How to Make a Fire Pit Spark Screen – Follow These Easy Steps!

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Fire pits are prone to cause fires if not well inspected.

It is vital to take safety measures when operating fire pits to avoid unnecessary losses.

One of the most critical things you ought to do is maintain your family and friends’ safety.

Therefore, once you buy a budget-friendly fire pit or a more expensive one, you must understand the elements that cause your fire pit to be unsafe.

Notably, the sparks that escape from fire pits can be a major threat, primarily when operating these structures in forests or on grass. And you are responsible for your pits and will be liable for damages should accidents occur. Spark screen is especially useful in preventing sparks from escaping the pits.

The good thing about spark screens is that you can make your own and custom them to serve any fire pit. Hence, you should know how to make one for your protection.

First, ensure you acquire the necessary material for making the screens. After that, it is imperative to follow the process for excellent custom-made spark screens.

Choosing the Material

How to Make a Fire Pit Spark Screen - Follow These Easy Steps!Plenty of hardware stores offer the material required for making fire pit screens. Ensure you acquire the best material to have a long-lasting spark screen.

Spark screens are diverse in the market, and each has its uniqueness. According to experts, the best spark screen for homeowners is the Hampton’s Buzaar 36-inch spark screen. We recommend it for its convenience when operating. It is pretty stylish; the spark screen is designed so that half of its dome smoothly slides and fits on the other half. Furthermore, it is easily accessible and is made of steel with fire-resistant paint.

Next, choose the best heat-resistant material for a professional spark screen.

The types of heat material present in the market are carbon steel, cast iron, and stainless steel. Iron is affordable and offers protection from high temperatures and sparks. However, it rusts over time. On the other hand, steel is much lighter but goes for a higher price than iron.

It is also vital to purchase a handle for your spark screen. These handles should have professional designs for the best experience.

Soft grips may disintegrate unexpectedly and cause accidents. Some spark screens also have hinged doors. Purchasing hinges will depend on your preferred type of spark screen.

You will also need paint for your spark screen. It is preferable to have black paint as most professional spark screens are made from high-temperature paint. Experts prefer the Rutland Premium Brush-On Paint. The paint doesn’t contain lead, and does not require a primer. Heat cure is also not a must.

Considering the spark screens are metal, and you need to fix the material together, you’ll have to acquire a welder.

The best welders stick the metal together and build spark screens that last long. Based on several reviews, the best welder remains Forney Easy Weld 140. This multi-function welder is easy to use, allows voltage control, and includes a 10’ MIG gun. You will find this welder convenient for assembling parts of the spark screen.

Making Process: Step-by-Step

There are precise steps to follow when making fire pit spark screens.

These steps are all-rounded. However, you can learn the specific steps on making a round fire pit screen should you own one.

Furthermore, learning how to make a 50” fire pit screen is useful considering their high numbers in the market.

Follow these steps, and you will never go wrong.How to Make a Fire Pit Spark Screen - Follow These Easy Steps!

Step 1. Measure the area perimeter. It is essential first to measure the circumference of the area you wish to set your fire pit so that you can customize the spark screen to fit perfectly.

Step 2. You should consider purchasing stainless steel with a similar circumference to the measurement. It is essential to a suitable base of the cover; hence, a tall ring will be convenient.

Step 3. Weld two strips of the metal sheet. The metal should be conjoined to the ring. Furthermore, the strips should each be one inch. It is best to set the strips eight inches longer than the diameter and align them perpendicular, forming an X shape at the center.

Step 4. Spread the metal cloth over the frame created. The hardware cloth used should not be more than an eighth inch.

Step 5. Stretch the metal mesh around the ring. Preferably, it should loop under the bottom and to the top. Stitch the two layers of mesh to the ring to enclose it.

Step 6. Attach the metal eye to the top part of the screen; they should cross each other. The handle is formed from the eye hook.

Step 7. Paint the screen in and out. As mentioned earlier, black fire-resistant paint is best.

Final Thoughts

Making a fire pit spark screen is not a complex process.

It would be best if you learned how to make a fire pit screen to ensure safety while operating the pits.

Notably, it’s vital to have the necessary material, which should be quality to make long-lasting fire screen sparks.

Therefore, inspect hardware stores to acquire the best tools and materials required for the job.

Once you have the necessary tools, follow the steps carefully to avoid making weak or spark screens with low quality.

Overall, you’ll save on costs instead of purchasing the overly expensive equipment in the market by learning how to make a fire pit spark screen.

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