs. The waterproof box makes this model ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Installation for this model is straightforward. The package you receive has all the parts that complete the unit, including a manual. Read through the instructions and understand the various components that make this unit before you start the setup process.

The operating temperature suitable for this door is between 14° F ~ 122° F. The power cord it comes with requires 110V for smooth operation. You can also use solar power batteries with this unit.

What we liked:

  • Easy installation
  • Smooth operation
  • Programmable
  • Waterproof box
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight

What could be better:

  • No sensors
  • Door size: 10 x 12 inches
  • Door material: aluminum
  • Control type: timer, buttons or light censor
  • Weight: 4.35 lbs.

More features: LCD screen; door lifting capacity of 2.2 lbs.; easy to set up; 3-year warranty

This ChickenGuard Waterproof Door Opener is a set with numerous positive reviews on the wide web. It is one of the best automatic chicken coop doors that have a lower risk of accidents.

Top-notch technology that the manufacturer uses for this model ensures that your flock is safe, and you have peace of mind every day as you go to bed. The incredible self-locking wing technology is among those you get when you buy this brand.

The design of the unique self-locking tech makes it impossible for predators to raise the door and gain access to your flock. The robust aluminum door works hand in hand with the self-locking feature to ensure that your chickens are safe. This door is all-weather, ensuring that the unit serves you for many years to come without experiencing drastic wear and tear.

Although this brand uses the latest technology, setting up and operating the unit is not rocket science. It has both manual and automatic settings. You can choose whichever works best for you. Large buttons are part of the design for your convenience. They are easy to press, making programming easy.

For this model, there are three control types. You can choose between the timer, button, or light sensor options. The door size is 10 x 12 inches, and this serves different sizes of poultry. The 2.2 lbs. door lifting capacity is for the safety of your birds.

Premium quality materials and excellent construction guarantee longevity and good performance. Additionally, the manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty that will cover you in case of any issues.

What we liked:

  • Simple control settings
  • Easy setup
  • 3-year warranty
  • Value for money
  • Strong
  • Convenient

What could be better:

  • Programming defects
  • Door size: comes without a door
  • Door material: comes without a door
  • Control type: a timer or light sensor
  • Weight: 11.2 lbs.

More features: 2.5 lbs. door lifting capacity

In as much as you love your flock, the hassle of waking up to let them out and rushing home in the evening to lock them up is cumbersome. This Brinsea Products Chick Safe Automatic Chicken Door Opener will come in handy for you. It will help open and close the door for your chickens as per the time you set.

This unit is ideal for people whose chicken coop already has a door. This is because this unit does not come with a door. Compatibility with the existing structures is one of the things that you must consider. Before you order this unit, confirm that it will work with your current setup.

Full manual control and a unique failsafe mode are available with this unit. Engage the customer service team to know more about this unit and the best set up for it. If you haven’t set up your chicken coop, consider the other models that come with a door.

Control for this model is possible using a timer or the light sensor option. The digital display makes it easier for you to set the timer among other settings accordingly. This display also shows the status of the door when it is close from 100 yards away. The low battery indicator is also visible from this distance.

The overall weight for this model is 11.2 lbs. Its door lifting capacity, on the other hand, is 2.5 lbs. This capacity works well with most door configurations. The operating temperature is anywhere from 5 to 120°f.

What we liked:

  • Easy installation
  • Straightforward operation
  • Multiple control types
  • Visible display
  • High door lifting capacity

What could be better:

  • Does not come with a door

JVR Chicken Door Automatic Opener KitBest App-controlled

  • Door size: 11.8-inch-wide, 12.6-inch-high
  • Door material: aluminum
  • Control type: mobile App or remote control
  • Weight: 6.04 lbs.

More features: easy to set up and use; one-year free warranty support

Units that you can control remotely, such as this JVR Chicken Door Automatic Opener Kit, are the best. It is a smart chicken gate that connects to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi. If your router is a modem or a router integrated machine, then this device may not be ideal for you. This is because the tech they use does not allow this opener kit to pair.

This is the best automatic chicken coop door with Wi-Fi that you will find from renowned manufacturers in this realm. You can control this unit using a mobile application, the timer, or remote control. The smartphone app allows overseeing the opening of the door as well as the closing without being there. The remote control requires you to open and shut the door manually. Programming this unit to open and close at specific times is also possible.

