Best Time to Plant Roses Depending on the Zone You Live in and the Type of Roses

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Roses are some of the most popular types of flowers around the world and are symbols of love and romance. However, you might be surprised that roses hardly evoke love and romance in many gardeners. This is because these flowers are some of the most difficult flowers to grow. Many view them as too picky and difficult to grow. Even gardeners with years of experience still complain when it comes to planting roses. One of the things that can affect the ease of growing roses is time. In this post, we consider the best time to plant roses.

Apart from showing you the best time to plant roses, this post will also cover some other important tips that can assist you in growing this plant correctly. Additionally, we offer you a systematic overview of how you can plant roses.

What is the best time to plant roses depending on the time of year?

There are controversial recommendations regarding which time of the year is best to plant roses: spring or fall. Let’s discuss the benefits of each.


You can plant roses in the spring. The main benefit of planting in the spring is that you get an instant burst of color in your garden.


You can also decide to plant roses in the fall. If you wait until then, ensure that the roses are planted around two months before the first frost appears in your zone. This will give the roses plenty of time to have their roots embedded in the soil.

What is the best time to plant roses depending on your zone?

Best Time to Plant Roses Depending on the Zone You Live in and the Type of RosesYou must know the hardiness zone that you are in. This zone is important for different reasons. For one, it will help you to know when the last frost date is. The importance of this information is that you can then know the best time to plant. There are thirteen zones, and in this section, we will consider each of these zones.

Zones from 3 to 5

Zones 3 to 5 refer to those that reside in the far northern side of the central interior of your mainland. Those that stay in this zone stay in some of the coldest spots. Zone 3 is regarded as the coldest. Therefore, check to know your zone and arrange your planting accordingly. To be specific, the last frost date for these zones is the 15th of May. Therefore, you should plan to plant after the 15th. If you plant before that date, your roses will find it hard to survive.

Zones from 6 to 8

This next zone applies to those that reside in the middle portion of the mainland and central coastal areas. For these zones, the last frost date varies. For example, if you stay in zone 6, your last frost date falls between April the 1st to the 15th. On the other hand, the frost date for zone 7 falls in the middle of April. Zone 8 has frost dates earlier than zones 6 and 7 as it falls in the later days of March.

Zones from 9 to 11

The last zones described the deep southern half of the mainland. It is the warmest group of zones. As for the last frost dates, it falls in the first two weeks of January.

You can check out the zone you fall into by using the zone finder provided here Trusted Source Home Create your own initiative by combining existing applications with a custom site. Use this initiative to form teams around a problem and invite your community to participate. .

What is the best time to plant roses depending on the type of roses?

There are different types of roses, and they have different best times for planting.

  • Old Roses – these are hardy roses that can be grown in warm and mild climates. They can be planted at different times of the year.
  • Modern Hybrid Roses B – these are popular options as well that are long-blooming and very hardy as well.
  • Wild Roses – these are roses that usually bloom from the spring to early summer.

Bare root roses vs container roses

Bare-root roses, as the name implies, are roses exposed. They are an excellent option because they are usually available in the early spring. If you behold roses in boxes, then you have seen bare-root roses.

The other type of roses is the container roses. These roses are excellent because they offer you more flexibility when it comes to planting time. You can plant them as late as May and they would still survive.

In our opinion, it is better to get the container roses if you aren’t decided about when you want to plant the roses.

Tips on planting roses

Thinking about taking on the challenge of planting roses? Then this section will assist you. Here, we consider some of the best tips on planting your roses the right way. Each of these tips is easy to understand and follow. If applied, you can rest assured that your roses will grow excellent.

Plant in the spring

Best Time to Plant Roses Depending on the Zone You Live in and the Type of RosesYou might decide to plant a rose when it is in bloom. Some benefits come from planting roses in the spring. Perhaps the greatest advantage is that you will have an instant presence of color from the plant.

For some gardeners, the aim of planting roses is to beautify the garden. Well, planting when the plant is in bloom will allow such gardeners to enjoy the beauty as quickly as possible.

However, it should be noted that planting in the spring can make it difficult for the plant to adapt to the changing environment. Therefore, you might not get as much growth as expected. Also, planting at such a time means that the roses will suffer the heat quicker than those planted at other times.

