6 Best Pond Fish Feeders – Keep Your Fish Well-Fed and Happy!

Last updated: May 15, 2020
22 Models Considered
52 Hours of Research
8 Experts Interviewed
160 Reviews Analyzed

If you have a fishpond, a fish feeder can be a necessary addition to keep your fish healthy and happy, especially when you go on vacation or simply busy with other things. If you’re looking for the best pond fish feeder, then one from this list may be a perfect choice.

We’ve examined 22 different models available on the market and have picked six best of them for this article. Our favorite one is the Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Directional Hanging Feeder. It offers anti-clog technology and can be hanged over a pond or even used for game feeding as well. If you want to check something else, we have five other fantastic options for you here.

Top 6 Pond Fish Feeders Review 2020

For this review, we have spent more than 55 hours doing our research. We’ve visited manufacturers’ websites, consulted experts, and asked fish pond owners to help us find the best product. When choosing pond feeders, it’s important to consider their capabilities and features. Capacity will tell you how often you need to refill the feed. Remember to check if you’ll need to purchase batteries for it. Consider the timer for when your fish will be fed and the dimensions and weight for storage and portability. We broke down our findings in a table with quick-to-find information as well as more detailed reviews for those who are looking for the particulars, followed by a buying guide for anyone ready to purchase their own best pond fish feeder.

Editor's Choice

An outstanding pond fish feeder with programmable timer and anti-clog technology. This versatile device has a large capacity and can be placed almost anywhere.

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Premium Pick

With this pond fish feeder, you won’t have to worry about close food drops thanks to a centrifugal air blower. It is very durable and ideal for larger ponds.

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Best for Small Ponds

If you have a small pond, consider this programmable pond fish feeder. It has a button for additional feeding when needed and has dishwasher-safe parts.

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Best for Large Ponds

This fantastic pond fish feeder is incredibly easy to set-up. It boasts 30-gallon feed capacity and can be programmed up to 6 feedings a day.

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Best Free-Standing Pond Fish Feeder

A quite compact fish feeder with detachable parts and a free-standing design. It can be programmed up to 99 days of continuous feeding and is easy to clean.

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Best Compact Pond Fish Feeder

This is a very small device that can be pole-mounted or hanged over the pond. It gradually feeds fish over a set period and doesn’t require frequent battery replacement.

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  • Capacity: 6.5 gallons
  • Power supply: 6-volt battery (not included)
  • Timer: feeds up to six times a day, 1-20 seconds dispersion time
  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 12.2 x 17.2 in.
  • Weight: 7.69 lbs.

 More features: 30-degree path, anti-clog technology


The Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Directional Hanging Feeder is our Editor’s Choice. The hang ability of this pond fish feeder means that it can conveniently be placed anywhere you need it and allows you to move it to different areas of your pond or even to different ponds when desired. It’s also built using anti-clog technology, which makes it a great choice for any feed type, or if you need to change your feed from one type to another due to a change of fish or illness or if you would like to use this feeder on game trails or feed plots for game purposes.

The programmable timer lets you program up to 6 daily feed times, and the duration of the feed can be adjusted from anywhere between 1 and 20 seconds, allowing even more customization of your feeding. It can hold up to 6.5 gallons of feed, and the spinner plate has an agitator allowing the feeder to cast it in one direction at a 30-degree path with a distance of about 20 feet.

The feeder is powered by a single 6-volt battery, which makes it a great choice for those with ponds not near an electrical source, though you will need to purchase batteries in order to use it. But since it’s a hanging feeder, you will need to hang it yourself, and for ponds, that may take a bit of trial and error to find what works best with your situation.

  • Can be used for ponds or game feed
  • Timer and feed duration settings
  • Anti-clog technology
  • Large capacity
  • Battery is not included

Texas Hunter Fish FeederPremium Pick

  • Capacity: 70 lbs.
  • Power supply: 12-volt rechargeable battery
  • Timer: feeds up to nine times a day, 1-60 seconds dispersion time
  • Dimensions: 40.6 x 42.25 x 51.25 in.
  • Weight: not specified

 More features: Centrifugal Air Blower system, 20′ x 45′ coverage area, adjustable feet


The Texas Hunter Fish Feeder is our Premium Pick because it’s made of galvanized steel, and it holds a fantastic 70 pounds of food, making it a great choice for those who have medium to large-sized ponds and a lot of fish to feed.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery, which means you don’t have to worry about purchasing replacement batteries. Just recharge the 12-volt included battery when needed to keep your pond fish feeder working. The legs are adjustable, and the feet come with stabilizing stakes to help keep the feeder balanced and safe on uneven surfaces.

