10 Best Hose Nozzles to Control the Water Flow

Last updated: Jan 22, 2020
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Whether you are watering your lawn or backyard vegetable garden, it is clear that you need a gadget to control the flow of water. That is where the hose nozzle comes in. The best hose nozzle will attach quickly to your garden hose and be easy to control.

Having reviewed many products, we know that there some quality purchases out there as well as many substandard ones. As such, the editor’s choice, namely the SprayTec Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer is one of the most high-quality devices you can own. This is made true by the spray pattern options, durable body, comfortable grip and leak-proof design. Also, if you look through the features for the premium pick and other options listed below, you will see that they can also be great investments for garden care and other uses due to the superior builds and quality.

Top 10 Hose Nozzles Review 2020

We did our homework and conducted in-depth research on close to 29 options. During this time, we checked on the material construction of the options, spray patterns available, the weight of the devices, and other features as well. Combined, these qualities serve to tell you how long the device should last, the control options, and how easy it is to handle a device. As such, these features form the basis that helped rank the ten best hose nozzles in a table below. Right after the table, you can see detailed reviews of all the products mentioned. A buying guide may also be of some help in your selection process; hence has been included as the last section of the article.

Editor’s Choice

A high-quality garden hose nozzle that features 10 spray patterns, a pistol grip trigger and fits all USA-based garden hoses.

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Premium Pick

An excellent garden hose nozzle that features 10 spray patterns, a non-slip rubberized grip, a pistol grip trigger and fits all USA-based garden hoses.

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Best Warranty

A heavy-duty hose nozzle that features 9 spray patterns, pistol grip trigger, flow control dial and lifetime warranty.

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Best Value

An affordable garden hose nozzle that features 10 spray patterns, rear-facing thumb control and ergonomic soft rubber comfort grip.

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Best Leakproof Nozzle

A leek-proof garden hose nozzle that features zinc alloy body, 8 spray patterns, rear-facing thumb control and standard hose fitting.

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Best Plastic Nozzle

A high-quality garden hose nozzle that features 9 spray patterns, non-slip grip and adjustable flow control.

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Best Pet Washing Hose Nozzle

A superior garden hose nozzle that features 9 spray patterns, soft contour handle and comfortable grip.

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Best Rear Thumb Control Device

A lightweight hose nozzle that features 7 spray patterns and adjustable flow with non-slip, rear thumb control.

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Best Three Piece Device

A garden hose nozzle set that features three kinds of nozzles with various spray patterns and rear triggers.

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Best Bullet Design Hose Nozzle

A bullet-style garden hose nozzle that features 5 spray patterns, pistol grip trigger and fits all 3/4” standard garden hoses.

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SprayTec Garden Hose Nozzle SprayerEditor’s Choice

  • Weight: 1.05 lbs.
  • Material: 100% metal, rubber
  • Patterns: jet, full, soaker, mist, flat, vertical, angle, cone, and shower

Other features: pistol grip trigger, provides a variety of water pressures, fits all USA-based garden hoses


The SprayTec Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer is one that you cannot fail to consider if the goal is to find a high-quality garden hose nozzle. One of the critical features of the device is that it is compatible with any of the USA-based garden hoses available in the market. As such, you don’t even need to check for compatibility.

Also, you cannot fail to check on the body of the device. You will note that most of the nozzle is made from durable steel with a few components being exceptions. The handle, for example, is coated with rubber so that the user remains comfortable for the duration that they are pressing the trigger. Speaking of the trigger, it can be locked into place with a buckle component attached to the handle. Consequently, you don’t need to pull on the trigger the whole time you are spraying your mini garden or lawn.

To protect the sprayer, there is the inclusion of a rubber dial in addition to the metal component having an anodic oxide finish to prevent rust. It is clear just from this that the tool is meant to last a long time. A bonus feature is the fact that you get nine different spray patterns to use as you take the nozzle to task on your lawn.