Get an early start

Most nurseries get their roses in the early months of the year. So, when you plant the roses around March you will allow your roses to be firmly rooted in the soil. This will improve their chances of survival and will aid adaptation to the new environment. By planting so early, your chances will dig their roots deep into the soil before the heat arrives.

Wait until fall

Another time that you can plant instead of spring is in the fall. If you decide to chill until autumn, plant the roses around six weeks before the first frost shows up. By planting at this time, the roses will have the chance to extend their roots deep into the soil before winter comes and makes everything dormant.

Buy in containers

Best Time to Plant Roses Depending on the Zone You Live in and the Type of RosesIf you haven’t decided when to plant, or you generally desire more flexibility in planting, then it is recommended that you buy the roses in containers. As we have seen in the sections above, roses that come in containers offer better durability and are hardier than plants that come with bare roots. With these container roses, you can still plant later in the year. However, we still recommend that you plant the roses as early as possible.

Buy bare-root roses

Best Time to Plant Roses Depending on the Zone You Live in and the Type of RosesAs we have seen, these are also good options. However, they come with certain downsides. For one, they are simply not as durable as the container roses. Nevertheless, they come with advantages.

For one, you get them early in the springtime.

If you are buying these roses, some tips can help you to get the best from them.

  • Don’t buy them after February because, by this time, they would have started to sprout in the package.
  • Another tip is to plant bare-root roses while they are still dormant

Plant in good weather

Another tip that can help you to get the best from your planted roses is to plant them only in good weather. You should not plant them during extreme weather as this will affect their growth. Therefore, don’t plant in drought or when the soil is full of water. ]

You should also look to avoid planting when the soil is frozen. Instead, wait until the soil is dry. This will ensure that you plant correctly.

Let the frost pass and the weather warmed up before you plant any roses. This will give the roses the chance to fight for survival.

Look for quality

The next tip that will help you plant the best roses is to look for high-quality rose bushes. It might be more expensive than the typical option, but it is certainly worth the cost. How can you identify a good plant? Well, you should inspect the root system to see if it is damaged or dry. If so, you should look for roses that have healthy root systems.

If there are any signs that it is not a good quality plant, then you should look for something else.

When buying roses from your local nursery, ask about the best conditions to plant the roses and the diseases that are common in the area.

Get the correct spot

Best Time to Plant Roses Depending on the Zone You Live in and the Type of RosesAnother thing that will help you to plant roses correctly is to choose the correct spot. After you have selected the zone, you can then select the best spot. Getting this spot will ensure that the rose will thrive in the new environment. What makes up a good spot? Well, some of the things that you need to provide include:

  • Plenty of sun – For the best growth, your roses should enjoy sunlight within six or more hours daily. It will also include ensuring that the rose is ready to enjoy the morning sun.
  • Rich soil – To get the best growth from your roses, the soil must be rich in nutrients. You can add compost like horse manure to improve the richness of the soil.
  • Compost – The compost or fertilizer that you add for the rose should be one that breaks down before you start planting. If you are looking for good fertilizer, you can try out the Down to Earth It is an excellent box of useful fertilizer.
  • Good air circulation – This is essential, thus, you should ensure that they are in an open space. Roses will not do well in a closed area because of the lack of fresh air.

When all these are in place, your roses will have a higher chance of surviving.

Avoid certain spots

Just as you want to choose a good spot for planting your roses, there are some spots that you should avoid planting your roses. For example, you shouldn’t plant the roses very close to a building or large trees. If you grow near other plants, you should prune any other plants that might affect the exposure of the plant. The Jardineer Rose Gloves & Trimming Scissors Set is a specialized set that contains all you need to prune.

Final thoughts

Roses are beautiful flowers that require plenty of attention to be successfully grown. While it can be challenging, you certainly can learn the best time to plant roses. Most of the time, the best time to plant roses depends on the zone guidelines of your area. We hope that the tips in this article will help you in planting your roses correctly.


Create your own initiative by combining existing applications with a custom site. Use this initiative to form teams around a problem and invite your community to participate.

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