Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas – Take the Best Care of Your Tool!

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A wheelbarrow is an all-around handy tool that any handy man with a yard or garden to take care of owns. Now, owning tools is one thing, but taking care good care of them to increase their longevity is another. Unless you want to incur gardening expenses every other time replacing broken or damaged tools, you have to take storage seriously. Proper wheelbarrow storage goes beyond pushing it up against your garage until next time’s use.

So, where should your wheelbarrow go whenever you aren’t using it? There are multiple ways of storing a wheelbarrow to protect it from premature wear and tear. Some of them can be improvised while some might require you to buy a couple of items or even seek technical help. Read on for some more information on wheelbarrow storage ideas that will help you make the most out of your wheelbarrow.

The importance of storing your wheelbarrow properly

Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas - Take the Best Care of Your Tool!A wheelbarrow is a must-have tool on any farm, construction site or home with a garden. It is designed to allow an individual to quickly ship heavyweight stuff from one place to another without much effort. A standard size wheelbarrow can hold up to 100kg of material which can be just about anything, from farm manure and seeds to construction material and tools.

Having a wheelbarrow at your disposal is essential as the last thing you want is to struggle getting it out from storage whenever you need it. Choose an accessible place and method of storage to avoid any inconveniences. You don’t want to store your wheelbarrow in the attic then scratch your head every time you need it.

Also, the storage area should be conducive; clean and dry, to ensure the wheelbarrow’s longevity and away from pets and children to avoid any accidents.

Some of the reasons why proper wheelbarrow storage matters include:


With the best wheelbarrow storage ideas, you can lengthen its lifespan. Unless you want to push a wheelbarrow with wooden handles or even spend money on a new one every other time you must take the storage matter in your hands. If you are in the habit of leaving it outside until the next time you need it you are likely to lose it to corrosion.


Wheelbarrows, if not stored well can be dangerous to kids and pets. If you hang your wheelbarrow for storage, ensure you do it right as it could easily fall on your child or pet. They could also run into it accidentally and cut or hurt their body parts when playing.


Hanging a wheelbarrow on the wall or suspending it from the ceiling are some of the brilliant and effective ways you can save storage space. Some wheelbarrow wall storage options are multi-purpose, and you can hang a few other things on them to save on floor space.

Easy access and tidiness

With proper storage you will always have your wheelbarrow at your disposal because you will always know where it is every time you need it. Of all the storage methods, you should choose one that suits your wheelbarrow and space, and is convenient enough for you. Essentially, proper storage makes your workspace or storage space tidier.

How to store your wheelbarrow

Besides regular maintenance, proper storage is key to having your high-performance wheelbarrow last you long enough. There are several ways of storing a wheelbarrow including; wall storage, ceiling storage and outdoors storage.

Before delving deep into wheelbarrow storage ideas there are some crucial considerations you need to make. First off, you need to establish your wheelbarrow’s measurements to create enough space for it. Don’t worry if you don’t have enough storage space inside your house or in the garage. There are multiple wheelbarrow storage options that will help you free up space for storing other things.

Some storage methods, like wheelbarrow hangers will require you to consider not only the size, but also the shape, weight and type of material used to make the wheelbarrow.

Once you have picked an appropriate storage space, free it up and clean it.

Upturning to the ground

This is the easiest storage method perfect for lazy or unfit users who would still love to keep their wheelbarrows in top shape. It is also great for people with limited storage space. You can upturn the wheelbarrow to the ground then store some other stuff underneath it saving on space and leaving your storage area neater.

Upturning the wheelbarrow to the ground protects its tray from moisture that could rust the metal and deteriorate its longevity. As for wooden and plastic trays, it prevents drying out, hardening and cracking.

Experts do not consider this a proper storage technique. It is a more of a natural solution. Therefore if you are capable of using the other storage methods do so to protect both your wheelbarrow and wallet.

