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Trimming your hedges can seem like an unpleasant task, but most times, the unpleasantness is usually due to a lack of the right tools. As summer approaches, there is almost no better time to get the yard into shape and achieve your landscaping dreams. The best hedge trimmers on the market can help you with this chore, making it easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Thanks to these appliances, you can trim your hedges in no time.

In this post, we thoroughly tested and reviewed six hedge trimmers. While there are scores of these appliances on the market, these six are the best options on the market. From the scores we tested, the Black + Decker HT22 is our top pick. This hedge trimmer is excellent for home use by almost anyone because, among other things, it is a lightweight option. It is affordable, yet delivers a relatively powerful performance. Aside from Black + Decker, we also reviewed five other superb products that deliver similar impressive performances and come with nice features. We considered the pros, cons, features, and functions of each of these products with the goal of helping you, the reader, make the right buying decision.

In writing this post, we spent hours testing and scouring the internet for reviews about each of the products. Some of the factors that we considered in compiling this list include the type, blade, SPM, blade length, and weight. For easy reading, we have made a comparison table, in-depth reviews of each product, and a buying guide. We hope it will assist you in choosing the right appliance for your hedge.

Top 6 Hedge Trimmers Review 2021


BLACK+DECKER HT22Editor's Choice

  • Type: electric, cord
  • Blade: double-sided
  • SPM: 3400
  • Blade length: 22 in
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.

More features: cuts branches up to 3/4 inch diameter; ideal for trimming of formal hedges and shrubs of all configurations; pre-hardened, rust resistant steel blades

If you are familiar with power tools, then you will not be surprised to find a product from Black & Decker on this list of the best professional hedge trimmers. The Black & Decker LHT22 is superior to several other options on the market and is one of the best you can buy right now. It combines all the necessary that users, whether homeowners, professionals, or DIY enthusiasts, want in a hedge trimmer. Additionally, it offers all its nice features at a relatively low price. It delivers all the advantages of the best battery-run hedge trimmers. It comes in a portable design; hence, you do not have to drag a cable with you as you trim your hedges. It is also very environmentally friendly, and you do not have to endure the stress of mixing oils and gas as in gas-powered hedge trimmers.

One of the best features of this bad boy is an ergonomic handle that comes with a soft rubberized grip that significantly increases your comfort. Therefore, during our testing of this tool, we could use the trimmer for hours on end without feeling too uncomfortable. It weighs just 5.7 pounds which makes it one of the lightest hedge trimmers on the market.

It is also a very safe hedge trimmer. For example, it features a factory-installed plastic guard that protects your hands and face as you trim. This guard reduces the chances that flying debris and other dangerous materials will come into contact with your face. Additionally, the plastic guard is transparent and clear enough for you to see through to the objects that you are cutting. This will thus make your cutting very precise and accurate. 

Aesthetics and comfort are all great, but even more important is the performance. It comes with dual-action cutting blades that will promptly cut through even the thickest of hedges. The overall performance is smooth and very effective, which we found rather surprising considering how cheap this tool is. 

Aside from safety and performance, other nice features include a long-lasting and powerful 22V battery and durable 22-inch blades that have the right length to give you access to tight and awkward spaces around your yard. 

What are our favorite features?

  • Comes with a sturdy, durable construction
  • Fast charging battery
  • Powerful performance
  • Excellent for domestic applications
  • Affordable
  • Little vibration

What could be better?

  • Trigger needs to be held down all through cutting
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Earthwise CVPH41018Best Value

  • Type: electric, cord
  • Blade: double-sided
  • SPM: not specified
  • Blade length: 18 in
  • Weight: 9.8 lbs.

More features: extends to over 6 feet long, is adjustable to 6 cutting positions, 150-degree rotating head; 2 years warranty

The Earthwise CVPH41018 pulls double duty as two tools in one. It is both a pole hedge trimmer as well as a hedge trimmer.

With an 18-inch blade, this option can accommodate cutting of branches up to ¾ of one inch in thickness. It also features a six position, 150-degree rotating head. Get two tools for the price of one with this spectacularly capable hedge trimmer. Can a hedge trimmer have a dual sense of purpose? As it turns out, this certainly can. The Earthwise CVPH41018 has a long and uninteresting name, but it is a hedge trimmer with a convertible pole that can extend to over 6 feet when necessary. You can also adjust it to 6 different cutting positions. The cutting blade it uses measures 18 inches. The fact that it does the work of two separate tools is due to the extended pole design.