  • Durable parts
  • Comfortable grip
  • Buckle component makes using the tool for extended periods easier
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Compatible with ¾” hoses
  • Some users seem to believe that the jet spray pattern is quite weak
  • The shower pattern option seems to be unimpressive to many

JINER Hose Nozzle/Hand SprayerPremium Pick

  • Weight: 1.1 lbs. (shipping)
  • Material: alloy, copper
  • Patterns: fog, fan, hollow, water column, shower

Other features: pistol grip, leak-proof, adjustable knob, fits all standard hoses


Of course, it might be challenging to wash your car with some of the nozzles in the market since they don’t have enough pressure. The JINER high-pressure hose nozzle doesn’t seem to have that problem. Like its predecessor, it comes fitted to most of the hoses available in the market. As such, you will likely not need to purchase any adapters or extra connectors. Also, most people will be thankful that the tool is leak-proof since it assures them that there will be little wastage of water.

You would also do well to note down the material construction of the device since it ensures longevity. Add that to a non-slip rubberized grip, and you could use this tool for the whole day without a care in the world. Another endearing quality of the device is its adjustable pressure. This is what makes the wide range of potential uses possible with the various spray patterns. If the project at hand is to wash the car, then you can turn the pressure up and reduce it for when you need to clean your pet.

  • Compatible with most hoses in the market
  • Leakproof
  • Variable spray patterns
  • Easy to install
  • Highly-priced
  • Since it is out of reach for people due to pricing, its other downsides have remained hidden
  • Weight: 13.9 oz.
  • Material: stainless steel, heavy-duty metal
  • Patterns: flower, sweep, garden, shrub, clean, soft, wash, rinse, jet

Other features: hold-open clip, front control, lifetime warranty


At close to 26 dollars, you can get this incredible piece of equipment to attach to your garden hose. The pistol grip hose nozzle may not look like it from the image, but it is made from heavy-duty metal and stainless steel. The manufacturer consequently has a lot of faith in the longevity of the tool and thus offers a lifetime warranty.

One exciting aspect of the tool is the flow control dial. You can rotate it to adjust how fast or slow the water comes out of the faucet. Also, you can use the clip on the bottom end of the handle to hold the trigger in place. That way, you won’t have to keep squeezing the trigger for the whole duration you use the nozzle.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durable body
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a clip to hold the trigger in place
  • If you live in a hot area, the device can also get too hot to handle if you leave it in the sun
  • Weight: 11.5 oz.
  • Material: solid metal, rubber
  • Patterns: 10 patterns

Other features: rear-facing thumb control, easy flow control, baked enamel finish, ergonomic soft rubber comfort grip


Where spray patterns are concerned, this tool offers a superior ten options to the other ones provided by competitors. You can as well see it uses metal as a major component of the device. This seems to have little to no bearing on the weight of the device since it still manages to be lightweight. It is also one of few options to include a rear-facing thumb control in the design. As well, a tool of this caliber would be incomplete without a comfortable rubber grip.

  • Multiple spray patterns included
  • Soft rubber handle
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Some of the device’s components might get damaged if you subject it to blunt force such as when you drop it on a pavement

Growom Garden Hose NozzleBest Leakproof Nozzle

  • Weight: 9.6 oz.
  • Material: zinc alloy, 100% natural rubber
  • Patterns: mist, vertical, flat, full, shower, center, cone, stream

Other features: leak-proof design, non-slip, fixed metal joint, standard hose fitting


This is one of the cheaper models on the lineup. However, it does hold its own in terms of features. First off, the zinc alloy body is rather strong and is as well accented by a rubber grip for comfort. The next design feature is that it is leak-proof to prevent spillages and wastage of water. Another critical area to look into is that it connects easily enough to standard hoses without needing extra connectors.

These features all serve to merit the tool and position it as a possible budget selection for anyone looking to keep costs down. Another thing to note is the rubber components that make it easy to grip the nozzle.

  • Standard hose fitting
  • Leak-proof
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Some users consider the grip to be uncomfortable
  • No clip to hold the trigger in place

Garden Heavy Duty NozzleBest Plastic Nozzle

  • Weight: 4.41
  • Material: plastic, rubber
  • Patterns: jet, quad, mist, flat, cone, shower, center, full, soaker

Other features: 15.5*18cm, 1/2″ water pipe, high pressure, flow control, non-slip design


This heavy-duty hose nozzle is different from the other options provided mainly in construction. As you will have noticed, not many of the options on our list, have plastic construction. Maybe a benefit that can be derived from this body is that it is impervious to rust. Nevertheless, it may be a little more fragile than some of the other options we have provided.

