5 Best Plasma Grow Lights – Incredible Technology for Your Plants

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Did you know cannabis growing needs better lighting to obtain better harvests? Well, with the continuous advancement in technology, there is a huge impact virtually in all spheres of life. Hydroponic farming needs advanced lighting options in pursuit of better harvests. How will you get a dependable lighting solution? As many nations go open for the cannabis industry, you can’t afford to miss more opportunities to make your business more productive. Using the best plasma grow light is one of the options.

However, the main challenge remains how to choose the best one from the other popular options in the many options in the market. The plasma light will help you to increase productivity, but only if you get the right ones. The task ahead is getting the right one, but you needn’t be worried about that since this useful guide will help you get the best plasma to grow light through its useful insights. The guide takes into account important features you will need to consider when making the purchase, including size, weight, and voltage.

Top 5 Plasma Grow Lights Review 2021


Gavita GL56906092 Pro-270e LEP USEditor’s Choice

  • Size: 24.8 x 13 x 9.8 inches
  • Weight: 27.7 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120-240 V

More features: compact fixture design; supplemental

It features a compact design, which makes it light in weight; hence you can munt it at your preferred location with ease. It is also smaller than its counterparts, which makes it ideal for mounting on any part of your indoor garden. It is a suitable option for continuous lighting since it lasts for a long time. For an area measuring ten by ten feet, it will do the lighting effectively. You can also mount it at any height you find suitable, hence making it ideal for your plant growth.

If you are looking to provide supplementary grow light to your farming, then Gavita Pro -270 LEP grow is a suitable option for you. The Pro -270e LEP works significantly, mainly when since it uses an HPS lighting system, although you will need a boost of plasma light for the bloom period.

It features a dimming feature that allows you to adjust the light while still maintaining the full spectrum light from the plasma grow light, which plays a vital role in the growth of vegetative plants.

Once the HPS bulb gets hot, the master controller automatically will start to dim the light without any effect on the plasma light since it only emits a low percentage of heat.

What we liked:

  • This lighting system runs quietly, and it is controlled, unlike other plasm lighting system. It provides a full lighting spectrum, thus making it reliable for your plants. It also has a heat sensor, which makes it possible to detect some heat changes in the grow room.

What could be better:

  • It would be better if you don’t have to use it with an external fan since it affects the effectiveness of the lighting.

  • Size: not specified
  • Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Voltage: 208-240 V

More features: slim-line ballast; highest light output

If you are looking for a 1000W grow light, then the Gavita e-series is exactly what you need. It is a unit that is better suited for low tents and rooms.

It features a short stature for higher up hanging positions in your preferred place. It is completely sealed and passively cooled in aluminum ballast housing that makes it ideal for the purpose. It runs on 208 -240 volts, which makes it highly effective for the growing plants as it generates an impressive 2100umol.

The slim-line fixture makes it easy to link up with the master controller via plug and play cables. It also has unique features, including centralized temperature management for your lighting.

Noting that Gavita Pro is a product from one of the reputable companies, the unit has been given a professional touch making it a suitable option for your use.

The unit is designed to suit the grow rooms and the professional fixtures, including mounting brackets for easy installation. It also features highly efficient passive cooling of ballast, which is suitable for a longer lifetime of electronics. Indoor horticulture is fascinating, but it can be more exciting if you are using trustworthy pieces of equipment.

What we liked:

  • One of the unique features is the ability to choose the level of control. The slim-line fixture is a part of the e-series range, and it will easily link up with the master play cables and plug for automation and temperature management purposes.

What could be better:

  • The main downside of this unit is the additional heat generated. If the manufacturer could fix the amount of heat produced, it could be better.

  • Size: 593 x 261 x 190 inches
  • Weight: 25.8 lbs.
  • Voltage: 120 – 277 V

More features: glass filter; full spectrum light; square light pattern

It is a light-emitting plasma grow light that is suitable for horticultural plasma light fixtures. It has no moving parts since it is fully sealed, which helps to improve the reliability. It features a lifespan of about 30000 hours, which makes it durable enough to serve you.

It is equipped with a wide glass spectrum filter that allows low amounts of UVB lights to pass while shielding the crops. It also doesn’t add extra heat to the room.

Advanced Gavita pro-LEP is particularly designed to offer impressively wide yet even lighting coverage since it features highly reflective aluminum. The lamp itself produces virtually no heat; hence you can be sure there are minimal chances your plants will suffer from heat damage. The lamp can last for up to three years of continuous use. Even the light seems expensive at the start, and it requires less frequent change of lamps; hence it is a great investment that will help save in the long run.