You can extend the trimmer whenever you need to do pruning and trimming of the taller plants and branches. But at the click of a button, it will fold back into your regular handheld trimmer with a killer 18-inch blade. Even those hard to reach areas are not so hard to reach with this trimmer because it has a head that rotates 150 degrees and can be set to 6 positions. It is simply a must-have if you are a DIY gardener who likes to get creative. During our testing, we loved the lightweight of the fiberglass pole. The overall weight is around nine pounds, which may get somewhat heavy with prolonged use. It arrives with a blade cover for storage which makes keeping the trimmer safe a no-brainer.

What stands out?

  • Two in one design
  • 18-inch blade
  • Comes with a blade cover
  • Moderately priced

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Gets heavy after being used for long periods
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Greenworks 22102Budget Pick

  • Type: electric, cord
  • Blade: double-sided
  • SPM: 3200
  • Blade length: 18 in
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs.

More features: 3/8-inch cutting capacity; 4 years warranty

The GreenWorks 22102 is appropriately named as it leaves behind no carbon footprint whatsoever, and this also applies to every other product released under the same name. It is still very much up there in industrial standard. Quality is a hugely important factor in what makes any gardening tool a good purchase that can be enjoyed by gardeners for years on end. The GreenWorks is dripping with high build quality and durability. And at 4 years, the warranty is double that of most other candidates on the list.

At the business end of this hedge trimmer is a double-action stainless steel blade measuring 18 inches and can go through a maximum thickness of 3/8 inches. The whole frame is quite light and easy to manoeuvre. Because it does not depend on gas to run, it also turns out to be a lot easier to maintain at home. So never mind the clumsiness and harmful emissions that come out of other trimmers, GreenWorks is definitely embracing the way forward.

This hedge trimmer can generate power of up to 3,200 strokes per minute. Hence, you can rest assured of super-powerful performance. It will cut through limbs, tall grass, branches, and overgrown bush with incredible ease. It has minimal push back and comes with a perfect hand grip in order to minimize slippage during use. 

Another thing that we love about this model is that it comes with a lightweight and compact design. It is also made with top quality materials that ensure that it lasts for a long time. You can use this tool for hours in the yard and still feel comfortable at the end of the day. There is a convenient cord-lock that prevents the cord from accidentally unplugging as you work. The motor runs smoothly, efficiently and quietly as well. 

What do we love it for?

  • Powerful motor
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Cost-effective
  • Quiet performance

What were we disappointed with?

  • Not great for heavy-duty cutting

Makita XHU02M1Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer

  • Type: electric, cordless
  • Blade: double-sided
  • SPM: 2700
  • Blade length: 22 in
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs

More features: up to 120 minutes runtime on the low setting on a single charge using an 18V LXT 4. 0Ah battery; anti-vibration design; battery capacity warning system; 87 dB noise level

It can difficult to find a quality hedge trimmer that can provide superior performance. Scouring the over packed store shelves can be baffling and aggravating when trying to decide which purchase you should make.

Taking a closer look at the Makita XHU02M1 18V LXT, we found a great deal to like about it. To start with, it is compact and lightweight. It has been designed ergonomically and has comfort features such as the soft rubber grip. Being cordless it has the added bonus of making less noise, up to 25 percent quieter. Included with the trimmer is 18 Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger. The Makita XHU02M1 18V LXT comes with a 3 year warranty. If within 30 days you are unhappy with your purchase you can return it.

With the ability to cut up to 1,350 Surface Feet Per Minute (SPM), using a 22 inch blade this powerhouse is sure to tackle the job. The size of the blade allows for increased cutting capacity. Using the 18 Volt LXT Lithium-Ion 4.0 Amp Hour battery, the hedge trimmer can provide you with up to 120 minutes of runtime on its low setting. The charging system is one of the fastest out there, allowing more time in the field and less on the charger. Yes, sometimes you will have to recharge the battery, but often you can buzz through on one charge doing routine maintenance — no need to disassemble the housing to change the blade with its quick blade change feature. There is also an electric break that can allow for increased productivity.

What makes it special?

  • Anti-vibration design
  • Quick blade change
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with blade cover

What cons did we find?

