Wild about Woodpeckers – My Favorite Wild Bird

Why am I WILD about WOODY?
A Phallic Symbol? I tend to disagree. Woodpeckers are beautiful and distinctly different than the average wild bird that visits our yard. Many of the woodpeckers that frequent our feeders are large and have unusual bright markings.
The feeding antics of Woodpeckers and recognizable calls unique and heartwarming which makes them some of the most popular birds in the United States. You can enjoy woodpeckers, too!
All you have to know is what they prefer to eat – offer it in a selective feeder – and you’ve got woodpeckers! Lyric Woodpecker Mix is designed to do just that.
Feeding woodpeckers can be a series of trial and error: Woodpeckers seem most attracted to suet. Woodpeckers also seem to be attracted to peanuts and peanut bits or basically any birdseed mix with lots of “tree nuts” such as almonds, pecans, and walnuts.
Woodpeckers like to eat peanut and fruit flavored suet cakes in a basket feeder. We like the Duncraft squirrel proof suet basket. Another option is a tail prop birdfeeder. Tail prop feeders allow woodpeckers to feed comfortably, using their tails for support and balance—just like they do on trees. Click here to peek at our popular Recycled tail prop feeder.
Peanuts can be offered in special peanut feeders, or on a platform feeder.
Woodpeckers can be big birds and they have a tendency to cling to feeders. A small tube feeder would not be appropriate when trying to attract woodpeckers. Any bird feeder that allows them to cling to the feeder and hold the weight of the woodpecker would be a good choice.
Have fun being WILD about WOODPECKERS this fall!