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You might have found creative ways to get rid of pine needles in your yard, but none of these methods beats the tested and trusted, old-fashioned method of raking your pine needles. While a leaf blower might assist in moving some of the mess, a flexible rake will still be great since the needles still require to be gathered. The best rake for pine needles is, in many cases, multi-functional. It can also be used to remove other yard debris and leave your lawn looking incredible.

We have reviewed dozens of products on the market and selected 5 best rakes for pine needles. All of these products are highly rated and have been thoroughly tested before being recommended. From our testing, the TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II is our top choice. This rake comes with rigid, rounded steel tines that are designed to scrape up all loose debris from the ground. It is not a destructive tool; however; the tines are spaced ideally for removing leaves and debris from bushes by allowing green stems to pass between them with no risk of damage. Aside from this option, we will review four other great choices on the market.

In compiling this article, we considered several important features. Some of these features include type, materials, length, head, and weight, among others. We will discuss each of these factors in our buying guide. We have also provided a comparison table, in-depth reviews of each model and an FAQ section to answer your questions. We sincerely hope that you benefit from this article; a product of time and effort on our part.

Top 5 Rakes for Pine Needles Review 2021


TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper IIEditor's Choice

  • Type: manual
  • Materials: fiberglass, steel
  • Length: 55 in.
  • Head: 21 in., 28 tines
  • Weight: 1.03 lbs.

 More features: tines & handle can be purchased separately, can be used on bushes

The TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II is a mix of all of the best qualities of a rake. It’s light enough so that it’s easy to manoeuvre, but it’s heavy enough that the tines don’t bounce on the ground as you drag the rake towards you. Additionally, between this rake’s metal tines and its weight, it is very efficient at raking.
It’s not as wide as some of the rakes I tested, but I found that to be a bonus, since what it lost in horizontal coverage, it made up for in its manoeuvrability, raking efficiency, and ease of storage. Its rigid, rounded steel tines are designed to scrape up all loose debris from the ground, potentially sacrificing a little grass in the process.
This leaf rake is not a destructive tool; however; the tines are spaced ideally for removing leaves and debris from bushes by allowing green stems to pass between them with no risk of damage.

When confronted with pine needles, they delivered neat performance, which is something you don’t find in every rake. Apparently, pine needles are the collective bane of a rake’s existence. This leaf rake is powerful and durable, offering high performance for anyone who wants something a little stiffer and more determined than your average garden leaf rake.

What we liked:

  • Rake head work excellently
  • Designed to minimize back strain
  • Efficient performance
  • Affordable

What could be better:

  • The handle feels flimsy
  • Might get clogged with leaves

Flexrake LAR123Best Value

  • Type: manual
  • Materials: aluminum, wood
  • Length: 54 in.
  • Head: 24 in.
  • Weight: 1.45 lbs.

 More features: made in USA, can be used on roofs

If you are looking for a handy way to clean up yard debris, the Flexrake Pine Needle Rake is worth checking out. With a 54” wood handle and 24” aluminium rake head, the Flexrake is the perfect tool to clean up a yard full of pine needles.

If you have particularly long pine needles, the Flexrake makes it easy to pick up pine needles unlike other rakes on the market. This is also a great tool to use when removing pine needles from your roof.

The aluminium head rake may seem weird at first, but once you see it in action, you will be thrilled. It can handle pine needles that are known to be messy and ensure to clean the space around your home.

The handle is wooden and 54 inches long, which makes it suitable for regular height. Although the handle is durable, the spot where it connects with the head seems a bit flimsy. The good news is that it probably won’t affect the overall durability of the product.

What we liked:

  • Efficient unique design
  • The head of the rake is very durable
  • The handle is of adequate length regardless of your height
  • Corrosion resistant coating

What could be better:

  • Takes time to assemble

Amazing Rake 3-IN-1Budget Pick

  • Type: manual
  • Materials: unbreakable copolymer Polypropylene
  • Length: 64 in.
  • Head: 17 in.
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs.

 More features: 3-in-1 model

A very affordable rake, the Amazing Pickup Rake is one of the biggest back and time saver of the bunch. Instead of having to rake all of the smaller piles into one large one and then bending over to pick those up into the bag or bin, rinse and repeat, this rake helps you to do that as you go. Similar in design to the handheld indoor item retrievers, this leaf retriever allows you to move large amounts of pine needles without ever bending over or touching the leaf pile.

If you tend to have other small debris like acorns and berries or frequently have bug visitors in your leaf piles, this rake will prevent you from having to handle them. You don’t have to rake an entire garden, bag the leaves, and then have to pick up individual acorns that slip through the tines of other rakes. If you have difficulty with spending long hours bending and lifting, this rake is like having your own personal assistant. It’s strong but made of light plastic.

The rake is not only extraordinarily lightweight so that the repeated pulling motion of raking doesn’t get tiring, but the ergonomic and telescoping handle provides more control and customized performance for the variety of jobs the yard and garden presents. At 58 inches long, the steel handle is long enough for taller gardeners; for shorter individuals, just twist the handle, shorten it to the desired length and then twist again to lock it in place. The non-slip rubber coating on the handle makes it easy to handle.