  • Needs to be operated with both hands
  • Needs frequent recharging
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Husqvarna 122HD60Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

  • Type: gas
  • Blade: double-sided
  • SPM: 2800
  • Blade length: 23 in
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs

More features: Smart Start engine; carburetor air purge system; rear handle is adjustable; anti-vibration dampeners; 94 dB noise level

The Husqvarna 122HD60 is a powerful hedge trimmer with a healthy range of easy-to-use features. This gas hedge trimmer can handle the most challenging trimming tasks. You can buzz your way through tough, woody stems as well as take on easier trimming chores.

One thing to note is that this trimmer is heavy and somewhat cumbersome, particularly when you need to use it overhead or work in the yard for extended periods. With an empty fuel tank, it weighs in at 10.8 pounds, and the fuel increases that weight. To reduce muscle stress and fatigue while you use it, the Husqvarna 122HD60 has vibration dampeners, letting you comfortably operate this hedge trimmer for long intervals.

The machine holds 10.14 fluid ounces and consumes 575 grams of fuel per kilowatt-hour. The engine has an output of 0.8 horsepower, providing ample power for heavy-duty cutting tasks, and it delivers 4,050 cuts per minute. This is a low-noise model, so it is less likely to disturb your neighbours, and you do not need heavy-duty ear protection. The engine has a pull cord that gives you an easy start-up. The Husqvarna 122HD60 also features an air purge capsule that lets you flush air out of the carburettor to help with the engine starting process. For safe operation, the throttle locks in the idle position, preventing accidental use. The engine muffler further reduces noise and directs exhaust emissions away from you.

With its dual-action blades measuring 23 inches, the Husqvarna 122HD60 has a generous maximum cutting diameter of 0.8 inches. The blades are stainless steel, so they are durable and resist corrosion. Surprisingly for this price point, this gas hedge trimmer does not have a shield to keep flying debris out of your face or a shoulder strap to ease the weight on your arms. It does, however, have a sheath to protect the blade in storage or transport, and a handguard that keeps your hands from coming into contact with the moving blades if you lose your grip on the front handle.

What makes it stand out?

  • Easy to start
  • Plenty of power and reach
  • Can handle larger limbs

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Some products are defective
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Shindaiwa HT232Best Single-Sided Blade Hedge Trimmer

  • Type: gas
  • Blade: single-sided
  • SPM: 3300
  • Blade length: 27.9 in
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs

More features: throttle handle with integral controls; anti-vibe mountings; support handle with guard; spark plug wrench and blade cover; household warranty – 5 years, commercial warranty – 2 years; rental application – 90 days warranty

The safety and comfort features of the Shindaiwa HT232 are decent. Noise reduction is a major factor with outdoor equipment. I cannot count the times I have had to operate outdoor equipment and ended up with a raging headache. Not so with this, it operates at 87 A-weighed decibels (dB (a)). This can be 25 percent quieter than other cordless hedge trimmers.

Ergonomically designed the Shindaiwa HT232 has dimensions of 44 x 12 x 12 inches. It weighs just 9.7 pounds with the battery included. This lightweight, compact design can seriously minimize the stress upon the user’s hands and arms, reducing fatigue. The hedge trimmer has a soft rubberized grip to maximize comfort while operating. The handle is large enough to allow you to wear gloves. This I have found to be a genuine bonus as I dislike getting scraped up from branches and twigs and other debris.

The Shindaiwa HT232 has been built with a two handed safety feature. This means that the motor can only be activated when the switch and top handle are being engaged. The anti-vibration design takes place within the motors house where there are 5 cushions that help lessen the overall vibration from the hedge trimmer. This can help minimize stress and fatigue on the user. The anti-vibration is a real winner for me as vibration tends to cause my hands to cramp from time to time. It also makes it harder for me to handle. The hedge trimmer also comes with a protective blade covering to help prevent accidental injury or damage to you or your property.

Why are we impressed?

  • High-quality constructed blades
  • Cost-effective
  • Long-lasting battery

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Heavy due to the battery
  • No filters
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Things to Consider

There are so many hedge trimmers available on the market, and they come with several fancy features and specifications. Hence, we realize that finding the right one can take some time and even leave you exhausted. By using this buying guide, it will be easier for you to select the right one for you.