What we liked:

  • It has no moving parts, no fans, and it is made of a high-quality glass filter that gives a wide spectrum needed for the growth of the plants. Also, it requires less maintenance since you only need to keep the reflector glass clean.

What could be better:

  • The LEP bulb gets so hot, and it will require a fan for cooling or a good venting to ensure the lights are not harmful to your plants.


Hydrofarm IN3100KLMost Lightweight

  • Size: 41 x 6.25 x 2.75 inches
  • Weight: 10.08 lbs.
  • Voltage: not specifeid

More features: from a trusted brand; reduces room temperature.

If you are looking for a suitable lighting system for your plants’ vegetative stage, then HydroFarm is a suitable option. It has a low heat output, which helps to lower the costs, and it boasts a long lifespan hence delivering a long-lasting, intense lighting system ideal for your business.

It is suitable if you want to get the light to start seeds, provide supplementary light to your crops, and or overwintering plants. It is another great option from Flora hydroponics.

Hydrofarm’s induction system is similar to the fluorescent light since they use gases that react in the tubes to offer white light. But unlike the fluorescent lamps, the induction systems are rated at 100000 hours.

It is a product from Hydrofarm, which is one of the oldest leading manufacturers of high-intensity grows lights; thus, you can be sure about the quality of the product.

What we liked:

  • It uses less energy hence minimizing the cost of running the indoor grow lights for your indoor garden. By using it, you will be saving about 50 percent of the energy hence making it a suitable option for your indoor use.

What could be better:

  • The lights a more expensive than other kinds of lighting systems but used by home growers, but the amount is worth the service you get.


Alphalite Plasma Grow LightEnergy Saving

  • Size: 21.2 x 13.8 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Voltage: 100-277 VAC

More features: energy saving up to 50%; full-color spectrum

As a result of the increase in the number of cannabis growers, getting the best lighting option is a must to obtain the best harvest. Plasma grows light is one of the options that farmers are exploring. It is a high product from green solution s which you can be sure will offer the best lighting.  Noting that the company has a high reputation in the horticulture sector, it can extend to other items, including the plasma grow lights.

It weighs 25 pounds, which makes it light enough to suit the purpose. Also, it features a compact design that makes it possible to use it on the low ceiling and small grow areas. Importantly, it comes with its controlling and ventilation system, thus making it better for the grower since you will only need to plug it. It also has energy-saving features, which help you to save up to 50 of the power consumption, unlike the other lighting systems, yet it gives a full-color spectrum. The spectrum appears just like sunlight, which makes it ideal for the growth of plants. It can provide coverage for 9 to 16 square feet, which makes it suitable for use in medium size to large scale growing.

What we liked:

  • The compact design of the lighting system makes it effortless to install, it also saves energy by up to 50 percent, and it boasts a long lifespan of up to 30000 hours.

What could be better:

  • The lighting system has growing lights that get hot, and at times they can overheat. Also, it needs some experience to work with it.

Things to Consider

To start with, plasma grows lights are a suitable investment for home growers. They boast high technology features that make them an ideal option, unlike other models that were already on the market. They are lights that give the full spectrum necessary for plant growth at all stages. They offer light similar to that of natural sunlight, unlike any other lighting source available in the market. However, you will need to know how to narrow it down to the most suitable option for your garden. Keep reading to get more insights on how to make the best decision about the best plasms grow lights.

Why do you need to use a plasma grow light?

5 Best Plasma Grow Lights - Incredible Technology for Your Plants

It is certain that plasma lights are efficient since many studies have shown that it works best for plants growing in controlled environments. They offer an excellent range of light that will support the growth of your plants and seedlings since they provide controlled brightness. In addition, they only use a small amount of power, which makes them suitable options when in use. Importantly, they are environmentally friendly hence making them ideal for use in growing your plants.

  • Low energy consumption

Even though they produce great light intensity that is strong and suitable for plants’ growth, they consume less energy, unlike the HID or the conventional bulbs.

  • Low heat

Once a bulb doesn’t produce much heat ad energy, it will emit less heat; hence it will require less ventilation. Hence these lights are more advantageous, unlike the HID, since the heat produced was the main challenge to most home growers.

  • Durability

The plasma light is durable since they feature a lifespan of more than 30 000 hours. They last long since they don’t use a filament or electrode; hence, they are able to withstand extreme heat for long hours.

Besides, the amount of light they emit lasts longer, unlike the usual lights from the sodium lights.
  • Deeper light penetration

The amount of light penetration is a vital factor when dealing with the grow light. Plasma lights offer light that penetrates into your canopy; hence it is effective for many crop growers, unlike the HID light. Hence, they are more beneficial compared to the other lighting systems, and that why you need to have them.