The high-end CPU that connects to the internet makes operation easy, especially when you are not within the home to use the manual option. This unit is reliable and dependable in comparison to other groups. The aluminum door that is part of this unit measures 11.8-inch-wide, 12.6-inch-high. This size makes it appropriate for most poultry animals, including ducks.

You have a guarantee that this unit will last for many years to come since aluminum is a sturdy material. This material can withstand the varying weather conditions in your locality, ensuring durability. The one-year warranty support from the manufacturer eliminates the risk of losing your money.

What we liked:

  • Remote control
  • Sturdy
  • Trouble-free setup
  • Value for money
  • App control
  • Large door

What could be better:

  • No specified smartphone app
  • Door size: 345 x 255 x 290 mm
  • Door material: metal
  • Control type: light sensor
  • Weight: 12.35 oz

More features: LCD screen; easy to set up; powered by batteries; weatherproof; 2-year guarantee

This Titan Incubators Automatic Chicken Door is a unit that you can trust to automatically open and close. The timer or the rising and setting of the sun will make this happen. The light sensor control type is among the top reasons why this unit is desirable to many poultry farmers.

The LUX light sensors prompt the doors open when the sun rises in the morning and shuts it when it goes to sleep. The downside to this is that during the various seasons, this feature may become unreliable. The LCD screen that they include in this unit makes operation easy. It also helps you keep track of what is happening in the chicken coop from a distance.

There is no complex wiring for this unit. The setup is trouble-free, and you will be done in a short while. Ensure that you follow the manual the manufacturer provides for proper installation. Adhering to the guidelines guarantees a seamless setup, which in turn informs smooth operation. High-grade materials make this unit. The craft that Titan Incubators employ for this automatic chicken door is one of the finest in this industry. The materials are weatherproof, making this unit ideal for all-seasons use. It requires batteries to power the day to day functioning of the unit.

This product comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. You have to register on their website, and you can lay claim according to the terms of the guarantee. The support team will answer any queries on the site too.

What we liked:

  • Durable unit
  • High-grade materials
  • Flawless construction
  • LCD screen
  • Easy installation
  • Weatherproof
  • 2-year guarantee

What could be better:

  • Few customer reviews

Things to Consider

There are a few factors that you must consider before you buy an automatic chicken door. If you overlook certain elements, you may end up with a door that is not helpful to you or your flock. These types of doors are quite pricey; hence, you have to be careful when picking a unit. Our guide will help you determine the features to look out for, among other things, to ensure you get the best. When reading through the listings available on the internet, confirm whether the one you are after comes with a door or not. Buying the control box and the door separately will be pricier than when you buy an “all in one” model. Read on to know more about these doors and the features to consider when purchasing one.

Why do you need an automatic chicken door?

5 Best Automatic Chicken Doors to Keep Your Birds Safe

Rearing chicken is not an easy task, as most people imagine. You cannot lock your flock in the coop twenty-four hours a day; they have to be let out daily for various reasons. Below we explore some of the reasons why you need an automatic chicken door.

Convenience – You do not have to wake up at the break of dawn to let your children out if you have an automatic chicken door. Also, you do not have to cut your evening short and run home to ensure that the flock is back in their coop. When you buy an automatic chicken door, you eliminate the hassle of having to open and shut the chicken coop yourself. You can also take a short vacation and have peace of mind knowing that your chicken will leave and return to the coop effortlessly.

Safety – Having a flock of chicken is a nightmare for most people because of the predators. The era of worrying and waking up in the middle of the night to scare away predators is over. Automatic chicken door designs ensure that the door is secure, and it’s a good addition to a chicken fencing, keeping the predators away. Most of these doors are metal, making it hard for raccoons and foxes to break in.

Durability – Most, if not all, automatic chicken doors are robust. Top grade materials and craft that the producers use on these doors guarantee longevity. The materials are weatherproof, making these units resistant to wear and tear from external factors. Buying any of the models, we review above, or others in the market assure you of years of stress-free poultry rearing.

Features to consider before you buy an automatic chicken door

There are many purchasing decisions that you have to make when buying an automatic chicken door. The opening mechanism, power source, and cost are among the factors that you ought to bear in mind. The features come in next in the list of things that you must consider.