A wheelbarrow hanger

Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas - Take the Best Care of Your Tool!This is one of the most efficient ways of storing a wheelbarrow. A hanger is a lightweight setup design to hold a heavy wheelbarrow with so much ease. It is highly preferred by many because it saves on space big time. Since the wheelbarrow is hung on the wall your storage space will look much neater and freer. Wheelbarrow hangers are pocket friendly whether you buy one or decide to make one yourself.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make a wheelbarrow hanger yourself and if not, you can get help from an expert. The DIY venture is pretty simple and fun though. All you need is the right equipment and materials. You need a few wooden cleats and mounting hardware.

The first obvious step is to take accurate measurements of the wheelbarrow. You must establish its weight before making the hanger.

Next, make the platform that will clutch the base of the wheelbarrow. You need a sturdy wooden plank that’s about 9 to 12cm wide. Screw 2 metallic plates of about 15cm long and 6 cm into both ends of the wooden plank.

Install a hook at a higher position than the entire wagon’s length. Ensure the hook is twisted a bit to get a better grip on the wagon. At this point. The setup is done and ready to be mounted. Mount it at about 1.5ft off the ground for it to harbor the wheelbarrow easily.

A helpful handle

This employs the same principle as the hanger. It is just as effective in getting a wheelbarrow up against the wall irrespective of its shape, size and weight. The only difference is that is has a double spring loaded support system both at is top and bottom. The spring system distributes weight evenly making it more durable compared to the other storage methods.

A rail and hook system

Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas - Take the Best Care of Your Tool!This is a practical and multi-purpose storage option because you can use it to store other things other than the wheelbarrow. A typical rail system along your storage wall can hold up to 1750 pounds. To make the most out of your rail system, ensure you choose the best hooking system with the right weight capacity for your different needs.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap low-grade rails. You might end up not using them for long. The most important considerations to make before buying a rail system are its loading capacity and build quality.

A wall-hanging wheelbarrow holder

Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas - Take the Best Care of Your Tool!This is another fantastic wall-mounted storage option. It is inexpensive and super easy to use. A wall-hanging holder can hold various types of wheelbarrows with different shapes and weights. Once you have bought the holder, all you have to do is mount the wheelbarrow on it.

You will love that the holder allows you to mount the wheelbarrow in either direction; top or bottom. This is because it features a double-spring loaded system that distributes weight evenly, making it much sturdier.

The Lehigh WBH-6 wheelbarrow holder is a top critic’s choice and the absolute winner of durability. It is made from heavy gauge steel for solid durability. Its robust build makes it capable of holding different types of wheelbarrows including the heavy-duty contractor models. Installing it is a breeze as it comes with the hardware required. What’s more, you don’t have to dig too deep into your pockets for this holder.

Hardware repurpose

Being creative in all aspects of life can help you save a lot of resources. This method involves re-purposing your hardware, plumbing hooks, in particular, to hold your wheelbarrows. All you have to do is fix them on the wall upturned then hang the wheelbarrow on the. The only downside to this method is that it only works for the lightweight wheelbarrow models only.

You can use more hardware to increase the load capacity if you want to store heavier wheelbarrows and other stuff. Just like all the other wall-mounted storage options, it helps free up floor space, prevents your wheelbarrow from getting damaged and keeps it at your disposal.

Fence lining storage bracket

This is another excellent space saving and effortless storage option. If you don’t want to take up storage space in your garage or inside your house, this should be your go-to option.

Most people argue that this method is not different from leaving a wheelbarrow outside. There’s a whole difference as this involves more precaution compared to leaving it anywhere in the bush or garden.

The most ideal way of storing a wheelbarrow outside is by installing brackets on the fence or wall of a garage. The fence lining storage is the most popular option. It’s pretty simple to install and you only need wooden pieces, screws and a clothesline to make it. Once you have gathered all the materials, get the wheelbarrow’s accurate measurements.

Next, create a catchment areas for the wheelbarrow by bolting the screws on the fence according to the wheelbarrow’s measurements. Use a wooden piece as the holder.