What we liked:

  • Works nicely to pick up leaves and debris
  • Easy on the back, no need to bend

What could be better:

  • Not very durable
  • Type: pull behind
  • Materials: spring steel, durable steel with a powder-coat paint
  • Length: 53 in.
  • Head: 60 in., 24 tines 5/16″
  • Weight: 102 lbs.

 More features: attaches to ATV, UTV, or utility tractor, 12” pneumatic tires, 1-year warranty

With a working width of sixty inches, the Yard Tuff Pine Straw Rake helps you cover a large yard in a short amount of time. You get optimal performance with twenty-four, 5/16-inch spring steel tines that are reliable and durable, ensuring that you can get the project done. Plus, the twelve-inch pneumatic tires give you easy manoeuvrability over different terrains.

Made of durable steel and featuring a powder-coat paint finish, you get a rake that is corrosion resistant that will last you a while. The lift handle allows you to drop your collection of debris easily to effectively and quickly rake up debris, grass, leaves, and pine needles. Plus, you get a pin hitch so you can attach it to your utility tractor, UTV, or ATV.

What we liked:

  • Nice black finish
  • Easily gathers up pine straw
  • Good quality tines and metal pieces

What could be better:

  • Bolts tend to get stripped
  • Handle slips easily when you hit a bump

Titan Pine Straw Needle Rake for Cat 1Best Pull Behind Rake

  • Type: pull behind
  • Materials: steel
  • Length: not specified
  • Head: 60 in., 34 tines 22 1/2″
  • Weight: 120 lbs.

 More features: replaceable coil tines, 3 point attachment for compact tractors, 2” tine spacing

Measuring five feet, the Titan 3 Point Pine Straw Needle Rake is great to use for rounding up pine needles with your compact tractor with its 3-point attachment. It also features replaceable coiled tines to give you better spring action.

When it comes time to bale up pine needles, you first have to gather them up. With the Titan 3 Point Pine Straw Needle Rake, you can finish up your plans to bale pine needles in no time by simply driving across them with your tractor, and the pine needle rake will do all of the work for you.

Made of steel, the Titan features tines that are heat-treated and spaced two inches apart. It will also work well with raking up sticks, leaves, grass, and other debris that can weaken the roots of your grass.

What we liked:

  • Heavy-duty and well-made tool
  • Comes with three-point attachment pins
  • Won’t hurt your grass

What could be better:

  • Not great for dead leaves
  • Doesn’t come with instructions

Things to Consider

In the roundup above, we considered 5 of the best rakes for pine needles on the market today. In this section, we go further by providing you with more information about rakes and how you can choose the right one.

Types of Rakes

Before you purchase a rake, you should understand that there are several types of them on the market:

Leaf Rake

A leaf rake, otherwise known as a lawn rake, is great for raking leaves. It comes in a range of widths up to thirty inches and a long handle with tines fanning out to form a triangle. Variations between rakes lie in the type of material used to make the tines. Usually made of either bamboo, plastic, or metal, the most gentle rake tines are made of bamboo and are used when raking over garden beds or groundcovers. Plastic tines are perfect for moving a large number of leaves and work especially well when the leaves are wet. Metal tines are the most durable but not quite as effective as a rake with plastic tines.

Shrub Rake

A shrub rake is constructed similarly to a leaf rake but features a smaller span of tines to give you better access to the area under shrubs, along your fencing, or anywhere your landscape may be tight. Not everyone needs a shrub rake. It mostly depends on your needs and your landscape. When choosing a shrub rake, look for a handle that can telescope in and out which is a convenient feature for some yards.

5 Best Rakes for Pine Needles - No Mess Any LongerBow Rake

The best choice for leveling sand and dirt or any materials that are heavier than leaves, a bow rake is thicker and shorter than a leaf rake. Made of metal, the bow rake is the workhorse of the rake varieties and is particularly useful when you do your own landscaping projects, seasonal mulching, or have a gravel driveway.

Hand Rake

A smaller bow rake or shrub rake, a hand rake comes with a short handle and is usually about the size of a garden trowel. This is a great tool when you work around small plantings or in and around flowers. With a short handle, you get better control in tight spaces although you will spend a lot of time down on the ground in the dirt.

Thatch Rake

Not used for raking leaves, a thatch rake is used to remove thatch which is a layer of material between the soil and your lawn. Different from other rake types, a thatch rake comes with a sharp blade on either side of the handle with one that breaks up thatch and the other to remove it.

Features to Consider before choosing a rake for pine needles

To help you choose from the numerous options on the market, there are certain features that you have to consider.


The handle is one of the most important parts of the rake. Hence, you should consider its composition among other features.

The material that is used in the handle of your rake is a great indicator of the quality of the rake.