Door type

Regarding the door type, there are several issues that you have to ponder over. The opening mechanism is the first thing to bear in mind. How does the door open? This is a question that you must ask yourself before you buy any auto chicken door opener. If you have the conventional door that swings outwards, you will have to make changes to the setup to accommodate the automatic style. Buying a unit like the Brinsea Products Chick Safe Automatic Chicken Door Opener will require you to have a door already. Confirm that the construction of your coop will allow this. The door size id another factor that you must think about.

The door should be at least 6 inches above the ground and measure ten inches wide. The height should also be above ten to cater to chickens of different sizes.

Door material

5 Best Automatic Chicken Doors to Keep Your Birds Safe

The material the manufacturer uses to make the door is a feature that you must pay keen attention to. This is critical as it is the part that will determine whether your flock is safe or not. Longevity is also another factor that this feature informs. The door you buy should be made of durable and sturdy material that will keep predators away.

Aluminum alloy is one of the top elements that many producers in this sector use.

It is a durable metal that can resist harsh weather conditions. Other than the alloy, aluminum is the other material that you will find common in the making of these doors. Of the five units we assess herein, JVR Automatic Timer Chicken Door is the only model that has an aluminum alloy door. This is not to say that the other models are not strong, but this particular one is heavy-duty in comparison.

Control type

Convenience and flexibility are among the top benefits of having an automatic chicken door. The control type determines whether you will enjoy these benefits or not. There are different control types. The standard control types available are remote control, buttons, timer, light sensor, and mobile applications. It is prudent to pick a unit that combines the different operation options. Multiple options will enable you to switch from one function to the other when need be. Technology plays a critical role in making the opening and closing of chicken doors easier. For instance, in winter, the light sensors may not be useful, making the other options viable. When buying a unit that uses the internet like the JVR Chicken Door Automatic Opener Kit connection, confirm that it is adaptable to the system you already have at home.

Having to replace your internet system to fit that of the automatic chicken door will raise the acquisition cost significantly.


Chicken coop doors are known to be heavy. However, this is not the case with automatic variations. The average chicken coop door is roughly four kilograms. The materials that manufacturers use for the electronic models lower the overall weight significantly. Against popular belief, chicken doors should not be heavy. Also, a lightweight door does not indicate poor quality. Aluminum the material that most manufacturers use because it is lightweight and robust. It helps keep away the predators while minimizing risk, such as killing the chicken accidentally. For most of the units, we review aluminum, and an alloy of the same stands out as the common material. The weights of these units are lower than that of those that use other materials like metal. Titan Incubators Automatic Chicken Door is the heaviest unit we have in this article. It’s made of metal hence the weight.


No, installing an automatic chicken door is straightforward. In the package you receive, the manufacturer includes a manual that will guide you on how to set up the unit you buy. Following these instructions to the letter is the key to making your work easier. Before you start installing the unit, ensure that you have all the parts that you need. Arrange the different parts and then begin the installation process. If you are uncertain about any of the instructions, reach out to the manufacturer’s customer care service for assistance. These units are available in brick and mortar stores. When buying from land-based stores, you can ask the customer service to show you the step by step installation process (if possible). In the event that you cannot set up the unit, you buy yourself, find an expert in the field to help you.

The usage of automatic chicken doors varies from one brand to the next. When shopping for one, look at the control options available. This should help you know how to use a particular model. Some brands have remote controls and mobile applications, while others rely on light sensors and timers. Other units combine multiple control options making it easier for you to choose one that suits your needs. Understanding how the different control options work is critical in helping you make an informed decision. Once you install the unit, you can try out the various control choices before you decide which option best works with you and your flock. Read through reviews to ascertain how best to use your automatic chicken door. The testimonials will also help you pick a model with the best operating systems.

Our Verdict

The five automatic chicken doors that we review are among the finest that you will find in the market place. Understand your needs and that of your chicken before you settle on which model to buy. The editor’s choice in our evaluation is the JVR Automatic Timer Chicken Door. It has many desirable elements that elevate its value in the market. Simple installation, waterproof box, and straightforward programming are among the top reasons which this unit ranks top in our list of the best automatic chicken doors.

For the premium pick, we went with the ChickenGuard Waterproof Door Opener. The aluminum door ensures that the flock is safe, and it also assures the longevity of the unit. The 3-year warranty and multiple control options are among the features that most people find appealing. The Titan Incubators Automatic Chicken Door is our best value choice for various reasons; durability and eye-catching design are among them.

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