Features to consider while buying the best hedge trimmers

6 Best Hedge Trimmers - Make Hedge Trimming FunBefore you even set out to buy a hedge trimmer, the first thing you need to consider is the shape your garden is. Examine the hedges you want to trim, noting such things as their thickness and height. It would be best if you considered how easy it would be for you to reach the hedges as well as where they are placed.

These factors are vital because they play a big role in determining the power level and size of your new hedge trimmer. If you have larger yards that have thicker and taller hedge, you might be better off with a powerful model that will deliver faster trimming. For hedges that lie close to walls or a fence, you might be better off with a small hedge trimmer that can be maneuvered in tight spaces.

Now, let’s consider some of the essential factors that will affect your choice.


Hedge trimmers come in different types, but the main classification is the power source. Hedge trimmers are made with their power from either electricity or gas. Each of these types has advantages and disadvantages.

·       Electric Powered

Electric hedge trimmers are excellent for the average user. These trimmers often come in lightweight and compact designs. In most cases, they are also very affordable. They run at a lower noise level, which means that you can trim your hedges without waking up indignant neighbors.

Furthermore, these models are easy to maintain, at least when compared with gas-powered alternatives.

They come in corded and cordless options.

6 Best Hedge Trimmers - Make Hedge Trimming Fun

Corded models, such as Greenworks 22102, tether you to a power outlet. Hence, you will need to buy a model with a long cord or buy an extension cord that can survive high-power tools. The cordless hedge trimmer, for example Makita XHU02M1, will let you roam around and are largely far more convenient. You don’t have to worry about the cords getting in the way too. However, you will likely need to have spare batteries handy at all times.

Whether corded or cordless, these models do not usually have the cutting power of gas-powered options.

·       Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

If you have large limbs or are involved in a heavy-duty trimming project, then gas hedge trimmers are your best bet. These models might cost more than your average electric models, is heavier and probably more difficult to operate; there is no denying the sheer amount of cutting power that they generate, as you can see by Husqvarna 122HD60.


The blade is an important part of the trimmer and needs to be carefully considered before you make a buying decision. There are two main types of blades. These are single-sided blades and double-sided blades.

  • Single-sided blades, like by Shindaiwa HT232 model, are usually safer than their double-sided counterparts. They also require less strength and coordination to operate. While in use, the blade will be faced away from you, keeping you safer and less likely to be injured. A single-sided blade will not cut as easily or quickly, however.
  • Double-sided blades are the industry standard for commercial hedge trimmers. This version cuts through tough hedges like butter and works quickly and efficiently since it cuts on both sides simultaneously. Users should be well acclimated to the use of a single blade before delving into the world of double-sided blades. Since they are more difficult to wield and an inexperienced user could destroy their hedges in an instant or inflict a painful injury on themselves or another person.

For the typical home user, a single blade hedge trimmer with blade gaps in the range of 3/8 of an inch to ¾ of an inch should work wonderfully. Commercial grade trimmers may feature a blade gap of one inch or more. This gap size is better suited for extremely heavy-duty jobs that most occasional users will not need.

Noise level

If you live around people or have irritated neighbors, you do not want to aggravate them by buying a hedge trimmer with high noise levels. To that end, you need to consider the decibels produced by the hedge trimmer during operation.

Blade length

6 Best Hedge Trimmers - Make Hedge Trimming FunThere is a vast array of lengths available in hedge trimmers. A longer length can be especially helpful if you are working on very tall hedges, and can create a more uniform appearance. The longer the trimmer is, the harder it can be to control, though, so keep that in mind. They can also be tough to maneuver in tighter spots like next to a fence or wall.

For most users, a blade length of 18 inches should be perfectly appropriate, as it can be seen by Earthwise CVPH41018 unit. If your hedges are bigger than average a blade that measures 20 inches may work better for you. If this will be your first hedge trimmer purchase, you should try to find a shorter length as they are easier to use and safe when learning how to use the trimmer properly.


The lighter a hedge trimmer is, the more easily you will be able to work with it, so if you are not a professional yet, you should rather opt for BLACK+DECKER HT22. As the weight of the trimmer increases, the ease of use decreases. Lightweight hedge trimmers are usually safer to use and work perfectly for those new to working with trimmers. Your best option is to select a model that is as light as possible within your budget and yard’s needs if you are newer to this area of garden maintenance. Heavier versions will likely afford you more power but will grow tiresome to operate quickly.