Steel, aluminium, and hardwood are the most common and most durable as regular wood often has the chance of caving in.
Keep in mind that metal handles can be prone to rusting if they aren’t taken care of, plus they have the tendency to bend. If the handle is made of ordinary wood, there is the chance of it caving in.

One of the best handles here is the wooden handle of the Flexrake LAR123.

Fiberglass is another material that has been used in a couple of models, but they can be prone to cracking and shattering. Cheaper plastic handles usually won’t last you as long are intended for short-term use.

Another feature of the handle to consider is the length. The length of the handle is an important consideration and will tell you whether or not your back will be aching when you are done working in your yard. The length you need to choose depends on your height with a handle that is too short, making you bend more and a handle that is too long, creating an uncomfortable position to work in. Also, consider what type of grip is on the handle as a grip that isn’t installed correctly can slide and shift, making it difficult to rake.


Rake tines need to be flexible but also have the strength to take on thick pine needles, dry or wet and other debris in your yard. Great for light or single-season use, plastic tines break easily and don’t have the required flexibility most people need while metal tines with spring metallic hinges are handy to have in any yard and can last several seasons.

If you have metal tines, you need to protect them from rusting by regular cleaning after use and storing them in dry, shaded places.
The Titan Pine Straw Needle Rake for Cat 1 comes with metal tines that need to be protected.

Rake Head

A large determination of the rake’s performance with pine needles is based on the rake head. It should range between 22 and 24 inches in width to have the ability to pick up a large bunch of pine needles in one sweep without being too clumsy or heavy for the user. The Yard Tuff YTF-60PSR Pine Straw Rake comes with a truly impressive width which makes it very effective. When raking tight spots, rake heads that are adjustable can give you a smaller footprint to safely navigate between plants and is easier to store, just make sure that the adjusting feature is easy to engage or it won’t serve its purpose. A rake head that is curved or has a different design really doesn’t influence its handling and is the result of the manufacturer wanting to stand out.


Raking is typically taxing on muscles. One can eliminate incidences of premature tiredness, hurting backs, and distressed hands by looking at, among other things, the rake’s dimensions. But for a few companies, the leading players are now making rakes which observe good ergonomics for users. Indeed, these innovative designs deliver extra comfort and better control making the whole operation effortless.

Overall, a lightweight pine needles rake combined with an adjustable handle, plus where possible, adjustable tines will be cozier, by a mile.

And as a bonus, adjustable rakes are easier to store once reduced.

5 Best Rakes for Pine Needles - No Mess Any LongerDurability

Obviously, nobody wants to purchase an item that breaks after a few usages. With rakes, durability is very important; otherwise, you will end up buying a new rake every other season. There are a lot of cheap plastic rakes available both online and offline stores that aren’t reliable and could break very fast. Purchasing such a product is a bad investment from several points of view. Not only is it a waste of money, but throwing away plastic rakes constantly is also bad for the environment.

Think of your leaf rake as an investment. Don’t you want something that will last for years to come? Well, maybe you won’t be that lucky to buy a rake that lasts an entire lifetime, but a lifespan of 5 years should be pretty generous. If you want a durable leaf rake, you should consider 2 things: first of all, you need a rake with a handle that’s preferably made of hardwood, to make sure it doesn’t break under pressure. Most people will argue and say that metal is more durable than wood, so a metal handle would be best. However, metal handles have the tendency to bend over time. If you’re looking for durability, hardwood handles are the best choice, although metal does come hard in second place.

Second, look for a model that comes with a spring metal hinge that supports the metal tines attached to it. Metal tines provide numerous advantages in the long run. They have a much-extended lifespan unless they are improperly stored and start rusting. Another advantage is the fact that they are sturdy enough to rake more than just leaves, but also debris and smaller twigs. Should you purchase a rake with plastic tines, they will be more prone to breaking under similar pressure.


Well, this depends on the material of the tines and the weather conditions. If you are using a rake with plastic tines, then you obviously don’t have to worry about rust. But metal is prone to rust. Hence, you must keep the rake in a dry place away from sunlight to ensure that it remains intact.

It depends on the model. Some rakes come pre-assembled while others need to be coupled.

It depends on where the pine needles fall. If it is in the yard, then rakes for pine needles will work. If they fall into the pool or pond, you might need a pool net or skimmer. Patios and pavements can be rid of pine needles by using a broom.


From our roundup, we hope that you can identify a rake that will serve your needs effectively. Our top choice, the TRG Inc Rake Groundskeeper II is designed for intense, powerful raking action. It is powerful and durable, offering high performance for anyone who wants something a little stiffer and more determined than your average garden leaf rake. The Flexrake LAR123 can handle pine needles that are known to be messy and ensure to clean the space around your home and is our value pick in this roundup. For those on a budget, the Amazing Rake 3-IN-1 is an excellent choice that easily handles everything from leaves to grass clippings and ultimately pine needles. You don’t have to “dig” or try to swoop up; it readily catches the leaves and small branches.

We hope that this guide will assist you in selecting the best rake for pine needles.

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