This feeder uses a centrifugal air blower system for a 20 foot by 45-foot feed coverage, while also eliminating food drop within 3-5 feet of the feeder. The lid is lockable, and the feeder has two sight gauges so you can measure how much feed is remaining in the feeder without opening the lid every time. It can feed between 1 and 9 times a day, and it also comes with a digital timer and pre-wired for solar battery charging, though the solar charger is sold separately.

It’s a large feeder, though, so it wouldn’t be a great choice for those trying to feed a smaller pond or for anyone who would like the ability to move their feeder as needed.

  • 70 pounds of feed
  • Galvanized steel construction
  • Eliminates close food drop
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Not great for smaller ponds
  • Not very portable

FishMate P7000 Pond Fish FeederBest for Small Ponds

  • Capacity: 6.5 lbs.
  • Power supply: 4 x ‘C’ batteries (not included)
  • Timer: feeds up to three times a day, 15g per portion
  • Dimensions: 8.3 x 8.3 x 14.5 in.
  • Weight: not specified

 More features: LCD digital display, suitable for all food sticks and pellets, dishwasher-safe components, feed on demand, 3-year manufacturer warranty


If you have a smaller pond, the FishMate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder is an ideal option for that because it holds up to 6.5 pounds or 30 cups of feed, including any types of pellets or food sticks.

The LCD digital display makes this feeder easy to read when setting the timer, and this feeder can feed up to three times a day, up to 15-gram portions. It also has a manual feeder option for additional feedings when needed.

This feeder runs on 4 C batteries, so you’ll need to periodically purchase new batteries to make sure your feeder keeps running. It also doesn’t have a spreader option, which means the feed is dropped below the feeder, so if you’re using it on the edge of a pond, make sure to install it properly to avoid the danger of predation. This feeder is made of plastic, too, which means it will be durable for outside use, and since it has such a compact size, it would be easy to move to different locations in your pond. It’s dishwasher-safe as well for easier cleaning. Many users note that it works great, especially if you build a cover for it.

  • Great for smaller ponds
  • Manual and programmable feeder options
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to transport
  • Periodic battery replacement is required
  • Capacity: 30 gallons
  • Power supply: 6-volt battery (not included)
  • Timer: feeds up to six times a day, 1-20 seconds dispersion time
  • Dimensions: 18.5 x 24.5 x 25 in.
  • Weight: 30 lbs.

 More features: 30-degree path, Quick-Lock system, breaks up clumps


If you’re looking for a feeder that can hold a huge amount of food, then the Moultrie 30-Gallon Quick Lock Directional Tripod could be a great choice for you. It can hold up to 30 gallons of food, or close to 240 pounds of feed.

The digital timer allows you to set up to 6 feedings per day, with a duration from 1 to 20 seconds. It will cast your feed in a 30-degree path making it a great choice for pond edge feeding so it won’t waste feed. It also has a feed level estimator to help you know how much feed is remaining in the hopper.

It’s made for easy set-up: no tools required. The agitator helps to break up feed clumps. It runs on a 6-volt battery, which is not included, so you will have to buy one separately and periodically charge it to make sure it keeps working. Some users, though, complained that the customer service was poor.

Overall, it is a very user-friendly device that can be installed almost anywhere. It will ensure that your pond fish is well-fed.

  • 30-gallon feed storage
  • Up to 6 feedings a day
  • Good for pond edges
  • Easy to set-up
  • Poor customer service
  • Battery is not included

udgtee Auto Pond Fish FeederBest Free-Standing Pond Fish Feeder

  • Capacity: 18-cup (1.1 gal)
  • Power supply: 4 x ‘C’ batteries (not included)
  • Timer: feeds up to four times a day, fully programmable feeding schedule
  • Dimensions: 12.99 x 8.85 x 10.82 in.
  • Weight: 2.75 lbs.

 More features: LCD display, detachable parts, free-standing base


For a smaller feeder, the 18 cups, or 1.1-gallon capacity of this pond fish feeder may be a great choice for you. The programmable timer lets you set it up to 99 days with 4 feedings a day. It runs on 4 C batteries, which means you’ll need to purchase replacements every now and then to make sure it keeps running.

The feeder parts are detachable to make it easy to clean, and the plastic construction is durable. It also has a free-standing design as well as it can be mounted somewhere if you’d like to limit the predation.