Since a hedge trimmer can be a significant investment, it is important that you are covered in case of damage or other issues. The longer the warranty period, the better.


As with other things you buy, price is an essential consideration. Hedge trimmers come in a wide range of prices. Hence, you should buy the model that suits your pocket and still delivers excellent performance.

Extra features

6 Best Hedge Trimmers - Make Hedge Trimming FunFor most users, safety features can be a deal-breaker when selecting the perfect hedge trimmer. If you have children, you will need to choose an option that has a safety lock or be sure to keep it locked away. Some trimmers are fitted with an on lock so that you do not have to push a button or pull a trigger constantly. This specification is particularly useful for individuals with arthritis or pain issues.

Many trimmers are fitted with tooth extensions, which add an extra layer of safety as they keep the blade further away from your body. Some versions will cut power immediately as soon as the trigger is released to lower the risk of accidental injury. Certain models may feature a shield over the front handle to protect your hands from the blade. You may also want to purchase protective eyewear, gloves, and earplugs for noisier models to protect your ears.

Wrap around handles facilitates easier operation of your new trimmer. This type of handle is easier to hold and allows you to come at the hedges in lots of different angles which is key for maintaining beautiful hedges that are located near walls or fences. If you decide on a cordless electric powered option, selecting one with an additional battery can save you time and frustration as well as allow you to remain safer instead of rushing to finish a task before the battery dies.

Hedge trimmer maintenance

Regardless of the hedge trimmer, you want to buy. You will need to keep the trimmer maintained to keep it running smoothly. Follow through the owner’s manual to know any manufacturers details and recommendations. You have to get the blades replaced and sharpened to keep them sharp. For gas-powered trimmers, you will need to refill it with both gas and oil.


Examine the hedges you want to trim, noting such things as their thickness and height. You should consider how easy it would be for you to reach the hedges as well as where they are placed.

Yes, you can sharpen the blades of the hedge trimmer. This is part of the maintenance process and will help your hedge trimmer last even longer.

Hedge cutters are used for heavier jobs than the hedge trimmer. They are excellent for where branches and limbs require more strength and power to cut.

Our Verdict

Buying best hedge trimmers can be a significant investment, but when used correctly, the sight of your well-maintained lawn and garden will make it worth it. From our testing, we highly recommend the BLACK+DECKER HT22. It offers an excellent blend of all the important features a user would require in a hedge trimmer. It comes in a compact, lightweight design, is easy to operate, and delivers superior cutting capacity than several of the competitors on the market. The Earthwise CVPH41018 is an excellent multi-purpose tool. With the two-in-one tool, you can use it as a hedge trimmer and pole hedge trimmer. The pole has a fiberglass structure and lightweight to hold but can get heave over time. For folks on a budget, the Greenworks 22102 is very environment-friendly while proving to be a fantastic hedge trimming device. It is very affordable yet drips with impressive build and will last for a relatively long period. We hope that this guide and review will help you in selecting the best hedge trimmer!

  1. Anita Black May 14, 2020

    My father has over 50 yards of dense, 5-foot-tall hedges that he has to trim regularly. I want to buy him a trimmer as a gift to minimize the amount of work this requires of him. What’s the best tool, how do you think?

    • Hello, Anita! Of all models we’ve reviewed in this article, I’d recommend Earthwise CVPH41018 for this purpose – this hedge trimmer has a convertible pole that can extend to over 6 feet, so 5-foot-tall hedges won’t be a problem. Its cutting blade can trim thick branches up to ¾ of 1 inch. The device has a head that rotates 150 degrees and can be set to 6 positions, giving great flexibility. But keep in mind, the trimmer can appear to be a bit heavy if you need it for large volume of work.
      If you’d like to know more about other pole hedge trimmers best for taller branches and plants, you may read our reviews on some great models here: https://www.backyardstyle.com/best-pole-hedge-trimmer/

  2. Is there any difference between a hedge trimmer and a hedge cutter? I’m going to buy a device, and not sure what to look for.

    • Hello, Julian! Both these tools are used for the same purpose, but yes, there is a slight difference between them.
      Hedge cutters are good for doing heavy-duty tasks – for example, if your lawn has lots of bushes with thick branches. They are great for cleaning up of large areas.
      Hedge trimmers are mainly used for doing lightweight duty – trimming rather than cutting. If your lawn has small bushes and grass, then this tool is best for you.

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