  • They offer a broader spectrum of light

They emit grow light, which is close to the full light spectrum, which is pretty close to the full light spectrum of the natural light. That is specifically what your plants need to thrive. As a result, your garden will not need to change lights or the bulbs since your plants will mature at the vegetative stage or at their flowering state. You will need fewer lights and less effort to grow your plants. If you are familiar with grow lights for indoors, then you are aware that they emit a vast spectrum that your plants need for proper growth. Hence plasma lights form is a suitable option for many horticulture farmers.

Features to consider before you buy a plasma grow light

As with many new items, you will need to choose what works best for you. You will also need to know features that work best for the plasma grow light, noting that it is a fairly new product in the market. Even though coming to a conclusion on the best one might seem a daunting task, this detailed plasma grow light buying guide will answer some of the questions. It will lead you to make the best purchase since it looks at the vital factors, including size, weight, voltage, and material.


5 Best Plasma Grow Lights - Incredible Technology for Your Plants

The size of the area you want to cover will determine the size of the light you will buy, which makes them more effective, unlike the earlier lighting systems. Evaluate the size you want to cover and so that you will have adequate lighting without burning the plants. Gavita GL56906092 Pro- 270e LEP US measures 24.8 x 13 x 9,8 inches, which makes it ideal for your home garden.


Measuring 8 x 21.2 x 13.8 inches, it is lightweight since it weighs 25lbs. It includes the ventilation and cooling system that is intact, so you will need to take it out or plug it as need be. Weight is a vital factor since lightweight helps to fix the lights with ease.


Running grow lights can be expensive, but the plasma lights can save up to 50percent of the cost when used for your indoor gardens, unlike the HID lighting system. Gavita Pro E-series 1000e DE Slim Line has a voltage range of 208-240V; hence it gives the highest light output.

The 50% reduction in the cost results from their high efficiency, and thus, you can grow the plants without incurring any losses.

Installation accessories

There are several lighting parts that the grower house carries and are necessary for the lighting system to function properly. They range from power cords, sockets, adapters that help you complete the installation and the setup.

The power cords are used to connect the ballasts to the reflectors or to the power source. They also help you to extend the distance between the socket, reflector, and ballast.
The plug adapters and converters can help you to adapt to many situations. The sockets are useful for making replacement parts, the sockets, and the reflectors with open cords ready to be wired to a power source or ballast. Gavita Pro E -series 1000e De Slim Line 208 – 240 Volt features professional fixtures that make it flexible hence easy installations.


Inside the grow light you purchase, it is equipped with a chip that converts electricity into light. You will need to buy a grow light made of high-quality material to ensure it is powerful enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Alphalite Plasma Grow Light LEDs are better for your environment. It is specifically what is needed to meet plants’ exact needs since they deliver the full spectrum light that plants crave, thus ensuring peak growth. With that, you can be sure it will emit light enough to enable your plants to grow.

Extra features

Gavita Pro E-series 1000e DE Slim Line features extra features, including a slim-line fixture, making it suitable for greenhouses and indoor cultivation. It is thus easy to set up, organize and optimize your indoor garden.


Plasma lights are simple and affordable, and they are a suitable option for you when starting seeds for your home garden or growing vegetables indoors. But how do you set up the plasma light correctly? Here are few steps that will help you do it the right way. Choose the location where to mount the lights. A usual area is normally at the edge of the area. For many applications, you should ensure you have adequate flat space for proper lighting. Using the promoter pack, apply the surface where the plasma light will be fixed. Attach it at the end of the plasma to your desired location, press down the rod until the light has well adhered to the surface.

Plasma grows lights are safe for plant growth in your home garden. They give a nice amount of light that is great for growing your plants. Thus, it is recommendable to acquire one that suits you for supplementing the growth of your crops. The plasma lights are not more dangerous than the other types of flight. HPS is more dangerous, and the LED lights have a high risk due to broken bulbs and fire risks. They also cause great environmental damage since they contain mercury and they have a high carbon footprint. The plasma growth lights are more environmentally friendly.

Our Verdict

Even though plasma lighting units are quite new in the market, they have become very popular since they are effective, easy to use, and reliable options for homeowner use. Following a thorough review of the best plasma grow light, the editor’s choice is Gavita GL 56906092 Pro -270e LEP US since it has a compact fixture design and provides supplemental lighting to your plants. The best value is Gavita Pro E- Series 1000e DE Slim Line since it is a slim-line ballast design and it has the highest out. The premium pick is Advanced Nutrition Gavita Pro 300 Lep since it features a glass filter, offers a full light spectrum as well as the square light pattern.

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