But many users complained that the programming is very difficult to set even with the instructions and that when used outside, the chute can be easily clogged whenever it rains. Many people admitted that it worked great during dry weather, so you might want to invent some kind of cover for it. As soon as you figure out how the timer works, you will enjoy its performance.

  • Easy cleaning
  • Comes with mounting brackets
  • Up to 99 days of continuous feeding
  • Great for smaller ponds
  • Difficult to program
  • Tendency to clog in the rain
  • Periodic battery replacement is required

Fish Mate P21 Pond Fish FeederBest Compact Pond Fish Feeder

  • Capacity: 1.5-cup
  • Power supply: 1 x AA battery
  • Timer: gradually feeds once a day over a set period
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 3 in.
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs.

 More features: 3-year warranty, can be pole-mounted


This pond fish feeder will run for a full year on just a single AA battery, so while you will need to purchase replacement batteries, they will be cheaper and last longer than with some other models.

This is a good choice for those users who have small ponds as it only holds 1.5 cups of feed, and it only feeds once every 24 hours, gradually dispensing the programmed amount of food over a period of a few hours. It also has an adjustable feed quantity making it a great choice for someone who’s looking to customize their portions. It can be pole mounted to limit the predation, and since it weighs under 2 pounds, it can be easy to mount and move when needed.

Many users stated that they had issues with the consistency of feeding, that it would either feed too little or too much with no rhyme or reasons and sometimes wouldn’t feed at all. And others stated that the timer was be difficult to set.

  • Great for small ponds
  • Gradual daily feeding
  • Highly portable
  • Doesn’t require frequent battery replacement
  • Difficult to set the timer
  • May not feed consistently

Buying Guide

Automatic fish feeders can be an important choice for fish fancier. When raising fish in ponds, regular and measured feeding can keep your fish healthy and happy, even if you’re not home to feed them yourself. It’s important to know the different features and capabilities of the varying models, though, to make sure you purchase a pond fish feeder that works for you and your needs. Not all of them come with large capacities or easy to program options, so users should familiarize themselves with the different options of the automatic pond fish feeder.

How to pick the best pond fish feeder?

6 Best Pond Fish Feeders - Keep Your Fish Well-Fed and Happy!Automatic pond fish feeders can show different results when feeding your pond, while some of them can even be used to feed game animals such as deer. You’ll need to know how much food your fish need daily, and how often, and the type of climate you’ll expose the fish feeder to in order to know which feeder may be the best choice for your needs. If you have a smaller pond, then you don’t need a feeder with a massive capacity, but if you’re looking to feed a lot of fish in a pond, or even a lake, then the capacity and the spread options will make a huge difference in your choice for the best pond fish feeder.

Feeder capacity

Feeder capacity is the most important consideration when you are looking to purchase a pond fish feeder.

If you have a large pond, you’ll need a fish feeder with a large capacity. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having to refill the hopper frequently, which defeats the purpose of an automatic feeder. And if you have a small pond, devices with large capacity can overfeed your fish, leading them to ill health.
If you’re looking for a capacity that can handle a pond or even a lake, then check out the Moultrie 30-Gallon Quick Lock Directional Tripod. Or if you just need a feeder for your small backyard pond, try the 1.5 cup capacity of the Fish Mate P21 Pond Fish Feeder.

Type of feed

6 Best Pond Fish Feeders - Keep Your Fish Well-Fed and Happy!Not all pond feeders are created equal, and your choice can depend greatly on what kind of feed you’re using. While most feeders can work with pellets, the size and shape of them can make a difference in how well your feeder will work. And if you’re using flake food or feeder sticks, you’ll need to find a feeder that can work with those as well. Finally, if you plan on also using your feeder to feed game animals such as deer, you’ll need a feeder that can handle different feed types, such as corn. For a great, all-around feeder that can handle a variety of types of food, we recommend our Editor’s Choice, the Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Directional Hanging Feeder.

Power supply

Power supply matters when looking at an automatic fish feeder. If the power supply doesn’t last long enough, your fish feeder could stop working when you need it most, putting the lives of your fish in jeopardy. Most fish feeders work with batteries, which means you’ll have to set aside money for replacements. Some work with rechargeable batteries, or even come pre-wired for solar power to charge the battery, such as our Premium Pick, the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder.