The options for sale may come with pipes that range from 5 meters to 100 meters. Of course, the set you end up choosing will likely depend on the size of your lawn as well as what you intend to use it for. A typical design feature you will find in this nozzle is the non-slip grip that has also been tuned to provide maximum comfort.

As you have seen in the features mentioned in the above section, there are a total of nine spray patterns to choose from, and you can toggle between them to see which ones work for the task at hand.

  • Comfortable non-slip handle
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Multiple spray patterns
  • Its plastic body may not be the most durable in the market

Garden Hose Nozzles Hose Spray GunBest Pet Washing Hose Nozzle

  • Weight: 4.41 pounds
  • Material: alloy, plastic
  • Patterns: angle, cone, center, jet, flat, shower, mist, full, soaker

Other features: soft contour handle, comfortable grip; suitable for motorcycles and windows, floors, washrooms, balcony kitchens, home cleaning, gardens or pet washing


While you do have the option only to pick the water gun, you can as well choose to buy a package with a hose as well. As to the size of the hose, you will also have to choose. Nevertheless, the garden hose nozzle in question is relatively high quality owing to the materials and design. Metal alloy and plastic are, of course, the main components.

It as well features nine spray patterns, a feature it shares with other options higher up on the list. You can also expect a comfortable grip if you choose to spend the money required to have this tool delivered to you.

  • You have the option to buy this alongside a pipe
  • Soft handle
  • Easy to use
  • Relatively heavy

Gardena 35121TC Spray NozzleBest Rear Thumb Control Device

  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Material: metal
  • Patterns: 7 patterns

Other features: adjustable spray nozzle, on/off control, adjustable flow with non-slip, rear thumb control


As to lightweight devices, the Gardena 35121TC Spray Nozzle is one of the best ones you can find in the market. It is also one of those that don’t come with a trigger in their design. However, you may still need to prompt the device to spray water by using the rear thumb control. As you have come to expect from tools of this caliber, there is a dial that controls the spray patterns.

Also, there is the on/off control. If you make the best use of this component, you are bound to suffer less fatigue while watering your garden. As to the pricing of this tool, you will need to part with slightly more than $30 if you are going to order the item from Amazon.

  • Easy to use
  • Durable body
  • Adjustable spray pattern and flow
  • As compared to most other products on the list, this is one of the pricier devices
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs (shipping)
  • Material: metal, brass, plastic
  • Patterns: from a fine mist to a heavy stream spray

Other features: turret dial, adjustable, rear triggers


Perhaps the most significant advantage that accrues from logging onto amazon and ordering this item is that it comes in a three-piece set. Of course, it is going to be versatile since you can change nozzles to fit the project you are currently working on. As to the material makeup of the tool, three components stand out. These are the brass, metal, and plastic ones.

Also, looking at two of the three nozzles provided above, you will notice that they have rear triggers for controlling the flow of water. Another component that you should make the most use of is the turret dial on one of the nozzles since it allows you to adjust output as well. The pattern output available ranges from fine mist to heavy steam spray.

  • Comes as a three-piece
  • Most of the tool’s body is made of durable plastic
  • The process of removing one nozzle so you can fit the other one for a different use is long

ESOW Garden Hose NozzleBest Bullet Design Hose Nozzle

  • Weight: 13.6 oz.
  • Material: zinc alloy, copper
  • Patterns: shower, cone, center, flat, jet

Other features: bullet-style design, fits all 3/4” standard garden hoses


This is yet another garden hose that fits all standard 3/4” hoses. As such, it should be hard to find any hose in the US that this tool is incompatible with. Despite being made of zinc alloy and copper, this nozzle still manages to be relatively lightweight. That should manage to take off some of the strain associated with watering your garden. Another component that might aid you in your watering activities is the trigger lock that is capable of holding the trigger in place for extended periods. Also, the tool is only capable of four output patterns.

  • Clip to hold the trigger in place
  • Lightweight
  • Some people consider the handle to be too short
  • Also, some users have lamented the lack of a quick connect component in the packages

Buying Guide

A little finesse is required if you are going to buy a hose nozzle and not have to go back to the store the next day to return it. A buying guide is, therefore, a necessity if you are going to buy the right hose nozzle for you the first time you make the purchase.