In terms of accessibility, this methods wins because you would have to go through the process of mounting down the wheelbarrow whenever you need it. Its main drawback, however, is that the wheelbarrow is exposed to the external elements that could cause its quality to deteriorate.

To prevent damages caused by weather elements, you can build a shield to protect the wheelbarrow. This is especially important if you have a metal wheelbarrow that is susceptible to rust and corrosion. A rubber and plastic wheelbarrow would also crack easily when stored under direct sun. You can also paint the wheelbarrow to improve its longevity.

A ceiling pulley system

Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas - Take the Best Care of Your Tool!If you are the ambitious type of handy person, you can go a notch higher in saving your storage floor space by suspending your wheelbarrow from the ceiling. This is not the easiest way of storing a wheelbarrow and it requires some great strength and effort. On the bright side, you can use it on a sloped ceiling without any leveling problems.

You need to create a pulley system for raising up and letting down the wheelbarrow whenever you need it, then drill holes on its bin. The mechanical pulley should be able to handle different shapes and sizes of a wheelbarrow. Use a heavy-duty rope that can support the wheelbarrows weight.

Alternatively, you can easily get the popular StoreYourBoard Wheelbarrow Ceiling Storage Hoist. The heavy-duty storage system has got all the rave because it is the ultimate space saving solution. The hanging pulley rack guarantees you safe wheelbarrow storage with its 2 straps the hoist the wheelbarrow up and another that keeps the 2 tightly in place. Installing it is such a breeze, thanks to the hardware and instructions it comes with.

Useful tips

Storing and organizing tools isn’t the easiest of tasks especially if they are as big as a wheelbarrow, but with a few useful tips you can have your garage or store all neat and tidy.

Create more room

You don’t have to have a cramped up and confused storage space because the area is limited. You can create more room by making use of the walls. Add more shelves on the walls or make compartments for keeping some stuff taking up so much floor space. You can also use great organization techniques to store the smaller tools.

The upturning to the ground wheelbarrow storage method is not the most efficient but it is an ingenious way of creating more space in the storage space. After you have turned the wheelbarrow upside down, you can place other stuff that fill up the floor space underneath it.

Paint your wheelbarrow

If you don’t have enough indoor storage space for your wheelbarrow, consider storing it outside after you have painted it to protect it from harsh weather elements that could reduce its quality. You can also coat it in oil to prevent corrosion. Olive oil is a popular option for preserving a wheelbarrow’s strength.

Create or get a shed for your wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrow Storage Ideas - Take the Best Care of Your Tool!Again, if indoor storage is out of the question for your wheelbarrow, you can buy a storage shed or expand your garage. You can seek the help of a professional to knock out part of your garage wall and build a header to support your roof when building a bump out to extend your garage.

Tip up the wheelbarrow

If you are Mr. lazy bones or just unfit to go through the whole process of creating space and hanging up your wheelbarrow, you can take the seemingly easy route of basic wheelbarrow protection. Tip up your wheelbarrow to prevent moisture accumulation on its tray. Moisture is the top enemy of wheelbarrows’ durability.

Consider your wheelbarrow model

Before choosing any storage option, ensure you have fully considered the type of wheelbarrow you have. You must take its weight and size into account so that you choose the most appropriate storage method.

Final thoughts

You can own the best wheelbarrow on the market but without proper care and maintenance you will keep buying replacements every often because of early wear and tear. Proper wheelbarrow storage is key to having a wheelbarrow last you ages. Other than longevity, you get to save space, have a neat storage area and always have your wheelbarrow at your disposal.

Cleaning your wheelbarrow before storage is an effective way of preventing it from rust and corrosion. After cleaning, you can oil it for more protection against the elements that promote corrosion. Also, to preserve the wheelbarrow’s strength ensure it is dry before storage because moisture is the main destructive element to a wheelbarrow. Some of the solid storage options include rail support systems, wheelbarrow storage racks and brackets, hangers and holders. If you are extra, you can use re-purposed hardware or suspend your wheelbarrow from the ceiling with a ceiling pulley system.


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