The timer is the second most important aspect of any pond fish feeder. Without the timer, it’s not an automatic fish feeder, which is the point of the hands-off feeding for your pond. There are a variety of different options when it comes to timers. Some feeders will feed a fixed amount of food a certain number of times per day, and some will let you adjust these settings. If you’re looking for a feeder that can offer a variety of customization options for the timer of your feeder, our Editor’s Choice, the Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Directional Hanging Feeder, is a great pick. But if you’d rather have a feeder that gradually feeds a set amount each day for your small pond, then try the Fish Mate P21 Pond Fish Feeder.


Automatic pond fish feeders run the gamut of sizes, from compact enough for smaller ponds to large enough to feed the entire lake. The size of the feeder can matter if you’re someone who plans on frequently moving your device, say if you only want to set it up when you’re on vacation.

Obviously, a giant feeder is going to be harder to carry and install, while compact models will allow you to find a perfect place for them effortlessly.

Although you might want to get a smaller model, not all of them will be able to hold enough feed for your fish.


Weight is also important, especially if you’re planning on regularly moving your pond feeder, whether to feed different areas of your pond, different ponds, or if you plan to take the feeder in and out of storage. If you are looking for a small and light device, the FishMate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder might be ideal for your needs.

Dispersion area

6 Best Pond Fish Feeders - Keep Your Fish Well-Fed and Happy!Some feeders will disperse the food by using gravity and dropping it at the base of the feeder, and others use dispersion methods to fling the food far away from the feeder. They both have pros and cons associated with them.

For gravity feeders that drop the food below the base, this can train fish to wait at the edge of the pond for food and possibly lead to predation. But flinging food in a wider area only works for ponds or lakes that are large enough for that purpose.
If you do need a large dispersal, then try the 25 to 45-foot feed coverage of the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder.


Prices vary widely with automatic fish feeders, and that’s mostly because they can be so different. A higher-priced model often means that it can hold more feed and disperse it more widely, but that doesn’t mean a lower-priced model wouldn’t be the perfect fit for your needs.

If you have a large pond and wish to get a premium model, check the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder. Although it costs around $850, its centrifugal air blower will provide a wide coverage area, while adjustable feet will offer excellent support.

As for the average-priced units, we have the FishMate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder for small ponds. At $100, you can get a programmable unit with dishwasher-safe parts.

Lastly, the cheapest model here is the Fish Mate P21 Pond Fish Feeder, which costs $40 and can be pole-mounted.


That will depend on the model you choose and how often you use it. All the fish feeders on our list run on batteries, but some of them, such as the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder, come with a rechargeable battery, which means you won’t have to change the battery unless your battery is damaged in some way. Many feeders can be set up with solar power chargers as well, eliminating the need to change the battery altogether.

This will also depend on the size of your pond. It’s important to try to avoid pond edge feeding as this can increase the chances that predators may catch your fish. Many pond feeders have dispersion available, so you would want to place the feeder where the feed will reach all the corners of your pond. But many other feeders can also be converted to hang above the water, helping to protect your fish from the more dangerous banks of your pond.

Since the pond fish feeders are using food, even if it’s just fish pellets, it’s important to treat them like regular kitchenware and wash them frequently to avoid bacteria build-up, which could be harmful to your fish. Simply detach the container, remove the feed leftovers, and wash it with soap. Some of the fish feeders are even dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean regularly.

Although koi, goldfish, and other ornamental types of fish can be fed once per day, they prefer to be fed multiple times a day since they are constantly looking for food. Feeding them a few times a day will keep them healthier and happier, which is why an automatic feeder can be so important. Overfeeding your fish also is one of the main reasons why they can get sick, so a feeder that allows you to set an amount of food will prevent your fish from being overfed, keeping them healthy, longer.

Our Verdict

Automatic pond fish feeders are a great way to take your fish fancy hobby to the next level and help you keep your fish healthy, happy, and safe, and if you’re searching for an automatic pond fish feeder, chances are there’s a model that will fit your needs.

Our Editor’s Choice is the Moultrie 6.5 Gallon Directional Hanging Feeder. It’s a hanging feeder, which allows directional dispersal and can be used for feeding pond fish and also game animals.

If you’re interested in a Premium Pick, then the Texas Hunter Fish Feeder is our pick. This large automatic pond feeder is made from galvanized steel, and its dispersion method prevents food from landing within 3-5 feet of the feeder. It’s a great choice for someone looking to feed lake fish or a large pond of koi.

Finally, for smaller ponds, you can go for the FishMate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder. This is a very convenient programmable device with dishwasher-safe parts.

We hope that this article helped you learn more information, and now, all you have to do is to find the best pond fish feeder for your needs!

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