Benefits of hose nozzles

Hose nozzles may come with lots of benefits, including the fact that you can wash your pets outside of the house. You can also clean your car in your driveway so long as the hose is long enough. Another possible benefit is that you don’t have to carry water in a pail or container to water your lawn and vegetables.

Features to consider when choosing a hose nozzle

10 Best Hose Nozzles to Control the Water Flow

With features, you have to be very keen if you want to pick an ideal device to order from your vendor. You need to check if the features align with your intended use for the device. If they don’t, you may need to start looking at your other options. Below is a list of features and what it would mean for a device to have them.

Nozzle type

Nozzles will as well come in different types, so you need to be aware of what you are purchasing. The first is, of course, the pistol grip variation which, of course, has a handle that looks like that of a handgun. This is implied in the name. The next type is the dial nozzle that allows you to change output by rotating the dial. Water wands will often give output like in a shower, while a fireman nozzle will result in a jet-like stream of water. In some cases, nozzle types overlap; hence a device can be classified as being more than one nozzle type.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions are quite crucial since you want a tool that easily fits in your hands, whether they are small, medium-sized, or large. Another area to look into is the weight. Preferably, get a light device, so you don’t strain as you take up your gardening or cleaning duties.


Often you will find a disparity between the handle material and the sprayer. Handle materials need to be heavy-duty, so they don’t break. They should as well be comfortable. This is why most handles are covered in rubber. The sprayer as well needs to be durable and rust-resistant. These features often serve to elongate the life of the device.

Spray patterns and distance

10 Best Hose Nozzles to Control the Water Flow

Spray patterns will allow for different uses for the tool. The shower pattern, for example, would be great if you are watering multiple plants. The jet pattern, on the other hand, is for reaching items in the distance as it allows water to travel further. Additionally, you could also use the rinse pattern to get rid of foam while cleaning your car.


As you have seen from multiple options provided above, the ¾” connector is what is preferred as it is the standard hose size in America.
As such most people who buy a tool with such a connection will likely not have to obtain a connector to fit between the hose and nozzle. Examples of such tools include the SprayTec Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer and the ESOW Garden Hose Nozzle.


If you are a wise shopper, you will go for a tool that is impervious to rust, such as the Garden Heavy Duty Nozzle, all the while being rugged enough to take some hits without breaking. The consequence of this set of actions is that you will not need to go back into the market for a hose nozzle for a long time to come.

Ease of use

The controls for the device would need to be easy to understand and use. Some of the options above have a dial that allows one to change the pattern. Others have extra controls to adjust the speed of output. Another select few have locking mechanisms, so you don’t need to keep holding the trigger as you use the device. The key is to have a tool that reduces strain on your hands since you are likely to spend a lot of time hosing down your car or watering your plants.

Other features

A warranty such as the one provided for by the Gilmour Super Duty Front Control Watering Nozzle is a plus. If a device has more features than the ones stated above, it only means more value for your money and should be included on the pros side of your pros and cons list.


There are a few ways to go about this exercise. The first is to use a solvent before trying to pull the hose and nozzle apart since grime may be the reason why the two tools are stuck together. Yet another way for you to go about this is to use hot water to expand and contract the connectors, and this ends up loosening the fittings. You can as well use pliers to ply the two pieces of equipment apart.

The garden hose will have similar levels of PSI to those exhibited by the home water faucet that acts as its source. As such, 40-60 PSI is the level of pressure you should expect. However, the pressure can occasionally go up to 80 PSI.

This is relative, depending on the type of use you have in mind. However, the products mentioned above provide some rather great options for you to pick from.

Our Verdict

The SprayTec Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer deserves mention as our editor’s pick. The positives include the durable body, moderate pricing, and a bevy of high-pressure spray options to choose from, to name a few. It, therefore, comes in first on our list. Next up, we have the JINER Hose Nozzle/Hand Sprayer that is stellar in performance, even giving the editor’s choice a run for its money. The only reason why it doesn’t get similar ratings is because of expensive pricing.

The Gilmour Super Duty Front Control Watering Nozzle also does well in holding its own in terms of features. Nevertheless, it is the lifetime warranty that is its most endearing quality. All that’s left is to get a garden hose if you don’t already have one, get one of the nozzles mentioned above and get to spraying.

9.8/10 Total Score
SprayTec Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer - Editor's Choice

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